Saturday, August 28, 2010

Was Lucifer in our Flat?

What I am about to tell you is not easy for me to explain. I've never been a firm believer in the paranormal (unlike my wife who has always been curious about the Ouija board ever since she heard a story from her mother) up until what I'm about to tell you happened.

For three days in October 2009 my wife and I experienced what could only be described as demonic activity in our third floor flat, which we had not long moved into. After countless evenings of boredom my wife suggested that we make our own Ouija board and see for ourselves if it worked.

We made the Ouija board using a pizza box we had from the night before and using a site on the internet as a guide, we used a marker pen to draw out the board. We laid the board on the coffee table and lit some candles. Using a small glass as the planchette we started asking the typical questions like "Is there anybody here with us?" etc. After ten minutes of asking these questions and not getting any answers we decided to give up. We blew out the candles and placed the Ouija board on the floor out of the way.

It was now around 9:30 pm when the phone rang, it was my mate Ben, he wanted to know if he could borrow a DVD which he and his girlfriend hadn't seen yet. Being the good friend that I am, I said I'd drop it off right away. My wife came with me for company. This is where the story gets interesting. As we were driving back towards the flat my wife was the first to notice that there was someone standing on our balcony. At first we thought it was the second floor until we realized it was definitely ours. We then thought it must have been our landlord checking in on us, but when we got to the front door of the flat it was locked.

We went inside and found that nobody was there and I immediately phoned the landlord. I felt quite bad because he asked me what the problem was as I had just woken him up. I didn't tell him anything at this point. We then went to the second floor where the director of the building lives and asked if he had been in the flat to which he replied "no". We went back up to the flat and noticed that the Ouija board had been moved back on to the coffee table with the letters C-E-F-I-L-R-U scratched out and the glass had been split in two.

We both freaked out at this point and in a panic I grabbed the bored, ripped it up and threw it in the bin. Looking back I wish I hadn't ripped the board up because the next two days for us was completely dreadful.

Sent in by Chris John, Copyright 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talking To Lucifer on a Ouija Board

I've used the same Ouija Board many many times before. On the morning of June 19, 2010, I was having a session alone in my parent's room while they were gone. I had the news on. I asked if the spirit I usually talk to was here (I will call him Terry, it's not his name though). The planchette glided over to "No". That was VERY unusual. Terry was always there. And the planchette never glided on the board before. I then asked,"If you are not Terry, then what is your name?" It spelt out L-U-C-I, and after a few moments, F-E-R. I squealed. "Is it really Lucifer?" The planchette quickly glided to yes and then quickly moved in circles.

My attention then turned to the TV. It was talking of the 4 day festival in Pakistan. The planchette glided to "No" over and over. I asked," What do you mean "no"?" It spelled out N-O-T-O-T-H-E-T-V-S-H-O-W. "That crocodile legend is crap isn't it?" It swiftly replied with a "yes". I yawned. The planchette began moving. S-T-O-P-N-O-W. "Why?" U-W-I-L-D-I-E. "Why Will I die?" E-N-E-R-G-Y-L-O-W. "Okay, See you later." O-K-A-Y. The planchette began moving in circles. And then it stopped. I took the board to my room and put it away.

And that is my story of talking to "Lucifer". I did not fabricate this story. And I'd please like to ask all of you not to tell me to "accept" "god",or pray. I don't do such frivolous things. And not to post novel-long comments on how Ouija Boards, or anything of that sort, is "Evil".

Sent in by Amzy Galvan, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life in the Dark

I'm 13 right now but this event happened to me when I was 10. So here it is...

It was dark outside at about 2 AM and I felt this urge to go and use my super old Ouija Board. everyone was asleep and my insides were screaming No, No, No don't use it! My dad is super religious and would say exactly that because he believes it's evil and not a game. But when I was that young I thought it was just a game and so I played it. I asked if anyone was there. It moved to Yes. I asked where it was, It said Darkness. I said your in Hell aren't you, it moved to Yes. I asked how did you die, It said Possession. at that point I was completely freaked out and threw it in our pond. I went back to my room and there it was sitting on the letter 'n' (the last letter in possession) I said to myself, "I thought I threw you out." So I went to the pond and buried it deep in the mud.

I went back to my room and it was still there. I took it out to the pond once more and it was finally gone. The next day I was at school and I had a strange urge to go to the restroom. Strange because I didn't drink or eat anything yet since yesterday. So I asked and I went to the restroom. I washed my hands and was starting to fix my hair, I looked in the mirror and saw a strange figure. Like a little boy with red eyes and brown messy hair. He disappeared and whispered in my ear, Beware. I could literally feel the breath when he was whispering to me. I was freaked out because I looked back in the mirror and there was blood on my forehead. I screamed so loud a female teacher came rushing into the restroom saying, Kimberly what happened!

I felt my forehead and the blood was gone but I felt something on my forearm I reached up my sleeve and looked at the teacher and gulped I felt a thick watery substance and I KNEW it was blood. I pulled my hand out and showed the teacher. Her eyes got wide and pulled up my sleeve and saw nothing no scratches at all. and most importantly.. no blood. She stuttered and said, Kimberly, What's wrong with you. I started crying and said I don't know... She called my parents and I went home.

My mother said, Why did they send you home? you don't have a fever or scratches... Do you? I said, "Sort of... I reached up my sleeve and took it out and she saw blood. She did the same thing the teacher did, pulled my sleeve up. and she also saw nothing. yet she touched my skin and saw blood on her hand. She was worried but was sure it would be gone by tomorrow. But it wasn't. At night I started to get out of bed and went to the basement. I woke up and asked myself why I was here. The little boy and his friends appeared and took me someplace dark for the rest of the night ( it was 10:25 PM ) They took me to Hell for one night. Finally I prayed to God to let me out and they all screamed in pain and disappeared. I was finally in my basement again I ran to my room to find my parents praying at my bed and crying.

I ran to them and hugged my parents. I could've sworn it felt like a lifetime.



Sent in by Kimberly, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Prairie Girl Fargo and the Ouija

One night, I went to my grandpa's old property: It was for sale. My mom used to baby-sit there when she was about twelve. She said that when every one was sleeping, she would feel like she was being watched. She would hear footsteps on the stairs. Her own nephew saw a woman in old-fashioned clothes behind him when he would shave in the mirror. I read up on ghosts, paranormal, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

One night, I found old tape recorders, a Ouija board, and two friends of mine, Nala and Katrina, came over. We went over to the so-called "haunted" house. I put one of their camcorders on night-vision, put that one in the bathroom, where her nephew saw the woman. We set everything up, and started messing around with the Ouija board. Then we decided to play with it. We set a tape-recorder up by the board, and turned it on. Then we started laughing, how crazy we were to be doing this...

I think that intrigued the ghost. We asked if anyone was there: yes - who is it: Lucille F. Fargo. We found it. I knew a little bit about this person already, she wrote a few books, I have read one of them. I asked what her favorite book was that she has ever written: Rocky Road. That was what this town used to be called, in the 1880's; When Lucille lived. Why: it slid over to I'm Not Sure/I'm Not Telling You. What her favorite childhood song was?: The House That Jack Built. Just As the book said. Do you feel safe here?: Yes. Are You the one causing the footsteps, reflections, and feelings of being watched?: Some of it. Who has been doing what you don't do? Then it went straight to farewell. Our session was over.

We picked everything up and went back to my house. We reviewed the "evidence" if that is what you must call it. My friend Nala was wearing her glasses during the Ouija session. One part of the recording (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) I heard I like your glasses Nala. I showed to her the voice, she has been to this place before. She said she heard that same thing before, only I like your shirt. That was all the important stuff, so...

A few days later I asked my mom about "Prairie Girl" again. She said she found a porcelain doll head (Haunted Doll Stories). She still had it, too. The hair was disintegrated, face worn. And that is all I remember.

Sent in by Ghost Girl, Nala, Copyright 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Truth or Dare and the Ouija Board Sleepover

I will never forget her. Jenna was my best friend. She was mostly my sister, since I had no parents. My relatives were on the other side of the world, though I never knew where. They had no idea that I was an orphan, so I had to stay with Jenna and her mother. A few years later, it was her birthday, and she decided to have a sleepover. There were 4 of us. Me, Jenna, Elissa and Aamna. This was when the nightmare began.

We ended a game of Truth or Dare, then we had a vote of what to do next. Somehow we ended up choosing to play the Ouija Board. Jenna pulled it out of the back of her closet. It was brand new, and she said that she was saving it for the party. We all watched as she set down the board, then the magnifying glass thing. "This might not be safe," she has said. "So I'll be the one doing it."

Jenna lightly put her middle and index finger on the magnifying piece, then the same with her other index and middle finger. She stared hard at the board, concentrating, focusing. She chanted something, I forgot what it was, then waited. We all waited, anxious. Then the piece began to move; it vibrated lightly under Jenna's fingers. Someone squealed.

"Ask it something!" urged Elissa.

Jenna swallowed and licked her lips. She then stammered, "h-h-hello?"

The magnifying piece slowly slid to W. Aamna grabbed a pad and a pen from a desk, then wrote the letters as the piece slid down the board: W, H, A, T. "what?" I said, confused, then noticed there was more. D, O, Y, O, U, W, A, N, T.

Aamna quickly scribbled on the pad, then tilted her head. "'what do you want'...?"

Jenna, surprised, quickly said, "oh, we don't want anything, we're just trying this game out"

The piece scraped along the board, and spelled out, 'this is not a game'

"Jenna," Elissa said, shaking her shoulder. "are you SURE you're not moving that?"

"n-no," Jenna responded, staring at the board. "I think we should pack this away,"

Then the room started getting icy cold. A chill ran down my spine. I knew something was going wrong.
Before Jenna could slam the things back in it's box, the piece moved again. Her hands were practically glued to it. The piece was darting faster and faster around the board, and poor Aamna had to write faster and faster to keep up.

'You have done something wrong,' the board spelled. 'its rude to leave someone without saying goodbye.'
And Jenna just dropped. She dropped to the ground from her heels, and didn't get up. The chill in the room faded, but we all felt like we were buried in ice. I checked her pulse gingerly. Jenna was dead.

Two weeks later I had a dream. First of all it was black, and I seemed to be walking into the darkness, then the place started twinkling with stars. I continued walking, then running, and soon started to fall and fall. Then, I think, I was in a room, and standing in front of me was a girl with shoulder length blond hair tied in a ponytail. She had chubby and rosy cheeks. The girl looked familiar. Maybe a distant school friend.
"hello." I said. "You know I'll be watching you," the girl said, as if I hadn't even spoken. Her eyes were pure black. "you know I'll be there for you. Tell Mother I say hello." And the girl just fell flat on her back.
I had woken up with a very tiny gasp, sweating and clutching the blanket. I closed my eyes and tried to remember my dream, then it all came flooding back to my head. That girl was Jenna.

After that, every week or even everyday, I saw something white in the corner of the bedroom, and a whispery little voice as quiet as a mouse murmuring my nickname. "missssssh maaaaaaaaaash..."
I needn't to be scared. I knew who that was.

Sent in by Mish Mash, Copyright 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ouija Board Experience in College

I was in Second year of my college... me and 6 more friends used to spend idle time sitting in the small closed room near the administration block... it was locked but we managed to get in through the window... thankfully we never got caught by anyone.

One day I was one hour late to college and I called my friends. They called me to that secret room and asking not to make any noise and not to tell anyone else where I am going... I thought they turned mad.... when I reached them they had a paper written alphabets A to Z and number 0 to 9.... and a coin placed in between around which yes and no were written. I asked what were they doing they whispered that they are calling a spirit. I thought it was just kind of a joke, they were trying to scare me, but they all were looking serious. Three of them kept their fingers on the coin and they closed their eyes. A few minutes later we found the coin vibrating and moving to the alphabets saying H-E-L-L-O. I said you girls are trying to fool me. The coin moved again I-A-M-R-A-H-U-L then a slight pause, M-I-N-I-A-M-N-O-J-O-K-E. I felt a chill in my spine. Sweat and tears appeared on my face. Those girls who kept fingers on the coin asked a few questions and that he answered. Questions asked about him were answered too. I got scared but somehow asked him about my personals. He initially answered but later on he wrote I-R-R-I-T-A-T-A-T-E-D... D-O-N-O-T-A-S-K-... E-L-S-E... M-A-K-E-Y-O-U-R-L-I-F-E-H-E-L-L.

I forced my friends to stop the nonsense as I was much too scared at that time but those girls were enjoying it. Almost an hour later they ended up the process but the boy was not ready to go. Very difficult it was at that time to get rid of that spirit, but somehow he went away.

Those girls asked me to put that coin deep inside the mud so that no one would ever see the coin or else something wrong might happen. They burned the paper too. For a week I was feeling quite scared and I did not share it with anyone. I sometimes feel something is putting pressure on me and trying to kill me at night while sleeping. I do hear some kinda voices very clearly but see no one around. I asked my mother about it she said it was all my imagination nothing happened. That thing kept haunting my mind for quite a long time. Even I had some bad experiences, very very bad due to which I even tried to commit suicide cutting my veins deep. Those experiences I thought were due to what he said to me while I asked too many questions. That thing haunted me so much that I am in depression for almost 1 1/2 year. No one understood why I am behaving so badly or unusually.

One of my cousins, who is deep into the astrology things, suggested me to go to temples or perform prayers to get rid of thing if I feel something near me. I don't know if it was prayer or what but with the passage of time I stopped feeling those pressures at night, haunting things around me, haunting voices around me, shadows in room. But even till now I light a full tube while sleeping at night. I cannot sleep in dark room till now.

Even those girls who were with me that day still say that after that experience their lives turned into negative things... all the bad things occurred in their lives till the college ended.

Even on my convocation this year I visited the administration block with my friends but we all did not want to go to that room, but thankfully they converted the room into some billing room or something.

Even those friends who tried the Ouija board for fun sake but it really haunted me deeply. I want to say that these things are not to be used ever. You use it for fun but it might be very very dangerous.

Sent in by Min, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ouija Board Dangers and Truth

Here is how it all started. My brother got a Ouija board for his birthday. And he used it at my moms house. And it worked. Then My brother and my cousin do it during the day in a bathroom with lights off and candle at my dads house. They asked it "are there any spirits with us?" it goes to yes and it says its name is Tyler and he is 10 and he hung himself because his mom abused him. So my brother told me and then I wanted to do it so me brother and my cousin did it in the bathroom and it was Tyler again. He said he liked us, me and my brother, and he follows us where ever we go. I sometimes feel his presence.

One night, my brother was at my dads house, me too but I was in my dads room and he was up stairs in his room. My brother was on the computer in his room. Suddenly the door swung open and a spinning black and white thing spun into his bathroom where we did the Ouija board last. It looked like a tornado.

Sometimes I do feel his presence and when we used the Ouija board one last time Tyler was there and he said, "I want to hurt you and gag you". It creeped me out so much I ran outside. I could not be in that house. But Tyler still follows us and I know he is there. I actually think he is a harmless little boy. He just needs a family again.

Oh and Tyler knew God and when we asked if he knew our dead grandma it said yes, but his mom would not let us talk to her. And he knew my dog Polly that died from cancer 2 or 3 years ago. He said he was looking at her right now. That made me cry and get chills. Have you ever had this happen to you? Comment?

Sent in by Lizzy, Copyright 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Experience With the Ouija

Hello there; thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. This story is not fake but 100% genuine.

My friends, started to become interested the occult, so did I. So we hung out and tried the Ouija board. It moved and we asked typical questions such as "how old are you?" and whatever. Nothing strange happened so we said that it didn't work (we did sign the 'so-called' spirit out (just in case).

The next time we got together, nothing interesting happened. I thought maybe the ghost or whatever was shy, or maybe my pals were joking with us.

That summer, me and a pal got together to play the board again. But this time something happened, we contacted a devil worshiping spirit that happened to be love obsessed with Satan; it turned out that she was a he/she (seriously was both genders) and tried to take off my shirt. I did not like this "LOLA" so we signed her/him out. Later, we tried our luck again (no we didn't have a bible), and got someone... someone no one wants to get... SATAN! We asked his name but he never finished cause we signed him out before he could finish writing his name (It was spelled SAT...) but when we asked every possibility that it could be, he said no.

The room was freaking hot and cold at the same time. Half the room felt like a furnace and the other half felt like a freezer, yes; we were in between both of the sides of the room. My friend never felt hot, she only felt cold. We tried it again (this time we had a bible) and we got someone to sing for us (yes, its video taped)... But we don't use a Ouija board anymore because my parents will kill me. I always feel like I'm being watched and some of my stuff always vanishes when I know where I put it! But I don't get hurt or damaged. I'm always up until 3 am in the morning because even when I share a room, I still feel uncomfortable. I sometimes happen to have dreams that come true and Deja Vu happening. I hear footsteps every now or again but God will rebuke whoever or whatever is evil and protect anyone who asks him to forgive their sins I hope he forgives me for using something forbidden. Why do they sell them in toy stores? If they clearly work and are forbidden?

Do not use the Ouija board, they are evil! They lie and even manipulate you.

Sent in by The Halloween Munkey 789, Copyright 2010