Monday, January 2, 2012

My Paranormal Experiences After Using a Ouija Board

I have always believed in the paranormal, ever since I was very young. I had never had any of my own experiences, but I still believed everything I had heard. It seemed to me there was no way it couldn't be true. Then I had some experiences that made me certain I was right in believing.

In November 2007, my dad died in a car accident. At the time, I was 12, my younger sister was 10, and my baby sister was 10 months old. It came as a shock to us, seeing as my mother had just had my sister. Unfortunately, we still struggle with money issues and things aren't as good and well as they could be.

Shortly after my dad died, in June of 2008 or 2009, my mother and I were out shopping. I saw that there was a Ouija board for sale. It was the last one on the shelf. I had wanted one for so long, and I begged and pleaded until my mother gave in and bought it for me. After we got home, I opened it up and set the board on a table in our living room and I set the oracle piece on the board. A few seconds afterward, me and my mother heard a crashing sound in the adjoining garage. We both walked to the garage and looked inside, and we found my dad's old nascar clock on the ground by the side door that leads to the backyard, next to our ping pong table. It had originally been hanging on the wall up near the ceiling on the other side of the garage. There was no rational explanation for how it would've just came off the wall and flown across the room. I picked it up and examined it, and there were no scratches on it or anything, it had simply stopped working. When I came back inside and went back in the living room, I saw that the oracle piece had moved from it's original place in the center of the board.

Is My Life a Demonic Love Story?

Shivers up my spine, ear drums tortured with the booms, pops, and shrieks which bloom from the night, and objects moving, sometimes even manipulating themselves without any given explanation. These are just some of the experiences I've encountered since the duration of 2011.

All of these hellish events began January of 2011, a few months after moving to care take a house in Yakima, WA. Before the move, I had lived in Oregon. I have seen things all my life, but nothing ever this sinister.

During this month, my step sister and I began to sense something dark, and she received a Ouija board for her birthday, so it seemed like perfect timing to get to the bottom of things. We were wrong.

The whole family sat around the table lit by candlelight, and began using the board. Answers were swift, and we found we were speaking to a six year old girl named Lucy. She had apparently been the child of a family of servants who had once served the owner of the property. This man, who we would later learn went by the name of Holtzinger, raped her mother and then proceeded to kill her because she was pregnant with his child.

The rest of the servants, including Lucy, came down with a disease, and died shortly thereafter.