Monday, June 29, 2015

Ouija Board Treasure

We had a nice summer memorial service for my mother, and my niece and her daughter and son were going to return to their home in another state the next day. It was about 9 pm or so, and everyone seemed a bit bored, so I said, "Let's do the Ouija Board!"

At first I tried it with my great nephew, and there was very little or no response. Neither of us was faking it, because nothing happened. We asked a few random questions, then I think it was after I quit and my niece's daughter tried the board with her brother.

They asked if anyone was there, and the name of the spirit, and it seemed to spell out U G E N E, which we thought was probably indicating "Eugene." We asked when he died, and the numbers 1748 were picked out.

We asked how tall: 6' 3". He said he had no family. We asked how they died, and he seemed to spell out S I P, which we thought might have been possibly poison, or "SHIP," if perhaps they had died at sea. Because he was a single guy, we began to think he might have been a pirate, and so we asked if there was buried treasure here at this location. He said YES. We asked if it was GOLD. It was. Then we asked where it was, but he did not seem to provide any answer.

We asked, "Why won't you tell us where the gold is?" He spelled out "EASY." When I did some online research I found out that there were quite a few pirates working in this area of the coast and were called privateers who were fighting against British and Tory forces and settlements. The war in that time period was called King George's War, and it ended in the year 1748, the year the spirit said he had died.

I haven't done any really careful search for the treasure yet, but I am beginning to think it would be a good idea! My niece's daughter and nephew are good people and I don't think they were pushing the planchette around deliberately. I don't think they even know how to lie. Anyway I am quite confident there was a real response with the board.

My niece also tried it with her son and they did get some good responses that way also, mostly yes/no answers. She said there really seemed to be some kind of slight force moving the thing, or moving thru the fingertips "on its own," rather than being her own deliberate actions; not herself and not her son.

All in all it was a fun evening. We were using an antique Ouija Board, at least 40 years old I believe; the planchette was a newer one, not the old original one that came with the board (the original planchette was lost apparently).

jay d

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ouija Board Spirit Hide And Seek

My group of friends and I found a Ouija Board under a gazebo at a park in our town. We decided to play with it that day, but nothing very interesting happened. The next day, we took it to an abandoned house that everyone says is haunted.

We started the game by asking if anyone was there, quickly, someone said yes. We asked how old he was and he said 8. We asked the year when he died, he replied 1935. We then asked if there was any evil in the house and the spirit replied yes. We asked if the evil was a man and the spirit replied no, so we asked if it was a woman and he said nothing. We asked if he wanted to play a game and it said nothing, so we asked if it wanted to play hide and seek and it quickly replied yes.

My boyfriend, Joseph, and friend, Rayden, went upstairs to hide while the spirit was supposed to be seeking them. Rayden came back downstairs and said there was nowhere to hide, but we sent him back upstairs. He came back down about a minute later and said that Joseph wasn’t up there. Anthony went upstairs to make sure that he wasn’t lying, and Joseph was nowhere to be found. I asked the board if it knew where Joseph was and it replied yes. I asked the board where he was and it said nothing. It never said anything else for the rest of that day. About a minute or two later, Rayden asked me if he was wearing a red shirt. I said yes so he brought it down and threw it at me. The shirt was ripped on the back, both sleeves and in the neck area. They went back to search for them. I could hear them talking over our heads, when suddenly a piece of metal with a sharp end came from upstairs like someone had thrown it, and stuck perfectly into the floor. When we pulled it out, it had made the shape of an upside down cross. For 10-15 minutes the boys continued to look for Joseph while Matthew and I stayed down stairs. Finally, we all said goodbye to the board so we could all search for him. As soon as we said goodbye, we all went upstairs to look, and there he was.

He was in a very small closet in the first room, with his eyes closed, and head looking down. Rayden said his name a couple times and when he didn’t answer, Rayden tapped him on the shoulder, and Joseph looked at him and said, “What?”

We explained to him what happened and he didn’t remember anything except walking into the room and out of it. We ended up brushing it off like nothing happened, but that night when Joseph was walking home, he walked about halfway down the town walking trail when the leaves began to move, but there was no air. He stopped in his tracks, and right when he stopped, he felt someone breathing on him. He started running and he thought he saw somebody standing under the bridge he was about to go under. But he looked closer and nobody was there. When he reached it, he stopped, but immediately after stopping, he was pushed onto the ground. He got back up and ran until he reached a couple streets from his house.

That night, he had a dream. In the dream we were in an abandoned house, and the demon was there. All the doors to the house were open, and he decided to go upstairs. He reached the room that he was hiding in earlier that day, and all of the doors in the house shut. A very deep voice started talking to him. The voice was so deep he could barely make out the words. But he made out that the voice said that everyone who was playing with the Ouija board will die within two weeks. That was yesterday. Nobody has died yet, and hopefully the dream was a figment of his imagination. All we can do is hope and pray.

Jordan Kitchel