Monday, June 20, 2011

The Baby in Apartment A1

When I was 11 years old, I brought my Ouija board to my first sleepover. I didn't know then how much this experience would change my daily life. My friend who I played with, (I won't give her a name for privacy) had never used or heard of a Ouija board before. I spent about an hour of explaining the rules and dangers to her, until I thought that we could finally begin.

We played in her bathroom, It was the only quiet place. We spoke to a entity named Azaz, who said that he was 1 year old. He seemed nice enough, but I was still concerned. We learned that he was born in 1919 in the same apartment building we were in, in apartment A1. Of course I didn't ask how he died, but I was curious. When he told me his birth date, I didn't believe him, because this building was made after 1919. But then my friend explained that after a huge fire, the building was torn down, and a new building was established years later. So I inferred that he died in that fire.

He said his family was here with him. I asked him if they were evil or not, and he said they ARE evil, but said, and I quote, "I-W-I-L-L-P-R-O-T-E-C-T-Y-O-U-W-H-E-N-T-H-E-Y-C-O-M-E." We weren't sure what he meant, but since he also said Yes when I asked if his family can hurt us, we got freaked out and said goodbye.

That night, I couldn't sleep because I felt somebody was breathing in my ear. I felt strange, like somebody was trapping me in a small space. My friend was whining in her sleep. Then, I witnessed one of the biggest terrors of my life. A small black human shaped mist formed near my friend's radiator. I couldn't move or speak I was so scared.

The next morning, we decided to put Azaz to the test. Azaz, before even noting his presence, said - "I-T-W-A-S-M-E" "M-O-T-H-E-R-I-S-H-E-R-E." I've never really had much experiences with my board before. It hardly ever moved. But now it was moving fast, and after asking a few normal questions, My friend's mom laughed and said, Hey, ask Azaz if he can give me some lotto numbers! We asked Azaz, and he moved to some numbers. (one of them was 4, another was 2, and I can't remember the rest).

At first, the amount of numbers he gave didn't make sense, but when we asked again, he gave us some different numbers. He said they were for some time in February. After that, I had to leave. Before I left, I asked Azaz if I could talk to him at my house later. He said, N-O, I-L-I-V-E-H-E-R-E."

When I came back again in early March, I asked my friends mom if the numbers worked, and my heart leapt with joy when she said he was only 2 numbers off! Azaz also gave us lotto numbers for February 2020. (don't ask why, I don't know either.) I also noticed that I can't contact any entity besides Azaz when I'm in my friends house, only him.

In my next story, I will share with you some more adventure I've had with him. It may be risky, but I'm starting to like him. Please note that I do not make up stories, and despise people that do.

Sent in by Mi-Chan, Copyright 2011

Ouija Board's Revenge

I too have had an experience with the Ouija board.

My friend Kim and I used the Ouija board almost every night for about a week straight. At first nothing really happened and then the planchette started moving and we kept hearing noises and seeing things out the corners of our eyes.

The first night we kept seeing things out of the window in the kitchen beside the air conditioner. We both swear we seen "someone" that looks just like the killer from the Halloween movies. Dark circles for eyes and the really pale white "face" couldn't really see the mouth though. That didn't stop us though.

We continued using the Ouija board. After the first couple days everything started going wrong. My friend and I both got in a way "sick" we both had pains in our stomachs and back and just numerous other things happened.

We had the board burned after just a few days because it didn't stop, it kept getting progressively worse. I don't know for sure if that helped, but all I CAN DO IS THANK MY LUCKY STARS NOTHING GOT WORSE.

Anyways long story shortened, I was never afraid of the Ouija board before that started happening. It's not something to be messed with and if you keep stirring it up, all your doing is giving it access to you and spirits can follow you. Remember that...

Sent in by Rachel Burk

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haunted by Demon From a Ouija Board

I always read these stories on here and some seem quite interesting but I didn't know if they were real or not so I was a bit skeptical. I never was really religious or believed in demons and ghosts. That is until the event that occurred. I just wanna say this is real and in no way a joke so please don't take it as such. I'm still creeped out just thinking about it.

I live in a pretty big city [not gonna say which city] full of lights and celebrities that sometimes visit just to shop here and go to the casinos and awesome clubs. Well getting off topic let me get to the point. I live in a 2 story house with my mom, dad, and little brother. Well this happened on Tuesday and I'm barely writing about it now, now that I feel a little bit better. I was in my room one day on my laptop listening to music on YouTube and talking to a friend on the phone.

We talked for about an hour [you know about girl stuff] and as we talked I felt this strange feeling of being watched [which is a feeling I've never felt before] and I tried to ignore it until my friend laughed a weird raspy faint laugh almost hard to hear. I asked her if she had laughed like that and she said no. Then I told her "Cut the crap I know it was you" and she just kept saying it wasn't her and that she was alone in her house so it couldn't have been anyone else laughing  like that, and it was too scary to even sound human! Feeling a little uneasy I told my friend I had to go. She said allright and said she'd call me the next day. Then as I changed the song on my laptop now putting the volume higher because I lowered it so I could hear my friend I went to the kitchen to get a Dr. Pepper.

When I returned my music was paused. Since I was in the house with my mom I asked her if she paused my music and she said no, that she didn't even get up at all [she was reading a book]. So I checked the music and even though the video was fully loaded it just paused in the middle of the song [and my laptop has no malfunctions and its quite new]. Still trying to stay calm I thought no more of it. As it reached nighttime I started getting bored of being on the internet and decided to turn it off. Then I got out a notebook and started drawing some cartoons. I drew little angels with happy faces on [I don't know why I drew these I was just bored] and I wanted to add a little color to them so I went to get some colored pencils from my drawers. When I laid back down on my bed I saw the faces of the angels were erased and replaced with the innocent expressions I drew were mean faces, faces dripping with blood, and to me they looked like little devils. I stared at my drawing in shock as I found something scrawled on the top of the page but in handwriting so sloppy it was hard to read but [I'm sorry for the word I'm gonna use] it spelled "bitch".

Grabbing the paper and crumbling it up I threw it away. I felt quite uncomfortable. I should be honest now before I continue that a couple days ago I played a Ouija board at my friend's house and the demon we contacted [it was a demon because it insulted us and even told us he wasn't good] called me a bitch because I told it to go away, that it was getting annoying.

Well back to the story I decided to let my cat in the house so I didn't feel so alone [my mom went to visit her sister and my dad went along too] and my brother was at a soccer field playing with is friends and I stayed home because I had to take the cake outta the oven soon and I had to make sure it didn't burn [it was for some invited guests that were coming the next day and we wanted to make the cake sooner] so as I let Lucy in [my cat] she followed me to my room. I was on the laptop again, this time talking to my boyfriend [we go to the same school yay] and I told him the strange stuff that happened and he just said it was all in my head. But I know that wasn't the case. It was something more, something that wants to hurt me I wasn't sure. But I knew that it was pure evil. I turned off the laptop after a few minutes of talking to him and I checked the cake.It was done, and as I took it out I heard a voice in my head say "throw away the cake make your parents mad" I looked all around me. No one was there.I heard it again "I will watch you as you sleep I will be in your room". Properly putting away the cake I ran to my room and went on my bed and hugged my cat.

She laid by my side and started to purr until I felt a heavy presence in the room and my cat's eyes darted from here to there to every part of my room until she reached my wardrobe and then she stood up and hissed at it. Calming her down she continued to hiss. About an hour later or so my parents came home along with my brother. The cat finally calm and asleep on my bed I decided to go to sleep too. Not saying anything to anyone knowing they wouldn't believe me and would think I was crazy I didn't wanna tell them. It was 3:30 a.m that I woke up to a raspy laugh. The same laugh I heard before when talking to my friend on the phone. This time a little louder. I began to feel a little worried as I closed my eyes shut to drown out that horrible laugh it stopped.

Then I saw something at the foot of my bed. Tall, lanky, a dark figure with white claws stained with something red. Two big piercing red eyes and short pointed teeth. It grinned in such a creepy and terrifying way a grin that left me wide eyed with terror too scared to even scream. I closed my eyes and hoped it would go away. Since I wasn't so religious like my friend or even my family praying wouldn't really help me. Or would it? I didn't care at that moment as I slowly opened my eyes and it was gone. Only to find it right next to my bed. Its long pointed fingers started wrapping around my neck then moving down to my leg and with one claw scratched my leg and it was so very painful as if someone ran over my leg.

Then it grabbed my hair and inched it's face close to mine observing and feeling pleased at how terrified I looked. I couldn't take it anymore and screamed Jesus in it's face and kept repeating it until the thing screeched and disappeared into my wardrobe and turning on my light I started crying and looking at the scratch. It was a pretty long scratch and bleeding too. I went to the bathroom, washed it, then went back to sleep with the light on.

The next day I told my parents what happened and even showed them the scratch but not telling them I played the Ouija board they were a bit skeptical about it but decided I might have dreamed it and as for the scratch they thought I probably feel on something and scratched myself [as I am a really clumsy person] I didn't even feel like arguing. I was so mad they didn't believe me and I don't know what to do. What if it attacks me again?

By gorgeous-killerr:P