Saturday, February 6, 2016

When Will It Stop?

So last year I played with an Ouija board. It did not last but for a while and so one day I told my friends about it and they wanted to do one so we did. But we did many more since.

I then did did something stupid I got an evp and tried it in my room and the first thing it said was gemstone. That freaked me out because I play mine craft and gemstone is on it.I turned the evp off. So I told my friends about that and they still wanted to do Ouija boards and we did. Our first time was the worst. My friend was talking and she say 'ow' and we look at her arm and it has 3 scratches.

So when I got home the next day I was in the bathroom and I walked out and I herd a thunk and looked back and my hair brush had been thrown on the wall. So I thought nothing much of it and figured a spirit from the Ouija board came home with me and so I have not one one in 3 days but I have a cap to my tooth brush and I put it on a few days ago and I could not find it and so when I went to get my paint cup it was in there.

Do you think it is because of an Ouija board or something else?


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Because Of The Ouija Or Coincidence?

I have played with Ouija boards several times. It's always been pretty fun.

First experience was crazy because it just spelled out cuss words and when asked who it was it said the name of the Devils son (don't remember the name). It scared my friends enough that they quit playing and refused to do it again.

Another time the board told a friend he was his dead grandfather which upset him enough that he quit playing. After he quit we asked if it was really his grandfather and it said no. They can be harsh and they lie a lot.

Another experience the board said it was a young girl that died on the land. She didn't remember her name or how she died...we searched for a while and gave up. She told me she liked my cat. She used to have one herself. I was very afraid my cat would mysteriously die afterwards. She never did though.

I decided to get rid of my board once and put it in the outside trash of my aunts house. She died a year or so later. Her husband died about a year after that. This could obviously be a coincidence but it will always be in the back of my mind.

Several times playing I would ask it to tell me what I was thinking and it always would. I would do this just to make sure my friend wasn't messing with me. One of the last times I played the spirit I talked to said it was my ouija board guardian-I had spoken with him before. He told me I shouldn't be playing with it. I figured if I had a Ouija guardian and he was telling me it was bad to play-then I should probably listen. So I quit.

I don't remember what I did with my board... think I gave it away. I figured giving it away was better than throwing it away.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

How Do I Get Rid Of A Ouija Board?

Hey So ages ago there was this movie on about Ouija boards then my parents started saying about the dangers of them. Being a stupid kid, I ignored them, made my own board and used it.

I wasn't expecting it to work so when it did, I freaked and said bye. Before I used it, I did research and prayed etc.

Now, the board terrifies me, its shut away hidden in my room. If my parents find it, they'll go nuts.

I don't know what to do with the board. Should I burn it (but apparently it screams?) or should I throw it away (but because I made it, it might come back). I want to get rid of it.

Please no smart comments saying "you shouldn't have used it in the first place" because I know I shouldn't have done it and I regret it.



My Run With ZoZo

I have had 3 encounters with ZoZo. The first rime I ever played with an Ouija board I had not heard about ZoZo and I was going to prove they were fake so I said, "are there any spirits willing to communicate?" and the planchett moved to yes so I then ask for its name and it spelled ZoZo so I said goodbye.

A year later I told my friends about it and they said they wanted to do one and we all did it. So after we got answer we asked are you from the sun or the moon and the planchett went to moo.

We then asked, "whats your name" and it spelled out ZoZo. I was saying to say goodbye but my friends asked are you going to hurt us and it said yes. And they asked who? And it spelled out one of the girls names. So then we said goodbye.

We decided to try it again the next day and the same thing happened except we said goodbye before going to far. And I have experienced some weird thing in my house but I am still doing Ouija boards and I like them.