Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LABA The Demon Possesses My Sister?

About 11 years ago, my sisters and I, my oldest one Linda who was 17, second oldest Mia who was 16 and me who was 13, went to a garage sale to try and find some cool antiques to decorate our boring house with. After running around, not finding anything too interesting, we found a garage sale where this woman was selling a REAL original Ouija board from the 1800s for a super cheap price! We were super excited since this was the only cool thing we had seen all day, so we considered buying it, not actually knowing what a Ouija board was. So we asked the seller what a Ouija board was.

"What is a Ouija board?" Mia asked.

"You can talk to ghosts with that board." The woman replied.

We were all SUPER excited.

"How does it work?"

"You ask the spirit a question. You use the little wooden mover with the glass in the middle to guide your hands to the letters and numbers to answer your questions."

Without any hesitation, we bought it. When we took it home, we had to hide it because my mom, being a super duper religious italian catholic, would TOTALLY disapprove. We went into the attic and then went into this little closet we had in the attic (This was our 'clubhouse') and brought up a candle to see.

Linda: Are you really a ghost?
Ouija: Yes.

We were freaking out because we had never done anything like this before. It was obviously a ghost. But we were just screwing around.

Me: What's your name?
Ouija: L-A-B-A

Linda (speaking to me) "What the hell kind of name is Laba?"
We all laughed.

Ouija: D-O-N-T-L-A-U-G-H-O-R-E-L-S-E

We got super scared here. But we felt like since it said that, it was someone moving it. We thought it was Mia since she hadn't said anything, so we turned to her. But Mia didn't say anything to what we thought. At all. It was like she couldn't hear us. She looked super focused on the board. we got concerned.

"Mia? Mia, are you okay?" We took our hands off of the planchette but Mia was glued to it. The planchette suddenly began to move.

Ouija: S-H-E-I-S-M-I-N-E

We eventually got too scared and had to go get our mom up to help. Linda and I were too scared to stay up there with Mia acting all weird so we left her alone for maximum a minute and thirty seconds. As soon as my mom came up to see, Mia was sobbing her heart out saying that there was a rotting old woman in the room while we were gone who threatened to kill us all if we didn't give her our souls. Linda and I didn't want to believe this. It was just too unreal to be true. But my mom believed it 100% and called our local priest to bless the house the next morning. This was really, really serious for us. We had gotten a demon into our house!

Even after our house was blessed, Mia still acted really weird. She rarely left the house for over a few hours because she thought 'Laba' would kill us, and she would avoid eating red food for whatever reason. She never explained why. Even today, Mia, who is now in her late twenties, became a super religious catholic like my mom and devotes her life to church. This is really weird, because before the Laba incident, we all agreed that being religious was insane.

When Mia is around, we can't even talk about Ouija boards because she'll start having panic attacks if we do. Whatever this 'Laba' is, it ruined my sister's life.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Ouija Board Nightmare

My mother bought a Ouija board a few months ago. We are both into ghost hunting nights and we thought we'd try it in our own home. When it arrived we used it and when we called out the glass moved about an inch but that was it. We said goodbye and tucked the board away behind the cabinet.

Last night my mother and step father went for a night away and left me responsible for my two dogs. I got bored and decided to use the board. I called out but nothing happened so I said goodbye and had a cigarette.

Shortly after this, the TV turned off and I heard banging noises coming from downstairs while I was upstairs. I was terrified and the so were the dogs. My dog came and sat on my lap and wouldn't move no matter how much I pushed her.

When I went to sleep, I had a dream that the board spoke to me spelling out 'hyrath' and then going to random letters. I was conscious and felt like I was falling from the bed. I felt that I was trying to wake myself up but couldn't and when I did I could barely lift my eyelids open.

I still have the board. What should I do next?