Friday, October 31, 2014

Ouija Board And World War III

When I was in high school in the late '60's, my boyfriend and I 'played' with my Ouija board on weekend nights, lighting candles in the dark and asking harmless questions such as "Will we get married?" or "Will we go to the same college?" The planchette used to fly around the board under our fingers; we didn't even have to keep our fingers on it but only just above it, so we could see that we weren't pushing it.

One night as we were ending our session, I decided to ask a serious question: "Who will start World War III?" This was during the Cold War years, and later my boyfriend admitted that he had been thinking of the answer "USSR" while I was thinking "USA." We were shocked to see the planchette go straight to C-H-I-N-A when neither of us had even been thinking of China. We stopped playing with the Ouija then and there.

That was over 40 years ago, but in this day and age the Ouija's answer is as disturbing than ever.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Worried G From Ouija Board Wants To Hurt Us

My friends and I went to that new movie called “Ouija” on a Friday night. The next day, my friend found a Ouija board and bought it so that we could try it out that night. None of them had ever tried it before, but I had once (nothing happened when I tried it).

There were 4 of us and we all gathered in my friend’s basement around 8pm. We were all so excited, but none of us really believed in that sort of thing. We instantly started getting messages from a spirit. He told us that his name was Zack and that he was 3 years old. He said that he had died in a fire and that he was our friend. He said that he was buried in the cemetery behind my friend’s house. Then, we started getting messages from many different spirits. There were at least 6 others that we had talked to that night. Once Zack came back to speak with us, he told us to leave. He said that there was someone bad that he was scared of there and that we needed to be scared, too.

The next morning, we played again and got a message from a 57-year old named “G”. He said that he had died in a car accident and that he was not our friend. We then asked him why he didn’t like us. He spelled out the word “DRINK”. We were all scared because we had had a few drinks the night before. We asked if there was anything that he wanted us to know and he said yes so then we asked what his message was or what he wanted. He replied with “KILL YOU”. We asked if he wanted to kill us and he said yes. We were all so creeped out that we instantly said goodbye and closed the board.

My friend said the next day that he had felt like someone was watching him sleep, had heard footsteps walking around upstairs, and had heard doors closing in the basement (where we played) when he was home alone. We are all still worried that that man wants to hurt us, and plan to attempt to talk to him again this weekend for more information.


Ouija Board Kat

Just like the usual stories, it was a sleepover party. I decided to buy my friend one of those cheap cardboard Ouija boards from Toys-R-Us, obviously with the mindset that it would fail to work.

We did it about 10 times inside of my friends house, and nothing happened. It never worked. Later, at about 2 AM, we went outside to do it, thinking there would be a better chance since there were more houses around.

The first time, the planchette just kept moving in a circle, and we asked if any spirits were present. It shot to yes, almost instantly, which at first I thought was odd, because I heard it supposed to take a little while. Anyway, we continue to ask questions and this spirit claims its name is "Kat" we have a friend named Catherine who was playing the game, and she used to go by Cat so we continued asking questions. She said she was 12 years old and she died in 1993. She claimed to be some sort of guardian angel. My friend was genuinely scared so we stopped the session.

Then, me, and two other friends (neither of them were Catherine) played again. This time it said its name was "Kart". We asked for an age, and it said 17. She said she was a girl and an angel. She said that she has not died nor been born.

We asked if she knew any of us, and she said yes. We asked who. This is when it got really creepy. She spelled out my own name. I took my fingers off the planchette as it continued to spell out my name. We asked how, she said "Game", we asked what her purpose was and she said "Game". She refused to let us leave. She said heaven was nice and that she was with her friends laughing at us. The fact that she kept saying game started to scare us, and we ended the session on our own. I refused to play anymore. Other girls tried some more sessions and nothing worked.

Later, 4 different girls did it (Catherine decided to play again) It took a very long time to work, but it started answering questions. This time, it was a girl who claimed to have commit suicide in 2013, and claimed she was 19 years old. This time, answers came very slowly. She said she went to MHS, and then said MHS was Mason, in Ohio. I looked up the school and its a real place. She said that she shot herself, and that she had a boyfriend named Jay.

Suddenly, as we were playing and freezing, a random all white cat shows up in the street and looks at us. It starts walking up to us and we get a little creeped out, considering that we hadn't seen the cat before. They asked if she was the cat and it spelled out "Kat". This is when we were very scared. The spirit continued to ask for life and asked to kill. It got really scary and they exited the session. We left it alone after that.

Not sure if its real or not, but it was a very scary experience and I don't recommend messing with these.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Dad And The Ouija

So my dad was telling me what happen when he used it, I have used it before but it's not very interesting as my dads, so my dad my uncle and his friends were playing this and it made a cup spin off a table and it spelt out fire and there was a fire out side, now my dad is messed up and my uncle.

I dunno about their friends but my aunties are perfectly fine but my uncles aren't, so be careful cause your life might be messed up.

Jess Want

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Kind Young Ouija Spirit Named Sam

I am fully aware of how dangerous the Ouija board is, and have seen this danger first hand. I do not recommend anyone dabble in other worldly affairs.

I was lucky enough to meet, what I firmly believe to be, a kind spirit. It all started with my brothers girlfriend Kelly who had a board and I being very interested in the paranormal asked to go out with them.

That night there was 5 of us, and we had gone to a cemetery and gotten creepy spirits so we decided to leave and we ended up in a neighborhood park behind a pool. Upon asking if anyone was there, the board spelled H-E-L-L-O. We talked to him for a few hours so I'll share the things I remember.

He said his name was Sam, and that he was in purgatory. When we asked him how he died he said by water, and that he was killed - we were correct to assume drowning. We asked him who he was sitting next to and he spelled H-N-B, which are my initials. I didn't feel scared though, I kind of laughed and looked around and noticed that the candle near me was burning quicker than any of the rest.
Anyway, whenever there was a lull in our interrogation Sam would spell out Jesus Is Key. Over and over. He said things such as gods gates and how all the spirits around him were terrifying or evil. He didn't mind when we tried to finish his sentences for him, which some people say not to do in case of upsetting the spirit.

Also, one of the girls in our group asked him to move a swing and he said O-K but I quickly told them that was a bad idea, because you aren't supposed to ask spirits to manifest and manipulate objects - I had read. The board then went to No, and we asked if it was because I didn't want him to and he went to Yes.

Things were going fine until he became incredibly frantic, he spelled out B-A-D-M-A-N-H-E-R-E and went directly to Goodbye. That's a very unsettling thing to have happen, but we were all giddy and calm. (Upon returning to Sam he said he made us feel that way so we wouldn't be scared.)

As we left, a cop passed by us. Who is to say if the bad man was the cop that would have resulted in trouble due to the obvious trespassing or if it was something supernatural.

We returned to Sam one or two more times but he had told us that gods gates were opening to him. This experience really made me question my religious beliefs, or lack there of. Other minor things happened but this is the majority of my experience with a pleasant young spirit.

Paul Branham

Friday, October 24, 2014

Has Anyone Else Came Across A Demon PA0?

Okay so me and my sister were bored, we decided to use a Ouija board. At first nothing happened we were about to give up, we moved the board in circles the said Ouija are you there? We were using a shot glass and it started to move very slowly, well then we asked it what our names were, it spelled out my sisters name, soon it started to move very quickly to the letters.

We asked it what its name was, it said pa0, and I asked so its P-A- Zero? And it moved to yes. We then asked if it was a good spirit it quickly moved to no, so we asked if it was bad and it moved to yes. We then asked if it wanted to hurt us it moved to no. We were asking it questions.

We asked where it came from it said HELL And we said how'd you die? It said it killed itself. We asked why, it said prostitute.

We were then really scared, we closed the board and said goodbye, we came back like an hour later, and we barely put our fingers on the board, and it quickly moved to hello, without asking any questions. We asked how many spirits were in the room it said 2. I asked it who it was, it said pa0.
Well then I asked why it was a demon, and it said "Because I like to kill little girls" And we asked why, it said because they're sluts. I asked if my sister (She was using the board as well) if she was a slut, it said no. I asked if I was a slut and it said yes. I laughed and said why? It said because im not a virgin.
The shot glass moved really fast, some things we didn't catch what it was saying. We asked if we could close the board and it be happy? It moved to no, we asked why, it spelt out because I am not done with you guys. We quickly moved the shot glass to goodbye and we closed the board.
We just did this and posted on here, but were scared, and we wanna know has anyone else came across this demon pa0?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Want Answers About The Ouija

I will start with I do believe in a higher power but not sure if I believe in ghosts.

A while ago my friends started using a Ouija board that they made them selves and followed the instructions on how to do it right. Well I joined them one night after saying the board was being weird and scaring them. This night I wanted them to push it more since I did not believe.

After a while a spirit seemed to be getting angry at my "lack of respect" and started to threaten us. After a while of trying to make it leave it seemed to vanish just then we looked over and saw our friend was writing very fast and backwards and upside down the same five numbers over and over about a hundred times until I took away the note book and with out a second of thought she started to scratch it in to the desk the notebook was on. Everyone tried to stop her and take the pen nothing stopped her until finally I touched her arm and she suddenly stopped and ask what was going on and where she was. She did not remember what happened and I don't know why me touching her stopped it.

After that I went to a friends house who also seemed to believe in ghosts strongly and claimed she was going crazy because every night she saw and heard weird images of people who where hung on the land he house is on in the 1800s. And of course the night I went there was the first night in a long time nothing happened and after I left nothing seemed to happen again.

I am just wondering what people who know more then me about this think and could shed some light for me thanks .


Monday, October 20, 2014

Footsteps And Shadows Ouija Board Experience

I remember my first Ouija board experience like yesterday, I was like 12-13 yrs. old and my sister just moved into her apartment home. I would go over a lot then started to stay on the weekends.

Some nights I would hear foot steps on the ceiling only in the room I slept in, my sisters apartment was one floor, no basement it had an attic but it was so small you could not stand up, there was really only room for a few small boxes, the entrance to the attic was in a closet on the ceiling you had to push up a thin panel then there was the attic I could only have my shoulders and up to look around up there. Also I don't remember ever watching TV in the living room only DVDs cause the TV would just show a fuzzy screen, so shortly I'm just there watching the screen and I can start to make out images of a women's face or young lady.

My sister never knew about the board, I thought it was hers. So I decide to go into the room I slept in with the board, alone, closed door sitting on the bed. Then I started talking to it or whatever and that triangle shape piece that you move around on the board, in the center I think it was supposed to be clear right? so I stare into the center of that and a brown color appeared, it was like blinking like your eye would then I picked up the piece and looked again I'd move it up, down, left, right and it was like following me like you move your eye around, I freaked out, I dropped the triangle piece took the board and threw it away.

After that I never heard foot steps again nor images on the TV in the living room I hope I didn't trap that whatever it was you know but nothing never happened. I never again touched or looked at anything that had to do with that stuff again. But after a few days I started to catch more things from the corner of my eyes and not only at my sisters home, my childhood home I saw shadows take forms and shape, witches jumping out of a dresser like closet on and into the walls, snakes coming out the ground. This one home I was in I was with my sister she was visiting a friend, there both upstairs and the door bell rings I look threw the peep hole I saw a white man, blonde hair with glowing red eyes, I backed up away from the door, it rang again something made me look again and no one was there.

Back to my sisters home just across the yard was a park, I was sitting on the merry go round looking at her house then some reason I just focused and looked directly into the window and I saw like if a little kid ran pass the window only seeing the top oh its head, it had red hair. I ran to the house cause my sister was there and I just started looking all around closets, cabinets and under the beds and nothing. I seen many things after my experience happened and heard more stories about the board on how you get rid of it or if you burn it that you can hear like screaming from the board, I wonder what I did but I really don't want to know now.

I heard and seen a lot when I was younger even felt things, nothing harmful happened to me ever but why was I able to see this. I heard stories of just looking at people and they would just snap cause I was told a bad spirit or demon had a head lock on someone and that person was angry, that was crazy even heard of the cartoon the Smurfs, my mother had crazy child experience about this. Till this day Why me? I came to no harm but still why I even had a time whenever I'd look at the clock am or pm I would catch the time 9:11 and someone or someone I know would get hurt or pass away. The Spirit world is real.....