Wednesday, August 10, 2022

My Ouija Experience

I went to a friend's house and noticed she had a Ouija board. I asked her if she had ever used it. She said no as she pulled it out and opened it.

Two of my friends and I gathered around it. I refused to touch it, as my mother always told me she had a bad experience with one. It didn't move for a while. After several questions, it slightly pointed to "Yes" to answer "Is anyone there?" It took it a while to actually get the planchette on the word.

As soon as it started moving, I felt panic come over me. There was a lot of pressure on my temples. It said there was only one spirit. My friend asked it who was going to die next (talking about a show we were watching). It pointed to the letter J. There was nobody in the show starting with a J, but my friend Jessi thought it might be talking about her and said goodbye. I didn't believe it and requested to play again.

I saw one friend's fingers barely touching the planchette and suspected Jessi was moving it. They told me no, so I played by myself. Nothing happened.

The next day, I logged onto my Pinterest for the first time in 6 months. All of the titles on my boards were labeled "Ouija." Aka, "Ouija boards," very creative, whoever did it. I thought someone was messing with me, but when I refreshed the page it disappeared and started glitching. I freaked out and had felt since last night that something was watching me. Whatever it was left me alone for a week.

Well, after a week, I started feeling watched again. I was lying in bed at night when my son's sweatpants looked like they were being slowly pinched out of the laundry basket. I panicked and shoved them back into the basket. I haven't messed with one since, but it's felt like something is trying to get me to use the board, or get my attention. I'm not sure if it's evil or not.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How Did The Ouija Board Answer All My Questions?

I was a door to door salesman back in the late 80's to early 90's. I walk in the door or a random persons home and there were a bunch of teenage girls playing the Ouija board as a mother watched on.

I had never been around a Ouija board and of course thought it was a joke.

I started out by asking the girls what my name was and they not only spelled out my name but spelled my last name right, which no one ever does.

I asked them what my oldest daughters name was and they spelled out Fran. Which was right. Fran is not a very common name.

I asked them how old my daughter was, they got that correct.

Every question I asked about my personal life, they got right. I have no idea how they did it.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I Believe In Spirits After My Ouija Board Encounter

All I know is that I believe in spirits and other worlds after my encounter with the Ouija board.

From my experience, which I only remember a couple things is... Being in the basement of my house with my best friend and four other friends. We ended up talking to some Zulu spirit and then sometimes during we'd get figure eights.

I do remember us asking him to knock on the door and he would. Once, twice, or even three times and he would do exactly as we said.

My body experience wise was draining... I felt as if my body was being drained a lot of the time. Otherwise, that was it.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Did I Find Another Name For Zozo?

I just played a minute ago. In my house and I asked if I could speak with the little girl that died so it went to yes and than I asked if I was speaking with her, it said yes and I asked for her name and I got trazo. But I have never heard of that name coming up so I didnt think much of it.

Later the board got taken over and I asked again what is your name and it said oz. Now I told oz I know who you are and I am not afraid of you and goodbye. It took 3 trys to finally get it to say good bye.

I want to know if trazo was oz but I've never heard of trazo to be zozo (oz, zaza, mama, or za.) So did I find another name for zozo?

Jeremy Boyle 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Contacting A Missing Friend

So I woke up today and I seen on my Snapchat a story about 8 ouija board stories that would make you throw yours away...

By the way I have a very good friend that has been missing since January 12 (that's when we last talked) and nobody knows about what happened to her.. So anyways I read the story on Snapchat about a similar situation to a missing friend and that friend ended up contacting the friend thru the board to say he was in a lake. Couple of weeks later he was found something happened and his body ended up being found in a lake.

I read that story right when I woke at 8 in the morning and I wrote my friend right after asking if she would try a ouija board with me. She said she would and we got the bard around noon. We then went to a park away from our homes and tried our spirit board with another female friend. Before we starting asking my missing friend questions she wrote out her name and started asking our questions.

Long story short we went around on a wild goose chase to find her location and we tried many hours and asked her millions of times where she was. I could feel my missing friend was getting upset cause it was the same questions over and over that the other girls kept asking. We finally thought we got to the location and still nothing. It hurts my heart cause I thought the board would for sure help us to locate her.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We Will Never Touch A Ouija Board Again

My best friend, Abby and I were 13 years old and her mom had a Ouija board on a shelf. She did warn us not to use the board. But being the little rebel 13 year olds we were, we took it when Abby's mom fell asleep and we did not think anything would happen.. But that did not mean we didn't necessarily believe in it.

My father had passed away just 3 years prior. I told Abby that I wanted to try to contact him. First we asked if anybody was with us, and if they could show us a sign. We were sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor, nowhere near anything so we did not bump anything. All of a sudden her computer turned on, and it was just a blank blue screen. Then it shut off. We were a little spooked but did not think much of it.

Abby asked it again, if there was anybody with us.

It replied, Yes.

We asked how old the spirit was, and if it was male or female.
It was a 8 year old girl.

We asked her where she was in the room, and it spelled..
behind you.

I instantly felt chills and was cold. It almost was a feeling like someone grabbing your lungs, because you could not breathe, it was a tightness in my chest.

Abby asked her what she looked like, and she spelled..

We instantly got creeped out and decided to stop.

Later that night, we were sitting on her bed just on our phones when we started hearing a scratching sound coming from underneath her bed. We looked at each other and suggested it was just rats or mice in the walls... Let's face it those little critters can get in there.

She had a few sticky notes hanging up on her bedroom door that was right next to her bed, and I just so happened to be sitting next to the edge of the bed closest to the door.

I saw a sticky note fall off the door, and then another one fell off after and I was just curious and leaned over the bed and looked down and there was a crispy burnt hand reaching underneath the door wiggling it's fingers trying to get in..

I instantly screamed and jumped back and started to cry.. Abby just kept asking me what it was and I told her there is someone outside the door.. She got scared and we started screaming at the top of our lungs.. to where our veins were popping out of our necks.

Abby's house was NOT big. Her mom's room was literally 10 steps away and her sister's room was right across from hers and we just screamed and screamed.

We stayed awake all night and when it finally reached 7am Abby's mom came in asking us if we wanted breakfast and we were just scared.. She asked us what was wrong and we looked at her and said, ''you didn't hear us screaming all night?'' and she said, ''No''.

It could have been her mom or sister pranking us, and lying about not hearing us, But I know what I saw. I am not crazy. There is no way that hand belonged to either of them..

To this day we never touched a Ouija board again.

Anonymous November 30, 2016 at 4:25 PM