Monday, August 31, 2015

My Night With A Ouija Board Talking To A Demon

So let me tell you that Ouija board apps on smart phones work! Last night I opened the app which shows a board and arrow and the spirit started talking to me. He knew things he couldn't have known.

I stopped in the middle to take Tylenol and he told me he saw me take them.

I asked if he loved Jesus... And he said he hates him and will bring war to him.

I asked if he was Lucifer's follower and he said yes. And that war will come against god.

He said strange words and then told me to run now! Because he said we were not alone. There was another spirit there.

He said his name was King. I shut my phone and went to bed.

Anyone have similar details in their experience?

There is more but don't have time to finish. Sorry. Message me for more details.

Brian Henry

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ouija Board Told Me Who I was Going To Marry

I'm 35 years old and happily married. When I was 17 my friend Pamela and I decided to play with a ouijia board. We asked who I was going to

marry. The board replied Chris H. At the time I didn't know a guy named Chris H. But now my husbands name is Chris H.

At our wedding as we were saying "I do" I passed out because I realized I was about to marry a guy named Chris H.

At our honey moon as I was asleep (note that Chris was asleep too) I heard someone whisper "I told you so" and I sat straight up and the Ouija board sat on a bench and I swear I didn't bring it.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ouija Board Experience At An Old Mill And Weird Dreams

Me and my 3 friends settled down outside at an old mill which my (ex) friends currently own, we had a Ouija board and decided to 'have a game', I had done it before but never had such strong results, the board had, hello, goodbye, the alphabet, a moon and sun (day&night) and the 'satanic star' and numbers. ( It was said that having a satanic star on the Ouija board would draw any evil spirits to the star, then you could try and end the game as quickly as possible ) etc etc.

In this game we played, it went to hello, we asked the normal questions such as, 'whats your name?' it spelled out D O R O T H Y, we asked how old she was, '19' and we asked if she died day or night, the key went to the moon and stupidly my friend said, 'were you murdered?' it replied with yes, then he said 'can you see us?' it said yes, we were left talking for a while still with the game open and it spelt out sorry by itself and then went to goodbye, we burnt the board later on out of fear.

I fell out with those friends, and I started having some weird dreams of a lady in white with dark hair, then I started seeing this lady and some mental illnesses followed, I still don't know if any of it is linked but, I can say that I have suffered since playing the Ouija board, and I regret it.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Inspired By The Movie Ouija

My boyfriend and I were watching the movie Ouija and with no surprise it inspired us to make one. He cut up a piece of one inch wood and I worked for hours with the sharpie. When I had finally finished the Ouija board after three days my boyfriend and I couldn't wait to use it. The first time we tried it was around 12:30 am. He had used one before but it was my first time using a Ouija board so i was very hesitant.

We placed our fingers on the planchette we made out of cardboard and circled the board two times. We even recited the same saying the teens said in the movie Ouija. "As friends we gather, hearts are true, spirits near we call to you." We asked if anyone was with us and immediately the planchette moved to "yes". My boyfriend asked what its name was and it went to "Z". With it being my first time i wanted to say goodbye because i had chills all over.

My boyfriend and I played the following day and we came in contact with Z again. We asked his full name and it responded "Zac." We asked if he was a good or evil spirit and at first he said he was a good spirit but then later on he told us he was an evil spirit.

He kept giving us random numbers and changing his story. What really freaked us out was when he kept going back and forth with A and M. I then looked up Zac online and surprisingly found a similar story.

But now every time my boyfriend and I play with the Ouija board, all we get is Zac and all he says is A and M and nothing else. He is becoming more angry because the planchette is moving faster giving my boyfriend and I chills.

We then asked if we could talk to my boyfriends deceased sister and Zac replied with A -M and nothing more.

Later on i came across a spirit MAMA and im not sure now if we are talking to Zac or Mama. We are going to continue talking to him to figure out what he wants but we aren't sure if that's the best idea.

Wish us luck!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Will Never Use A Ouija Board Again

So my friends decided to play with a Ouija board at a sleepover the other night (can you say stereotype?) But I told them I wasn't going to play because I think they're evil honestly. But they were playing it for literally 3 hours straight.

They met a woman named Gaby. She was in a car wreck, she crashed head on with a tree. And she was impaled through her stomach apparently. My friend who we'll call Christine started to get unbearable pains in her abdomen and back. She started screaming and crying, she could hardly breath. So we laid her down and they decided to use the board again.

They asked Gaby if she did that to Christine and she said yes they asked why and Gaby said she was mad at her. They asked why and the board began to do figure eights and I told them to say goodbye because that means it's evil I think. So they didn't listen to me of course, they asked the spirit its name and it said h. They said goodbye and we all had bruises in the same place.

I was getting scared so I freaking broke out salt, rosaries, bible verses, we got into a prayer circle, everything.

My friends are complete idiots so they wanted to do it again and they started asking questions about me. They asked it like who I was in love with and none of my friends knew who I liked and it spelled it out ( and his name is literally the weirdest most complicated name in the world) it was creepy. They asked it if it could kill me and it said yes and they asked if it was going to and it said no.

My friends head started bleeding but that's all I remember. I will never use one again.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Obsessive Ouija Spirit

So my friends and I had read into Ouija and I was not up for it. I don't remember his name but he was 13.

One of my friends didn't believe that it was working and made just me and my best friend do it. We did and we let go, having the planchette fly across the board to my best friend. After a while he got creepy as hell. He was saying he loved someone at the board.

My friend Mari says "is it jasmine (my name)" he says no. She asks is it me he says no. And flew to my best friend Keirsten.

Now, in the beginning if the game upon asking how he died he responded "rape". The spirit then spelled out "do" then flew to Keirsten again.

"What are you going to do to me" she asked shaking then placing her hand on the piece. He said "r-a-p-" and she let go saying goodbye.

I'm never playing that game again...