Friday, January 30, 2015

I Don't Think I Will Ever Play With The Ouija Again

I've played with a Ouija Board a few times in my teens but the day I stopped was when I was 15. Myself and three other friends decided it would be a bit of fun, nothing would really happen because we done it before and nothing really happened. So we sat ourselves down at the table, turned the lights off did everything right. We made sure we had a cross and blessed everything. (Just for extra measure).

So we all placed our fingers on our planchette (a shot glass) and asked the simple questions. Nothing happened for the first ten minutes and we were beginning to doubt it. Then I asked how many spirits were here. It (very slowly) moved over to the number 2. We started to get a bit giddy now because this was our first contact with the dead.

We asked a few questions and nothing really happened. When we were all sort of talking, ignoring the board, it automatically started spelling out the letters 'DTLF'. We had no clue what that was and just thought this was a load of rubbish so we stopped it.

This is when it started to get freaky.

So we done it again, thinking nothing of the first experience. So we asked a few questions we then found out it was a woman and she was 37. We started to get giddy but one of my friends began feeling sick but still wanted to continue.

We asked her name and she spelt out 'YVONNE'. We asked when she died and she said 1885.

Suddenly my friend who felt sick, including myself started to get random blurry images. One of my friends asked how she died and it spelt out 'HUNG' we asked why and it spelt out 'AFFAIR'

Images of a bridge came Into mind and I started to feel very sick and I kept feeling someone was behind me. She said she was hung by her father but she got along with him. I asked if she was hung off a bridge that was only less than a mile down the road, and it said yes.

Two of the three other people said they don't want to continue, then suddenly, the board spelt out 'HELL'. We shoved it to goodbye, said to never return and burnt the board. I don't think I'll ever play with a Ouija board again.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ouija Spirit Did Not Want Us To Leave

I invited four of my friends over and we ended up playing Ouija like we normally do. All five of us sat down and started to play in the piano room. As we progressed through out the game one of my other friends and I were getting hungry. We ended the session and my friend and I got up to bake cookies while the three remainder of my friends stayed to play.

We walked into the kitchen and listen into the conversation they were having with the spirits. They were playing for a good 15 minutes and we were just putting the cookies into the oven. We shut the door to the oven and kept listening in on the conversation.

Friend: "Do you want us to leave now?"
Spirit: "No"
Friend: "We're getting hungry and we're going to leave now."
Spirit: "No stay"
Friend: "We're going to eat now, goodbye."

My friend and I were in the kitchen. There is a hall conjoining into the kitchen leading into the garage. When they said "We're going to eat now goodbye." a light the chandelier in the hallway fell and shattered completely It was like something was holding it up while they were playing and it cut off whatever was holding it up.

Jacob Fahrenthold

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Problems Caused By Used Ouija Board

My question is what does it mean if your given a used Ouija board and have never experienced anything really bad till one night you set down the board the TV goes what noise fuzzy you fix the TV and go back to check on the board and the planchette is broken in half on it's own ?

After that maybe it has nothing to do with the board but I almost died and my grandma got sick with cancer and passed away. I finally got rid of the board and I haven't had anymore issues for the most part.

Shyra Seabrook

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Haunted Apartment

I am an avid Ouija user, I have played it since I was 13 (am now 21). I have has my fair share of scares when using the board, simple things like my hair being pulled, lights going off etc. My recent experience I had made me realize that Ouija is truly a game for the brave hearted. I live in an old apartment built in 1900. After the first week of me living here weird things would occur.

My dog would bark furiously at moments, but there would be no danger around. My friends stopped coming over, because they felt scared and as if someone were watching them. I decided to do a session in my apartment to hopefully pin point these weird occurrences. I lit my room with candles, burnt sage to cleanse the room saying a prayer while doing so to keep bad spirits away. Here is the conversation that took place:

Me: Are there any good spirits who would like to communicate?
- I waited for about 30mins before the pointer began to move.
It: No
Me: You do not wish to speak to me?
Me: Are you a good spirit?
-Ten minutes of nothing
It: Yes
Me:Are you the spirit that lingers in my home?
Me: Where did you come from
It: (spells out) Wander
Me:What is your name?
It: Moves to 1 then 0 then 1
Me: Is this your age, are you 101 years old?
It: No
Me: This is your name?
It: Yes
-Meanwhile my dog is resting on the end of the bed with me.
Me: How old are you?
It: No
Me: You do not know how old you are?
It: No
Me: Do you know the spirit that lingers in my home?
It: Yes
Me: What is its name?
It: (quickly moves to) D
Me: Who is D?
It: Moves quickly to "Goodbye"

I tried to ask it to continue to communicate but there was no response after an hour of attempting so I slide to Goodbye to end the session, I blessed the room again and put my board up. I was falling fast asleep when fear woke me up. The sound of a loud banging/knocking coming from my room door, woke me and my dog up. In my head in thinking it is an intruder, the banging was so loud I thought it could be the police. My dog ran at the door and for in his attack stance, growling and waiting for me to open the door.

I grabbed my bat out the closet so scared to see what was behind the door. I quickly swung the door open, no one was there. My dog began barking hard and somewhat jumping at the doorway but I could see nothing to cause him to feel so aggressive. I searched the living room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry and closets to find no one or nothing. My windows were closed and it was the summertime so there was no breeze to have suggested wind gust.

I went back to my room closed my door and locked it. I finally fell asleep, my dog still standing by the door waiting. It was no more than an hour later when that same banging at my room door happened again. With more bravery I ran at the door and swung it open, still no one was there. It was so frightening to go back to sleep, I stood up the rest of the night and my dog continued to stand at the door growling here and there.

I have since broke my lease after 3 weeks of the banging that has occurred every night since my session. I now live in a new place and my dog has not been acting with extreme aggression like he was at my old place. If you have any ideas why the banging occurred please inform me as I am to scared to play with my board.
Cyra Nealy

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crazy Experiences In Old Mill House

I have 5 kids, and a wife, we live in an old 2 story mill house, and for the entire year living here have experienced lots of crazy things.

I have been shoved down 14 stairs, twice. My stove comes on all eyes and the oven.

Lights blow constantly.

My 1 year old will stand up in her play pen and say hey to something, and follow it across the ceiling.

We've caught multiple orbs on camera and video, mostly coming from one closet built under our staircase.

I'm considering using a ouija board to attempt at obtaining answers as to what or who this is...

Any advice or info. Would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, I have used one before, and know the dangers, as well as they are real. Serious advice only please..

Timmy mcclintick

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Ouija Experience The Footless Apparition

So basically one day in the summer I was home alone because my parents were working. I was in my bedroom watching TV when I heard noises coming from my kitchen. I went to go and check to see what it was and as I looked down my hallway I saw an apparition walk across my hallway and down my steps. I froze in fear as I saw this apparition has legs but it had no feet.

When my father got home I told him every detail of it. He told me it was just my imagination. I disagreed due to the fact of how detailed this apparition was.

Then I had one of the weirdest dreams. At first I remember walking into my house late at night. And I went up to my bedroom to go to sleep. The weird part was I looked into my bed and there I was already sleeping in my bed. Then I woke up and I was laying in the same exact position I saw myself sleeping in, in the dream.

So then I took to the Ouija board. I played with my cousins because they have always wanted to use one. I explained that I saw and apparition with no feet. So we went on the board and This how it went.

Me: "Is there a spirit willing to communicate with us?" Nothing happened for a bit then the planchette slid to yes.

Me: "Okay, what is your name?" The planchette immediately slid to No.

Me: "Can you tell me about yourself?" The planchette slid to letters spelling out: "No Feet" then I got a little tensed up.

Me: " Are you a good spirit?" The planchette slid to yes then slid to goodbye.

We have not been able to make contact since then.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ouija Board In The Cemetery

Me and my friend are quite spiritual and both have relations that have encountered ghosts. Me and my friend were skeptic, but at the same time wanted to have an encounter of our own.

Eventually we came along the lines of Ouija, and our families had said to us that Ouija should never be played with, nevertheless we both wanted to play, we decided that we would play the Ouija in the graveyard at 3pm, before it got dark, on Friday, when there was a full moon. So I made the board with proper wood and a planchete, my friend brought a carpet and a few candles. We sat in the corner of the graveyard so we were out of the way a bit.

We started by asking if anyone was there and we got no answer we kept asking and saying that we would try and help lost spirits, we did this for about 30 minutes.

We gave up and thought that Ouija boards were just a game. Then we both jumped up for no reason. It started to reason so we packed everything up and blew out the candles, rolled up the mat. By the time we finished the rain had stopped my friend went to light a candle (she likes fire) went she dropped it. It caught fire on the ground and we put it out, but there was still a lot of smoke so we couldn't see clearly, as I looked up I saw someone, thinking' it was the police or something I got scared and told my friend. She jumped. The snow swirled and blew toward us as my friend fell on the floor. We got up and left.

We both thought it was just a coincidence. As we walked home we kept feeling someone was following us.

This may have just been us being scared when I got home I put my Ouija board at the end of the bed, just under the duvet. When I came back in my room my mirror was steamed and my Ouija board was on the floor, my duvet was taken off. I told my friend this on Monday and she said that she had got this bruise on her arm, but she couldn't remember how, she also said she woke up thinking. That she was drowning at 2 am. Yesterday I promised I wouldn't bother any spirit again and I'm sorry. And nothing happened to me but my friend still feels like she was being followed.

No face

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ouija Board Not As Scary As We Thought

My friends (James, Dimitri, and Annie) and I have been into anything that can creep us out since probably sixth grade. We're always seeing the newest horror movie or trying out those ~supernatural games~, anything to give us a bit of a rush really. Most of the time we can laugh it off and have a good time. We've gone into the woods a couple miles out of town only a few times before and tired EVP sessions or the spirit rods. We got a couple things but soon lost interest and spent the rest of the night messing around.

So, Friday night my friends and I wanted to do something and I suggested a Ouija board session. I'd been wanting to do one for a while and, after hearing a couple stories float around town about Ouija experiences, I decided to take action. We all piled into Dimitri's truck and stopped by 7-11 to pick up a Ouija board and some snacks before going out.

We drove into the woods and followed an old trail about half a mile in before pulling out the Ouija board. We pulled out a flashlight and flipped through the directions really quick before starting. I was chosen to be the medium and jumped right in. Everyone got really quiet as we began.

"Is there a spirit in our presence?" The slidey thing slid to yes and James let out a little laugh. We mumbled for him to shut up and when we quieted down I asked another question.

"Can you tell us about our future?" It slid to no. Annie let out a huff as I spoke again. "Do you have the power to do so?" It slid to no. We all seemed to share the same thought of 'hey, at least it's not saying we're not worth to have our fortune told'.

"What's your name?" It slowly slid to spell out H-O-N-O-R-E. "How old are you" 1-7 I looked at everyone a bit funny and kept going. "Were you born here?" No. "Where did you come from?" F-R-A-N-C-E. We whispered among ourselves nobody had ever been overseas. "Where did you go after that?" Q-U-E-B-E-C.

My shoulders slumped. I've spent every summer in Quebec with my aunt since I was little. "Are you following me?" Their whispers fell silent when I asked the question. The slider slid to yes. I got a little bit flustered and handed control over to Annie who was absolutely ecstatic to have the board in her direction.

"So why are you following Caitlin?" it didn't move. "Do you think she's pretty?" I was completely flushed and began to protest and tell her she's acting like a five year old until it slid to yes. She smiled. "Thank you for your time. Goodbye." It slid to goodbye as Dimitri grinned at me.

He began to laugh. "Looks like you've got a cute French boy following you around because he thinks you're pretty." They still tease me about it every once and a while but I think it's sweet. I also think it goes to show that Ouija boards aren't all bad.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Since I Played The Ouija I've Had Horrible Luck And Constant Bad Vibes

Okay a few years ago I played Ouija with a friend. I took it seriously, but my friend was mocking and making fun of potential spirits. We never said goodbye. The Ouija board worked, but it was just spelling out random letters. Gibberish really.

Within the next week I started hearing footsteps in my dad's computer room. When I went to check it out, one of my son's toys started to go off and the footsteps stopped.

About 6 months later I went on a camping trip and fell into a 10' ditch full of rocks and got stitches job my chin. My body was so sore when I got home I just wanted to lay down and soak up some air conditioning, while I was laying on my bed it sounded like an animal was under it rustling around (we had no animals) I checked and there was just a plastic dollar store bag.

I laid back down and I started hearing footsteps at the end of my bed, they walked all the way up towards me then stopped. Then I heard an old man cough, it was so close to my face it's like I almost felt air come off of it.

Then I moved into my own apartment and the first thing I noticed was that my closet door wouldn't stay shut. Then I started seeing a shadow. I wouldn't ever notice it until it moved on the wall. Then I started seeing this shadow close my bedroom door. Finally my sister came over, we were in the middle of our conversation and she froze. I asked if she saw the shadow and she said she did. I got so used to seeing that shadow that it quit bothering me.

Then my 1 year old started waking up in the middle of night and instead of crying like normal babies, it sounded like he was trying to talk.

Now I've moved into my own home and again the footsteps and toys. I've tried burning sage and praying for help, but nothing is working.

Ever since I played the oujia I've had horrible luck and constant bad vibes. It's depressing. Anyone have any suggestions?

emily hanna