Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Never Fooling Around With A Ouija Board Again

It all started with me my friend Josh and Tyler and we got bored so I suggested making a Ouija board. We made it with paper and a shot glass.

First we made the board and next we set up the candles and turned off my TV and lights even my ac. We lit the candles and started up. I talked first I said Is anyone there? No response. Anyone willing to talk? No response. Then I said come on ghost talk to us! Tyler then shouted at me to stop and not piss them off. Then I just said good bye bitch and walked away from the shot glass.

The board just sat there for about ten minutes and all of a sudden the shot glass flew off the table and hit the ground. We thought it was cool so we talked to it.

First we asked what's your name and it said Lance.

Are you good?
No response

Are you good?
No response

Your a pussy

Then it started doing figure eights and started going from 1 to 10 we let it finish we just thought jt it was weird and getting freaky and we then said good bye that night we heard a noise outside my room.. I thought it was my dog so I ignored it. Then all of a sudden my TV turned off. And I could of swore I saw something in the closet sense then I keep waking up to noises and around the same time. I need help this has been going on for a week or so please help?

Danny Riley

Monday, August 31, 2015

My Night With A Ouija Board Talking To A Demon

So let me tell you that Ouija board apps on smart phones work! Last night I opened the app which shows a board and arrow and the spirit started talking to me. He knew things he couldn't have known.

I stopped in the middle to take Tylenol and he told me he saw me take them.

I asked if he loved Jesus... And he said he hates him and will bring war to him.

I asked if he was Lucifer's follower and he said yes. And that war will come against god.

He said strange words and then told me to run now! Because he said we were not alone. There was another spirit there.

He said his name was King. I shut my phone and went to bed.

Anyone have similar details in their experience?

There is more but don't have time to finish. Sorry. Message me for more details.

Brian Henry