Monday, September 26, 2016

A Mistake Which Changed My Life

 Me and my friends Selena and Martha, Selena's sister Jasmine and our common friend Emma , we five are a gang. One day we decided to have a party at my house. At 7:30 pm all of us got assembled at my house. My parents had gone out for an important meeting and would return the next day.

 All of us had decided to have fun. Martha was the last one to come. She brought an Ouija board along with her. I asked her "why have you brought this with you?" to which she replied "we must include them in our party as well". We partied hard and then at 12 am we decided to play with the Ouija board.

 Before continuing the story I would like to tell that some of the part will be in the form of dialogues.
 We placed the board on a table and lighted some candles.Selena started the session.

 Selena: Is anybody there who would like to communicate with us?

 Board: No reply.

 Selena: Don't hesitate to talk.

 Board: No reply.

We got bored after asking for 21 times and started watching T.V. As the girls had to stay in my house for the night, they went to change their clothes. It was Martha's turn to change she went to the washroom. Suddenly we heard Martha's scream and we rushed to see what happened. Martha was crying and she said "I just now saw myself walking across the washroom". We first didn't understand what she said and we thought that she was trying to scare us but then she showed us a scratch mark on her arm which was not possible for her to make.

 We then thought to ask the Ouija board again.

Me: If anybody is here please tell us. Is anybody there?

Board: Yes.

Selena: Who are you?

Board: D

Jasmine: D who?

Board: Death.

Martha: What do yo want from us?

Board: Blood..... Your flesh as well.

 And this was enough for us, we all left everything and ran towards the door. But the door did not open and we realized that we have been locked in my own house! Some more supernatural things started happening. The lights were flickering and things were being thrown here and there. We somehow managed to hide in one of the rooms but to no avail. Lina was dragged violently along the ceiling. I and Martha managed to bring her down. Martha got very angry and she asked with a loud scream "Why don't you leave us alone?" to which the Ouija replied "Your screams make me powerful". Selena in frustration burned the Ouija Board with the gas cylinder.

 The moment the Ouija board was burned the front door opened with a loud noise and without wasting any time we ran out of the house but the thing that happened after that is the most horrible part of the story. We all got out but when Martha was about to step out the door slammed shut. For a second everything was dead silent but after that we banged the out in order to save Martha and we heard her screams from inside. After some time our neighbors came and we managed to break the door. We found Martha lying unconscious on the floor.We took her to the hospital.

 After that day Martha never spoke a word again and she has become a silent insane. Later we found that the spirit whom we called through the Ouija board was David who was Selena's half brother, he died due to an accident. David was never good when he was alive and dead.

 Martha till today is admitted in the insane asylum and till today we don't know what had happened on that night but whenever I look at her eyes I get shivers all around my body as I feel something horrible had happened which changed the strong girl into an insane. We too left the house and have shifted to another house.

 I still feel that why did we do this mistake because of which our lives changed. But till today I feel a bad presence around me.

Thanks for reading and if you can help me please do comment.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ouija Board I Bought In Salem

Hi, me and my three other friends decided to use a Ouija Board that I bought in Salem, MA.

We contacted a spirit who claims to be a man named Jim Dunkor. He died in the year 1146 at the age of 60. He had a wife named Malary Dunkor who passed at the age of 42. He also had a son named Jared Dunkor who passed at the age of 12. He told us that he loved his wife but he had to kill her. We asked him why, and he said because she cheated. We then we said we were sorry. He then went up to the sun in appreciation.

My friend then drew a heart with her finger on the board and "Jim" went to it. He said he was from "Islam." We asked Jim if he had any contact with his son after he murdered his wife. He said no because she had killed Jared previously. This is when things started to go down hill.

"Jim" started to take over the board as in moving the planchette in figure eights. I stopped it and asked why he was doing this. He responded with the word "Power." We asked what does that mean? He said, "He likes us but he is lonely and stuck in Hell." We then said, "Good-bye" twice and he said, "No" both times.

We moved the planchette ourselves to "Good-bye" and then we disposed of the Ouija Board in the river. Since then we have tried to research Jim, Malary and Jared Dunkor and we have had no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Played With The Ouija Board By Myself A Lot

I played by myself a lot. Never had anything happen. Then one night, I was in an altered state, but nothing illegal. Anyway I for hours. Kept trying but never had anything definitive, as far as a name anyway. But around maybe 2-3 hours in I gave up. At some point I felt something maybe wasn't right.

I started googling random things on my phone, but my phone kept dropping out of my hand, I didn't think much of it, but I never even to this day, drop my phone.

Anyway I had gone to the bathroom, I was still looking up random things on my phone, when this time I felt like I was punched in the face and my phone was undeniably slapped out of my hands.

At this point I knew it wasn't just me anymore. I don't believe in god nor do I believe in anything supernatural but I ran to my old mini jesus statue and prayed like I was 7 years old.

I haven't had anything happen like that since, I do not play with the board anymore, nor do I even want to contemplate what it was that happened to me. All I know is whenever I think about it my eyes tear up. Not crying, but just start watering. I consider myself a realist and this does not fit into my mindset.

Its been over a year now, I've never shared this with anyone. I doubt anybody would believe me and frankly I doubt I'll ever tell anyone. But to anybody thinking of trying it...maybe think again...