Monday, April 6, 2015

Terrifying Mama Experience

My friend and I would come together and play the Ouija Board at least once a week. Each session, we'd come in contact with Zozo or Mama. Each time, it didn't seem threatening or scary. We just would talk, and they seemed like normal spirits, despite their reputations all over the internet. They'd fight over control of the board to the point where the planchette would try to move to answer our questions, but couldn't. In one session, the planchette was so heavy; it felt like a piece of wood than a piece of plastic.

After each session, I would actually have bad dreams. In one, there was a woman in a door way, wearing a long dress in 80s fashion. She was evil, and looking at me in a dark way. In our very last session, (which is why I'm writing this right now), I had felt a little nervous prior to starting, but we proceeded anyways. Like always, we'd ask if there was anyone who'd like to communicate with us through the board. And, like always, it didn't take long before we got an answer. We asked it to spell out its name. It immediately spelled out "Mama". Normally, it'd go back and forth between 'm' and 'a'. This time it stopped.

And, we asked how old it was. "0". We asked where it was from. "HELT." My friend asked if it knew everything. "Yes". She then asked what number she was thinking of. It quickly went to 8. She freaked out and snapped her hands away from the board. It knew her number.

The air was cold. Very cold. I had a very trapped, sick, and threatening feeling wash over me. Mama was there, and she knew we understood this wasn't casual anymore. She was there with us. It felt like her presence was directly behind us, and hovering over us. Almost as if she were standing, staring down as us.

It was the most terrifying feeling we'd ever experienced. We felt that if we had asked another question, something bad would happen. I quickly told Mama goodbye, and we cleansed the board, said our prayer, and called whom ever we needed to make us feel better. I didn't think that I playing the Ouija board would be so threatening. That is why we were so comfortable with playing it. But, this last session was the one to shake us to the core. It was as if an intruder came in after unlocking all my doors, threatening to eat us alive. It was the quickest fear I'd ever became over whelmed with, and I know she felt the same.

Do NOT play with Mama, Zozo, whatever they call themselves. THEY WILL HURT YOU. Just their presence alone is just as dangerous!

Serrah Riege


  1. I've read a few stories about zozo and I've also seen a few about mama, but from what i've read there is actually a spirit called mama but it's not bad but the spirit zozo likes to pretend to be mama sometimes so that people will continue to communicate with it and it'll be easier to mess with whoever is playing

  2. This is betters than the cartoons. Unbelievable.

  3. This is why you don't mess with witch-craft even the cheap virgin

  4. Yeah I remember you. It was actually a teen girl in 10th grade, from the 1990s in a dress. Long hair, green striped dress perhaps? Yes it's a bad look. She's not exactly evil, she's sick of being the trapped soul ID name, of zozo or mama for a certain amount of years on a certain line. They want they get, it's a nuisance. It's not originally hers so poorly, someone else messed it up. The way ouija experiencer youth like you overload your experience with, it was evil, dark, foul,'ve never lived in a 3rd world country eating scraps out of a garbage can, or watched your family die in bombings, what do you know about terrible from watching a fat girl from a Baptist school? Now, HELT, I don't get it either, in 2016, but thanks for sharing. The fat woman in the stripes doesn't hurt, the other two living people that monopolized the name zozo and mama, will.



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