Friday, February 27, 2015

Why Am I The Evil One?

One time me and my family were watching the movie Ouija. My little cousin who is 11 became interested in using a Ouija board so he decided to make one and he asked me to play it with him. We went down to my room, lit a few candles, and said a protection prayer. I started asking questions and it didn’t take very long to get a response. I asked if there was any spirits that would like to communicate and it said no. I looked at my cousin thinking that he was the one who moved it but he looked scared. I ask how many spirits were in the room and it said 8. I asked what it’s name was and it said “D”. I asked if it was from the sun or the moon and it moved to the sun, then went to goodbye.

We used to Ouija board a few times after this and kept getting the same spirit, D. Most times I would ask questions and it would just spell out gibberish. One time we were able to get a few decent answers.

    Me: Where were you born?
    D: Regina
    Me: Are you at peace?
    Me: Do you have any family?
    D: Yes
    Me: Is there anything that you would like to say to them?
    D: SG
    Me: What does that mean? Is it someone’s initials?
    D: Yes
    Me: Do I know this person?
    D: Yes

I have a friend whose initials are S.G and I told her about it and she was pretty shocked. A few weeks later my cousin and I play with it again and were contacted again by D. I asked if he was in the room with us and he said yes. Then I asked if he could show me where he was then the pointer moved off of the board to beside me, then it moved back on the board. He never spelt any words out he just kept moving the pointer back and forth from the sun and the moon. I asked what he meant by that and then he moved it back and forth from the moon and the number 1. I asked if he was trying that say that there is a good and an evil presence in the room and he said yes. I ask who is the good one and the pointer moved towards my cousin. I asked “Is my cousin the good one?” it moved to yes. Then I asked “Who is the evil one?” then the pointer moved towards me. I asked “Why am I the evil one?” then it went to goodbye.

I haven’t used the Ouija board since then, but am I curious to know why it said that I’m evil. Since then I have had a few strange things happen. Like one time when I was laying in bed about to fall asleep, I heard a light whisper coming from the corner of my room. It sounded like it said “Hannah” which is my name. I didn’t think much of it because I was tired so I just ignored it and went back to sleep. About a week later when I was watching tv late at night, I was starting to get tired so I turn off the tv and went to my cousins room to say goodnight but she was already sleeping. I went downstairs to my room and laid in bed then a few minutes later I heard heavy footstep above me, which would be in the kitchen. Thinking that it was my cousin, I went upstairs but she was still in bed sleeping and we were the only ones home.

I want to use to Ouija board again but am too scared. Just curious to know if anyone has ever contacted a spirit named D in the Ouija Board?


Friday, February 20, 2015

My First Ouija Experience With A Home Made Board

Okay so I was bored and I decided to make an Ouija board. I used a square bit of cardboard, covered it with paper and painted it and used an egg cup. I then waited for it to dry then shut off all the lights, lit a candle and spoke loudly, asking if anyone was there and I will admit my heart was thudding.

I got a weird feeling, fear and excitement mixed into one and I even felt a bit sick. Then, my fingers and the egg cup lost control and I felt something pushing and the egg cup moved towards yes! I was shocked as I wasn't expecting a response at all.

I pulled it onto goodbye and told it I was closing the portal. I think it left as I switched on the lights and asked again but there was no response. However, as I got home from horse riding, I found the tap on full blast in the upstairs sink.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How Can I Get Rid Of Ouija Spirit?

I've played with the Ouija several times already, none of them with any problems, all spirits were polite and the ones who weren't left when we asked them to. But there was one in particular that did not. According to him, he is a demon (which I don't doubt it since everytime he talked to us the planchette moved really fast) and his name is C.D.

Me and my friend talked to him for the first time some months ago and I told him to leave. I thought he had, but he stuck around. He began to talk to us pretending to be someone else but everytime I caught him on spot.

Then one afternoon I asked why he didn't leave and he said he was chasing me. I asked why and he said he wanted to possess me. He was particularly weak this day, claiming my friend's guardian angel had fought him. I told him that wouldn't happen and asked him many many many times to leave (even speaking God's name and everything, nothing worked).

His presence was quiet until last night when we talked to him again by accident. He was impossibly strong and tried to keep us from saying goodbye, holding the planchette. I told him one more time that he would not have me and ordered him to stop following me. I thought he had and even checked with other spirits who said he hadn't left but wasn't following me.

But when I went to bed (around 3 am) and tried to sleep, he talked to me for the first time. First all I heard was a roar, similar to a wolf's, near my right ear. And then a low whisper. I swear to God I felt his breath right on my face.

I am not afraid, for I know that my angels and guardians protect me, but I don't know how to get rid of him. It's annoying and he is starting to irritate me a lot.

If anyone knows any other methods of how to get rid of him please do tell me. 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Meeting With A Demon

It was a normal Thursday night in the summer, in central Illinois. During the summer my friends and I would get together and watch movies, play video games, and drink.

One night, we decided to play with a Ouija board, and used a shot glass as the pointer.

So, as by usual, the 6 of us were a bit rowdy, and my friends were playing around, moving the shot glass over to spell out perverted words after asking vulgar questions.

Finally everyone was calmed down, and the main speaker, Kaleb, began asking questions, and we started to receive responses.

Kaleb: "Is anyone here?"
?: "Yes"
(At first, everyone was thinking someone else moved the glass, so we asked another question)
Kaleb: How many of you are here?
?: 1
Kaleb: What's your name?
?: O-S-E

Someone asked if that was the name of anyone in our town or something, playing along to see if this was true, and when he was on the phone, the glass spelled out "S-T-O-P". Just about this time, my friend said that Ose is the name of a demon.

We asked a few other questions, and finally told it:

Kaleb: Make it known if you're in the room with it

And then the 8ball fell of the stand where all the other pool balls are. If any of us had had and doubt that this was real, it was gone at this point.

Ore then said "P-I-C-T-U-R-E", so my friend who had the phone took a picture straight on, over me. He looked at the photo, and a shadow was easily visible standing over me. Everyone wanted to quit, but Kaleb said he had one last question.

Kaleb: Touch one of us to prove that you're real.

Then, Kaleb started screaming, and the kid who had the phone said "goodbye", and Kaleb stopped screaming.

We looked at his back, and he had 3 scratch marks running from his shoulder blade, down to kid lower back.

To this day, we've never played with a Ouija board again.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ouija Board And Strange Noises

So one night I was at my good friend Kaitlyn's house and my other friend Hannah was there too. We were all 13 and had recently seen the "Ouija" movie. Hannah had bought a Ouija board and had played with it several times before. I was interested in it, so they brought it out. Hannah explained how it worked, and shared some experiences.

One experience she shared particularly frightened me. She was at Katie's house, where we were, and they were playing the Ouija Board. They said it was at 1:00 a.m. and they had snuck out of the house to the middle school they lived by. They said they climbed onto the roof and played the board. They had talked to a "good spirit" named Brandon the first time. After they said goodbye to him, they played again but said they got an "evil spirit". They said they shut it down and said goodbye, but then started hearing bells in the distance.

After that, they said they came back to the house (it was probably 1:45 - 2:00 by then) and said they played it once more before they went to bed. They turned on the fire to keep warm, and started the board. They immediately noticed that the fire was all blue, with no orange or yellow in it. They got the same demon they had from the school, and they shut it down and blessed the house. They said it was scary but they probably wouldn't get it again. So they played for a while with a nice spirit, and eventually I joined in. We asked random questions like who does so and so like, and when will 5SOS come out with a new album and things like that.

We had planned to go onto the roof of the school, but we couldn't because her parents stayed up too late. So we decided to sleep downstairs on the couch. It was around 2:00 in the morning when we all went to sleep. Before we went to bed we blessed the house and said a prayer. They both fell asleep before I did, and throughout the night I heard strange noises and bells like they had described. I ended up falling asleep at 4:00 in the morning, but woke up at 5:00 shaking violently. I brushed it off and eventually fell asleep again.

We all woke up around 7:00 and we started joking around until the subject of how we all slept came around. I said I heard strange noises throughout the night, and dogs barking and even the occasional footstep. They said they all heard it too, and we just brushed it off because nothing happened to us, but we still blessed the house again. We decided to go to the school around 9:00, and we brought the board. When we got there we talked to Brandon and asked him a couple of random questions. I thought it would be a good idea to ask about what happened last night in the house. So I asked if there was an evil spirit haunting us and he replied yes. I asked if it tried to hurt us and he said yes. We started to get scared, so we said goodbye and hopped down to the campus and started playing around on the field and basketball court. We walked back to the house, went to the mall and came back around 3:30.

We went back to the school and played the Ouija Board again. We talked to Brandon again and after about 10 minutes we decided we were going to talk to someone else. So we did, and this time we asked if it was sun or moon and it replied with moon. We said why are you moon and it spelled out "Devil". We got scared but we were all curious about if it was the demon in the house so we asked and it said yes. It was very scary but after that I had to go home.

I was quite interested with the Ouija Board so I made my own but quickly threw it away because I was still kind of scared about what happened, but nothing has happened in my house and I haven't gone back to Kaitlyn's house yet.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Praying For Protection And Odd Ouija Dreams

It got very creepy when I used an Ouija board a few weeks back. After doing plenty of research, I wanted to try so after praying for protection, I asked if anyone was there. The board spelled out irrelevant nonsense phrases such as "autumn leaves will fall" and "xenoglossy", and by that point I had pretty much given up. I asked what the spirits name was and thinks got more interesting:

Me: What is your name?
Board: Corey. Eight. Boy.
Me: How did you die?

The board then spelled out random names, including Daniel and Rosie, and I had no idea who they were. As we talked, I heard my brother banging about in his room and my phone buzz. The board then said "ignore all distractions", which freaked me out. Later, I got creepier results:

Board: Explain.
Me: What would you like me to explain?
Board: Square board.
Me: Are you talking about this Ouija board?
Board: No.
Me: What do you mean?
Board: It's behind you.

I turned to my game shelf, where the only game which was square was Buckaroo. Obviously, the game is not square but the box storing it was. And I suppose you could call the cardboard which the box was made from boards. I shrugged and said that it didn't know and then said goodbye.

That night, I had odd Ouija dreams. And when I woke up, the Buckaroo game was all over the floor, and it couldn't have fell off the shelf because it was at the back.