Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Did The Ouija Board Tell Me Her Name?

I once did a Ouija board with friends not thinking it would work. It spelt out the name Kim. We were really scared. We quickly forgot about it though.

About a year later, I was talking to a family friend about her old dog when she was young and she told me she was walking it one day. She was on one side of the road and her dog was on the other when a car was coming and she told the dog to stay there. But it came over to her and got ran over right near the place we did the Ouija board.

I asked her what the name of the dog was and she said Kim. I was really shocked and I am to this day.

I don't know if it is real or pure coincidence.


Saturday, January 25, 2014


About a week ago my friend was talking on the bus about her friend being possessed by demons. We both thought to try it ourselves being skeptics. We did and we got a spirit named evengeline, we asked where she was and she said HALLER. Then my friend had to leave and I went straight to bed.

Later that night I got up and went to the dining room and made a video of what happened today. As soon as I said the spirit's name on camera, a glass ball jar fell off the hutch and broke into almost powder. Terrified I ran upstairs.

The next day we played for a longer time, again she went home, I went to bed, got up and made a video. This time in the video the ceiling fan in the side den fell clean out of the ceiling leaving a huge hole.

The next day we played about 70 minutes, same process but I set up a camera showing everything in my living rooms dining etc.. 1st at 12 the glass cross fell, next wall cross fell, then the grandfather clock that hasn't worked for over 20 years started ticking and chiming. Then at the 12th chime it just fell over. I will never go near that again. As I picked up the clock I notices a dusty gold label. When I brushed the dirt off I passed out from fear. The label read HALLER!

Isaiah Nelson

Monday, January 20, 2014

Talking To Ghosts Is A Burden

Basically, I've been very happy... but disturbed at my findings. I really wanted to go through with the Ouija board, and I have, and I couldn't be any more happy/lucky with the results. But talking to ghosts is such a burden.

So I met Fred. He put on the charade that he was human. He did a very well job at it, and I was completely convinced. Once he admitted that he had been lying the entire time, the only thing he was interested in doing was escaping... so I stopped talking to him. This was over the course of three sessions, one in one day, and two in the next. He tried several times to drag the quarter off the board, and if I wasn't extremely careful, would count down the alphabet! It was so frustrating! However... I felt the urge that I had to talk to him again. I wanted to ask a 'demon' or whatever he was questions.

It took me two days to work up my nerve to use the board again. Fred wouldn't stop showing up, so I assumed that he had possessed the board. I put a sticky note on the board that said "FRED" with a heart on it, thinking I showed him. I'm pretty sure he could care less about a foolish human and her thoughts of him. Anyways, over the course of those two days, I was absolutely obsessed. It was virtually the only thing that was on my mind; Fred. I'm almost positive he's willing me to come back to him and set him free so that he can hurt me.

So instead of having the séance in my room like always, I decided I would have it in the kitchen. And it went very well...

I talked to a spirit... no... demon... no... I'm not really sure. At first I thought that it was playing mind games, but it doesn't even recognize itself with a gender. I asked it to give me a random letter, and it said 'F.' So I gave it the name Felix. Though I began to suspect it was Fred in disguise because of the same letter, I think it was telling the truth.

Anyways, we had an okay conversation. It was a pretty neutral entity, at least from what I observed. Didn't get mad at anything, answered questions honestly and politely.. A couple of the questions that were asked--

Me: Will I be like you when I die?
Felix: Yes
Me: Will I be as cool as you?
Felix: No
Me: Is your native language English?
Felix: No
Me: Is it any language I know of?
Felix: No
Me: Is it a language that is documented on Earth?
Felix: No
Me: Is it a spirit language?
Felix: No
Me: Uhhh... do you like your language?
Felix: No
(This is basically why I thought it was playing mind games.... or not taking me seriously at all, at least)
I'd also like to note that Felix was a drifter-- I don't really know what else to call it. Basically it couldn't stop at yes or no, it would just keep moving the quarter across the board and I assumed it was uninterested and just wanted to escape. I later confronted it about it and it said that it couldn't help it. Holy crap all the its in that sentence...
Me: So are you just going to keep going to no?
Felix: No
Me: Say yes
Felix: No
Me: Say no
Felix: Yes
Me: Would you like to hear me sing?
Felix: No
Me: Is it because I'm a bad singer?
Felix: Yes
Me: :(

Then I asked it if it wanted to continue talking and it said no. But it said that it would like to talk again. So now I pretty much have a date with an entity from the other side.

So I'm once again very hesitant to use the board. From all the stories that I've read on this, it seems that continuously talking to spirits makes them more hostile, and that it usually escalates. I don't want Felix to turn out to be bad - I like it! One part of me is telling me that I should stop while I can and another part of me is telling me that I should keep going.

I don't know what to do anymore, but I'm sick of being afraid of ever little stir in my room. Any advice....?

Grace Gnomophobia

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pagan Chants Energy Bubble And Ouija Board

Okay so, this happened about 3-4 years ago at my friend, Shelby's, house. Well, she's Pagan, along with one of her friends, and there were two other Christians there, and me, the Atheist. So she's all, "Hey guys, wanna do some Pagan rituals and stuff!" And so of course the lot of us mostly non-believers at the time were all "Awww yeah, this is gonna be fun and 'spooky'!"

We all gather around in a circle in her living room, around a table with candles lit and stuff, and we say some Pagan chants and form an energy bubble and stuff. So we mess with the Ouija board, no luck, we tried a few times, nothing, so we decided not to go to "GOODBYE".

Well, eventually Laken, one of the Christians, decides she's hungry, so Shelby suggests we all go to a room over to the kitchen together so that we wouldn't break the bubble. So we grab some chicken and chips and head back into the living room together.... Well.... That's when stuff started going wrong....

We all had an "off" sort of feeling, but we tried to ignore it. Shelby suggested we all do Tarot cards together and we agreed it sounded like fun, so we pulled off the palette and started doing the cards, well, we each got the "death" card and it freaked us out, especially Shelby, so we darted into her room because we're wimps and just, nah, that was scary.

So we go into the room and notice her dolls are facing the opposite way they originally were and were now faced towards the door, so we are all huddled up on the bed together, terrified. So Shelby and Kayla, the two Pagans, decide to get up and look outside the door, so the peak out and immediately come right back, they claimed to see glowing eyes and footprints, me being the idiotic skeptic at the time didn't believe them until we all went out together as a group, and I witnessed it first-hand.

We quickly turned on all the lights, which were on before we left into the room, and there's no way they could have been off now. So we turned on lights, burned sage, and started salting all the doors and windows, and we all shared a cigarette and slept huddled together.

Well, later on when I got home, I noticed weird stuff happening, like a shadow person and occasional movements. Whatever that evil spirit was followed me home and it ended up staying in my bedroom. Last year it started scratching me and I'd wake up with cuts and bruises.

Well, the final straw for me to burn sage and salt everything in my room was when I woke up with bruises shaped like hand prints on my inner thighs. So when I got home, I burned sage and salted my windows and doors, including the closet one. That spirit moved to the master bedroom though, and I can't pass it at night without getting the feeling of impending doom.

However, in the lighter bit of it, a new spirit has inhabited my room. I believe it's a poltergeist due to it knocking stuff off or moving something until I notice it, which it will then immediately stop. I also got an EVP of it saying its name which I believe is "Sergei". So yeah, fun stuff, and now I'm pretty spirit prone due to that.

Gilbert Beilschmidt

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What The Cemetery Caretaker Said Sent Shivers Down My Spine

A few years ago, I was playing with my Ouija board with a friend. We asked the board what the name of the cemetery was where my Aunt was buried. The board replied "Cedar Pines". I laughed because I knew the name was actually "Rolling Hills".

I didn't laugh for long. Five months later, we buried my Uncle in that same cemetery. While I was there, I told my story to a cemetery caretaker. He stared at me for a few minutes and he asked what year it was when my Aunt was buried. I told him the year, and what he said sent shivers down my spine.

When my Aunt was buried in the cemetery, it was named "Cedar Pines". The name of the cemetery had been changed after she had been buried. I had not attended that funeral so I was not aware of that fact when I asked the Ouija board.

Needless to say, I don't know who I was talking to when I asked my question on the board, but I haven't asked any questions since.

Mark Bane

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't Mess With The Ouija Board!

Hi my name is Ellie and I am 15 years old.

Whatever you do, don't mess with the Ouija Board. Here's my experience.

My best friend was inviting some people to her house for New Years Eve. Bri and I have always been interested in ghost stuff. We decided that we should play it after everyone leaves. I knew my boyfriend Dylan had one so we called him to bring it. After everyone left, Bri, Dylan and another boy named Jack and I got ready to play it. We lit candles and turned the lights off to set the mood. We all put our fingers on the pointer.

Bri asked if anyone was there and it moved to yes. I asked what was the spirits name was and it replied Elvis. Jack asked if this was a good ghost or a bad ghost. The pointer moved to yes. I thought this was a joke, but the pointer started spinning really fast. We all got freaked out so we put the board away. Since it was late, we were all going to crash at Bri's house. It was about 2AM and we all heard a loud boom coming from upstairs. We all went to where the boom came from. We found the Ouija board box on the ground which we found weird, because we put it on the kitchen table. We decided to open it again which was a stupid idea but we did it anyways. Dylan asked who it was and it said Elvis. I asked him if his name is actually Elvis and he replied no. He told us that he loved me and he would do anything to kill me so I could be with him. I got dizzy and threw up. We all decided to go to bed.

I had a dream that I was getting married to a man that I didn't recognize. We were in a church and it caught on fire right after I said "I Do." I woke up in the middle of the night. It was 5:30 and everyone was asleep. I checked my phone and right after I put it down, I saw a black figure right in front of me. His hand reached out to me and I started screaming. Everyone woke up and I turned the light on. I told them about my dream and what I just saw. All of the sudden I heard a deep voice call my name and I wasn't the only one that heard it. I felt a stinging on my back and I asked Bri to check. She pulled my shirt up and screamed. I asked what it was and she took a picture and showed me. There was a huge scratch on my back which made a heart. I started crying because this ghost is stalking me. So far, he's in all of my dreams and I am always seeing him and hearing my name. I told my mum and she told me she's gonna take me to a priest. She has had Ouija board experience as well, it wasn't bad though. I regret playing with this stupid board game.

Sent in by Ellie

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ouija Board Scare - Under The Bridge

I thought I would tell you about an experience my sister had many years ago.

She was around 15 or so and was at a friend’s house for a sleepover. Her and a few other friends decided to play with a Ouija board in their garage. Her friend’s mother was at work and her father was in bed, so they had no supervision. While playing with the board they asked if anyone who wanted to speak to them. They got a YES, they asked for a name. They got MOM, they asked for a message. They got UNDR BRIDG. They did not understand the message at the time.

Later, after they had gone on to bed, there was a knock at the front door. It was the local sheriff who had come to the house to tell the girl’s father that his wife had been killed in a car accident on her way home from work that night. Her car was found submerged in water under a bridge just a few miles from their home.

To this day, my sister will not go near or even discuss the subject of Ouija boards.

 Michael Mayors

Monday, January 6, 2014

Feeling Watched And Hearing Whispers Need Advice

I am looking for advice here not criticism and what I'm about to tell you is not one word of a lie.

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was about 10, that's when I started to look into it. I was intrigued as when I was 11 I saw a astral being in my bedroom. She said that she was my grandmother and I had nothing to fear but that did not stop me from being on edge. My father's mother had died of cancer before I was born so I never got to meet her. I told my father about it and explain what she had looked like. I saw my father literally turn white and he soon started to cry, I was apparently not the only one in my fathers life to have seen her. My stepmother and father had both seen her as well. I just got on with it and I haven't seen her since.

Last January I started at a new school and soon made friends just before we broke up for the Christmas holiday this year we all agreed to try and do a Ouija board. So we were sat in the back of art club and we had made a Ouija board in French that day and decided to try it. We all sat around in a circle and took turns, I was first.

They asked "is anyone there?"
I heard my other friend next to me say. "It says yes"
"who are you?"
Y-O-U-D-O-N-T-W-A-N-T-T-O-K-N-O-W it spelt out.

I was terrified all I could do is stare.I wasn't moving the board, so who was?

"What are you?"
R-E-A-P-E-R. Then goodbye.

I don't know what it wanted to this day but I feel someone watching me constantly and I swear sometimes I can hear slight whispers but I can't quite make out what they say. My friend is currently in possession of the board and I know I will never use one again. Can you please try to help me on what to do?


Saturday, January 4, 2014

January First Ouija Board

Last year on January first, which is also my birthday, I invited 3 of my friends over for a sleep over. I myself am not quite fond of doing those crazy legends you know Bloody Mary and Candy Man and such but I've always been drawn to it. We were just finished with some old fashioned karaoke when my friend Mary opened up her backpack and pulled out an Ouija board. Of course everyone wanted to do it so thus the peer pressure kicked in and I became a victim.

After reading the directions (and waiting for my parents to go to sleep) Mary, Celeste, Kaylin and I lit candles and began to open the board. We asked if any one was there and Mary's hand slowly moved to yes. We all looked at each other and continued with our session we kept asking questions and found that we were talking to a 13 year old girl named Lydia who's birthday was January 2. They all thought this was funny because it was my birthday and I just turned 13. Then out of the blue Celeste starts crying. She starts mumbling about dying and how dare I celebrate death. We would later find that Lydia was raped and murdered the day before her birthday. Mary quickly closed the board and put it back in her backpack.

The next morning as everyone is waking up we bring up last nights craziness and start preparing to take showers to leave. As I'm laughing I go to scratch my back and it stings to my touch. I turn around to ask my friends what they see and Kaylin tells me I have two long scratches on my back. I'm scared but we all decide its best that we don't tell my mom and dad in fear of never having another sleep over. The next day I get a text from Mary "Call me..."

I call Mary and she tells me she had a weird dream it was the four of us in a dark room. We surrounded the Ouija board suddenly there were flashes of different things that would happen to us Kaylin would have 3 miscarriages as an adult, Celeste would have a heart attack, and I would have a family member die of tragic cause. Now I'm thinking she's just over doing it like come on Mary we did a thing with the Ouija board get over it!

I'm noticing little thing in my own house my brothers toy trucks moving by themselves dishes moving in the sink, whispers, and sometimes ill still to this day see a shadowy figure stand at my door way...

Mary wants to find little Lydia again so one day when we were at summer camp she pulled out a make shift Ouija board a piece of paper and a plastic ketchup cup like from Wendy's in our room. I'm mad as hell I don't want to talk about an Ouija board let alone use it again! But she begins anyways her stupid self thinks every time you open up an Ouija board you get the same spirit... news flash no you don't. Afterwards we hear knocking on the doors tapping on the windows shuffling across the floor until finally we ask for a new room....


My advice to you just don't ever use an Ouija board... they suck


Thursday, January 2, 2014

My First Ouija Board Experience At 25

My Ouija board experience first happened when I was 25 years old. It was a beautiful sunny day when my girlfriend brought the Ouija board subject, we didn't believe in ghosts or demons etc. so we decided to try it out.

The next day my girlfriend came to my house with a Ouija board, it was still daytime so we decided to wait until it got dark so we movies. Right when it got dark we brought out the board, when we both had our fingers on the glass we said, "Is there a presence with us?" and it replied y-e-s. But we didn't believe in that stuff we were all like ok whatever its nothing but then our reaction changed when it said,"I want you dead".

We decided it be best if we put the board away and forget about it so we decided to watch more romantic movies but then we got in the mood and we ended up doing a lesbian make out. While we were making out we felt a sudden chill, which was weird because we made sure we closed the doors and the windows so we just forgot about it and continued to make out but then my girlfriend was thrown across the room but it was I caught her before she slammed into the TV.

We both slept at her house that night but the next morning she was gone so I went out looking for her but couldn't find her. To this very day I am still searching everywhere for my girlfriend because that morning I was going to propose because I loved her. There is not a day that goes by that I didn't wish that we had never played with the Ouija board. I just wish I could see her one more time. I pray to her every night that I will never have another girlfriend because I will always love her and only her.