Thursday, May 26, 2016

Connected With A Spirit Named D

I have been connected with a spirit named "D" in the past, he said he was trying to hurt me and that he was evil. Ever since I was done with that session I stopped playing for awhile, then every spirit after that wanted to escape my board by attempting to count down through the numbers, and going to corners of the board and spelling "out".

I earlier today scanned my Ouija Board and the letter "D" was scratched into it. I still decided to play and connected with a spirit named "C" who claimed he was good, and he warned me and my friend that D was around and he wanted to harm us, he said that he was evil and was from hell. He also said that he connected with us to protect us.

After we thanked him for the information, and closed the session. Later tonight we again attempted to play. We once again connected with C and he said that prayer will make D more mad and Lindsey asked if D was around us and C spelled out "R-U-N". We quickly closed the board and ran to our friends house who closed the portal, to close this portal we had to once again play, Andrew our friend asked the questions and we were the players, the spirit that connected with us once again was C. He said that D wanted "out" and that he would possibly try to make him stay in the portal longer. We put it to goodbye and I am saying goodbye to my Ouija Board this night.

Whoever says it isn't real, needs to experience it for themselves. I was always safe with my board, I always started with a prayer and the burning of sage, there is a possible chance of playing it and having something dangerous happening. .



Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ouija Board Causing This?

    I was never a big believer in the supernatural,and I'm still not sure.I was always intrigued by it,but I never really thought it could happen.That being said,I was more than eager to participate in an Ouija board session with my friend Julie.

    Julie had invited myself,and two other girls,Ashley and Emily, to spend the night,and play with the board. None of us expected anything to happen.

    Anyways, Julie and I had researched a bit about the use of a Ouija board and how to play.

    Ashley and Emily arrived later, and we began our session around 10 pm. We set up the board and lit some candles for effect. We put our fingers on the planchette, and moved it around in a circular motion, while asking the spirits to join us. We didn't get a response until after about 10 minutes. We asked what the spirit's name was, and it replied "Taylor". We asked it to specify it's gender, and it said it was a boy.

    We all took turns asking Taylor personal questions we thought the other girls wouldn't know, because we all thought someone was moving it. Taylor answered all our questions correctly, and by then we were a little bit scared. Ashley wanted to end the session, but Taylor said he had something important to say.

    Before I tell you what he said, I have to remind you that I didn't believe there was a Taylor; I just thought someone was moving it to freak us out. Anyways, the message was "I'm coming." Now, this freaked all of us out, yes even me. So we ended the session, and stayed up most of the night, waiting for Taylor. We were all nervous and scared, especially because we never asked Taylor what he wanted or if he was evil. The next few days, all of us girls waited to see what happened, but nothing happened the week after, or the week after that.

    This is the tricky part. So after those two weeks, we all began to relax, and blow the whole thing off. We even joked about it. Then something happened to me. It wasn't a major thing, but it was enough that I noticed it.

    To make a simple story even simpler, I took two towels into the shower with me, like I always do, and when I got out that day, there was only one. This was a little freaky to me, but it was small and I just assumed I had forgotten one, even though I specifically remember having two. The next morning I woke up with a bruise on my arm that I didn't remember, but I do have a dog that usually sleeps with me, so I explained it that way.

    One weekend, I went outside to swim in our pool, and I happened to notice someone walking in my room. It was very brief, and I can't prove it happened, but it scared me because no one was home. I spent the night with Julie, and told her what happened, and she told me that she had found some scratches on her arms, but nothing else had happened to her,

    For the next month nothing happened, and I mostly forgot about everything, and thought I had imagined them. Then I began having nightmares about a shadow, standing by my bed. I would wake up and nothing would be there, but I was scared all the same. One time I thought I heard breathing, another time shuffling, but I never saw anything.

    The two biggest things to ever happen to me so far,happened at the same time. I was showering, when I heard someone say my name, and when I got out there was what appeared to be a "T" on the mirror. This scared the crap out of me, and I didn't sleep for two days after.

    My friends experienced similar things, but none of them have had it as bad. I don't know what to believe, or if I’m crazy. I'm not sure if I'm just still freaked out and applying little things to my and my friend’s situation, or if this stuff is real. This whole situation is freaking me out. So far the "incidents" have stopped, but they died down for a bit last time too. I'm really worried that another wave of things may happen, and that they'll be worse.

    Someone please help me. I have no idea what to do, or how to stop it.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Experienced

This is a very true story. I always thought the Ouija board was a bunch of crap until it happened to me. Not trying to scare anyone, but really just trying to warn you.

I have a best friend I've known since I was 5 years old. her name is amber. one night we went to her aunt's house in Five Points, Texas. her aunt had one of her friends there too. we were supposed to be decorating amber's aunt's kid's homecoming float but it was really cold that night so we went inside. amber's aunt and her friend had been screwing around with a Ouija board for the past couple months and even had a "regular" spirit they contacted (can't remember his name). I honestly just thought it was a bunch of bullshit and didn't think anything about it.

I was sitting on a recliner in the living room and amber was sitting on the couch. her aunt and her friend were doing the Ouija board on the floor of the living room. I figured it was all a bunch of crap but was kind of confused when the supposed spirit guy said something about how he saw amber's aunt watching porn and masturbating. I was confused because if they were bullshitting, why would they say that about her and she even looked really embarrassed and was trying to play it off. all of a sudden that same spirit said something that pertained to me but I can't remember what it was now. and we asked it who it was talking about. it said the girl with the brown eyes. I have brown eyes but so does amber's aunt. so we asked which one. it said the girl who's favorite color is green. I knew amber's aunt and her friend wouldn't have known that but amber did so I figured they were all messing with me.

it went on to say that I would die from in a car wreck from speeding while drinking miller lite. also, it said "TRV will see". TRV was the nickname of the guy I was dating at the time named travis. only his childhood friends called him that and amber didn't know that, much less her aunt and her aunt's friend. by this time, amber started freakin out more than me if you can believe it and said "turn it off, I don't wanna hear about my friend dying". she almost started crying which really kinda scared the shit outta me.

This is where it really gets scary...when amber's aunt and her friend tried to end the session, her aunt's two kids (nick 4; haylee 3) started crying in their room. it was about 1am or 2am. I swear to the lord, the spirit guy said "kids room" and spelled out "demon". amber's aunt ran to the room and got the kids and nick said "mama, I saw it." she asked what he saw and he just said "it". I am not making any of this up I swear. nick had a long rash along his whole right thigh that looked like something had grabbed him. they immediately closed out of the Ouija board and no one has screwed with it since.

here I am about 5 years later and am still alive. but I will say that about a month after the Ouija thing, I did get pulled over for speeding on new year's day after drinking like 18 miller lites and travis drove by and saw it. so who knows. all I know is it was all the scariest thing i've ever experienced in my life.


Sunday, February 28, 2016


I was open to the idea of Spirits and life after death, but very skeptical of Ouija boards. I had a lot of school mates that played with Ouija boards and their stores seemed a bit far fetched. However after making my own and not getting anywhere, I went out and bought one.

I remember this one particular night playing the Ouija board with my best friend like it was yesterday. We were maybe 13 at the time and playing the "game" on my bed. I asked the entity's name and it spelt out T, A, Z. Taz. After a few questions and receiving intelligent answers, we asked if it could "move something". The pointer went straight to yes. After a couple of seconds, fairy lights that I hung over my bed started to move. My friend noticed it more than I did, as I was too busy looking around the room. So I asked "could you do it again?" We stared up this time and the fairy lights shook violently like someone is physically shaking it. It wasn't swinging like if there was a breeze. It was an actually shaking up and down, side to side, as if someone grabbed hold of it. The door and window was closed, so there was no way it could be a breeze. And we would have felt one if there was because it moved so violently.

That freaked me out more than anything I have ever experienced in my whole life and I'm almost 30 now. I have no doubt there's spirits or things that we can not see with the naked eye, that can physically move objects. I have learned that you're inviting unknown entities to your home, and you have no idea if it's good or bad. So please, don't mess around with Ouija boards.