Saturday, January 6, 2018

I Shouldn't Have Used A Ouija Board

These events just started happening to me. About 3 months ago me and two friends used a ouija Board. It worked good and nothing went wrong.

The spirts name was x and it was nice. Later that Night we used it again and talked to someone named v. This time it was different I had a bad feeling.

My whole room smelt like spoiled milk. So we didn't like this she said goodbye.

So a few months go by and it was New Year's Eve. I took a video of The Whole session and I watched it and there was this weird demonic noise just for a few seconds.

Now the video just won't work unless it's just me or the friends who used it with me. Ever since weird things have been happing and I dont know what to do.

Someone help?


Thursday, December 28, 2017

I Know Ouija Boards Are Evil

July 20, 2013. I was living by myself in my apartment home and one day I decided to purchase a ouija board. I was so excited to get the board because they always fascinatined me.

Well I finally got my board in the mail. One day I decided to play the board. I was a little skeptical not thinking anything would really transpire. So I begin to ask the board dumb yes dumb questions just to see the response.

I asked was anyone there it said yes.

I asked how many spirits were here with me it said 3.

I asked it what was its name it said Norma, I didn't know a Norma so I asked it what was its name it said Carrie, again I didn't know a Carrie so I asked it what was its real name it spelled out DADDY. I was like who is Daddy it said DEVIL. A little intrigued I kept on going.

I asked it what did it want it spelled out HELP ME. I said what do you need help with, it said I NEED YOUR BODY. I kinda paused a little freaked out but I kept on playing. I asked it do you want to possess me it said YES.

Then I asked the board let me speak to another spirit because I said it was making me feel weird. It replied ARE YOU SCARED. I said no really lying because I was then it spelled out YOU SHOULD BE. So I continued like my session like a stupid person and asked to speak to another spirit.

I asked was anyone there it said YES. I asked its name it said MOMMY. I'm like who is Mommy it said DADDY I said who is Daddy, it replied DEMON.

I asked this spirit what it wanted. It replied I NEED YOUR BODY, GIMME YOUR SOUL. I was so shocked and scared. I asked who wants my soul. It replied DEVIL. I said Satan wants to possess me. It said YES. I was like I'm done Goodbye. It replied PLEASE STAY. I said I need to go. It replied ARE YOU SCARED OF ME. I said Yes. Then I stopped using the Board and I took it outside and threw it in my dumpster.

A few weeks after that Encounter with the board I began to hear voices, like people talking in my apartment. I would experience vivid dreams where spirits would come to me in my dream and I was possessed by them. This possession dream repeated itself almost every night for a few months. I would hear knocking on my bedroom walls at night and then one night I saw this dark figure standing near my bathroom door. I was terrified so I jumped up turned all my lights on and put music on.

I couldn't really sleep for the next few days because I was scared of the Encounter. So yes I do believe in Ouija boards and I know they are EVIL for sure now.


Trying to "Document" Myself More on the Ouija

Short first experience

Umm hi?

I'm new here and well, I'm trying to "document" myself more on Ouija? (I'm French so sorry if there are any mistakes).

I had a Ouija experience yesterday between midnight and three am. We were 4 girls and we weren't taking it as a game. I have some acquaintances who also had experiences with Ouija and I was curious and decided to try it myself. But as I said, not as a game. I may be curious, but not curious about getting any big paranormal experience like in the movies.

I really made sure everyone was focused and most of all, wasn't scared. I didn't want to draw in any evil stuff. We then politely asked if there was any GOOD spirits who wished to talk with us while spinning the glass on the handmade ouija board in circular motions. The first encounters were a bit shy and confusing, we were still a bit skeptical. they were too short for us to really be convinced (and we didn't wantt to ask any stupid questions like "move something" or "do something", we're not that crazy. Mentionning anything related to death was also a taboo for us) But well, there was always that "what if" in the back of our mind. What if we were unconciously pushing the glass, what if one of us is faking it? I believe my friends tho, we were all concentrated and taking it seriously.

Then we met G.C.

(I like to call her "Jessie" in my mind haha)

The way she moved the glass, was different from the others. G.C. was moving it around strongly, but not violently. And her answers were clear.

But she was very... secretive? like, she didn't want to say anything about herself. Then we asked her if she knew how many of us were there in the room. She answered yes, four. It wasn't really a challenging question but I think it's at that point that we were getting this seriously. When we asked her if she could write one of our name she wrote mine. We asked many times to make sure and we even tried with our eyes closed! G.C told us that she knew me and that someone sent her to watch over me.

At some point, she started to write something and said it was in Latin and it was meant for me. I don't know what is and I'm afraid I'll never find out, because unfortunately G.C. kinda..."disconnected" before we could ask for more.

I don't know how to explain it but I was in an...surreal mood. I was excited by the answers but not too hype. Like, all of us were so absorbed in this, we were so serious, not even questionning back the answers we received.

I had a great experience and I intend on trying it again.

I know most of the other stories here turn out bad, but I believe that if you are respectuous and polite, it can help to have a great experience like me. We weren't taking it as a joke (even if we were a bit skeptical) and I was prepared if anything turned bad. But I'm not experienced enough and if any of you has an advice or a comment, I'll gladly receive it!

I hope I'll be even more prepared the next time I'll try.

Thanks for reading my story even if it wasn't that exciting and have a god day!


Monday, October 23, 2017

Successful Ouija Board Session Left Me With Questions

Hello to anyone who would read this. As of the time this is posted I have just finished my first successful Ouija board session.

That being said, it left me with questions to be answered.

I made my own Ouija board by sticking two pieces of paper together, and I used a silver coin as a planchette. When I first asked if a spirit was present, it never went to yes, but it shuffled to different letters until I stopped it. It spelled "GHAZTQ". Again, I asked the same question, and the same answer. Until I asked its name. It always started with G and ended with a Z or Q, such as "GASTPQ". It never spelled a familiar name to me, or any name at that. I was also sure that I was not the one moving the coin since it felt like a magnet was attracting my hand to every letter.

Was it a mischievous spirit that I talked to? Or did it mean something else? I really hope for an answer. Thank you very much.

Ernesto Gonzales