Monday, October 16, 2017

Ouija Demon Z And Sleep Paralysis

In high school (about 5 or 6 years ago) my friend and I made our own ouija board our of looseleaf and used a twonie for the part that moves (I don't know what it's called). We made contact with an entity who called itself Z and claimed to be a demon. I asked it to prove itself and my entire right arm went numb, it couldn't feel anything from the shoulder down on that side for 2 years.

The demon refused to communicate with my friend, and to this day he doesn't believe anything happened. For the next 4 months after the session there were some creepy encounters whenever I was on the couch I was on during the session. I would feel a smack on the back of my head and hear a chuckle, despite nobody being there. I would hear footsteps running up and down the staircase, and the curtain to our crawlspace would flutter.

That stopped after a few months and all seemed quiet for awhile. Then I felt a presence in my bedroom, a sinister thing that scared the shit out of me whenever I was in there. I have pretty bad insomnia so the lack of sleep didn't affect me much. One night I woke up around 4 AM with a case of sleep paralysis, which I had never had before or since, and saw this pitch black entity on top of me, digging claws into my shoulders. I said a silent prayer and it let out a whispering screech and slid back into the mirror, scraping down my knees as it went

I dismissed this as a dream but when I got up in the morning I had scars on both of my knees. I spent the next couple nights at a friend's house, too scared to be in my own bed. The first night back in my room I heard a cackling coming from my mirror, and saw a distorted face slowly grow and grow a body as the cackle got louder. The image continued to cackle as it walked across my mirror and disappeared within the reflection of another mirror.

I immediately smashed the mirror it went into and threw the shards in the street bin. I haven't experienced anything firsthand since that day but I have been able to see spirits clearly. At first they frightened me whenever I walked past one, but the don't seem to take much notice of the physical world.

I read in a comment on another story about a demon named Zozo who made his friends commit suicide, and I believe it was him who connected with me. I went into a severe depression and almost commited it myself, but I sought help and I'm slowly getting better


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ouija Board Spirits Following Generations

Whenever my mother was 9 years old her father died. Desperate for answers and to communicate with her father, my mom, 15 at this time, borrowed a Ouija board from her good friend. She went into the closet of her bedroom and began to communicate with spirits that claimed it was her father. He comforted her, told her everything was going to work out for her, but he lied. The “man” she was talking to was actually not her father, but a more sinister entity.

Throughout my entire life, my mom has kept this a secret because she never wanted to scare me away from staying over at my grandmother’s house. I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time whenever my cousin and I stayed the night at her home. My grandmother’s home is an entirely open-concept idea, therefore, you can see the entire house from the living room. My cousin and I made a palette on the floor and my grandmother went to sleep in her bedroom, she locks and closes her door every night. My whole life I was comfortable at her house, it was a safe place. The room was pitch black except for the small night light in the kitchen. A very tall, dark, distinct figure walked through the dining room… That’s where everything changed in my life. My cousin did not say anything about it and neither did I until multiple years after the occurrence. Since I was 6 or 7 nothing had occurred.

At this time, I was 13 and my grandmother had cancer so I slept with her in her room every time I spent the night. Her room is large and in the night the only thing bringing light in is a digital alarm clock. I fell asleep at approximately 10:30 that night. My grandmother fell asleep shortly after I did, I imagine.

I woke up to use the bathroom and I did the usual, rub my eyes and sit there debating on if I really needed to go. I heard a girl talking in the bathroom which is directly connected to my grandmother’s room. My grandmother lives alone. “I just can’t take this anymore. I’m hurting and she’s so innocent. She needs to hurt too!” It was so distinct. Every syllable was clear. It’s dark and the only thing I can actually see is the walls due to the shine of the digital clock. I look at the wall, brushing off what just happened, and there are 3 figures standing there. I’m not sure if they were actually looking at me or if they were just standing there. All of them different sizes, one was moving as if it was talking and using hand motions, one looked as if it was intently listening, and another was about 4 feet away from the others it was still.

“Nana, please wake up. Someone’s in your house,” I said calmly. The entities stopped moving…Every single one of them. “NANA WAKE UP NOW!” She woke up and turned the light on. As she woke up the figures walked off.

I told her what had happened but she brushed it off and told me to go back to sleep. I do not stay at her house anymore. She called my mom 6 months ago, “I had the strangest experience the other day (chuckling) I was sitting in my chair watching tv when the box fan in the floor turned itself on. The funny thing is, it was unplugged.”


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

There Are A Lot Of Rules With Ouija Boards

I guess there are a lot of rules with these boards but I didnt know them. Around the 7th grade, I learned my family owned one of the boards. Very old, and still have it to this day. My family doesn't believe in paranormal stuff and as a kid I was struggling with my ideas with religion.

My school was roman catholic and they shoved religion down every students throat to the point where it felt everything I would do was a sin. So I questioned my religion, and with so many religions I had no idea which ones were true. so who would know the answer? Lets ask the Ouija board!

Not the best idea Ive ever had. It would evade the question and instead have conversations about any of our childhood troubles. In fact it took several months until it brought it up. It was so long ago I don't remember the exact conversation I had. but it went along the lines of 'Lets make a deal. Ill give you the information you want but give me something in return.' I was alone that time. when I asked what It wanted, it played on the trust it had earned from me, saying something like, 'lets think each other like family, I will wait by you and we can meet in the afterlife.'

Typing this out still gives some chills down my spine, especially knowing I didn't hesitate to agree. So it began writing out all the info I wanted to know about religion, etc... and I do believe it to some extent.

What I guess you can call it spirit world looks like?

the skies black, you can barely see in front of you, but there is a light around you.

once in a while you run into others (apparently recommends to avoid that)

furniture isnt always there, often times it appears after the living interacts with it. You can touch objects but they dont move most of the time. and everything looks really old. Tvs when on or other electronic devices are easy to manipulate, but it feels awful.

You can hear static from the devices.


On religion..

there is no God.

religion does effect the atmosphere

churches, or any holy object can hurt you, but probably a different, sinister reason behind it. it stands by the claim of holy ghost or gods being nonexistent


on other entities

Doesn't know what to call them but there are different creatures. it recommends avoiding those, not all of them are friendly. They can latch onto you.


I personally believe some of it to an extent. I will give one warning about the deal thing though, although I got lucky with this being a sort of friendly entity. I'm unfortunately stuck with a poltergeist 24/7. and I went through a lot of sh*t because of it. Ive tried to get rid of it, and years later speaking to it, it intends to keep the deal. Ive lost a relationship due to the poltergeist attacking. Honestly, the only real advice I can give is... avoid making deals with entities, even if they appear nice. once you make a deal, after trying everything it always comes back. And lately this entity that does manifest regularly is getting closer every time it appears.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Obsessed With The Supernatural

I have always been slightly obsessed with the supernatural ever since I was little. I always told my friend that I like spirits, so for her birthday she got a Ouija board. She asked me if she could bring it to my house a I said yes.

Once she was at my house I didn't really want to play anymore. She kept bugging me and I kept saying no. Around the sixth time I said no, the Ouija board slid off my table. When my grind out the board on the table it was completely stable and didn't move. So I freaked out and ran out side with my friend trailing behind me. After a couple scary minutes my friend told me we had to play it now, and I accepted. Nothing really happened the first time we played. She decided to leave her ouijia board at my house.

Whenever one of my friends came over I asked them to play, none of them did but one. When we played a spirit came through. I think his name was Ted, I can't quite remember. He told us that he was a firefighter and died in 9/11. Every time I played after meeting him, he came back through. I didn't really believe he was there so I asked him if he was real make my dog leave the room. Right after I asked that question my sleeping dog jumped up and ran out of the room. Me and my friend were shocked.

The last time I played the Ouija board Ted told me that he watched over me to make sure I'm safe I also asked him if spirits follow me around, and he said yes. 8 to be exact. It's been a couple years since I have last played.

For some reason I always feel like there is someone around. Sometimes I hear my name, once I felt someone touch my back, sometimes one of my family members say they felt like someone touched them. I never feel scared when something paranormal happens though. Maybe he and the other 8 spirits still follow me.