More Cool Stuff!

Here is a list of a few other places where you can find more stories,  paranormal and other cool stuff:
One of the best paranormal related forums on the net! Talk Paranormal has been around for awhile and so the discussions have grown into quite an archive of paranormal and related information. Active discussions going on and some very interesting and helpful folks. 
Paranormal Questions & Answers
Wide range of topics related to the paranormal and "unexplained". Reader submitted questions and reader submitted answers. Paranormal Questions & Answers is an ever growing compendium of advice and information to help those who encounter the strange corners of the world around us.
The search for truth. Ancient aliens, UFO abduction stories, and much more.
"...Since ancient times mankind has looked to the stars and wondered. Extraterrestrials, visitors from the heavens or the stars, have been represented in artwork and in the mythologies of cultures around the world. Were all of these tales, traditions and beliefs mere imagination and fiction? Or were they based upon some bit of truth perhaps long forgotten?..."