Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Using A Ouija Board Might Be My Only Answer

So I never use a Ouija Board, my family is very religious and always told me to never play with it because it's just asking for trouble, and well blah blah blah. Well I am now 20 and I have a 16 mo child. That being said, I'm scared for my son because since I was a child I was always being followed. I don't remember this but my sister would tell me she caught myself talking to an invisible friend. Well that part is blurry. But i indeed to remember having an invisible friend. I finally got to meet him when I was middle school. I was sleeping in my couch when I suddenly woke up to this small like child, he was pitch black, he was watching me as I watch him. He was at least 4/5 ft tall. I wasn't scared, I was more like shocked. He never harmed me, but more like scared me when he would watch me sleep or I'd hear him walk around me. I got so use to him that it never bothered me. But that was my childhood years so I thought it would go away.

When I was 15, we moved to another state, and a couple months later I actually see my "friend"! So then I concluded that it wasn't my old house he is attach to its me!! I felt a little bothered by the idea but just ignored it. It's no biggy anymore since I was basically around him all my childhood years.

Everything changed though, when i started attention church.. I was sleeping in my moms bed. (She has a king size bed, which was like sleeping in heaven lol) and I saw him standing on the doorway, (he wasn't him, this shadow was a lot taller and had no feet.) oh and I was asleep too! But was conscious! Anyways as he came towards me, I got scared and started praying, it made it upset because the more I prayed and ask for Jesus Christ, the more pressure he put on me. And I was sinking in my moms bed, I tried calling her out but I was paralyzed. I couldn't move and I stop praying for some reason and the shadow let go. Ever since then I never prayed. I was so scared to pray in my house, this is the first real scary encounter I ever had with him. He never attacked me when I was younger why now? But anyways my mom had a priest come by and bless the house and it haunted me more then ever since then. And then it disappear. And that's what he does he come and goes and then BAM I feel his presence. I know I'm not crazy because my mom and family had felt him around. I don't want my son to be affect by this thing. (FYI when I was little I was Made to go to church, never really wanted to go until a year ago)

Alejandra Portillo

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lucifer Through The Ouija

So I have been wanting to play with the Ouija Board for some time and after I read a story here about someone who contacted Lucifer I got really excited. So on Friday 13th I had a sleepover with one of my friends, Liz, and we went to the attic with her Ouija at 3am.

She was kind of skeptical but agreed to ask.

Liz: We'd like to talk to Lucifer.
Nothing happened so we tried again, many many times. Until we begged to talk to him and he said Hello. We were thrilled and super scared but we kept on playing.
Me: Are you real?
Ouija: Yes
Liz: Are you in this room with us?
Ouija: Yes
Liz: Where are you?
And then some objects started flying and the candles we had lit went out. I was shaking.
Liz: Where are you?

The planchette pointed to my right side and then I heard something, like a laughter or a roar I don't know. I just yelled and we ran from the attic.

Since we didn't say goodbye, we went back there to finish the game, but the board wasn't there. I freaked out with the thought that my house would be possessed.

We went back to my room and when we got there, the Ouija was on my bed and the planchette on the "Goodbye".

I don't want to know how the Ouija got there or why the planchette was on the Goodbye. I'm just freaked out and since the day I keep having nightmares.