Monday, February 25, 2013

Ouija Board Seance And Our New Home Haunting

I'm Karin and I'm 19. I've recently moved into an older home with my best friend and her dog.

The first two weeks we moved in I was visiting family so she was at the house by herself. She called and told me she thought the house was still settling because there's been a lot of noise happening. When I got back I started to notice strange occurrences such as the dog will stand in the middle of the room staring up almost at an adults height and either wag his tail or cower.
I was doing my hair one day and my hair straighteners cord was touching the ground. No one was using water, no toilet, sink etc. and my toilet started overflowing with water. I threw my straightener on the counter and ran to my roommates room and had her see it for herself. I would've been electrocuted if I didn't leave when I did.