Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Communicating With Mom Thru The Ouija

When I was six years old my mom passed away and now that I'm grown up my brother told me the truth behind her death. So I was curious and wanted to find out myself.

So I made my own Ouija board and I started communicating. So as I started communicating I asked it "can you hear me mom" it took like I say like about 2 minutes for the Ouija to respond and it spelled out "yes". I wasn't afraid in fact I was surprised sonia I told her thru the Ouija board "why you make a deal with the devil" and it spelled out " because you" so at that moment I told it goodbye.

Two days later I told my sister the whole story and she said to me that I was born prematurely and that me and mom, one of us was gonna die so my mom performed a prayer to Satan that she didn't want to lose another child so she sold her soul for me.

Now I'm 17 and I start to communicate with mom thru the Ouija board and she tells me "hell ain't that bad". People open your eyes to the truth behind heaven and hell and now that I know where I'm going to I don't see the Ouija board as a bad thing it's just the dumb questions that makes the demon pissed off.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fascinated With Ouija But Would Never Touch One

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal even though it scares the living daylights out of me. I have recently been on a ghost tour at a supposedly haunted cemetery in my city in Brisbane, Australia and was scared out of my wits for the next 3 weeks at least.

I am also fascinated with the Ouija but would never even touch one, let one be in a room with one. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to use an Ouija board but after reading so many stories about sessions gone wrong I will never touch one.

I don't think it it is the brain subconsciously 'manifesting' these answers from the board. Psychology is fascinating but isn't the answer to everything I believe. There are some things in this world that science and psychology can't explain and that is totally fine, in fact that is the beauty in the mystery of the world and life.

If it is the brain subconsciously creating these answers then how do a group of people get the same answers? Unless they all have the same thought process and are thinking the exact same thing and that exact time (which would suggested it has all been pre decided on - and we all know doing that kind of nonsense with an Ouija board is dangerous) there is no way to suggest the brain has manifested these answers. That can be argued for a lone player though but I have read several stories where people from all over the world get the same demon coming through (starts with a Z- too scared to say the name) and it isn't until they try and research this name they find other people have had the same encounter with Z. They haven't even heard that name before!

It's ok for science to not have the answers for everything and I find people who suggest this all to be a manifestation of the mind and dismiss it with science a tad rude.


Home Made Ouija Boards

My friend made one from card board all the time and played by herself. One day she made one at my house and tried to get me to play with her. I was too scared but she made me anyways.

It pulled our fingers around immediately. It scared and fascinated me. We began asking so many questions and it was answering but sometimes it didn't make sense. It said it was a little boy.

We played the next day in front of a bunch of our friends and it got really mad and didn't make sense again. We took if in the bedroom just the 2 of us after it said it wanted us dead. We started asking if it followed my friend around and it said yes. We asked if it knew where she lived and if said her address. She didn't even know her address but I did because she lived in the same apartment my mom loved in. I was saying the address over and over in my head wondering if the board would get it right, and it did! My friend started getting scared for the first time. But I started to wonder if it read my mind? I knew I wasn't pushing it. So we started asking questions that only one of us knew the answer to. And the board was always right. We asked about #s and colours etc. And all still right. We even called my husband in and he thought it was stupid, but the board answered his questions right. We ripped the board up and threw it away.

We went to church the next day and asked to blessed. We blessed my 6 month old baby in my belly and I went home and told the spirits to leave my home, said they weren't welcome. That was the scariest miracle I have ever seen. I didn't know if there was a god but after that all I can think is there is an after life. There is something there that we can't see and they can listen to my thoughts.

I wonder who else has figured this out? I don't play with the Ouija anymore. Scared to let them in my house.

Dawn Wilson

Friday, October 16, 2015

My Friends Always Wanted To Use A Ouija Board

My friends always wanted to use Ouija boards, but I have a feeling not everyone took it seriously enough. One night, I was on the board with one friend, and three more girls were with us off the board. Katie never wanted to put her fingers on the planchette. She never did. Years ago she woke up with a huge scar on her back and she claims that she has no idea how it got there. It genuinely looks like someone took a knife and carved a perfectly straight line. Whenever we play Ouija she says it stings.

That night, Katie asked how she got the scar. The spirit spelled out 'B-A-D' over and over at a rapid speed. Faster than I think my friend or I could've moved the planchette. We asked who gave her the scar, with the spirit responding 'Samantha'. Katie looked pale. Ever since she was little, Katie said the name Samantha in her sleep and had dreams about her. She asked how old Samantha was in her dreams. The spirit said 68. Katie said it was true.

We were all freaked out - of course Katie especially. We slept with a flashlight on. Katie and 2 of my other friends fell asleep, but one other friend Amy and I stayed up talking. Amy and I were on the couch and Katie was on the floor right below us. Just when I thought Amy had fallen asleep, I saw Katie's arms go up in the air. She was slowly swaying them. Creepily slow. I just stared. Then she sat up. She was muttering. The voice didn't sound like hers. It was low, and made no sense - complete gibberish. Her arms were still swaying. I started yelling for Amy to wake up so that she would be a witness to whatever was happening to Katie.

Katie heard me yelling and snapped out of the trance. She asked me what was wrong - when I told her she thought I was lying. She thought she had been awake and talking to Amy and I the whole time. It hasn't happened again, but I know something strange went on that night. The next morning while I was swimming, an eagle (what my family believes in the spirit of my grandfather) flew over our house. He landed in the tree as if he was watching over my house - protecting us.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ouija Board Spirit Said Its Name Was Goodbye

First of all, I live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where the famous Civil War was, so I've always had an interest in the supernatural. After a discussion with a friend, we decided to look up how much Ouija boards cost on Amazon, and found one for only $20. Once we found the board, we looked at all the comments/reviews on it and all of the different stories that people posted there, and then decided to research rules and things you should do before playing, which I have compiled a list that I will include in this post in the comments, so sorry if it's long. We also googled Ouija stories which is how I found this page which I love, and a few YouTube videos.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to comment, I will try to check this as often as I can, and I will also be posting another one at some point maybe today or tomorrow depending how long it goes on tonight.

It was 12:12AM on October 9, 2015. I was a bit skeptical when we started, I believed to an extent, as much as I could without actually experiencing it for myself. I was with my friend who is male, and I am female. For privacy purposes, I'll call him C. So C and I decided that we would try it out together, even though we were going to wait until Friday night to try it out with a group of friends.This is still planned.

C and I didn't really expect a whole lot to happen. We first started with chanting the Lord's Prayer, and then officially began the session. We sat, each of us with two fingers from each hand on the planchette, and asked if there was any spirits there that would like to make contact. The first movement was random and only slightly towards yes, and C and I weren't sure if the other pushed it as a joke. We attempted to coax the spirit into pushing it all the way to yes. We asked what the spirit's name was and they replied with "goodbye." When it moved to goodbye it was 12:20. It only took us about eight minutes to have this conversation with this spirit.

Again, we tried contacting the spirit, and C asked if it was afraid of something and that's why it wasn't talking to us, and they said, "Yes." We asked what the spirit was afraid of and they said "O-B-T-N." When we looked this up we came to the conclusion that it meant either the night or their brother. Then we asked if they had a nickname we could call them and they said, "A07B" and we started to sing "Aye oh, listen what I say oh." The spirit quickly moved to no. We asked if the spirit was a good spirit and there was no answer, we asked if the spirit was a bad spirit and they quickly moved to yes. The answers started to get faster and stronger. We then asked if you can choose between being a good spirit or a bad spirit, and they said no. Then we asked what their name was and they said Z-O, and went to goodbye again. At this point it was 12:33, so it was approximately thirteen minutes that we held this conversation.

Now, for the next part you need to understand that Zozo, and Mama are two of the "worst" spirits. Also, remember that spirits work in sets of threes. So for the third time we attempted to talk with this spirit. We asked if their name was Zo? The spirit answered Z-O-Z-O. I asked if their name was Zozo, and they said YES, GOODBYE. We decided to let it go.

There was no negative encounters aside from meeting a "bad" spirit, but honestly they were very polite. Maybe it was due to C and I's attitudes towards the entire session, and maybe it was also due to the fact that we believe in the supernatural, but it was honestly a very neutral session.

After the session, we said the Lord's Prayer again. We went to get food and the lights on the first floor of our eating facility started to flicker on and off when I opened the door and didn't stop until I got off of that floor. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but we are soon doing it again.

Tararae Bankert

Monday, October 5, 2015

Zozo Is A Well Known Demon Who Takes Over

I have owned my Ouija board since I was in 7th grade. My grandmother bought it for me, and I still own it. I am now 19 years old.

When I was a lot younger I used it very often, and most of my friends would choose to use the board with me. However, after various encounters with some spirits, we came into contact with Zozo.

Zozo is well known for being a demon who contacts you through the board and then takes over; he will lie about who you are talking to in the future and always be a part of your board. After we talked to him, my friends all refused to use my board with me.

I have since moved to a different city to go to college, and I brought the board with me. Although I have not used it in the building I live in yet, my roommates have accused me of bringing spirits into our home based on experiences I have had since I have moved in here.

One day when I was in the shower, I heard what I though was one of my roommates giggling and calling for me, but when I asked her about it, she had no idea what I was talking about, and she had not been trying to talk to me.

I have also experienced furniture in the living room being moved around, have heard loud things falling in the kitchen (only to inspect it and see nothing wrong), and I have had things in my bedroom disappear.

Since I have been living in this apartment I have not used the board, but I am very tempted to to see if Zozo is still here with me.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Ouija Ghost That Loves Me

I'm not the biggest believer in the paranormal. I think aliens roam outer space, and myths like the Jersey Devil and Chupacabra exist, but I've always been skeptical about ghosts.

That's changed.

My friend, who I'll call Kaylee, loves horror and ghosts. This was about a week ago. On Friday, she informed me that she had a Ouija board. She'd found it in her mom's room. When Kaylee questioned her parents, they said it was fake, as they had gotten zero results. But Kay felt differently. After some hesitance, I decided to try it out with her the next day.

I was over at her house at 9:00 PM on Saturday, with the intention for a sleepover. I managed to drag my friend, who shall be named Toby, into this. He's religious, but after some persuasion, we both managed to convince him. His grandma died recently, and we said that we might be able to contact her.

At 10:00 PM, we set up the Ouija. Kaylee lit five candles around the board, and Toby lead us in a prayer before we began. We'd read thoroughly about Ouija, so we believed we were prepared. I was asking questions (despite my reluctance), Kaylee was there for support, and Toby was writing down our conversation.

Me: Are there any spirits willing to communicate through the Ouija?
No reply. For the next ten minutes, me and Kaylee kept switching off, trying repeatedly. Not even a budge from the planchette.

We tried one last time. Then, we got a response.

Me: Are there any spirits willing to communicate?
Board: Yes
Me: *glances at Kaylee accusingly but continues* Are you a boy or girl?
Board: B-O-Y
I watched Kay carefully, but she appeared to be as shocked as I was. And her hands were floating just above the planchette, shaking.
Me: How old are you?
Board: 1-7
Me: When we're you born?
Board: 1-9-9-8
Afterward, we decided to ask light-hearted questions, such as "Are you good?" (sun), "What was your dream job?" (Technician), and "How did you die?" (Murder by dad)

We eventually moved onto more personal questions.

Kaylee: *smiles at me* Do you like anyone in this room?
Board: *immediately* Yes
Me: Are they a boy or a girl?
Board: G-I-R-L
That ruled out Toby. So, I asked:
"Who do you like?"
Board: *planchette practically flies over to my side*

Kaylee was grinning like a mad women by then, and started to make kissy faces and fake make-outs. Toby was trying to hide laughter, and my face was as red as a tomato.

Out of the blue, I suddenly felt a cold feeling down my spine, like fingers dragging lightly across my skin. The planchette slowly but surely spelled out P-R-E-T, which we assumed was Pretty.

Just before we forced Goodbye, Kaylee and Toby looked at me in horror. They hate describing it, but they said they saw a black figure sitting directly behind me. Toby said his head rested on my shoulder, but Kay says he was sniffing my hair, supposedly.

I'm not sure what Kaylee did with the Ouija, but at school, we never spoke of it again. But stuff in my house began to happen, despite the session being held at Kaylee's house.

In my bed, I'd frequently feel a cold presence behind me. It wouldn't do anything, just stare, it felt like. Bouquets of flowers began to appear beside my bed yesterday, and on Sunday night, I felt something cold come to rest on the back of my neck for a moment, like lips.

This is an honest-to-God story, but you don't have to believe me. If anyone has had a similar situation like mine, please, do you have any advice?

Ashley S.