Friday, July 31, 2015


My friends and I have always been interested in all the supernatural and spirits and all that. So, I suggested we try and Ouija board just for the sake of it. Because none of us owned one, or had the money to buy a super nice old wooden one, we bought a cheap 20$ one at the mall. None of us thought it would work.

We went out behind the mall, still daytime, and tried the board. It didn't work at all. So we gave up and all went home. That night I heard my doors creaking and moving around in the lower floors, perhaps I was wrong to assume it was one of the animals.

Skip forward a few weeks when we tried again at the house of the friend who took the board home. This time it answered, and it was extremely strong. It told us it's name, ktrn, which we assumed to be Katherine. We asked it to flicker the candle in the room, it didn't. We asked it to knock over a cup, it didn't. As a joke we asked to inhabit a friend, huge mistake. I started to notice it speak pointless gibberish, and when I traced the lines with my eyes I saw it was drawing the Satan star. Right before we dismissed it one of the 4 people took their fingers off. We panicked and it said goodbye. Though we were spooked that something may happen, we shook it off.

Nothing out of the usual happened for a bit, then the 6 of us went into the living room, turned on a movie, and fell asleep. I later woke up, around 2 am, at the sounds in another room. All my friends were still in the living room, asleep, and there was no animals in this house. The TV suddenly went out and the cup we had asked the spirit to knock over was thrown off the kitchen table. I freaked out and woke up all my friends.

We turned on the lights but nothing was there, we all stayed awake the rest of the night and I still sometimes hear moving around my house and the blankets getting pulled away at nights when I'm alone.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The End?

My friends and I decided to go and try out Ouija so we started and we started talking with someone named Jimmy. He said that he served the Russian military in WW1 and that he was a airplane gunner. He said he died in the first battle and that he was born in Amsterdam but forced out by Germans. I asked him who his leader was at the time (I don't know a lot about WW1) and he said "PIG." His leader was a pig (figuratively of course).

When asked if he was a good spirit he said "No." We would've stopped there because I was being as careful as possible with this. But we were really intrigued at his story. I asked why he thought he was a bad spirit and he said "CHILD" and interrupted my next question asking about his child with "IMSORRY" which brought us to the conclusion of he either killed his child or his son (he was 45 when he died so it isn't out of the question) died in the war because of him. We were really weirded out and I don't remember how it got to this question but we ended up asking him "What do you see in America in 100 years?" He replied with "DEATH." I asked why death and he replied "CHANGE." I asked what is changing to which he replied "EVERYTHING."

We were really confused and curious and asked if we were going to be destroyed and he said NO. I asked if America will still be America and he said YES. I asked if somebody will take us over he said "YES" and interrupted my next question of who with "CHINA." I asked why and he replied to us with "DEBT." I then said "you're lying, aren't you?" And he answered with "IHOPE." I asked if it will be within our lifetimes and he said YES. I asked when and he said "2020." I asked when in 2020 and he told us "213."(February 13th.) I asked if our leadership is going to be influenced by China and he said YES. I asked if a current presidential candidate would be responsible and who is responsible and he replied with "D.T." (Donald Trump).

We took a few minutes to gather ourselves and proceeded to ask with "Is Trump going to be assassinated?" "YES." "Is his Vice President responsible?" "YES." "Will this change be bad?" "YESHIDE". I asked "Hide where?" "HOME." "Are our houses safe?" "NO" "Where's home?" "RL" "Where's RL, a country?" "PIG"(Russia (this made me shiver how it brought that back from our conversation)). "Will there be a revolution?" "YES." "Who revolts?" "RUSSIA." "Are they defending Anerica from China?" "NO" "Are they trying to take over America instead of China?" "YES" "Will Russia attack mainland China?" "YESWEAPONS" "What kind of weapons?" "BOMB" "how many bombs?" "60" "Nuclear bombs?" "NO" "What kind of bombs?" "GOODBYE."

What does this mean for America? Should we heed Jimmy's warning or let this go? We stopped using the Ouija after that.

Jacob Randal Martin

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ouija Experience With Satan

This is not fake !

Recently one of my friends , Sabrina , died in a car accident , on Saturday.

So , me and 2 other friends (i will give fake names :John and Jessica) decided to try the Ouija Board to communicate with our friend Sabrina.

Me: Is anyone here who would like to talk?


I asked again and again like 10-12 times. Finally it moved to "yes". I asked Jessica if she was moving it , she said no and she looked scared , by the way she is not acting very well...

John wrote that on paper.

I asked "Are you a bad spirit?"

It didn't move.

Jessica asked "What's your name?"

It started spelling "SA" . We were happy because we are talking to Sabrina , but it continued with "TAN". Me and Jessica didn't realize but John told us it spelled "SATAN".
In that moment i was freaked out.

I asked "Do you want to hurt us?"

It spelled "SAT" and then it stopped. We were confused . John finally got it. It means SATURDAY.

Jessica asked "Do you want to say Saturday?"

It spelled "YES".

It was we were scared . I asked if he wants to warn us spelled "DIE"...I closed my eyes because I was tired for a few seconds. And when i opened them the board started counting down to 1.

And it did it again. For 3 times. I asked if he wants to tell us something and it spelled out "1-1-1-1-1-1" I was very confused. Jessica was really scared and she said that she wants to end this. We said goodbye but the board spelled "WATCHOUTSATURDAYCAR".
So that night we were really scared and John told us that he got it.."SATan - SATurday-urday-your day - DIE -your day to die- saturday=your day to die "...when John said that we were really scared and searched on the internet Ouija Board Stories. We found a lot of stories . There was a story of a girl who was warned by the Ouija Board that if she will go outside one day she will die in a car accident and she didn't go to school that day and she is alive. So , I told my parents to stay home , and me , Jessica and john were watching TV all day...and DON'T GO OUTSIDE. This happened last week. Today is Saturday , and surely I am not gonna go outside on Saturday. Never.

I am sorry for my bad English , but I'm not American.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Who's Pushing?

I had about 6 friends over 3 girls (including myself) and 3 boys. We all got bored and started to mess around with a Ouija and we knew all the rules.

We asked foolish questions at first but as the time got closer to midnight the answers got creepier.

We asked it if it would hurt us and the candles blew out we all freaked out and the answer went to yes, my friend screamed "WHO'S PUSHING" and we all said we weren't. I told everyone to stop playing so we could say goodbye. But one of the girls wouldn't stop she wouldn't even respond.

One of the boys approached her and shook her and screamed STOP. But she screamed back I CANT. He tried to pick up her hand but it was like it was glued down. All of the sudden it started counting down. Which means a demon is trying to get out. The girl finally freed her hand. And I screamed goodbye and everything went silent.

I turned the lights on and later that year I burned the board and I moved. I refuse to have anything to do with the boards.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Zozo & Jon

I spent pretty much all of 2014 incarcerated. When my cell mate and I realized that we both shared an interest in the paranormal we decided to make a homemade board with a cardboard box we had from the canteen and immediately got to playing.

There was this one spirit that would make contact with us like 95% of the time that told us his name was Jon. He told us he hung himself in the jail when he was 27 back in the 1960's. He was very friendly and we enjoyed talking with him very much. He was always very pleasant and funny. Different times he would repeat himself and spell out "5 AM" over and over again so one night when he was saying this we asked him if he wanted to wake us up that night at 5 AM and he said he would. We went to sleep that night and sure enough I woke up and seen my celly's head pop up right when my did and we looked out our cell window and it was 5 AM exactly. We thought it was the coolest thing.

Anyway we would talk with Jon a few times a day, but then started getting him less and less because an entity calling itself zozo started to always come through instead. The few times we would manage to get Jon he wouldn't talk for long until zozo would cut in. The last time we made contact with Jon he told us we needed to stop playing because "a very bad man" was taking over the board. We would only be able to make contact with zozo after that, and he was always rude and trying to countdown the numbers which we knew was bad so we just stopped playing.

It wasn't until I was released and able to do some internet research that I found out zozo to be a powerful demon. But also when I looked up a man named Jon Alart who killed himself in that jail I learned that nothing like that ever happened.

Creeps me out knowing Jon was never who he said he was the whole time but I still like him a lot knowing he warned us about zozo.