Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My First Ouija Board

I collect Ouija boards now I'm 28 years old. I received my first one from my husband while we dated as teens. This board always said off the wall crazy things. But ill tell you of the most intense thing the board has done.

Back in 2002 we had a close knit group of friends in Lynchburg Ohio there isn't much at all to do. My husband told me he had a an Ouija in his closet so I dug it out and my husband his friend and my self sat down to play.

It told us a crazy story of one of the pay lakes around the area had a dead body of someone my husband and his friend knew. And the most insane part it told us our close friends are the ones that put him in the lake. So yes we freaked out and stopped playing the next day we where watching TV flipping through the channels and I kid you not there was a body found in the same lake the Ouija had said!

so as the creepy factor continues those friends the Ouija had said put the body in the lake came over to visit me and my husband his friend that had the Ouija encounter with wasn't there. But as the friends sat, the asked if we heard the news about the body in the lake. We of course said yes. They all acted so strange about it then left.

We later found out the body was 30 years old. And our friends to this day still have no recollection of coming over that day to talk about the body in the lake...

Since then we have played with that board one more time and told my husband he was god. So that board still sits in the bottom of our closet. never to be touched ever again.

melanie peters

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sophie's Experience With The Ouija Board

Hello, my name is Sophie and I am going to share my story about my experience with my Ouija Board.

I have used my Ouija board many, many times and have a lot of stories to tell but I am going to share my most recent one from last night.

So me and my friend got bored and decided to use my Ouija board, so we brought out 3 large candles and 1 small trio of candles and placed them around the Ouija board.

We began talking and the board kept telling us it was evil and it kept switching spirits. One minute we were talking to a "M-A-R-I" and the next we were talking to a "M-A-G." Anyways, me and my friend were asking it normal questions seeing as they were evil spirits and we didn't want to upset them. I asked "what is the name of my ex boyfriend?" and it began to write the name, but then it stopped and wrote out "S-A-T-A-N". My friend then said, "what about him?" and the board spelt "I-A-M". Then my friend said " prove it." and then the middle candle in the trio of candles slowly burnt out. The board then told us we were talking to a new spirit, and it wouldn't answer any of our questions. The pointer just kept leaving the board and taking us over to my guitar amp I have in the corner of my room. We brought back to pointer and asked "what is over there? is there something under the amp?" and then the next candle in the trio burnt out. and here is the following dialogue.

    "what is over there? is there something under the amp?"
    "is it important to me?"
    it spelt "N-O".
    "Is it important to you?
    it spelt "Y-E-S."
    "Do you want me to go look under it?"
    it spelt "Y-E-S".

So, I proceeded to do what the Ouija was asking and stood up to go look under the amp when all of a sudden my phone lit up, and it said I had a missed call. So, I picked up my phone and called back the number and the phone said "I'm sorry, the number you have called is not yet assigned to anyone." How could a number that isn't assigned to anyone call me? I forgot about the amp and went back to the Ouija board and said "Are we still talking to the same spirit?"

    "Do you know who called me?"
    "Was it you?"
    "Why did you call me?"
    "ALMALMALMALMALM" (gibberish I suppose)
    "Was it because I was going to look under the amp?
    "What was under there?"
    then hesitantly, the board spelt out
    And then it said goodbye.

I'm sorry if that story was kind of long, but I just needed to share it. I don't know what would've happened if I looked under the amp; I don't know if anything would've happened at all! But the fact that an unassigned number called me, and then the Ouija board said it was because it wanted to stop me from "death" just makes me wonder if there really is a certain entity watching over me, and if the dead really does linger with us during the afterlife.

Sophie P

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Experience Using A Ouija Board

Hello my name is Harley, I wanted to share my experience of using a Ouija board.

I am 30 years old, when I was 13 I received a Ouija board from my crazy sister. The older children opened their presents at 12 at my grandparents house. My cousin Grenville lived down the road, so I phone him and asked if he wanted to play it. So I went over and started unwrapping the thing, my other older cousin Alison saw what we had and told me how to properly use it. She told us to ask simple questions, never ask the spirits to show itself, and to always say goodbye. She also said something about using a piece of silk to wipe and "clean" the board of spirits. So the first couple of times we were just goofing around laughing about it.

The third time we tried to focus more, and slowly the thing started to move. I told him "to quit f-ing around", which he told me he wasn't moving the pointer. So I asked the board-spirit "is there anyone who would like to speak to us?" it pointed to "yes" I asked "are you a man?" it said "yes" I asked the spirit what its name was "it pointed to A-D-A-M. ok so Adam. I asked "how old are you?" it pointed to 5-1. I asked "do you have a loved one?" it pointed to "yes" I asked" is she with you now?" it said "no" and then I asked "where are you from?" and it started to point to H-E-L and right then I freaked out and said goodbye.

We both freaked out my cousin Grenville had this cross with a vial of holy water inside of it. He poured the whole thing on it and told me he didn't want the thing in his house.

Well that was the first and last time I ever used the thing, I keep thinking to myself maybe he was from Helsinki or some other place like that.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Demon Was Tearing Me Apart And Eating Me And Spitting Me Out

OK, so I played the Ouija board just yesterday and this still creeps me out, K let me get right to it,

Alright so, me my bro and friends played this board game and so my bro asked all the questions and all, my bro asked "Is there anyone here" So he started to grin like it wasn't real, Eh you know how brothers are, but yeah so when it started to move it went to:


Then, we all looked at each other! So then, he asked "How old are you." It went to:

1-6, which is sixteen. I got kinda scared because I knew she was probably there watching us. But then my bro asked "how did you die" then it went to: H-A-N-G-E-D. Which means she got hung by someone!

So then I got kinda scared, so then I just shut the board and threw it back in the box and put it back in the basement.

Later, that night my bro them went out some where, I was home by myself that night because I didn't feel too good, but then when I went into my kitchen to grab some snacks, I heard a loud boom in my living room and it sounded like small little cry outs from a baby, I got scared, I walked in my living room terrified, I looked around and I didn't see anything, so I ran upstairs to my room slamming my door shut.

I crawled in my bed sighing, so then, when I was nodding off to sleep I heard that same boom sound downstairs, so I got up and went back down to the living room, and when I looked aside I saw a black figure up on my wall, it was shaped like a human,

I thought my mind was just playing tricks on me because when I looked away it was gone, so then that morning when I got into the shower, I have one of those glass showers, so when I turned around to it, I had saw a face, it was like a girl with red hair, I looked away and all of a sudden my lights starts to flicker, and when I tried to get out the shower it seemed like something was holding it, trying to keep me from getting it, I felt like a dog trapped into a cage, I started screaming then when my brother came in, and the door slammed open, I fell out the shower and my bro asked me what was going on I didn't tell him because I was too terrified.

Later that day, I went down to my basement to wash my clothing, and I heard something tapping and tapping I just thought it was the washer, so then when I turned around I saw some girl, standing on my basement step, I dropped my clothes basket terrified into horror, I started walking backwards I fell and I started to cover my face, when I looked again she was gone,

But after that I felt a sharp pain on my back I went to my bathroom to see what was it, it looked like a bite mark on my side, so I sighed and I started looking into the mirror, my eyes started turning black and when I cut on the water it looked like blood pouring out, I couldn't take it anymore it drove me crazy, So I got help later that day, because I knew from this day that, demon was tearing me apart and eating me and spitting me out.

And this is not a lie. All true! Please don't mess with Ouija boards.