Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Ghost Story

It all started out innocently enough. I am still taken by strange feelings once in a while, and it might take many years for it to stop, maybe not, I’m not sure. Only time will tell, but I must, I have to tell my story, and let it out of my chest because I still hear the noises that haunt me everywhere I go, and they always come in threes. If I tell my story, it might stop, and give me some peace. I never sit near windows in airplanes, trains, restaurants or offices, though. I avoid windows the most I can--especially at night. I wish the noises would end, but they never do. I wonder if they ever will. I guess that sometimes it’s impossible to stop the river of life.

I had just arrived at Col├ęgio Bennett Girl’s Camp on a Friday afternoon, in the year of 1969. My friends and I had come in a big, white and noisy bus all the way from Rio de Janeiro, and up towards the Alto da Tijuca woods. The bus had parked under an enormous Jake tree. I was immediately enveloped by its long, thick branches and inviting coolness the moment I got off. Strangely enough, I also felt a chill run through my body but I thought it was the excitement in the air, and the idea of being away from my mother’s overbearing presence.

Panela, Katia, Sichel, Baby, Luisa and I met in our cottage room. We had made a special request weeks ago: to be placed together in the same room, or we wouldn’t sign up for girl’s camp. We were best friends. Our school wanted to make ends meet that year, so that wasn’t a problem. We were inseparable, like magnets, stuck to one another, and we had no secrets ... until that weekend. We unpacked, folded our clothes in the large shelves and got ready for dinner.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Zach The Demon

The following story happened to me and a group of friends about a year ago. We haven't spoke of it since, especially not in the apartment where it took place, for fear that it may come back. We also only told a select few people about the experience. We all just wanted to forget it.

My brother Bryan, his roommate Matthew, and myself used an Ouija board at about 4 o'clock in the morning at my house. My parents were out of town and we had just thrown a huge party, so all 3 of us were pretty drunk. We came in contact with spirit named Josh who said he had died of cancer. Coincidentally, a friend of my brother's name josh had died of cancer a few months beforehand.

After this Bryan and Matthew had become very interested in using the board even more, and about a week later they had their own board in their apartment. They came in contact with a spirit named Zach, who acted like an immature teenager, but was friendly at the same time. Zach liked to joke around, and said things like "Matthew's girlfriend gave him a disease," and "Matthew was ugly". Zach seemed very attached to Matthew, and when asked about it, he said that he thought Matthew was funny and liked him.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Real Ouija Board Experience

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I used to play with the Ouija board and will never play it again. Me, my best friend, and her sister started watching these Ouija videos. We were a bit scared, but we still wanted to try it out to see if it really works. We made our own board and printed out instructions. We started asking if anyone was here. There was no answer. We stopped after trying about 27 times.

We then found out that there was a Buddha in the drawer. So we decided to try it outside at the back of the house. It worked, a little bit. First we talked to a demon called David. We asked him many questions, like how he died, and if he was a good spirit. When we tried asking him how old he was. We didn't even have time to finish the question and then he answered '666' we were so shocked that my best friend went to the 'Goodbye' sign without saying anything she ran away. She came back and then we played again. This time it was a girl. Her name was Dara. We asked how old she was. but it was unclear. All we know is that she wrote a 4 and then a 5,6, or 7. We asked her if she was 47, then my best-friend started laughing, and it was not even her laugh! She than rolled over the ground still laughing. Her sister ran away. I was so scared I ran with her. we then went back to see where my best-friend was. We saw her sitting there crying and saying: 'Why did you leave me alone?' We just took the board and the glass cup and walked back together.

Something's Creeping on You is it Already Too Late?

Alright, here goes nothing. This is actually my first time since I've brought these incidents up since they happened cause I really don't want to think about them, but it seems that there are few people in here that have had something similar happened to them, so I wanted to share my story.

Now before I start I would also like to mention that I don't believe in god or any higher power so to say, and I resigned from church as soon as I reached the legal age to do so myself. I've always wanted to think myself of being behind the wheel of my own life and I've not even prayed once since I got out of elementary school. But enough of that, lets get on with the my story.

It all started at July of 2009. I was spending my summer holiday from school with 2 of my friends, Tanja and his boyfriend Jani, and my sister, Nina, at our apartment (I was living with my sister for a while back then), and we were spending the evening by having few drinks and playing cards. After a few dozen rounds the clock was around 1-2 at night and we were starting to get bored in just playing cards. At this point we started to think what else we could do to pass the time and have some fun and Jani had just the thing we needed, an Ouija Board.

Hatman My Friend/Foe

To start, I have always been sensitive to the other side of the veil. I am use to it and it really doesn't bother me... usually. I've had run-ins with spirits and creepy feelings that turn out to have merit and all that. My son has the same thing going on with him.
We both met what we assumed was a spirit about 10 years ago. We both have seen him and tried to communicate with him. I even tried to get rid of him several times. For no reason except to be done.

We call him "Hatman" because when he appears, he is wearing a bolo hat, like the old fashioned cowboys who wanted to exude a sense of style. He always appeared to us as an older guy, a native looking man. He has never tried to hurt us. Never.
However.... yesterday my son and I decided we wanted to communicate with our "friend" so we went to the Ouija board. Hattie, as we affectionately called him appeared right away. He is always with us. He told us his name is Ken and he was 21 years old when he died. He fell to his death, but doesn't know from where. He was born in 1826 and he loves me. I didn't ask him if he loved me. He just offered that up. We talked a bit and he told us he had been with us for 10 years now. He said he is my guardian.

Then my son left and I was alone with my "friend". I went back to the board. We talked a bit. It was hesitant and he didn't seem to want to do it. So I asked the board if there was anyone else who wanted to talk to me. The answer was an immediate "yes". I asked this new entity what it's name was. The answer I got was ITIU3. I was confused and pressed the issue. I said, "That's your name?" and the answer came back "No." I asked again, "What's your name" and the pointer literally FLEW over to the moon face on the board. And to anyone who practices Divinationism, as I do, that was a very frightening place to go. Hidden enemies, terror, was very telling. Then it pushed the pointer off the board. I grabbed the pointer and put it back in the center of the board. I then asked if I was speaking to a demon. The pointer went directly to "yes". I then asked, "Do you think you can beat me?" Again, I received a "yes".
I jumped up and destroyed the board right away. Ripped it to shreds and threw it outside. All the while believing that "my hattie" was protecting me.

The next day I woke up scared to death about what I had invited into my life and thankful my spirit guardian for protecting me from a malevolent entity. I realized in a flash of insight what ITIU3 meant. It. I. U. 3. He was telling me that I was there, he was there and IT was there. There were 3 of us there. It was a chilling revelation. Drew me closer to him. I was grateful for his protection.

We cleansed the house with salt water and a banishing chant. I thought all was well.

Later in the day I was again grateful and tried to communicate with Ken and got these feelings of overwhelming love coursing through me. It was a bit much. I became suspicious. I can't explain why. So I called my uncle who advised me that this game has been played before and how dumb am I? He told me to get rid of it. The demon was the play acting hero.

At that moment I was very sad. This man who never hurt me, seemed kind and protective was the monster....I just couldn't believe it. It was all too much.

So I consulted my Gods. And it was confirmed. I asked a direct question. "Is the Hatman a demon?". I drew The Lovers, merkstave. The meaning is false love, deception, a deamon lover/relationship.

All this time I have wondered who he is. I have wanted to know him. And for someone who is supposed to be "psychic" I feel pretty stupid. Duped by a demon.
I can only assume it didn't hurt me because I am stronger than it is. Although, now that I look back, there has been a lot of instability and unfortunate happenings in my life. Was it the demon? Or is this evil creature capable of actually loving someone? I don't know. And I don't care now. It lied to me, again and again and again and again. Maybe it just has a lot of time on it's hands. But oddly, at this point, I'm more hurt than scared.

Gotta get rid of him now. Not sure how. The cleansing didn't work.

But I now that know that my "friend" isn't what he pretended to be, maybe I will be more successful. I will definitely be consulting with the Gods for guidance. Wish me luck. 10 years of attachment will not be easy to eradicate,

Sent in by Michelle

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ouija First Experience Why Did it Choose Me?

This is my first story, this really happened to me a week ago. I always felt there were strange thing's happening to me. So I decided to use a Ouija board to ask the questions that have been bothering me since I was a kid.

First I asked the board 'IS someone there?' the board replied 'Yes'. I asked 'Can I ask you some questions?' the board replied 'Yes'.

So I decided to ask one of my questions 'Am I protected?' the board replied 'Yes' and then it spelled the word 'Carer'. I asked 'Is Carer family?' the board replied 'Yes' and then it spelled 'Sister'. At this point I was shocked , I only had 1 sister who passed away because she was a miscarriage.

I wanted more information so I asked 'Is she in peace?'. The board replied 'No' and then it spelled 'Scarred'. I asked 'Why is she scarred' the board replied 'DEMONS'.

This is where it starts to get scary. I choose to ask a different question I asked 'Are there demons near me?' the board said '6' . this is when I got scared so I asked 'Why are they here?' the board spelled 'AFRAID'. At first I thought they were here to make me afraid so I asked 'Are they here to make me afraid?' the board replied 'No' and then it spelled 'CHOSEN'.

So I asked 'Are they afraid?' the board immediately replied 'Yes' and spelled 'TORTURE'. I asked 'Are they afraid of me?' a few seconds past and it replied 'Yes' and then it spelled 'CHOSEN'.So I asked 'Am I Chosen?' and the board replied 'Yes'. At this point I was very confused and asked 'Why are they afraid of me?' the board spelled 'TORTURE' then I asked 'Do I torture them?' and the board replied 'Yes' and then it went immediately to 'Goodbye'.

Why did the board say those demons are afraid of me? and why did it say I torture them? Why did it say I'm 'chosen'? it left me with these questions.

The only thing I know is I am learning a lot of things about exorcisms, and other things to cast out evil entities.

Sent in by Sidney De Romanus, Copyright 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Not to Mess Around with Ouija Boards

This story, is not my own, but my mothers, however I feel that it is necessary to tell this story to stop the misuse of Ouija boards.

This story starts in 1986 when my mother was a teenager, a little older than myself...

Mum and a few of her friends ( four to be exact) managed to get their hands on an Ouija board, none of them were very interested in ghosts, some of them didn't even believe in ghosts!

It was at the nursing university my mother then lived in that the young training nurse all about 19 started playing the board. Mum recalls that nothing actually ghostly happened until right at the end of the night, when she and the other ladies felt a presence in the room, hastily they asked the spirits name, it did not reply, however the the beer bottles on the table started shaking almost as if as my mother recalls the thing was angry. In the confusion the women didn't get the first half of the message when the cup started moving, only the end 'like me'.

To this day my mother still doesn't know what the spirit meant, however from that day, the four women all had car crashes within six months of each other, fortunately, most of the damage from my mums crash was on the car, however, another friend shelane, suffered serious injury, and had to go to physio therapy for months.

This was not the end to the ghost story, to this day my mum says she still feels a angry watchful presence, still bearing a grudge for all those years ago.

My brother and I both wake up now and again to the sound of tapping on the window, although it could be a coincidence something tells me it isn't.

All the girls, who took part that night have admitted to similar, ghostly experiences which are, although not bad very unnerving.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as whenever she feels like she's being watched, or she's being threatened, my mum says sometimes she catches a whiff of her late grandma's perfume, and the presence leaves.

This story may not be as drastic, or even as convincing as others on this his sight however this is a testament to any novices of the spiritual world, Don't mess around with what you don't know, or it could come back to haunt you, LITERALLY!

Sent in by Tiffany toya, Copyright 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

I Wont Stop Until You Die

Hello, I am Mitchelle. My name is pronounced [Mitch-Heel] Well, I've had paranormal activity in every one of my houses.

This happened when I was about... 13/14/15. My nick-name was Mitch, or Mitchie. So, Now I'm 18. My best friend, Angie, walked into the door. Her red hair, in big, bold curls. My blond hair, in a straight stringy mess with purple streaks. We hugged each other. She was holding something. It had weird letters, and numbers. "What's that, Angie?" I asked. She told me, and I got spooked. You can speak to Spirits on a Ouija Board! I never knew about them, but I was interested, so we went down the road, to our 2 other best friends, Lily and Josh. We all walked down the street to the haunted house. We jumped into a broken window, and walked up the creaking stairs. They were broken, chipped, and they had a missing stair.

We started in the bathroom. Angie went to hello. "Are you here?" She asked. It spelt out yes. She whispered to me "its your turn" So, I went. "Are you mad we're invading your territory?" I asked. It spelt out something really fast. And Josh wrote it down. He said it out loud. "GetOutNowOrWe'llKillYouOurselves" Lily let out a little scream. We went to goodbye. And the bathroom door slammed! "WE'RE LEAVING!" I cried. Josh took a risk. And smashed the window by jumping out, We did the same.

We all hid in Angie's huge house, in the guest room, we lay in 4 beds, and we pushed them together. Lily and me in the middle, Josh and Angie on the sides.

After that, Life was never normal, I couldn't find who I was, or meant to be.

Angie didn't want this, she didn't need this. She didn't know she'd be taunted, by using a Ouija Board, yes, Angie did suicide. As far as I know, we burned the Board, and we all went on with our lives.

Without Angie, I'm frozen, but yet, glad we've gotten rid of whatever had gotten us frozen in this one time-zone.

Please never use a Ouija Board, or you'll end up like Angie! Thanks -Mitchelle

Sent in by Mitchelle

Ouija Board Portal?

Hi my name is Alonzo and I'm going to tell you my first Ouija board experience. It was a typical dark evening in Seattle. I was listing to my favorite radio station where people can call and tell their paranormal experiences just like this site but verbally. Anyways after listening to a Ouija board story I had the curiosity to try it out. So I started to make my own Ouija board on a piece of paper then I grabbed a penny to used it as a pointer. When I was done I had no idea on how to start, then with a quick YouTube tutorial video I knew the basics.

I started to Move the penny in circles slowly then I waited for a sec and that's when the penny/pointer started to move. My heart pounded fast in amazement then I remembered saying to my self "what did you expect"? Then I asked the entity for it's name, but it didn't answer instead the penny just started going in circles. And every time it got faster and faster. The creepy part was when my hands kept moving the penny to the point where my arms where in mid air still being guided by the unknown entity. I felt strange like numb, then when my arms were slowly guided in front of me it suddenly stopped and my fingertips started making a circle again but this time more intense. I felt lots of pressure on me and the most impressive thing was that it looked like the entity was trying to open a portal at that moment. I got too scared to go on and forced myself to stop because my whole body started to rotate. I guess it was the strong circular motion that I was getting. But I thank god that nothing bad happened to me.

What do you guys think, was this spirit trying to open another dimension?

Sent in by Coldkiller91

The Ouija Board Deaths

I'm now 23. I have 2 kids who both have been in-contact with the spirit. I was 17/18.

I had just gotten engaged with my [now husband] Jonathan Tilkese. It was almost my birthday, and I wasn't as "excited" as usual. I wanted to have a small gather-up and play some games like Spin-The-Bottle, or Ouija Board. So, I sent out invitations to some of my friends. The next couple nights, I found out Christian, Jace, Ali, Tommy, Kristina, and Char [Charolette] were coming. I had moved out of my parents place, and now lived with a room-mate named Tammie. Tammie was out that night, she was out at a party with Summer.

That night of my "gather-up" Tommy showed up first. Then, Ali, Kristina, and Char [in the same vehicle] Then Christian and his sister, Jace, showed up. I had ordered a Ouija Board that month, and I had gotten it the day before. Me and Ali instructed everybody, and they did.

Everything went from there. The "good" entity was named Rosa, Rosa told us she was a good spirit. Well, she was wrong. She had told us we were to die that night, and I got freaked out! We said goodbye, and closed up the Ouija Board. We played Truth or Dare. Yes I cheated on Jonathan with Christian. Christian and me once had a 'thing' but it's over.

Years and Years went by, and Rosa would bother us day and night. I had went into the bathroom to change when we gathered up once again on Christmas. I took off my clothes, and got into my pajama's and I looked in the mirror and saw Rosa.

Just one thing, all my friend's have passed away except for Christian, Kristina, and Ali. Yes Christian is trying to be suicidal.

Don't play Ouija Board, once you've opened that door, you cannot close it. I have not, and I cut myself, Rosa is not leaving, now.

Sent in by Tayna Jonsin

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Baby in Apartment A1

When I was 11 years old, I brought my Ouija board to my first sleepover. I didn't know then how much this experience would change my daily life. My friend who I played with, (I won't give her a name for privacy) had never used or heard of a Ouija board before. I spent about an hour of explaining the rules and dangers to her, until I thought that we could finally begin.

We played in her bathroom, It was the only quiet place. We spoke to a entity named Azaz, who said that he was 1 year old. He seemed nice enough, but I was still concerned. We learned that he was born in 1919 in the same apartment building we were in, in apartment A1. Of course I didn't ask how he died, but I was curious. When he told me his birth date, I didn't believe him, because this building was made after 1919. But then my friend explained that after a huge fire, the building was torn down, and a new building was established years later. So I inferred that he died in that fire.

He said his family was here with him. I asked him if they were evil or not, and he said they ARE evil, but said, and I quote, "I-W-I-L-L-P-R-O-T-E-C-T-Y-O-U-W-H-E-N-T-H-E-Y-C-O-M-E." We weren't sure what he meant, but since he also said Yes when I asked if his family can hurt us, we got freaked out and said goodbye.

That night, I couldn't sleep because I felt somebody was breathing in my ear. I felt strange, like somebody was trapping me in a small space. My friend was whining in her sleep. Then, I witnessed one of the biggest terrors of my life. A small black human shaped mist formed near my friend's radiator. I couldn't move or speak I was so scared.

The next morning, we decided to put Azaz to the test. Azaz, before even noting his presence, said - "I-T-W-A-S-M-E" "M-O-T-H-E-R-I-S-H-E-R-E." I've never really had much experiences with my board before. It hardly ever moved. But now it was moving fast, and after asking a few normal questions, My friend's mom laughed and said, Hey, ask Azaz if he can give me some lotto numbers! We asked Azaz, and he moved to some numbers. (one of them was 4, another was 2, and I can't remember the rest).

At first, the amount of numbers he gave didn't make sense, but when we asked again, he gave us some different numbers. He said they were for some time in February. After that, I had to leave. Before I left, I asked Azaz if I could talk to him at my house later. He said, N-O, I-L-I-V-E-H-E-R-E."

When I came back again in early March, I asked my friends mom if the numbers worked, and my heart leapt with joy when she said he was only 2 numbers off! Azaz also gave us lotto numbers for February 2020. (don't ask why, I don't know either.) I also noticed that I can't contact any entity besides Azaz when I'm in my friends house, only him.

In my next story, I will share with you some more adventure I've had with him. It may be risky, but I'm starting to like him. Please note that I do not make up stories, and despise people that do.

Sent in by Mi-Chan, Copyright 2011

Ouija Board's Revenge

I too have had an experience with the Ouija board.

My friend Kim and I used the Ouija board almost every night for about a week straight. At first nothing really happened and then the planchette started moving and we kept hearing noises and seeing things out the corners of our eyes.

The first night we kept seeing things out of the window in the kitchen beside the air conditioner. We both swear we seen "someone" that looks just like the killer from the Halloween movies. Dark circles for eyes and the really pale white "face" couldn't really see the mouth though. That didn't stop us though.

We continued using the Ouija board. After the first couple days everything started going wrong. My friend and I both got in a way "sick" we both had pains in our stomachs and back and just numerous other things happened.

We had the board burned after just a few days because it didn't stop, it kept getting progressively worse. I don't know for sure if that helped, but all I CAN DO IS THANK MY LUCKY STARS NOTHING GOT WORSE.

Anyways long story shortened, I was never afraid of the Ouija board before that started happening. It's not something to be messed with and if you keep stirring it up, all your doing is giving it access to you and spirits can follow you. Remember that...

Sent in by Rachel Burk

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haunted by Demon From a Ouija Board

I always read these stories on here and some seem quite interesting but I didn't know if they were real or not so I was a bit skeptical. I never was really religious or believed in demons and ghosts. That is until the event that occurred. I just wanna say this is real and in no way a joke so please don't take it as such. I'm still creeped out just thinking about it.

I live in a pretty big city [not gonna say which city] full of lights and celebrities that sometimes visit just to shop here and go to the casinos and awesome clubs. Well getting off topic let me get to the point. I live in a 2 story house with my mom, dad, and little brother. Well this happened on Tuesday and I'm barely writing about it now, now that I feel a little bit better. I was in my room one day on my laptop listening to music on YouTube and talking to a friend on the phone.

We talked for about an hour [you know about girl stuff] and as we talked I felt this strange feeling of being watched [which is a feeling I've never felt before] and I tried to ignore it until my friend laughed a weird raspy faint laugh almost hard to hear. I asked her if she had laughed like that and she said no. Then I told her "Cut the crap I know it was you" and she just kept saying it wasn't her and that she was alone in her house so it couldn't have been anyone else laughing  like that, and it was too scary to even sound human! Feeling a little uneasy I told my friend I had to go. She said allright and said she'd call me the next day. Then as I changed the song on my laptop now putting the volume higher because I lowered it so I could hear my friend I went to the kitchen to get a Dr. Pepper.

When I returned my music was paused. Since I was in the house with my mom I asked her if she paused my music and she said no, that she didn't even get up at all [she was reading a book]. So I checked the music and even though the video was fully loaded it just paused in the middle of the song [and my laptop has no malfunctions and its quite new]. Still trying to stay calm I thought no more of it. As it reached nighttime I started getting bored of being on the internet and decided to turn it off. Then I got out a notebook and started drawing some cartoons. I drew little angels with happy faces on [I don't know why I drew these I was just bored] and I wanted to add a little color to them so I went to get some colored pencils from my drawers. When I laid back down on my bed I saw the faces of the angels were erased and replaced with the innocent expressions I drew were mean faces, faces dripping with blood, and to me they looked like little devils. I stared at my drawing in shock as I found something scrawled on the top of the page but in handwriting so sloppy it was hard to read but [I'm sorry for the word I'm gonna use] it spelled "bitch".

Grabbing the paper and crumbling it up I threw it away. I felt quite uncomfortable. I should be honest now before I continue that a couple days ago I played a Ouija board at my friend's house and the demon we contacted [it was a demon because it insulted us and even told us he wasn't good] called me a bitch because I told it to go away, that it was getting annoying.

Well back to the story I decided to let my cat in the house so I didn't feel so alone [my mom went to visit her sister and my dad went along too] and my brother was at a soccer field playing with is friends and I stayed home because I had to take the cake outta the oven soon and I had to make sure it didn't burn [it was for some invited guests that were coming the next day and we wanted to make the cake sooner] so as I let Lucy in [my cat] she followed me to my room. I was on the laptop again, this time talking to my boyfriend [we go to the same school yay] and I told him the strange stuff that happened and he just said it was all in my head. But I know that wasn't the case. It was something more, something that wants to hurt me I wasn't sure. But I knew that it was pure evil. I turned off the laptop after a few minutes of talking to him and I checked the cake.It was done, and as I took it out I heard a voice in my head say "throw away the cake make your parents mad" I looked all around me. No one was there.I heard it again "I will watch you as you sleep I will be in your room". Properly putting away the cake I ran to my room and went on my bed and hugged my cat.

She laid by my side and started to purr until I felt a heavy presence in the room and my cat's eyes darted from here to there to every part of my room until she reached my wardrobe and then she stood up and hissed at it. Calming her down she continued to hiss. About an hour later or so my parents came home along with my brother. The cat finally calm and asleep on my bed I decided to go to sleep too. Not saying anything to anyone knowing they wouldn't believe me and would think I was crazy I didn't wanna tell them. It was 3:30 a.m that I woke up to a raspy laugh. The same laugh I heard before when talking to my friend on the phone. This time a little louder. I began to feel a little worried as I closed my eyes shut to drown out that horrible laugh it stopped.

Then I saw something at the foot of my bed. Tall, lanky, a dark figure with white claws stained with something red. Two big piercing red eyes and short pointed teeth. It grinned in such a creepy and terrifying way a grin that left me wide eyed with terror too scared to even scream. I closed my eyes and hoped it would go away. Since I wasn't so religious like my friend or even my family praying wouldn't really help me. Or would it? I didn't care at that moment as I slowly opened my eyes and it was gone. Only to find it right next to my bed. Its long pointed fingers started wrapping around my neck then moving down to my leg and with one claw scratched my leg and it was so very painful as if someone ran over my leg.

Then it grabbed my hair and inched it's face close to mine observing and feeling pleased at how terrified I looked. I couldn't take it anymore and screamed Jesus in it's face and kept repeating it until the thing screeched and disappeared into my wardrobe and turning on my light I started crying and looking at the scratch. It was a pretty long scratch and bleeding too. I went to the bathroom, washed it, then went back to sleep with the light on.

The next day I told my parents what happened and even showed them the scratch but not telling them I played the Ouija board they were a bit skeptical about it but decided I might have dreamed it and as for the scratch they thought I probably feel on something and scratched myself [as I am a really clumsy person] I didn't even feel like arguing. I was so mad they didn't believe me and I don't know what to do. What if it attacks me again?

By gorgeous-killerr:P

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Ouija Board Warning

More than 20 years ago, back when i was in High School, a friend, I will call Rebecca, and I decided to play with the Ouija Board. At this age you get into the "thrill" of being spooked, and the Ouija board provided such entertainment to a couple of 16 year olds.

We began asking questions like, "what is the name of the boy I am going to marry?" and other teenage "girl" questions. We would receive partial messages back, only spelling the initial of the person and such like that. Then the words S-T-O-P were spelled out.

We asked who was speaking to us and it spelled out, G-R-A-N-D-M-A. It was the deceased grandmother of my friend Rebecca. My friend became so spooked that we ended the session quickly and took the board to the beach and burned it. My friend, who was "sensitive" had a very bad feeling come over her when her grandmother came through the Ouija board, that she knew it was her and that she was giving us a warning. Ouija boards, although portrayed as a game are really NO GAME!

I know there are others out there who haven't had a bad experience, the only thing I can say is that you are lucky. It is, indeed, a portal for dark spirits to pass through from their world into ours. Of course, you will encounter passive and benign spirits as well, but would you want to risk it? There are many other more safe ways to contact a deceased loved one, preferably an experienced Medium, or such as  that. Only thing I can say, is that there are many stories on here, with many warning about Ouija boards. BE CAREFUL! Know that you have been warned, and even though your first, second or even third experience may be benign, chances are, the more you play, the greater the risk will be that, at some point, you will encounter a dark entity. Please, think twice, three times, or better yet, DON'T THINK ABOUT PLAYING AT ALL! Just don't say you were not warned.

Sent in by LunaTerra, Copyright 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing With the Ouija Board by Myself

I would like to share my Ouija board story.

It all started in late September 2010. I was getting a paranormal group together and met a guy who was interested. We went to a couple “haunted locations” and began to talk about Ouija boards. We purchased one at target and started playing that same night. We got lots of movement from the board but nothing substantial.

My paranormal friend ended up in jail for having sex with a 14 year old girl and moving from Florida to Michigan to be with her (he met her on my space). I was grossed out and could not believe I played the Ouija with a pedophile.

Anyways, I started to play by myself at my over night babysitting job. I would soon regret it. I would play sometimes all night and scare myself almost to death. One night I was cleaning at work and I heard an infant cry (the kid I watch is 5 and he does not sound like a baby) it was very weird and the cry was coming from the living room. It was amazing how vivid yet faint the cry sounded.

Still my idiot ass played with the board and I began to realize I was talking to bad spirits - the board was calling me nasty names and saying I was going to die. I told myself I was done with the board.

One night at work I was sleeping on the couch and I had a dream that seemed disturbingly real. In the dream, I rose up from the couch and went into Jesse’s room (the kid I watched) and right next to the bed there was a black shadow, I could not see its eyes but I knew it was staring straight in mine. I rushed out and as I was leaving a loud, gurgling moan followed me. I ran to the front door and all the locks were gone and there was no way out. Running around the room, I stopped at the dinner table and there was the Ouija board ripped in half with bite marks. So I ran back to the couch and all I could see was a green little light bouncing at my feet and on the carpe t- I woke up and cried hysterically.

A couple hours later at around 3-3:15 am I heard the loudest noise outside. A lady knocked at the door and informed me that my parked car has been hit, my car is totaled. The driver was drunk and speeding. This experience really got me believing in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

One more thing, A couple weeks after the ordeal I was taking a bath and my soap dish rattled and shook all by itself. I still to this day have the urge to play with the board and even had dreams about the board ending up back in my hands. Oh God help me. Stay away from the occult, it will haunt you and send you to Hell.

Sent in by Anonymous

My Ouija Board Horror

I would like to tell you what happened to me when  I was 16. I worked at a hotel and my coworker invited me to her house to watch movies with my boyfriend. So I went and we watched a movie, do not remember what it was, and then she asked if I wanted to play a game. My boyfriend said he had to go so I stayed.

She brought out a Ouija board and I told her that I had heard bad stories about using them and did not want to play. And she put it away. The next day at work she started, "come on please play it with me. I really do not want to use it alone," and she kept begging me so I went to her house and we started messing with it.

It started to move and  I looked at her and said stop it you are moving it. She looked at me and said no I'm not I promise. And it started writing IT IS SO DARK HERE IT IS SO COLD I DON'T LIKE IT HERE. And  I ask it who are you? And it said ITS ME LEONA. Let me tell you I flipped out I started cussing her and telling her don’t ever play like that with me and I mean it. She looked at me and said what Mechelle? I didn’t do anything. And then I had time to think and I looked at her and started to cry. She said what is it? I looked at her and said how did you know her name? She looked at me and said who's name and I said my great grandma’s. She said Michelle think about it you never told me about your great grandma. I looked at her in shock and I had never spoken to her about her and then and there I was hooked.

I wanted to play every day and we did until one day there was this guy at work and he worked on my floor he kept bringing me black roses and he started saying strange things and he told me that he did not worship God that the devil gave him everything he wanted. And he said that the devil promised him me and that he would have me soon so it really freaked me out. So when I went to her house I played and I, thinking that the ghost was my great grandma asked it was it true that the devil could give him all he wanted. And it said YES THE DEVIL COULD GIVE HIM ALL HE WANTED AND THAT HE WOULD COME TO ME IN MY DREAMS AND HAVE HIS WAY WITH ME. This scared the crap out of me because she would have never told me that like that so I asked who is this? It said I AM THE MAN WHO LURKS IN THE DARK I AM SATANAS. And again I freaked out and threw the board and told her to keep it away from me.

I am telling you from that day on it has been hard for me. It is like they call to me in the stores its like they want me to pick them up but I fight it. My friend came to me a few days later crying and trying to give me the board and I told her I was sorry that I was not going to take it and she told me that she had tried to get rid of it and she could not she had tried to burn it and it would not burn. She threw it in the garbage bin and someone would bring it back in. Then she told me that her ex husband had stolen it from a high priest of Satan and when she found out that he worshiped the devil she had divorced him but had kept the board and one more time I freaked out and said she should have told me about it before she made me use it. She begged me to forgive her and said the only way to get rid of it was to give it to someone else and it had told her about me going to work with her and how she could get me to want to use it and that she would be able get rid of it by giving it to me. But it had changed its mind and it just wanted to see if it could tempt me and see if  I was weak. Never the less I told her to STAY AWAY FROM ME AND NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN.



Ouija Experience and Demonic Voices

One night when I spent the night at a friends house we found a Ouija board. My friend requested that we played it and so we did. Before we started my friend went over the rules about it.

Rule 1: Do not ask the Ouija board when or if someone will die on this date.
Rule 2: Say a prayer before we start.

Then my friends sister and her boyfriend came down and asked if they could play so we let them. Then we started. The first question we asked was "Are there any spirits in this house?" But we all knew there were. The Ouija triangle pointed to yes. Then we asked "how many ghosts are in this house?" The Ouija board went from 5 to 7. We didn't know if it was either 5 or 7 but there is a possibility that it could of been 57. Next we asked "is there any way to see you or know one is here?" Then it went straight to goodbye.

That very night me and my friend were laying down when we heard a little girls voice. It was a faint voice so we barely understood it. We didn't really care because we thought it was my friends niece playing with her Barbie's. But then we heard that voice again at 2:00 in the morning. We weren't asleep because we all were watching a movie. When we heard it that time I asked my friend if her niece was still awake and she told us "no she goes to bed at like 11:00." Then we all went to go see what it was. We went into her living room and saw a small dark shadow, we got a little closer to check if it was real. We still couldn't see it. Then we thought it was just our imagination since we really tired so we all went to sleep.

That morning we heard the phone ring. My friend answered it and the person on the other line was yelling saying that prank calling isn't funny and demonic voices are not appropriate for us kids. Then my friend asked what was she talking about. The lady said that someone called her house at 5:00 in the morning from that phone with a demonic voice saying that she should watch were she sleeps and that it was gonna get her. Then my friend told her that we were all asleep by 2:00 and the lady just kept on yelling.

Still to this day we don't know what had gone on that night. Who was that girl and who or what called that lady. We try to forget it but we think about it whenever we all stay the night there.

Sent in by Naomi Kurtis, Copyright 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Three Ouija Stories

Me and my friends are obsessed with Ouija. So one night we decided to play it at my friend Lauren's house. Like we do almost every time we go over there. We started playing around midnight. The spirit we had gotten said it was a 'haunter' meaning it followed you around until you got another spirit. We stopped after it started cussing at us. We had all went into her bathroom and we were playing around with Bump-its. After I had put it in my hair. We decided to go play again. I took it out of my hair and set it down on the counter. We went back into Lauren's room turned off the lights, re-lit the candles and started playing again. The haunter we had earlier was back... we took our hands off and the piece moved off the board onto the carpet. Since no one had touched it we turned on the lights and the bump-it had been next to me.

We went to bed after this, super scared, when we woke up her clock that had been working before we went to sleep was broken and all three of the pieces were on 6, Making it look like 666 which are supposedly the devil's numbers.

Another time we played it at her house we had gotten the same ghost again, we had a two liter of sprite outside the door, and the haunter threw something in the room. we ran out and found the sprite bottle had been knocked over and leaked all over the floor. We checked the cap and it was still as tight as we left it.

The night before Halloween, me and Lauren had played, around 11:50 pm. we noticed that when it was 12 the spirit had disappeared and hadn't answered our question. Another spirit had come claiming that it was 'the devil'. I told the board that this had to be fake and it told me to 'go to hell' about 5 times, pointed to 6 three times, called me a bitch and then left.

Those are my true Ouija stories. it was really scary to experience that.

Sent in by Kailey and Lauren, Copyright 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Years Ouija Board Session

It was New Years eve and me and my three other friends decided to play the Ouija Board. We got it out and started to play. It was pitch black. We asked it stupid questions but nothing seemed to work. My friend then sat up and yelled "this b.s these things don't work" We ended up getting into a huge fight over the Ouija board. We put it towards good bye to close our session.

 Later on that night after my friend who didn't believe in the Ouija Board had fallen asleep. My two friends and I got out the board. We asked it if there was spirit and the glass went to yes. We then asked it its name, how they were killed, how old they were, and who killed them. The board told us her name was Allie and she was murdered by her brother when she was 10. My friend thought it would be funny to ask her if she lived in the house with me. The glass quickly moved to yes. Then the glass started to move to the four corners of the board. I remembered reading that if that were to ever happen to move the glass to goodbye before it reached the 4th corner. We moved it to goodbye then put the board away for the night.

 The next day when it was only me and my friend Bridget left we decided to take out the Ouija board. We asked to speak to Allie and we just talked to her about her life when she was alive. After a little while of playing with the board I started to get the feeling that i was being stabbed in my stomach. I freaked out and asked her to stop. It went away after a good 5 minutes. Then my friend thought it would be so cool to ask if they could show us a sign. We then heard Scratching at the walls. I started to freak out and quickly ended the session. I turned on the lights and saw scratches all over the walls. My stomach started to get the stabbing feeling again. I lifted up my shirt to see i had scratches all over my body.

I have never used or plan on using a Ouija Board ever since that day.

Sent in by Shelby, Copyright 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ouija Board Story From Florida

It was a rainy Friday midnight, and I was sleeping over at my friend Lucy's house. It was a sleepover party and two of my other friends were there, Susan and Paige. It was starting to get bored, and we were all sprawled out on the couches, trying to fall asleep. Lucy pointed out that she couldn't sleep and we all agreed, so we ran around the house looking for something to do, then... Lucy found an Ouija board under the couch. She set it down on the floor, and Susan and Paige giggled and sat down beside her to play with it. Me? I watched from upstairs, shaking, covered in a blanket, and holding a nerf gun. Oh, that Ouija board gave me the creeps as soon as Lucy shoved it in my face, and I refused to play with it...

They began asking silly questions like which boys in the class liked them and what were they going to eat tomorrow morning and if pink looked good on them. Even though I was still a little creeped out, I was starting to get relieved, and started to fall asleep, still holding my nerf gun. I heard all 3 of the girls gasp, and I blinked and opened my eyes. Paige turned around and screamed at me, ''WE ASKED HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE IN THIS ROOM, AND THEY SAID 5!'' I blinked and realized that there was someone else in the room with us! Lucy squeaked and said she was scared, and started clinging to Paige. I stood up wrapped in my blanket, and scanned the room. Suddenly, something clawed my back before pushing me down the stairs. I fell face first and fainted.

When I woke up, I was surrounded by my mom, Paige, Lucy, Susan, my dad, and the girl's moms. They said I had jumped down the stairs and fainted, and I knew that I didn't slip, I didn't trip, and I sure as hell did not jump myself. Something pushed me, and I had the claw marks on my back to prove it. For 2 years, Lucy had been haunted by a demon, and no matter what she and her family tried, nothing worked. Paige and Susan were also haunted. I'm still glad I never even touched the board.

Eventually, the demons that had haunted Paige and Susan went away. But Lucy kept getting haunted, and I still don't know what had haunted her exactly, all I know is that it had killed her. That happened years ago and it still scares me. And as I'm typing, the pieces of a broken Ouija board are sitting around my feet. My brother had gone and bought an Ouija board, without even knowing what it is capable of. I swear there is something wrong with my family. Well, as cheesy as that may have sounded, this is the truth, and I've written all I want to write. Jadey out.

Sent in by tHeCrAzYoTaKu, Copyright 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Would Like to Share My Ouija Board Story

It all started in late September 2010. I was getting a paranormal group together and met a guy who was interested. We went to a couple “haunted locations” and began to talk about Ouija boards. We purchased one at target and started playing that same night. We got lots of movement from the board but nothing substantial.

My paranormal friend ended up in jail for having sex with a 14 year old girl and moving from Florida to Michigan to be with her (he met her on my space). I was grossed out and could not believe I played the Ouija with a pedophile. Anyways, I started to play by myself at my over night babysitting job. I would soon regret it.

I would play sometimes all night and scare myself almost to death. One night I was cleaning at work and I heard an infant cry (the kid I watch is 5 and he does not sound like a baby) it was very weird and the cry was coming from the living room. It was amazing how vivid yet faint the cry sounded. Still my I played with the Ouija board and I began to realize I was talking to bad spirits - the board was calling me nasty names and saying I was going to die. I told myself I was done with the board.

One night at work I was sleeping on the couch and I had a dream that seemed disturbingly real. In the dream, I rose up from the couch and went into Jesse’s room (the kid I watched) and right next to the bed there was a black shadow, I could not see its eyes but I knew it was staring straight in mine. I rushed out and as I was leaving a loud, gurgling moan followed me. I ran to the front door and all the locks were gone and there was no way out. Running around the room, I stopped at the dinner table and there was the Ouija board ripped in half with bite marks. So I ran back to the couch and all I could see was a green little light bouncing at my feet and on the carpet - I woke up and cried hysterically.

A couple hours later at around 3 - 3:15 am I heard the loudest noise outside. A lady knocked at the door and informed me that my parked car has been hit, my car is totaled. The driver was drunk and speeding. This experience really got me believing in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

One more thing, a couple weeks after the ordeal I was taking a bath and my soap dish rattled and shook all by itself. I still to this day have the urge to play with the board and even had dreams about the Ouija board ending up back in my hands. Oh God help me. Stay away from the occult, it will haunt you and send you to hell.


Monday, March 7, 2011

My Brother's Spirit

Well when I was 13 me my childhood friend jenny, her sister Carrie, and a friend of there's wanted to see what could happen if we played the Ouija board game, So one day we went to visit her stepdad and family, after we got done eating me, Jenny, Carrie and her friend not sure what her name was, because it was so long ago, went into the guess room where the Ouija board was at, We never played it before because we heard really scary stories about it, But being kid's we were curious to find out.

We turned off the light, lit 5 candles, and made a circle around the Ouija board, holding hands, until we were ready to start. All of us placed our fingertip's on the plate, Then jenny asked "is there someone here", All of a sudden the plate stared moving to the YES sign, We all looked at each other laughing at first because we thought one of each other was moving the plate, Then jenny asked another question, "Do you know the nickname of jenny's brother Tracy"? Again the plate went to YES, Then jenny asked "What is his nickname can you tell us"? Spelling out POOKIE", I never told my friends what my brother's nickname was so I was kinda scared but not as much.

Then we continued asking another question, Jenny asked, "Is Tracy in this room"? All of a sudden the plate moved to "YES" fast, and one by one the candles blew out, How? there was no wind, no window's, and we were all looking at each other the whole time, We all started screaming, I was the first one to run from the room, and ran up to jenny's stepdad and asked him to take me home, He said why? what's wrong? what happened?

We could never tell any parent's because they told us not to play with the Ouija board. I'll never know till this day, Was it my brother?, Was he trying to tell me something when the candles blew out? Maybe to stop playing the Ouija board? I don't know, But that was the most scariest experience in my life... Maybe be hard to believe but I know it was True I was there and my friends were to.... After that happened jenny's mother made her throw it away, we were bummed, but I guess you never know what spirit you will get from the Ouija board.

Sent in by jenny, Copyright 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Nights Ouija Board Session

ok so from the title you will see I used a Ouija board last night nothing unusual for me I'm always safe before anyone pipes up how terrible they are I prayed for protection before I opened the Ouija board I had white candles burning, and I made sure the last spirit said goodbye to close the board down after.

Now last night was slightly different as I used the Ouija board with my mum and step sister not my usual group of spiritualist friends although my mum and sis are spiritualist too.

As soon as we opened the Ouija board my step uncle who had committed suicide last year came to chat he had a laugh with my sis chatted up my mum as he always does and was even kind enough to call me a pie for eating pizza with my free hand this wasn't nasty he was always a joker in life.

Next to come through was my great aunt who wanted us to let my Nan (her sister who isn't well at the moment) know she is with her and she hears her talking to her all the time we said we would pass on the message she also wanted her husband to know she loves him. She said goodbye then and another spirit came through, a male wanting to speak to my mum. He said they are related through my granddads side of the family, never got to the bottom of that as he was suddenly interrupted by a much stronger spirit taking over the board. My mum asked who it was the answer was now going to get very weird it said Amy`s sister.

Amy is my daughter she has two brothers but no sister. Thing is that on Christmas eve 05 when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Amy I started bleeding heavily. I thought I'd lost the baby it wasn't until I had no period that I called my midwife who sent me for a scan to reveal one healthy baby I was now 13 weeks pregnant. At my 16 week midwife check I was finally told there was a chance I'd lost a twin it was never 100% though.

My mum asked the spirit for her mums name my name was given then we asked for her dads name my ex boyfriends name was given. My mum asked how old she was when she died she said 0 but she's 4 now just like my Amy. I asked then if she is Amy's twin she said yes. I asked her if she has a name she spelt out Lilly a nickname for my daughter when she was little, she spelt out I love you mummy. I told her I loved her too and I began to cry as its quite sad knowing that I did definitely lose a baby but at the same time I was happy she was ok, the Ouija board then said be happy and then goodbye.

We decided to stop then as the board had been closed down anyway and it was getting late.

Today when my little girl woke up its weird thinking there should be two of her. I know its silly to be upset over a baby you didn't know you lost but I do feel upset when I look at my daughter although glad I have her.

Thanks Missy

Sent in by Missy Louise, Copyright 201

Home Made Ouija Board William Hikaru and George

My brother, who is 13, and I (I'm 17) made our own Ouija board a few nights ago. We decided since the last time we had a Ouija board and it wasn't used properly (we had to throw BOTH of them away because they BOTH kept the same demons coming back and we had a bad experience with them) we decided we'd put all these positive things on it. We put three crosses on it and for our two bottom corners, we put a heart and a star with each element on a point on the corners instead of what is normally seen. We figured if you made it more positive, nothing totally bad would happen.

We recorded our sessions with headphones for a computer so we knew who said what. We were down in my brother's room with it first with some sodas. We left the cans down there and didn't touch them after we finished them. When we contacted George, he called me the most insulting names you could think of. I asked why he was doing that and he said "I HATE YOU BOTH". We said goodbye immediately.

We went back to the recording and in the recording, when I asked who it was, you heard in a man's crackly voice something along the lines of "Help". Then you heard it again when we asked if it was Anna, a spirit we were previously talking to and he said "No it's not Anna." Then you don't hear it for the rest of the recording. Also, since it was a recording, there was no picture for it but while we were doing a playback, a black and white picture came up of a lady having her hand on her cheek. "Hikaru" was the next one. When I said hello, it spelled "HELLO BEAUTIFUL". When I asked who it was, at first it said "HOST CLUB MEMBERS" and I got suspicious because that's what one of my friend's and my favorite shows. I asked who I was talking to and it flew to spell out "HIKARU". It kept asking me to date it and it scared me a little bit. I knew that wasn't this thing's real name. I told the spirit I didn't believe it and it said "I'LL GIVE YOU A KISS ON THE CHEEK I'LL MAKE SURE ITS WET TO PROVE I'M HIKARU." I didn't really say anything and before I know it, my cheek felt cold and soaked! I had my brother touch it, he said he didn't feel it get wet, but he felt it get very cold. That didn't prove anything other than that this spirit gives very sloppy kisses.

The coldness wore off right after we got the spirit to leave us alone after trying 2 times. The dogs started barking hysterically at that point. We didn't think anything of it at first, but this detail is important for later on. When we listened to our recording, we heard banging we didn't hear during the session. It only did it once or twice. The last one was William. Through out the whole conversation, it seemed fine. When we went back to the recording however, it was different. When I asked who it was, a man with a British accent said "William." I asked if he was good and you heard him again saying "Yes." I asked him if he was going to say mean names to us and in the recording you hear him again saying "What." I asked something else but I couldn't understand my own voice but you could hear his clear as day saying "We're on the say day and the same month." I didn't ask anything about dates.

Later on, I asked something about my sister and you hear him say "You're it." I don't know who he was referring to, but it's still creepy. Then, he or someone else, since it didn't sound like him, said something that didn't sound like English. It sounded like croaking. You can tell whatever it was was saying something, you just couldn't understand it. William also said something like "Three different ___" We don't know the last word yet and are still looking into it. Through out the rest of it, you hear croaks. Once we were done, my brother went down to his room. He rushed back up to me in a panic and said "My soda can was crushed! It's on its side and crushed!" He was frightened so we camped out in the living room. Ever since we used it in my room, the cat scratches at the same spot on the same corner of my wall and stares at it. This isn't the most thrilling story ever, but it's very true and it proves no matter what you do, you need to take so many precautions when messing with a Ouija board. I hope you liked it!

Sent in by Keri, Copyright 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

First and Last Ouija Board Encounter

Halloween Night a friend brought over a Ouija board at a party.

Michael, Sara, Morgan, and myself said "what could possibly go wrong?" You gotta hate when you really mess yourself up with such a line. We open the board up sat in a circle around it. We asked "Are there any spirits that would like to talk?" Nothing happened for a minute. Sara said "this is st--" and immediately the arrow moved to W-A-I-T! We asked for its name. It responded A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R. I let Morgan ask the next question." Do you know how we will all die?" Michael hissed back at her "NEVER ask questions like that its just asking for bad things to happen!" The pointer jerked to YES!

Michael nearly whimpered in fear. I asked the spirit if it could help us. It slowly pulled towards no, then spelled out H-U-R-T.

The others let go as I held on to the pointer. It felt as if I was pulling a hundred pounds. I grunted out the words "Put your damn hands back on the pointer and help me move it to goodbye!" Thankfully they did. We sighed with relief. Sara turned to me and asked if I was alright. I replied "Ha...I think so." As we turned the lights on Morgan said " Looks like you got a little mark on your back." I shrugged and pulled up my shirt and asked "Is it a bug bite or something?" Sara then let out a low gasp, I asked "What's wrong?" She rasped out that's no bug bite, it looks like you just got mauled by a cougar. Puzzled a went to the bathroom and looked at my back in the mirror. As it happened there were multiple  6 - 7 inch long scars running from my shoulder blades to my mid back.

I asked them to go pick up the box that Ouija board is in, as were gonna burn that sucker. Michael said "ill go get it" He came back up with hands trembling. We threw the damn box in the fireplace and then said a prayer. I'm guessing we should have done that in the first place.

Ouija boards are like getting a mystery meal. You don't know what's in the secret sauce... or the meal.

Sent in by Adam, Copyright 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ouija Board is Pure Evil

I agree with  this post I just read here on the Ouija board.  I myself have tried to post online warning everyone not to even buy one, don't have it in your home, or be near one.   And why would anyone purchase one from someone else or off eBay? You are inviting and taking on that karma and that evil that entered from the person who is selling it.   WAKE UP people.   This is not a game.


I know everyone is curious and just dieing to buy one; and that is what you will get by touching it or even being a part of it and around it.    You will get nothing but evil.


Please, this is not a game and I hope I am scaring you because it is serious. If you have one, get rid of it!  cut it up into 7 pieces and bury it deep in the ground!

And they want to sell this to kids?   O MY GOD!

Is there anything we can do people here?  is there some way we can get together on this and see what can be done to remove this board from the market?  I am very serious.    It is not a game! I  am terrified, literally for all the people out there who are so naive about this and who refuse to listen.     This is not a game.    It is very real and very serious!    

Sent in by DD

A Ouija Board and a True Haunting

When my granddad died, me and my mam went to live with my grandma, I was 12 and got roped into doing Ouija board with my mam and a cousin. It was a home made board, cut out letters and a shot glass on a dining room table. I had no idea it would even work, I still try to think of it as unreal now. Its like I'm looking back at a horror story that has been on TV a work of fiction.

The glass did move, the bloody glass moved even when everyone took their finger off, not far but enough for us to know it wasn't us pushing it. It 'pretended' to be my granddad, knew intimate details from his life that, only my grandma knew about - of which she got very upset and almost insulted when my mam asked her about stuff.

When everyone was out the house I could hear steps up the stairs, like a dog running, I could hear panting in my ear when the light was off, like something was only centimeters away. My room was frozen, I could always see my breath.

I slept in with my mam one night after she had found some boxes shredded to bits on top of her wardrobe. We were just about to go to sleep and the blanket was ripped off the bed by the bottom corner on my side. I was terrified. I kept the blanket in my teeth till I fell asleep.

Loads of things happened, we carried on doing Ouija board thinking it was my granddad, till one night it said to go to his grave, and when my mam did the flowers were shredded over the top.

The last night we done it, we believed we were talking to him and he was asking my mam about tablets she was going to take, little did I know she was contemplating suicide, and all of a sudden it spelled out, don't do this anymore its not John (my granddads name) and the curtains flew inwards and there was a strong smell of feces, that never left for 3 days.

I understand the Ouija board is a fools game, so dangerous, and really I'd like to make sense of what happened. I'm 28 now and never had any strange occurrences since. I often do think back to what happened, and it chills me to the bone.

Sent in by gemmagee, Copyright 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Ouija Board I Can Never Let Go

The following is all true, no lies I promise you. I'm still stuck, and you'll see what I mean.

About two weeks ago my mom bought a Ouija board offline. This was before she knew anything "bad" about it. Well we tried it the next night and I was amazed at how cool it worked. I didn't know that'd be the turning point for me.

The next day I tried it out with one of my friends, then the following day with another friend. Eventually that Friday,  I used it with the same friend (I will call her "Shawna"). Last Friday when I went with some friends to a basketball game, walking up to my house we were followed by this weird dude with a white t shirt and blue jeans and black hair. He walked very strangely... Before I knew it, after my friends left weird things started happening in my RV so I thought it was a ghost. So the next Friday when I was using it with Shawna, we asked the age of the spirit. It spelled out "18" and I was beginning to freak out. We asked if it was a girl or boy... It said boy.

I asked him if it was the guy that followed us last week and was living in my RV since then, and it went to yes. So we then asked if he had any unfinished business and if it had to do with me and Shawna. It said yes, then spelled out bwsw. I asked if those were our initials and it again went to yes. We asked for our ages and it spelled the correct numbers.

Later the spirit said his "unfinished business" was good. We asked who it had to do with. Here is our conversation:
"who does your unfinished business have to do with?"
"c u r t i v"
"do you mean Curtis? (that was a kid in our class who was sorta annoying)"
"what does he have to do with your business?"
"h e i s s i v k"
"sick? He is sick?"
"if you mean sick as in physically ill go to yes. If you mean sick as in hurting people or being mean go to no."
"did he hurt you?"
"do you want us to hurt him"
"yes." and from there we were scared and confused. We had sat there for an hour and ten minutes and our legs were cramping up. The board tilted off our knees and the planchette started turning different ways, tangling our fingers. It counted down the last 8 or so letters of the alphabet. When we asked to leave it went from the same two letters: k and m back and forth back and forth. We said goodbye and we would try to contact it another day.

My mom began worrying about my mood and how I became more stressed. I told her it wasn't the board but other things. She kept the board from me till Monday. Me and Shawna planned to use it that day. We waited until it got darker so our special 18 year old spirit would be around.

When we were about to, my mom was awake from her daily work nap. She said we were supposed to use it RIGHT after school and for an hour only. But I didn't remember that. So I burst out crying and she was yelling "THE DEVIL HAS GOT YOUR CRINGE!" and I didn't know what she meant. She threatened to send the board back and even burn it. I told her it was the worst thing she could do. I felt like I was dying, like my heart was being taken away from me.

The days following I became very depressed. When I heard my mom sent the Ouija board to someone else, I cried when I was alone. I wished desperately for the spirit to show me a sign it was here. I wrote him a letter too but no reply.

I began thinking I could never let go of the board. It grew so attached to me and it wouldn't let me go. There was some part of me that kept me from helping myself. My friends told me to let go. I would lay in bed, telling myself to let go. And immediately after something else told me, "how could you think that?! You can't forget about the board! How dare you say that!"

I thought I was possessed but deep down I wanted to be. I began wearing a rubber band that I felt like would keep my sad side stuck with me. The demon side I'll call it. Last night, I told myself I never wanted to let the board go and I didn't want to forget it or let anyone make me forget it...

So I cut the word "Ouija" on my arm. I didn't draw blood, I just scratched it on so it was visible and red. I wanted a scar. When I was done I felt satisfied. Those same days I began painting my nails black, tearing all my posters off my walls and putting up words I wrote that said what I felt about the Ouija board.

Then when I told my mom about the cut, she smothered me in sage, shaking my head and saying "all evil spirits go away" and other stuff. She chased me down with a sharpie to write a cross on my arm and back. And I fought back because if there was a spirit, I didn't want it to leave. For some reason I wanted it to stay with me.

But she got away. Now I'm hoping I stay with the spirits. I hope I get another Ouija board. I don't know how long I can move on... I feel like I need the board. I'm obsessed with it!!! I will fight the sage and cross if I have to. I love the Ouija board no matter how evil it is.

Sent in by Becky Weed, Copyright 2011