Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great-Grandmother Was Possessed By A Ouija Board

Okay so I've always been quite a strong believer of all paranormal-related things, my whole family on my mothers side are psychic in some way or another. My sister, myself, my mother, my aunt, and my nan all have had psychic dreams ever since we can remember, my great-grandmother was possessed by a Ouija Board for about 10 years, and my family must be some sort of attraction to the paranormal because there is not one person on my mother's side who has not witnessed a paranormal happening before.

I've seen strange things before, especially in my great-grandmothers house where I grew up as a child, I slept in the one room that wasn't warm, that had a strange sense about it that wasn't normal, and I often saw shadows and heard unexplained sounds in that room.