Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Friendly Ouija Board Encounter

Recently, in my home.. My friends and I decided to use the Ouija board for my birthday. We had been planning it for days and finally got around to do it. We made our own board with blank paper and some glass, using a can spray top as our pointer.

At first nothing happened but eventually when we asked "Is there any spirits present?" It moved to yes. We asked a bunch of questions like their name, age, kids, death. They chose not to answer on death questions though. Everything was perfectly fine and safe.

The spirit was really friendly and moved a lot faster when we were talking about her kids. I asked if it was because she was passionate about them and she said yes. We apparently reminded her of her kids. And she said she watched over us often.

Not all encounters are scary or creepy. Some are nice. We did it in my home too and nothing has happened or gone wrong. I feel safer. We even asked if there were evil spirits in our home. And the answer was no. I believe that she was a friendly good spirit.

I'm sorry if other encounters weren't friendly but mine was.

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