Monday, May 29, 2017

Fife And Zoz Share The Ouija Board

It was New Years Eve and I went to my uncles house to party with my family and cousins, his house is in an urban area close to many different types of temples (I.e.: Masonic, Catholic, Mormon) and my oldest cousin is a vlogger on YouTube and we decided to play the board to spice up his video.

The house we were at had 3 out buildings in the backyard dating back to the early 20's, we played in the medium sized one and just to set the scene the ground was cement and the walls were without drywall, it was very cold and a little cluttered with storage.

We begin to circle the planchette once for each person playing while the camera is rolling, and it began going to random letters and numbers as if it was speaking a strange language or a type of code or something so we decided to say goodbye and move to the other out building this time with wooden walls and a fireplace and sliding glass door so it would be warmer and a little less scary, but after we got out of the first out building we just decided to go inside and play upstairs, we got the camera set up and focused and began to play again it just kept spitting out random combinations of alphanumeric stuff so we decided to have our friend who's an empath try and play with us and it did nothing, we then kicked her out of the room and a spirit named fife came through and the back story on fife happened in 1986 when my mother was nine.

They played with her friend and her brother (the uncles house we were at then) and fife said "I'd f**k Hanna" (my moms friend) and then later that night she felt warm hands in between her thighs.

Ok now back to present day: we played and we asked questions about our future like I asked if I should do online school and it said no and then I asked if I should go to the art school I was thinking about and it said yes, then we asked if Chris (the vlogger cousin) should go to his other party tonight and it said no, then it kept spelling d i e d i e d i e d i e then the dog who was being kept in the bathroom started barking at something and whining and sounded like it got hurt, and may I remind you it's a bulldog who's really strong then we asked if penny was ok (the dog) and it said no then we said why not and it said d i e again so we let her out and made sure nothing was wrong and tried to comfort the dog but it was way too hyper to sit and pet then the camera stopped recording and we looked at it and it was zoomed in on Chris's face so we decided to close the board and say goodbye, a few hours later me and my brother and mom decided to play because we all trusted that no one would push it and it was zoz we got really scared that it would land on O again but it didn't thankfully! And it said it had a message for us and it spelled steph (my mom) and she asked what it needed to tell her and it said Asher (my brother) then she said what about asher then it said "me" and she said what about you? And it didn't answer for the few next questions then it started talking again but it had the same personality as fife so we asked it who it was and it said fife then fife said zoz was attached to asher so then we asked why and it said scare and I remembered that asher would cry every night up until midnight then my mom asked if fife was protecting her and he said yes.

The next morning I woke up and heard footsteps by my head because I was sleeping on the floor, and turned around and nothing was there i just felt something watching me.

Can someone explain these things?

As my cousin went to review the footage the camera died even though it had full charge and when we turned it back on the screen stopped working.

How did zoz and fife share talking to us in the same session?

Should we seek help or just let it go?

Why did the first spirits only Speeks alphanumerical works?

What did you take from this story?

Reznik Isaacson

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Did We End The Ouija Session Correctly?

The other night my best friend, her sister and I thought it would be funny to buy a Ouija board from a book store close to my house and try it out. I was very skeptical about it and didn't think it would actually work.

We got everything set up and I even lit some candles all around the board. My friend put the planchette down onto the board which you apparently aren't supposed to do until you're ready to start. At that point we hadn't even really read the directions and that's when I read that you shouldn't ever do it in your house, so naturally already freaked out I searched for tips on how to play the game SAFELY, and what I found was that you are supposed to be serious, focused and polite (among others but these were the first tips that we had already gone against) by we I mean my friends sister who was cracking jokes already. So we all decided to focus and we played the game. the questions I asked the questions that had been recommended.

We said hello and asked if anyone was with us, it took about 10 minutes if not more before we got a yes, but I thought it was my friends sister and for all I know it might have been at first but then I started to ask other questions like what is your name, when did you die (I know now that it might have come off as a negative question and I wish I had asked its age) I asked what gender it was and got nothing to all of the questions. I asked if it wanted to speak with any of the three of us at the table or someone we knew, it went directly to no. I asked if it knew us and it went back to yes. I then asked it what its middle name was and my friend asked if it went by its middle name, no response. This time I asked it to spell its middle name and it proceeded to spell the word die. I know for a fact it wasn't the one person that would actually be pushing it intentionally because she got scared and took her fingers off the planchette while it was moving.

After being freaked out by whatever or whoever this was we quickly forced the planchette to the goodbye space on the board and quickly went out to our car, drove to a separate location and burned the board along with everything it came with receipt, note page and all. (the board alone seemed to be fire proof at first which worried us all because it took over an hour, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover - its flammable and was all we could find at the moment - and about a gallon of gasoline before finally catching fire and burning.)

The entire time while using the board my friends and I were experiencing strange sensations. all of our arms felt heavy but my chest had a sinking feeling and my friend felt very tired physically, mentally I was wide awake but my body did feel very drained.

I am posting my REAL EXPERIENCE because I would like to know if my friends and I ended the session correctly and were right to destroy the board and also if we are safe to go on with our lives.

I have read some other experiences and mine seems to be mild compared to some of these but I am still very worried please let me know any information that could help with our situation.

thank you. -M

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pure Curiosity Or Malevolent Persuasion?

For the past month or two, I've had this relentless urge to experiment with a ouija board. I've been researching and reading stories on this website and others and I'd like some more solid answers to this specific question.

My mom died in December of 2015 and moved to Oklahoma from Texas in July of 2016 if that means anything. For the first few weeks of living in the new rent house in Oklahoma, everything felt fine and nothing was wrong.

Then recently, I was home alone with my dog (who for the record never growls or barks, even when we're playing around) when he started growling at the fireplace. At first I thought it was just his reflection, but after further inspection I realized there was no way he could see his reflection from the angle he was positioned in. I sat around kind of weirded out but thought nothing more of it.

A few minutes later, he started to growl at the fireplace again, this time he stood up and bared his teeth. I tried calling but he wouldn't listen. I watched his eyes follow the wall close to the ceiling still growling around to behind me. Frozen in fear I watched as he stared as if he was staring over my right shoulder growling and snarling. All of a sudden he stopped whimpered and ran away with his tail between his legs. I shouted a few curse words and ran out of the house.

Ever since everywhere I go I feel like something is watching me. Nothing has ever happened to me physically by anything spirit like and quite frankly I'm pretty skeptical on the whole spirit world concept. I was having the urge to use a board before this incident but since I've caught myself looking up ouija research and stories growing closer and closer to actually using one.
Could this be something attached to me or my family or my house trying to get me to use a board to let it loose or is all of this just some silly coincidence and curiosity?

Should I do it? And if I do what should I do to keep the environment as safe as possible(because I know it's impossible to make it perfectly safe).


Sunday, May 21, 2017


My whole life I was drawn to the spiritual realm that I know for a fact indeed exists on another non physical plane. Anyway with that said I became very acquainted with Ouija and such things of the like.

People that know me know I know how to reach the "dead" through the practice safety and purity of intent and procaution is always present though. I have friends ask me to reach specific past loved ones regularly, but there was one time that I contacted my older friends grandmother, to whom she had been close. She was on business so I had my sister stand in her place. She was having relationship troubles and wanted advice from her.

Her grandmother came through IMMEDIATELY, her presence was strong. I asked basic facts such as her name, age when passing, and little tidbits of personal info to back up the validity of it all.

Then I came to find out my friend whose name is Katie btw, was indeed headed for divorce within that same year. But only after she would miscarry a child. It would prove to be the last straw pretty much I found out.

She also told me that her and her love would come back together through hard work and dedication after wards. I told her everything as soon as I was done and she was skeptical but also a bit shook.

Everything ended up happening EXACTLY as I was told by her grandmother in the EXACT time frame I told Katie. We never talked about it but its an unspoken bond for sure. Me and her gma prepared her fir this traumatic time and when it all came to fruition, it slightly lessened the blow. I Think.. Anyway her and the dude are getting married again and I can't wait for that, and the open bar!

Anyway I was also told she would have a safe healthy pregnancy and it wasn't going to end in disappointment and pain. That's what I'm really excited to see happened for that's one thing she didn't say a time frame for, she wants it to be a surprise for her strong and lovely grand daughter, my friend, Katie.

ashley elizabeth

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Darius And Ouija Board Dreams

My interest for Ouija boards extended as far back as I could remember. I had become fascinated and somewhat obsessed with watching Ouija sessions online and reading about various people’s experiences using the board. I had the urge to make one of my own, I found some old wood in the desert on a previous deployment. I researched the dimensions and by hand spent hours sanding, shaping and carving the letters into this Ouija board.

Four days later the board was finally finished and time to test it out. I researched and spent some time trying to “charge” the board with good energy. I had such a strong believing in it that I told myself I would not have my hands on the planchette. Instead I was a scribe to record what it said during the sessions. So many people around me who had watched me making this had a growing interest in it and themselves watched videos and researched stories online. A lot of them were skeptical and made fun of the whole situation. However, when it was time to play we all went outside in a huge group and set up the home-made board. It was around 2am when they tried and had no luck in getting a response. Two days later we tried again, this time it decided to speak back to us.

a- Is there anybody there?
b- yes
a-what is your name?
b- Darius
a-how old are you?
b- 6
a- how did you die?
b- water
a- did you drown?
b- yes.

The communication at this point had stopped and the board went quiet. I informed them to say “Goodbye” and we went back inside to research Darius. First thing that came up on the web search results was a forum talking about a demon by the name of “ZOZO”. It stated that “ZOZO often lies and pretends to be a young boy that has drowned.” That sent chills down my spine when I read that.

The next night at around 3:30am someone ran inside to get me and told me that the board was going crazy. A huge group of guys were outside huddled around the board with flashlights making sounds of amazement. I watched as they had someone who did not believe what was happening was real join in by placing his hands on the planchette.

a- Is anyone one there would like to communicate with us?
b- Yes

At this point we told the guy “go ahead and ask it something hard”. Without looking up from the board he asked:

a- “how many people are out here right now?”

We all looked up from the board and counted each other. There was 12 of us standing around the board. As he was about to say “see it’s a bunch of bs” two guys walked out from around the corner who had been smoking a cigarette. There was our 14 the board had indicated. He immediately yanked his hands away and walked inside. We replaced him with another guy from the group and continued:

a- what is your name?
b- no
a- no what?
b- trust
a- what don’t you trust?
b- trust (again)
a- who do you not trust?
b- Him
a- who?
b- …..
a- when did you die?
b- MCMXLI (internet search indicated Roman Numerals for year 1941)
a- where are you from?
b- H-E-L-L

At this point we all said we’re done and motioned it to “Goodbye”. We all returned inside and talked about what had just happened and reassuring each other that they were not moving the planchette.

That night I had a dream about playing Ouija. I was lifted up into the air by my ankle and someone in my dream threw the board into a fire. There was an ear shattering scream that was released and I fell to the floor. When I awoke the guy that had played the night prior asked “Did you have any Ouija board dreams?” I replied yes, and he stated so did he. Right away I got online and researched burning a Ouija board. Multiple forums told me if you hear a scream you will have a death in the family or a close friend. I gave the board to a friend and he still carries it with him to this day.

Chase Wrenn

Friday, May 5, 2017

We Made A Homemade Ouija Board

Hello my name is Regina and here is my story of my experience.

When I was 15 years old me and my friend made a homemade Ouija board. Being curious and the fact I had several paranormal experiences before this we decided to make one. What we did not know was what would happen during the night.

We said hello and asked questions like any normal teenager would do. The board kept telling us it was my friends cousin whom had died in a car accident several years before. It was ok up until the vanity bench that I was sitting on started to levitate with me on it! We started to get frightened so we said goodbye and through it in her closet. Apparently a big mistake!

Later in the night we began to hear scratching noises on her bedroom door only to find nothing and no one in sight once we opened it. My friends pajamas moved up her headboard and fell behind the bed. It was then we fell asleep curled up next to each other on her bed with the lights on.

The next day we look in her closet for shoes when we discovered huge scratch marks going down the wall in the back of her closet.

After that experience with the Ouija board and the strange black figure in my hallway that sent my dad into the hospital fighting for his life, I will never mess with a Ouija board again and definitely do not think anyone else should either.

This happened in Junction City, Kansas


Playing The Ouija Board Just For Fun

Me and my friend Martin was playing the OUIJA BOARD at my sisters room just for fun. We were moving it around it started to move itself. It was weird so we stop. Then something started happening.

I was in the bathroom when I heard a load radio sound coming from my sisters room. I asked my sister if she turned the radio loud. She said she never touch her radio at all.

Then there was also an incident where my cellphone started ringing in the middle of the night. My cellphone was off. I wanted to be sure if there is something wrong with my cellphone. So I hid it inside the drawer in my nephews room. As soon as I went back to my room, it started ringing this ringtone. I started getting scared, that I got out of my room.

Also we have a wooden knocker outside the hallway were it is hanging but was never touch. At night at 9:00 we heard a loud banging sound that me and my sister is wondering where it is coming from.

Charity Roferos

I Never Believed In The Ouija Board Until Tonight

I never believed in the Ouija board until tonight. I played alone and forgot to say goodbye.

The night after that there was a banging at night. The bangs came in threes and stopped knocking the morning.

There was a random smell. The spirit claimed it's name to be ZOZO.

Three nights after that I got some friends and played it again that's when things really went wrong. The lights went on and off again and again. There was a voice coming from my speakers, bad smell, and the chairs started to shake violently. A chair we weren't sitting in flew at the door before my cousin walked in.


Friday, April 28, 2017


Alright, I know a lot of stories on this site are fake but I swear to God this is 100% true and I'm not just saying that to make this more believable.

Anyways it was about a year ago I think and I had been reading Ouija stories a lot lately, I had tried one before then but nothing happened. I was curious so I made my own with paper and a sharpie with a CD as a planchette. I can't remember the whole conversation but I had contacted a spirit that went by the name 'JoJo' he mostly spoke nonsense and was very sexual. He asked me for sex and said that if I said no he would kill me.

I was about 11 years old at the time so I was very dumb and ended up going into the bathroom with the board and taking my clothes off. I was very uncomfortable and kept getting chills up my spine and feelings of hands touching me in places. I felt violated and extremely uncomfortable so I put my clothes back on and when back into the hallway with the board. He spelt out various random words such as "death" "fire" and shit like that.

I had done the Ouija various times before and after this but this one era had stuck out to me a lot. I was hooked on the board, it terrified me but I felt drawn to JoJo, it was almost as if we became friends. He said he wouldn't hurt me.

One night before I was going to my friends house for a sleepover, he spelt out "Norma" which was my friend's name. Now keep in mind I had NEVER mentioned Norma to him before and that was before I had a cell phone so I had no contact with her whatsoever outside of school. The next word was "choke" I wasn't surprised at this as he was always threatening my family and friends which he never actually caused any harm towards them so I wasn't scared. And the last word was "Melon" I didn't take this as anything because he usually spelt out nonsense like this, just random words and phrases. I had almost forgot about it when I went to her house until I walked in the house and there was a watermelon on the table. This seemed weird but not weird enough for me to be scared. And then when we ate the melon, Norma started choking, and her mom had to do the Heimlich on her. I was petrified, I couldn't move. There was no way I could have predicted that, prove that I wasn't just making it up or I was moving the planchette.

After that I was greatly interested. I asked JoJo to give me more insights into the future but they were all false. I eventually got bored of JoJo and started trying to contact other spirits but only JoJo was coming through, even when I ripped the board and made a new one. I was losing a lot of sleep because of this, having being a very paranoid person. I eventually decided I was done. I stopped the board and vowed to never try it again.


Christmas Ouija Board

I got a Ouija board for Christmas, and I decided to use it with my mom.... It didn't work our first time... So we left, and I was begging to try it again, and so my mom decided to try 1 more time. It worked, but I don't know if she was moving it or not... Because she knew so much about me... So I didn't experience much other than what I normally experience on a day-to-day series of Paranormal activity.

So I went along my marry day, and a couple of my friends came over, and being dumb little 14, and 16 years old, we thought it would be fun to use it. So when we did, it worked.!! I contacted the ghost that has been following me since 1st grade (I'm in 8th grade now) But I asked a bunch of questions, well... Because I need answers. {Back-story time: ever since I can life has evolved around the number 13.. I randomly wake up at something: 13.., I owe $13.13, I got my first period... April 13th.. Everything I do, the number 13 is always involved} But I asked how old it is, [It has 2 personality's, Morgan-Moon-Star, Female... Also, well, ZoZo, Transgender] But Morgan said, 3-3-m-i-n-u-s-1-3, so... 33-13=20. Reasonable I thought, and ZoZo, 13. Hmmm, 13, twice. But then we both started asking questions. (There where 3 of of, but one of the boys didn't want to use it.) It was mainly about our future. But then things had a twist..

We have a Bearded Dragon, and she started charging at the glass, head on... I thought that was weird, so did my friends.. So I asked, "Why is Emmy Grace charging at the glass?" and it spelled, H-A-R-R-Y-C-O-M-E-P-L-A-Y(Not his real name) and my friend said, "You want Harry to play?" The spirit said, -Yes-.. I said, "Give us a sign" because Harry thought we where moving it.

All of a sudden, His Mt. Dew knocked over, the lights turned off, and my phone got an unknown call from an unknown caller, The area code was... "666." Harry still wouldn't play so the Spirit, *ZoZo* kept spelling S-O-U-L-N-O-W, Soul now.. We where kinda wired-ed out... so we said goodbye......

I've used it 2 other times since then, and it's been spookier the next time.


Was This Really Happening?

 I read about these Ouija boards online very often… One day I decided to give it a try. At that time I was 12. I gathered my secret paranormal club in the school {relax, we just shared stories and debated on issues. Never did any occult stuff} and together after 3 days of hard work {we all were worse at craft} an Ouija board was ready. We did some rituals for our safety, wore the rosary, and recited a few texts from the Holy Bible. And then my friend, Samantha [Sam] suggested to use candles as well for effect.

    Josh wanted to be the noter [the person who deciphers or decodes the stuff the board says] Sam wanted to be the questioner, Raisha wanted to be the cameraman and I, Yukino and Abbey were participants.

    Sam starts with the usual thing ‘Is anyone here?’ and [obviously] comes a ‘Yes’ she then asks the name. It says ‘YOU’ Sam asks whether he/she is saying his/her name or trying to speak. It stops responding. Raisha said that her camera was acting a bit funny for a second. Sam says that whether the spirit was interested in speaking to us. It pointed to ‘Yes’. Yukino starts perspiring real bad. Abbey said that she felt as if someone tickled her feet. Suddenly the planchette starts moving. It spells out ‘Lysha’ [I felt it was a weird name. I mean who keeps their name Lysha?] Sam asks Lysha’s age. It says 34. Sam asks that how did she die. The board spells out RAPE. Abbey kept biting her lips. I asked Abbey if everything was alright. She said that she knew about a woman named Lysha long back.

    Josh noticed some bruises on Yukino’s neck. All of us were surprised because they were not there before. We decide to end the session. Lysha said that she wanted to talk more. She spelt HELP. Sam asked her that what the help she needed was. She spelt KILL HIM. Sam asked ‘Who?’ It said ‘Jesus’ Abbey immediately signs us to end the session. We had designated a sign, the very famous victory sign if anyone wanted to end the session or was feeling scared. Sam says ‘good bye’ and we end the session. Abbey said we needed to bless the house {[Josh’s] He is the only one brave amongst us.}Abbey then said that long ago there was a witch named Lysha who was very sweet and kind. Later on she got herself baptized in the name of Satan and changed her name to Lamia. She killed herself using a whiplash to choke herself. Before killing herself she killed her dog, whom she had looked after lovingly.

    Nothing is going wrong right now. But occasionally blood stains occur on Josh’s window. It has been causing no harm. But if anyone would be kind enough to tell me why it is happening it would be really appreciated.

Thisya Shashidhara

Are We Safe?

Today, me and my friend decided to use a Ouija board, not an uncommon thing for us. A couple of weeks ago when we last played the board refused to give a name but said that my friend, Rebekah, was in danger. It then stopped giving answers and kept trying to do the alphabet backwards so we dismissed it.

Today while playing, another ghost said it was a witch and spelled out "REBEKAH". When we asked why it said "SAVE YOURSELF". We kept asking what was dangerous and the board kept spelling "SHE". After some questioning, the board said "SORO" was the danger but it wouldn't say anything else about it. More questioning led to the board saying "SATAN".

We asked if there was anything else and the board spelled out "JILLIAN", my name. We asked why the board was saying my name and it answered "BEELZEBUB" and then "VESSEL". After that we asked if both of us were vessels for Satan and Beelzebub respectively and it said yes, then kept making clockwise circles right above the Goodbye. We dismissed it shortly after.

Some things that are also scary is that we never once said our names while playing, not to each other and not during other sessions. We are always careful about that. And while playing only the right side of our bodies felt very cold, and the veins were very pronounced on the hands that were on the planchette.

Do we need to be worried or concerned about any of these happenings?