Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Do Some Ouija Boards Summon Evil While Others Do Not?

Hi i have a question not so much a story! How do some boards summon evil and others don't?

Is it the location your at or the fact you believe?


Experience Using Home Made Ouija Board

Hi , I'm Jack and on Friday I used the Ouija board for the first time.

I got paper and cardboard and cut out the cardboard roughly the same size as a paper sheet and then drew everything on it.

I used a shot glass and it worked perfectly so here is what the spirit said

- Is there any spirit that would like to talk?
- Yes
- Are you a boy
- Yes
- What is your name?
- Brian
- how were you when you died
- 72
- How did you die?
- NO
- do you want to tell me?
- no
- Okay

I was really scared so I said goodbye and closed the session.

I tried a bit later and something bad really happened it went a bit like this

- Is there a spirit who would like to talk?
- No
- Why not
- Bad man
- who is bad?
- you
- how old are you?
- 7
- whats your name?
- Peter
- Thank you goodbye
- no
- Is this Peter?
- no
- who is this?
- Yuo
- are good or bad?
- I moved the shot glass to goodbye and closed the session I ripped up the board and put it in the bin.

What do I do?


Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Time Using A Ouija Board

Yesterday, I used a Ouija board for the first time. I've always been interested in ouija boards and what they do, so I had decided I was ready to use one.

I was over my friend's house, and she asked me if I wanted to use hers. I immediately got excited, yet I was still a little nervous to use it, based on the stories I've heard. As soon as we put our hands on it and asked if there was a spirit present, the planchette moved to yes. I got scared yet excited immediately, so we started to ask it questions. I was too nervous to ask questions about the actual spirit, so we just asked light hearted questions, like if we were going to date people in high school (which it said yes, if I had passed a test in school (it said yes) and so on. Then, we said goodbye and put it away.

I kept asking my friend if she had been moving it, because though I strongly believe in ouija boards, I was shocked at the quick movements it had made. My friend kept saying no, and I knew she hadnt been moving the planchette because the whole time, I could see her fingers slightly hovering over the planchette.

Then, we got bored and used it a second time. This time, I asked if there was a positive spirit present, and it said no, so I immediately got nervous and wanted to put it away before anything bad happened. My friend kept asking it questions, but I didn't ask any because I was nervous and wanted to put it away.

After my friend asked a few questions, I said goodbye and put it away. I'm sort of nervous for my friend because she was not taking it seriously, and she was being a bit rude towards the negative spirit, so I hope nothing happens to her...

I know many things about Ouija boards because I have done my research, but if you guys have any comments, suggestions or tips on Ouija boards, please comment them!

Thanks for listening!


Friday, May 29, 2015

Ouija Board And Whispers

Okay so people might not believe me and that's fine but this genuinely happened and I wish it didn't.. This story is short but not any less terrifying.

Okay so basically the night started off as an average night. I was at my friends house and we got really board and right now the Charlie charlie thing is in right now so we tried that but as we thought nothing happened.

There was about 6-7 of us and since charlie charlie hadn't worked we decided we would do a ouija board. Big mistake in my eyes.

Everyone put there fingers on the glass, baring in mind this was a home made ouija board, a friend asked the board "is there anyone here?" Nothing happened and we started laughing then he asked again "is there anyone here with us?" And out of the corner of the room a whisper but a loud whisper was heard saying "no" and echoed "no" we all looked at the corner at the same time and everyone freaked out!

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on the spirit we hear, we didn't get very far throught the game because we were way to scared, I don't have any other details on the spirit except it had the power to communicate so please if anyone has info please contact me!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Afraid The Ouija Might Be Real?

First time experience with George

It started out as a normal night. My four friends and I have just become high school seniors and lately we've been looking for trouble. Last night we went to Will's house. It was the first time we had had ever been there. His parents weren't home, so he walked up to the attic and came back with a Ouija board.

"I'm not touching that," Luke said.

"Afraid that it may be real?" I asked. He denied.

Will cleared his kitchen table, turned the lights off and lit six candles. I sat around the table with him and Kate. Sam and Luke stayed back, too afraid to play.

We all placed our fingers on the planchette and asked if anyone was there. Nothing, as expected.

"Get it going by spinning the planchette in circles," Luke suggested. So we did.

A few seconds later, we asked if anyone was there. The planchette moved to "yes".

"Are you guys doing that?" Luke asked from across the room.

We all responded no, but I still had a heavy feeling that Will was moving it.

Eventually, it spelt out the name "George". I was the only one really asking questions, so I asked if he was good or bad, in which he responded "good". I asked how long ago he lived and he said 100, leading us to believe that he lived around 1915.

"Is there anything you want to tell us?" I asked. The planchette moved to "yes" and proceeded to spell out "death". Without thinking, we all said goodbye and waited for the planchette to move to goodbye, which took a while. Eventually it did. All of us, now freaked out, decided to leave the house and go get McDonalds. While there, I was thinking of questions that could stump Will, just in case he was moving it. I thought of a good one.

When we got back, we opened it back up, but this time only Will and Sam played. I told Luke that I had a way to prove that Will wasn't moving the planchette. Will is bad at history, so I told Sam to ask "who was the president in 1915", an answer only Luke and I knew in the room. It took a while, but the planchette moved to "W". I glanced at Luke, who seemed astonished. Everyone asked who the president was.

"Woodrow Wilson," I responded.

"That doesn't mean anything," Luke said.

I told Sam to ask about the Vice President, again, only an answer Luke and I knew. The planchette moved to T.

"Well?" Will asked.

"Thomas Marshall," I responded with a smirk. I got a kick out of watching Luke's face.

We all decided that it was enough for the night, so Will and Sam said goodbye and we left his house.

I'm excited to play again and ask George more personal questions. Any advice? Questions I could ask? Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there anything we did wrong? We want to be as safe as possible.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ouija Board Experience In Foster Home

I was in a Boys foster home with my roommate, I had no experience with a Ouija board my roommate had a lot. We told it we were opening ourselves to good and bad spirits. (dumb idea probably) We finally got someone and asked the normal questions, then we asked it to give us a sign. it said behind Chase (Me). We turned around and looked... nothing. We gave up on trying to get a physical sign and finished up.

Me and my roommate always would get freaked out and felt safe sleeping with our rosary. I turned around (Behind chase) to get it out of my backpack. Which keep in mind this Rosary has been in a pocket in my backpack for months (6-8). As I get my rosary out of its pouch it was broke dead in the middle. Now it is possible that handling the backpack could of broke it. But its been in a pouch in a pocket of my backpack for months without a scratch.

Also the more we used the board all we would get before we started to give up is it would say its name is "Mom" it would tell us Ouija is the devil. and it would also say its name was "Zaz" saw a similar story with a similar name.

Please if anyone has more info on my experience comment.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LABA The Demon Possesses My Sister?

About 11 years ago, my sisters and I, my oldest one Linda who was 17, second oldest Mia who was 16 and me who was 13, went to a garage sale to try and find some cool antiques to decorate our boring house with. After running around, not finding anything too interesting, we found a garage sale where this woman was selling a REAL original Ouija board from the 1800s for a super cheap price! We were super excited since this was the only cool thing we had seen all day, so we considered buying it, not actually knowing what a Ouija board was. So we asked the seller what a Ouija board was.

"What is a Ouija board?" Mia asked.

"You can talk to ghosts with that board." The woman replied.

We were all SUPER excited.

"How does it work?"

"You ask the spirit a question. You use the little wooden mover with the glass in the middle to guide your hands to the letters and numbers to answer your questions."

Without any hesitation, we bought it. When we took it home, we had to hide it because my mom, being a super duper religious italian catholic, would TOTALLY disapprove. We went into the attic and then went into this little closet we had in the attic (This was our 'clubhouse') and brought up a candle to see.

Linda: Are you really a ghost?
Ouija: Yes.

We were freaking out because we had never done anything like this before. It was obviously a ghost. But we were just screwing around.

Me: What's your name?
Ouija: L-A-B-A

Linda (speaking to me) "What the hell kind of name is Laba?"
We all laughed.

Ouija: D-O-N-T-L-A-U-G-H-O-R-E-L-S-E

We got super scared here. But we felt like since it said that, it was someone moving it. We thought it was Mia since she hadn't said anything, so we turned to her. But Mia didn't say anything to what we thought. At all. It was like she couldn't hear us. She looked super focused on the board. we got concerned.

"Mia? Mia, are you okay?" We took our hands off of the planchette but Mia was glued to it. The planchette suddenly began to move.

Ouija: S-H-E-I-S-M-I-N-E

We eventually got too scared and had to go get our mom up to help. Linda and I were too scared to stay up there with Mia acting all weird so we left her alone for maximum a minute and thirty seconds. As soon as my mom came up to see, Mia was sobbing her heart out saying that there was a rotting old woman in the room while we were gone who threatened to kill us all if we didn't give her our souls. Linda and I didn't want to believe this. It was just too unreal to be true. But my mom believed it 100% and called our local priest to bless the house the next morning. This was really, really serious for us. We had gotten a demon into our house!

Even after our house was blessed, Mia still acted really weird. She rarely left the house for over a few hours because she thought 'Laba' would kill us, and she would avoid eating red food for whatever reason. She never explained why. Even today, Mia, who is now in her late twenties, became a super religious catholic like my mom and devotes her life to church. This is really weird, because before the Laba incident, we all agreed that being religious was insane.

When Mia is around, we can't even talk about Ouija boards because she'll start having panic attacks if we do. Whatever this 'Laba' is, it ruined my sister's life.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Ouija Board Nightmare

My mother bought a Ouija board a few months ago. We are both into ghost hunting nights and we thought we'd try it in our own home. When it arrived we used it and when we called out the glass moved about an inch but that was it. We said goodbye and tucked the board away behind the cabinet.

Last night my mother and step father went for a night away and left me responsible for my two dogs. I got bored and decided to use the board. I called out but nothing happened so I said goodbye and had a cigarette.

Shortly after this, the TV turned off and I heard banging noises coming from downstairs while I was upstairs. I was terrified and the so were the dogs. My dog came and sat on my lap and wouldn't move no matter how much I pushed her.

When I went to sleep, I had a dream that the board spoke to me spelling out 'hyrath' and then going to random letters. I was conscious and felt like I was falling from the bed. I felt that I was trying to wake myself up but couldn't and when I did I could barely lift my eyelids open.

I still have the board. What should I do next?


My Ouija Board Experience

Okay, so in around May 2014, my friends and I (six total) were hanging out. After a while, we got a little bored and wanted to try something new for once since we had always played outside or played video games. It suddenly came to me:

Play with the Ouija board!

I had never played with a Ouija board before that day, and I had little to no experience whatsoever of how to use it, so we went online to get some advice. The website said a bunch of stuff about demons and stuff, and at the bottom, it said that if the board spells out anything satanic like "DEVIL" or "HELL" then we immediately have to end the session.

Being clueless and new to this, we had no idea what to expect and this freaked us out a little. But we still wanted to do it. We did a little more research to guarantee it working, so we found out that there's something called the 'ideomotor' effect that happens where you just move it by yourself instead of a spirit due to your constant pulse and your subconscious or something. To prevent this, we blindfolded all the planchette movers. (We also read somewhere that it works better if it's a boy and a girl only moving it, so we chose my friends Sam and Maria)

We turned off all the lights and shut the door. (We did this in Sam's bedroom.) It was a rainy day. We didn't have any candles to light, so we used a little skull snow globe and little skull lamp light that we found to both set the mood and see the board. We made the board out of green bristle board and a black Sharpie marker, and we used a disposable plastic cup as the planchette. I was in charge of recording, but due to my sloth-like nature, I tend to space out very easily. I was chosen because I looked like I knew what I was doing, even though I didn't. We soon started, all very excited and completely unaware of what to expect.

Sam: Are you there?

Board: Yes.

Sam: What's your name?

Board: (doesn't move)

Sam: Are you a good spirit?

Board: (Planchette moves a bit, but generally doesn't say anything and stays still)

Sam: What's your favourite sport?

Board: (Doesn't say anything at first.)

Sam, being a little impatient, skips to the next question right away.

Sam: Are you a kid?

Board: Starts moving to 'K'

I watch, but I space out and I don't write this down. I'm mesmerized. We all stay silent and watch.

Board: Moves to "I"

We expect it to move to "D" to spell out "Kid" because of the question, but remember, we asked it its favourite sport before.

Board: Moves to "L" and stays there. It spelled out "Kil", but we interpreted it as "Kill" because we heard that spirits can misspell things.

I was the one in charge of making sure this didn't happen, but I was completely out. I completely forgot. Sam and Maria were blindfolded so they couldn't do anything and didn't know what the board was saying, and finally, my friend Mia looked at me, signalling for me to do something. I grabbed Maria's hand and whipped the planchette to 'Goodbye' and we all sprinted out of the room in a flick.

We left the planchette on 'Goodbye'.

We stayed in the living room on the second floor (the bedrooms are on the third floor) and we were all scared out of our minds. We felt violated. We stayed there for thirty minutes before Sam and I got a little curious. We wanted to see what happened to the board after talking to a supposed 'evil' spirit. We crept up the stairs and peeked inside of the room, and the planchette was sitting on 'H' instead of 'Goodbye', what we had initially left it on. We were freaked the hell out of.

After that, we called Sam's mom to come and get the board out of the room since we were too scared, then we ripped it into shreds and threw it in the recycling bin.

Does this mean anything?


Friday, May 22, 2015

Scary Ouija Board Experience

My name is Thomas. I am 16 and me and my friends were playing with a Ouija board in an attempt to contact our deceased friend who passed away in a car accident.

We were playing when we heard a noise in the kitchen. We said "Lizzie we are here for you. We miss you."

Nothing happened for a few seconds before the planchette stutter a bit before sliding to the word YES.

We asked "who is this" and the planchette spelt out L-I-Z under the board. I shivered and very slowly picked up the planchette and raised it up the see through the oculus through my eye (I made the planchette out of wood so I used a mini magnifying glass for the oculus ) and I saw a faint figure sitting at the chair and I screamed.

My friends and I slid it to goodbye and we never played it again.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wreck Caused By A Ouija Board?

A few nights ago my friends and I went to a graveyard to play with an Ouija board, knowing we weren't supposed to do play there because of all the spirits, we did anyways. When we got there mostly everyone chickened out and didn't play, but me and one other person still did.

We forgot our planchette so we needed something we could use, the only thing we had was an alcohol bottle. You're never supposed to even have alcohol around Ouija boards but we dumbly used it to play.

We started playing, I recited the lines I was supposed to say, we kept asking questions but no one was answering. I started to take it as a joke so I invited out mama and zozo, "mama where are you? Come on zozo talk to us" still no answer. We then heard a deep voice screaming telling us to run, we all ran in our cars.

The girl and I who played were in my car, we were driving fine and then all of a sudden my brakes wouldn't work around a turn, my steering wheel stalled, I couldn't do anything. My car flew over a water bank and into the pond. The car in front of us were my friends they pulled over and ran to us.

We quickly got out of the car, as it was smoking. It was the weirdest thing ever, a car pulled up to my friend and asked what happened, my friend said that his friends had wrecked, and were stuck in the car I said no im right here, it was as if no one could see me, I honestly thought I was dead.

I kept trying to talk and then all I remember next was my mom arriving with the tow truck, my head had hurt so bad, I also had glass in it and I have bad whiplash. A guy helping us came up and gave us a mat, we didn't know what it was it just said "WELCOME" he said it was hanging on my car in the creek, he figured it just fell out, we had never seen that mat before, it wasn't ours.

I dont know if the wreck was significant to the Ouija board or maybe I'm just over thinking it. I didn't cry at all, through the whole thing, as if my tear ducts were dried up. My friends are convincing me it was because I was the only one into playing, so maybe I was possessed? I really don't know..


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Ouija Board Is A True Means Of Communication

Hi, my name is Shane. Last night my girlfriend and I decided to use our Ouija board for the second time. The first time we used it we spoke to a spirit named Diana that had claimed to have being in my parents house since 1930. The house was built in 1867 so I believed her.

I Never really fully believing the Ouija board was a true means of communication we decided to use it last night. Boy I sure was wrong. I talked to a spirit named Simon. He answered my year based questions such as what year is it currently. What year did you first enter this house, and what year were you born.

Then I wanted to test how accurate he could be. I asked what address this was and he told me 6 Prospect which is correct. We live in a boarding house and live in room 10. I asked him what room we were currently in and he told us "10".

Getting somewhat curious to go further I asked him if he knew what my name was and he spelled out my name for me. My girlfriend asked what her name was and same thing, perfectly accurate.

I recently had my grandfather pass away and I stated "I recently had a family member pass away who was very important to me, do you know what his name is?" He spelled out Calvin which was my grandfathers name. At that point I felt uncomfortable and thanked him and moved the planchette to goodbye.


Friday, May 8, 2015

A Few Questions To Ask Before I Play Or Use A Ouija

I don't have story to tell but a few questions to ask before I play or use a Ouija for safety.

1st off Ive always been interested in the paranormal and I've bean reading these oujia board stories and today I got board and thought might as well give it a shot. I made a board with a pizza box and a shot glass took it upstairs by myself to play right when I put the board on the table and salt around it (heard its to keep you safe).

Anyway before I put the glass on the board I froze I didn't know what to do I had a bad feeling in my guy and I stood there for a few minutes deciding what to do anyway I ended up doing so I don't know if I did it right but I asked the normal questions nothing happen I still had the bad feeling in my gut so I stopped and threw the board out.

I'm wondering if I should play or not? How to make sure nothing will follow me and hurt my family I want your opinions.