Monday, September 4, 2017

Elkis The Friendly Spirit

I went over to my friend’s house and we were bored so we decided to use a Ouija board. We went to a house under construction and went under it with a Ouija board that we made out of paper and the bottom of a plastic bottle. The board moved gradually to yes, then just stopped. After a few days, I went back over there, with the board I bought online a while back and a board I made out of a shoe box just for fun. I meant to bring the one I bought, but the shoe box board was inside, and I didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. Anyways, my friend wanted to go swimming down at their dock so I was like okay, but their mom did not like the board in their house, so I brought it down to the dock with me. My friend’s little sister wanted to play too, so we did. After trying to contact some people, we kept getting short answers, and nothing more. We tried it one last time and we contacted someone who said their name was “Elkis.” This lovely spirit was willing to talk to us and everything. Being the goofy kids we are, we started joking around with Elkis and she loved it! She would spell out “LOL” and “HAHA.” Keep in mind that I am very experienced with the board, but my friend and her sister were not. They also did not believe in this up until they started using it.

It started getting dark outside so we decided to use it in the house without their mom knowing. We went into the little sister’s room and used it. To our astonishment, Elkis could somewhat see into our past, but not our future. Elkis knew my passcode on my phone and other stuff none of the players knew. We then decided to try to bond with Elkis some more, and we suggested that we add emojis onto the board so she can express how she feels. We did, and she immediately started using them! We added a happy emoji, laughing emoji, crying emoji, heart eye emoji, and a poop emoji. Because Elkis did not speak English as her first language, we put a question mark on the board as well so she can go to when whenever she is confused.

We wanted to see what Elkis could really do. We told her to go to her favorite player. She pointed to me and she said because I am the least scared of the board and the most open towards her. We then asked her to show where she was sitting and she just moved the planchette of the board to where she was sitting and moved right back on. We started talking about bad spirits (which I know of) and she moved it to the crying face. We said why, and she told us that she doesn’t like bad spirits. She explained to us that she will protect us, and told us that if we write her name on the board only she can contact us through it. We did it, and she was very happy. Elkis has a good sense of humor, so we decided to show her some more memes and stuff which she liked. We got an insight into her life; she was texting while driving and died in a car wreck in 2008, when she was 19 years old. She was the only casualty, and her birthdate was April 30, 1989. It was nearly midnight, and I had to get back home. She told me that I needed to bring the board to my house, but she was going to stay here with my friend and her sister.

The next day I got up bright and early to use the board again. Right when we asked, she answered. She told us she watched over the sister overnight. We started asking her more questions, and we tried to teach her the usage of “yeet.” We added yeet to the board so when she wants to say it she can just go to it. After talking to Elkis for a while, she proved to be real by explaining stuff we cannot. My Ouija board experience has been all the good, and I think I’ve made a friend for life!

Alex Orr

Saturday, September 2, 2017

We Got the Whole Neighborhood Haunted

I was maybe 7 or 8 years old when an older friend of mine (who I will call K) invited me to play an Ouija board with him. Hey, I was a kid who had never heard of an Ouija board before (shocking, I know) and the way he explained it made the ‘game’ sound fun. So, K took a piece of chalk and started writing down the letters and numbers onto a slab of cement. Yes, cement. We live in houses with these stairs that lead to the upstairs porch and they all start with a big rectangular slab of cement. My friend turned it into an Ouija board.

Now, I don’t know if that counts as an Ouija board but based on the things that started happening after we did our session, I’m leaning towards yes. This was so long ago that I don’t remember what questions we asked or anything that happened specifically during the session. However, I do know we didn’t close it properly. K kind of just gave up and left when nothing happened and my cousin and I went back to playing hide and seek.

A lot of things have happened since then that I don’t even know where to start.

I had nightmares every night. I cannot remember a single happy dream from my childhood. I hated sleep as a child because all my dreams always turned to nightmares of my family dying, the neighbourhood burning, earthquakes, etc., etc. I always woke up in the middle of the night, shaking, wanting to go to my parents’ bedroom but too scared to move. Sometimes my arm hurt a lot but there was nothing wrong with it. I’ll feel the bed dip beside my feet like there’s someone sitting there but when I look there was no one. Often a shadow overlaps mine like there’s someone behind me but again, when I look, there was no one. I would wake up with scratches and bruises sometimes.
People started seeing and hearing weird things around the neighborhood. A light turning on in an empty house, a dark shape vaguely resembling a person walking along on the power lines at night, completely white faces peeking out of dark windows (and sometimes peeking in from the outside even though I was on the SECOND FLOOR), heads without a body, a woman sitting on trees and plants in the dark and things moving of their own accord.

We’ll hear footsteps upstairs even though no one’s up there. Voices murmuring, laughing and singing came randomly from beyond the walls and ceilings at night. Dogs barked and whined at empty air, foul smells came from nowhere and it wasn’t rare that we’ll hear tapping on the second floor windows at night, or (three) knocks on walls. My bed is pushed right against a wall and sometimes I would be up all night pretending I didn’t hear the knocks right beside my head or the woman singing something downstairs from outside.

When these things happen, no one seemed able to call someone from outside the neighborhood or text them. People trying to get into our neighborhood better do it before sundown because even with the lamppost and bus stop right by the entrance they always seem to miss it unless they’re with someone who lives here.

Anyway, the house with the slab of cement we used as an Ouija board never had a permanent occupant. People would move in and then moved right out. Apparently, they heard screams there at night and doors would open and close randomly.

A priest was called in a couple of years ago and things started settling down after that. The dogs are calmer, the knocks on the walls stopped and we don’t hear disembodied voices anymore.
That slab of cement was broken into several pieces and buried in my backyard when that house got renovated. I think that helped too.

I still hear footsteps when I’m alone and shadows crossing my path but I don’t think whatever’s making them is malevolent. I almost fell down the stairs or get me (and the house) burned down once if it wasn’t for a sudden, intense ringing in my left or right ear pulling my attention to the problem.

So that’s my Ouija board story.


Monday, August 28, 2017

I Have Been Harassed Over 5 years Because of The Ouija Board

Before I tell of this story everything im telling is 100% true...

About 5 years ago me, my buddy, his older brother Anthony, and his friend Chris played the Ouija board. We had almost no luck the first 10 minutes then we began to get some answers. The answers were distorted and didn't make any sense. The board would go to random lettering making out nonsense. We shut the board and never played it again. That night went well. Everything was all good. The next day I go back to my house. It was me my little brother and little sister. I was in the middle of the living room and I had this funny feeling to look outside. So I did. When I looked out to the streets I saw a black figure about 4 ft tall moving back and forth extremely fast! So fast I couldn't lay my eyes on it. I knew I messed up... My house all of a sudden stunk horribly. My cat and dog were meowing and barking into thin air! I was freaked out needless to say.

That night nothing messed with me for months. Now this is where things get a little freaky. About 4-5 months later. I'm chilling under my parents deck smoking a cigarette. I was looking up enjoying myself. Then. I felt this tapping on my cigarettes that were in my pants pocket. I looked down and saw a puddle of blood with a trail from the blood to the center of my feet. While something was poking my pack. I was freaked out! I go to pull out my cell phone to take a pic but my phone wasn't working!! I went back inside. Now, later that night it's dark and I'm at the top of the stairs on the deck. I'm chillin smoking again.

This is another thing that is freaky. I saw this light about 2 ft long and maybe 6 inches wide. On the cement moving slowly. Kinda like when you see lights in your room when a car drives by. The light was moving slow and started going up the stairs. It vanished. And it was freezing cold outside then as soon as it vanished a warm patch of heat hit my face. FREAKY. Here's the third part that haunts me. I go to sleep that night and wake up at 2:50. Dead asleep to fully awake. I sit down in my chair and I could you not every single hair and fiber on my body poofed and rose. I felt like something was holding me in the chair and I had the highest amount of fear I've ever had in my life. Scared to death!! My heart was beating at unhuman paces. I rose from the chair and ran out to the hallway. We had a black cat and it darted right it front of me!! I go out to the living room to lay down and in the living room I heard from the hallway on my door the exact same tapping pattern I had heard earlier that day on my cigarettes!!! SCAREY.

To this day I have harassment. That hasn't stopped. If anybody knows what I could do to get rid of this problem I would frickin love you forever!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Creepy Experience At School And Home

Okay so about a month ago me and my friends played with the Ouija of my friends had been having strange dreams about this demon named "Mr.Freak show". .Now being the kids we are, we love paranormal stuff and it so happens we found a Ouija board in my attic. Now this Mr.freak show from my friends description, he had two horns, red blood skin, dark yellow teeth and wore a red and black dirty checkered shirt and had super long arms and a mangled smile. So we played the Ouija board.

Us: is anyone willing to contact us?
No response.
Us: are there any spirits willing to speak?
Board: (it moved to yes) we got a bit giddy and excited .
Us: What's your name???
Board: M-R-F-R-E-A-K-S-H-O-W

Now this got us all freaked the heck out. My friend took his hand off the planchette due to his hands shaking. I quickly panicked and told him to put then back on but the planchette moved to good bye. We were now all freaked and since no one was at my house we all stayed at my friend, we'll call her Sarah's house. When we were falling asleep I swear I heard someone say "run" so the next day we went to school and all day we heard weird noises. At lunch we did the Charlie charlie thing but stayed inside the class. We did it and it worked but not for long because it just stopped. Now my friend swear he could see something coming up the road, (out the front of our school there's this big road) and we looked but saw nothing. Now skip two months and my friend swore every night he'd here a manical laugh and footsteps.

I don't know what to think. Can anyone help? I was thinking it could be zozo but I really don't know...