Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Mysterious Figure

This is true I'm just wondering if this is a part of something my dad done while he was alive.

I'm 17 and my dad when he was alive was into Ouija boards and tarot cards he done loads of things to try and contact spirits. I'm a Satanist please don't judge me!

A couple of weeks before my 17th birthday I had two mirrors opposite each other and one night when I went asleep something caught my eye but I shrugged it of but that night in my dream something was with me, it started as a normal dream me downstairs with my family something caused a argument I ran up stairs and screamed slammed my bedroom door and sat on my knees looking into one of my mirrors I saw something black go past me I looked over my right shoulder nothing so I decided to look over my left and I saw my self but with my back turned and still facing my other mirror it freaked me out since myself the one who actually looked at the other mirror had a white top on and the other one had a black top on after a while it turned and I saw the eyes the eyes freaked me out it was pure white and something grabbed the me with the black top on shoulder covered in black couldn't see anything of it I screamed and woke up with my knees bent as if I was kneeling down. I've had a bad relationship before that as well but ever since that dream but the figure keeps getting closer to turn around.

My ex was into Ouija boards as well and other things.

Could my dream be connected with any of them?

Could it be my dad trying to contacted me?

Could my dad of made a deal with something?


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Very Good Experience With The Ouija Board

So this past weekend (2/22/14) a couple friends, my husband, and myself decided to try out our new Ouija board. It was just the 4 of us and it was about 11 at night.

We get it out set it on the table with a single white candle. We had one person as the questions and then wait. After awhile we didn't get anything so we decided to switch up the seating and have another person speak.

After doing this for a bit and still nothing it got to my turn to be the speaker. I asked the board if there was anyone in the room with us and it went to the "yes" I followed with how many and it went to the number 4.

I went around the room and asked it there was someone with us specifically ( IE I would asked " is there anyone connected to Jess and it would move to the yes) turned out we each had our own spirit connected to us. I asked if they were related to us and it went the Y.

We continued asking question basically are you good, are you happy where you are, are you always with us, are there bad spirits our there. Just simple yes and no questions. Most the questions where a Yes and would rotate between the yes and the Y.

We decided to ask their names and we just kept getting weird letters until finally one spelled out BUCK. We had a very good experience with our board. We found out that we have spirits that are connected to us individually and that they protect us and keep us safe.

Regardless that we didn't get any names besides the one it was comforting to know that we have passed relatives keeping watch over us.

We plan to try it again this weekend. We did ask the them if they were going off our energy and they gave us a yes and then asked if we had enough energy and they also said yes.

Once we all got very serious and concentrated more it started to move more quickly and we got more answers. Once we decided that was enough we said goodbye and told them to RIP and then ended the game.

Very good experience.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Growl In The Closet

My best friend & I became infatuated with Ouija boards, and very much wanted to use one. Her family and friends see dark shadows moving in and out of her walls, sometimes all the drawers in the kitchen fly open and everything flies out of them. They hear noises in the house, and weird creaking noises, however no one has been injured by anything suspicious. We researched everything we could about Ouija boards and finally learned enough to actually do a session. We made a Ouija board and sat across from each other. I stayed the night at her house one night, and went into her bedroom upstairs. We started the Ouija session and didn't take it too seriously, so nothing happened. We closed the session, lit incense, turned her lights off, and sat back down with the Ouija board in our laps. We felt more serious this time, and concentrated on the Ouija board. My friend was asking the questions, seeming she knew a little bit more about them than I did. This is what happened:

My friend: Hello
My friend: is anyone there?

She had her lamp turned on, and it suddenly flickered twice, and then went back on as normal. We looked at each other

My friend: Hello
My friend: is anyone here with us?

As soon as she got the last word out of her mouth, we heard a deep growl/scream come from her closet to the left of us in the corner. We both looked at each other and screamed, then she threw the board. We both realized that was a terrible idea and quickly picked up the board and closed the session. We destroyed and disposed of the Ouija board.

When I was 3 months old I lived in the house that my best friend lives in today, also being the house that we had the Ouija board session in. When we had our experience, I went home and talked to my mom about it. She didn't act worried at all, but kind-of amused. Then, she told me a story about her and my dad playing with a Ouija board in the same house! Neither of them remembered what the ghost/demon said to them, but they remembered they used it in a different room.

My friend & I have been quite hesitant to use a Ouija board again in her house, considering the presence has lived in the house for a long time.


Monday, February 17, 2014

First Success With Ouija Board

So I have always been fascinated with spirits, afterlife, paganism and other similar things. I have been wanting to try using a board again as my previous attempts never worked.

I created a paper board, clipped it to some cardboard and used a plastic disc planchette (as I don't have my own board yet). Once I lit some candles and said a prayer, I began my session.

I asked any spirits present to feel free to move the planchette, and then asked if anyone was there. I asked this question again several times over the space of around 3 minutes when I decided to change the question. I asked 'if any spirits are present, what is your name or names?'. The planchette moved slightly at first then moved to 'H' then to the 'NO' corner, then 'W, X, X' then stopped. I had no idea what to make of this so I accepted it and moved on.

I next asked if the spirit was good or bad. The planchette moved smoothly to 'G' and stopped. I assumed it meant 'good' so I thanked the spirit. I then asked how it died, but gained no response. I then had to leave so I thanked the spirit(s), said goodbye and closed the board.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic! I have no idea what the spirit/spirits meant by 'H, no, W, X, X'. Could be initials, could be gibberish. I enjoyed my first successful session greatly!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

To This Day I Still Get The Chills

To this day I still get the chills from this terrifying experience. I was with my two cousins, Lexcia and Alisa, and my boyfriend Eric, so me and Eric were just cuddling on my bed and Lexcia and Alisa were laying on the air mattress watching the exorcist. After it was about midnight when Eric asked if I had a Ouija board. Lexcia said there was one in my closet earlier in that day but I had never had one... so I immediately slip open my closet door, and I sure enough found a Ouija board.

I opened the box and placed the Ouija board on the floor and we all went in the kitchen and grabbed the candles on the counter. Then we went into the room and the planchette was on the middle of the board so we took this as a sign that a spirit was there. We lit the candles and shut the light off. Then we sat in a circle.

We asked if someone was there and the board moved to yes. We asked them their name and it responded L. B. Then we heard knocking from my closet door. Knock Knock Knock. Then the remote that was on my bed fell on the floor. Which couldn't have because it was in the middle of my queen size bed....then we got freaked out and put the board away. The knocking wouldn't stop. Knock Knock Knock. Knock Knock Knock. It just kept doing that. It was really scaring Lexcia. So we got annoyed and we took out the board and asked why it was doing that and it said E-S-C-A-P-E. We really got scared and put the board away.

So Alisa turned the light on put in a movie, turned the light off and forgot about it. My closet is next to my bed btw. So I have a mirror that I can see the closet with on my bed and Lexcia and Alisa who were on the air mattress could see it too. Then the TV screen just turned into static. No noise just the screen. It scared me and I put my face into Eric's chest and then the TV turned back to normal so we ignored it. Then when I looked into the mirror I screamed as loud as I could, Lexcia and Alisa started screaming too. Eric held me so tight and just told me to close my eyes but I was panicking too much to notice.

I seen a figure of a man in the mirror in front of my closet door. I looked at the closet door and the closet door and I saw nothing, But it was still in the mirror so I ran to my bedroom door and it wasn't locked but it wouldn't open. I freaked out and opened my bedroom window (as I was on the first floor in my apartment building.) I was about to jump out and Eric grabbed me and said its gone and not to worry and he would keep me safe. The door still wouldn't open and we couldn't find our cell phones to call the police. As I was about to jump out the window again it wouldn't open this time. So Eric was not even hesitating to tell me to lay down and go to bed as he would protect me.

I woke up with everyone one else still sleeping and on the foggy windows was L.B. written all over it. I screamed in terror and woke everyone else up. We all ran out of the door. I grabbed my keys and I moved out of my apartment that day. I called a priest. So he blessed the apartment and said I could move back in as I was living with my parents after that. I moved back in and nothing has happened to me ever since.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Was A Demon Trying To Pass As Michael Jackson To Try To Get Me To Continue Playing With It?

OK... here is my experience with the board (I won't dare type the name of it).. About 5 years ago I was taking a Psychology class in which the Instructor showed a video about the sub-conscious mind and it followed a group of young students playing with the board, the point of it was to show that our sub-conscious mind was responsible for moving the planchette.

I grew up thinking the board was a bad thing to play with because supposedly demons are behind it - but after this class lesson, I was curious to test this point myself. And this is how I entered the world of the board..I went home and made my own with plain old cardboard.

I started out by asking, "Is anyone here? Can anyone read me?" It took about 6 times of asking to finally get an answer... RIGHT THERE AND THEN, I knew the Instructor was wrong. The sensation of the energy coming through the planchette and how strong it felt by just putting my fingertip on it, THERE was no way it was my subconscious moving the planchette. I could feel the force behind it trying to move it and saw how it levitates a bit off the board and that is not something anyone's fingertips can do (unless you glue it to your finger).

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Does It Mean When Your Planchette Goes To The Middle Of The Board?

So I am 15 years old and I wanted to do my Ouija board alone so I pulled the board and planchette. I left them under two separate lights across my bedroom on the floor.

I left my bedroom to get a glass of water then I came back into my bedroom and the board and planchette were on the middle of my bed with the planchette in the middle of my bed.

What does this mean?

Rylan Coleman