Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ouija Board I Bought In Salem

Hi, me and my three other friends decided to use a Ouija Board that I bought in Salem, MA.

We contacted a spirit who claims to be a man named Jim Dunkor. He died in the year 1146 at the age of 60. He had a wife named Malary Dunkor who passed at the age of 42. He also had a son named Jared Dunkor who passed at the age of 12. He told us that he loved his wife but he had to kill her. We asked him why, and he said because she cheated. We then we said we were sorry. He then went up to the sun in appreciation.

My friend then drew a heart with her finger on the board and "Jim" went to it. He said he was from "Islam." We asked Jim if he had any contact with his son after he murdered his wife. He said no because she had killed Jared previously. This is when things started to go down hill.

"Jim" started to take over the board as in moving the planchette in figure eights. I stopped it and asked why he was doing this. He responded with the word "Power." We asked what does that mean? He said, "He likes us but he is lonely and stuck in Hell." We then said, "Good-bye" twice and he said, "No" both times.

We moved the planchette ourselves to "Good-bye" and then we disposed of the Ouija Board in the river. Since then we have tried to research Jim, Malary and Jared Dunkor and we have had no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Played With The Ouija Board By Myself A Lot

I played by myself a lot. Never had anything happen. Then one night, I was in an altered state, but nothing illegal. Anyway I for hours. Kept trying but never had anything definitive, as far as a name anyway. But around maybe 2-3 hours in I gave up. At some point I felt something maybe wasn't right.

I started googling random things on my phone, but my phone kept dropping out of my hand, I didn't think much of it, but I never even to this day, drop my phone.

Anyway I had gone to the bathroom, I was still looking up random things on my phone, when this time I felt like I was punched in the face and my phone was undeniably slapped out of my hands.

At this point I knew it wasn't just me anymore. I don't believe in god nor do I believe in anything supernatural but I ran to my old mini jesus statue and prayed like I was 7 years old.

I haven't had anything happen like that since, I do not play with the board anymore, nor do I even want to contemplate what it was that happened to me. All I know is whenever I think about it my eyes tear up. Not crying, but just start watering. I consider myself a realist and this does not fit into my mindset.

Its been over a year now, I've never shared this with anyone. I doubt anybody would believe me and frankly I doubt I'll ever tell anyone. But to anybody thinking of trying it...maybe think again...


Monday, August 22, 2016

Why Did I Not Listen?

last year I don't know why at my school it was considerted cool to have an experiment with a ouija board so me and my friends decided to play with one

Just so you know I believe in evrything thats supernatral and ghost stuff and somdid my dad and my dad always told me since im a kid to not do anything spiritual like ouija because you can get hurt or worst

So Me,Ben and Alex decided to play it at Alex's family cottage. Since He's the oldest (18) we we're able to go there without our parents. We went there a friday night after school, we got in his car stoped at my house I took my things and we went.

Bare with me i'm getting to the ouija part

We arrived around 5pm so we ate made a fire outside and around 12 o'clock we took the ouija board out and started playing. It went like this

( Alex talking = A me talking = G Ben talking = B Board=<)

A:Is anyone there <:yes B:whats your name <:Nath G:How old are you nath <: 25 A:how did you die nath <: Suicide G:Why did you kill your self <:no choice

It went like this for like 10 min but when I said to Are you a good spirit there was no answer we asked other question but Nothing so We decided to get Something to drink so Alex went to the store get some since hes 18(i live in Canada and 18 is the age to buy alcohol) when he came back we started playing again but thats where the bad shit happend

Alex started by saying is anyone here <: yes B:what is your name <: Death Thinking it was one of my friends I said c'mon guys they both said its not them so we continued playing but i was still sure it was them B: are you an evil spirit <: Yes G:Can you prove it <: yes suddenly it went dark and we heard Alex scream and believe me it wasnt a fake scream it send shivers down my spine when the light went back up alex had a big scratch on his arm all the way from the hand to the elbow we all freaked out the board said :see B: ok ok we believe you

We than said Goodbye

We didnt sleep that night the day after we all went back home with our parents since alex went to the hospital in the morning because he was having a seizure and seriously bleeding from his scratch
When i got home my dad was realy pisted off and sent me to my room the same night i had a bad dream about Alex saying DEATH over and over again

in the morning my dad woke me up by knocking o the wall and telling me to stop scratching i said what are you talking about and he said he kept hearing me scratching and i opened my eyes only to see scratches on all my walls i immadiatly ran out screaming my dad came out to me and held me in his arm asking me wtf am i doing i pointed the room and he fell on the ground he was realy angry and scared we went down stairs and i got a call from my friend ben he was crying and obviously scared he told me he was scratched on his both leg and that he found his dead cat(died a few weeks before) on his bed that same night alex passed away in the hospital from a seizure and when the nurses came in he was screaming DEATH all over again

I should have listen to my dad because we moved out because of what happend

Nothing happend since but Me and Ben went to Alex's family cottage with his family to bury him there but me and ben both felt Something bad was there and Alex's parents Are still thinking its our fault hes dead

Sandra Jobin

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Connected With A Spirit Named D

I have been connected with a spirit named "D" in the past, he said he was trying to hurt me and that he was evil. Ever since I was done with that session I stopped playing for awhile, then every spirit after that wanted to escape my board by attempting to count down through the numbers, and going to corners of the board and spelling "out".

I earlier today scanned my Ouija Board and the letter "D" was scratched into it. I still decided to play and connected with a spirit named "C" who claimed he was good, and he warned me and my friend that D was around and he wanted to harm us, he said that he was evil and was from hell. He also said that he connected with us to protect us.

After we thanked him for the information, and closed the session. Later tonight we again attempted to play. We once again connected with C and he said that prayer will make D more mad and Lindsey asked if D was around us and C spelled out "R-U-N". We quickly closed the board and ran to our friends house who closed the portal, to close this portal we had to once again play, Andrew our friend asked the questions and we were the players, the spirit that connected with us once again was C. He said that D wanted "out" and that he would possibly try to make him stay in the portal longer. We put it to goodbye and I am saying goodbye to my Ouija Board this night.

Whoever says it isn't real, needs to experience it for themselves. I was always safe with my board, I always started with a prayer and the burning of sage, there is a possible chance of playing it and having something dangerous happening. .