Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Demon Of The Ouija Board Trashed The House

One Tuesday Night at 8:30PM my mom was doing the washing on the second floor, me and my 5 year old brother were watching T.V in the lounge my little bro was falling asleep on my lap.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door I carefully pushed Daniel off of my knee and put my blanket on me, anyway I ran to the window looked out and it was my best friend Dee I opened the door and she had a weird board game in her hand she greeted me and I welcomed her in

Then she said "Look at my new board game!" I said "cool lets play?" so she set it out and she was the Medium  we put candles out because it was pitch black straight away it said H-E-L-L-O Dee said "That's weird it usually takes 5 or 10 minutes to respond" I said "Creepy, Anyway lets play" so I asked the spirit "How many people are in this building now" it said 6 people I shrugged and Dee said "That cant be right its only me you Daniel your mom and the spirit" we both glared at each other.

Friday, June 14, 2013

White Faced Ouija Board Ghost

My story begins when I was about 8 years of age. My sister Christina and her friend were babysitting me, but were messing with their Ouija board. My mother had thought they had gotten rid of this weeks beforehand but, to no avail.

My mother had told my sister of things that had happened to her when she was younger and swore that it brings bad presences through which follow you and are hard to get rid of. They were in the bedroom in the closet with candles around the board asking it questions like: who? what? where? and when? The board gave them an answer. I can't remember the name of the person but, it also gave and address. It was on to a location on the main road North Anthony Blvd. in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Her and her friend were determined to find out what this thing wanted to tell them. She packed the Ouija board up and had me get my shoes on to go with her. So we drove around looking for the address and it was really late and dark already. They finally found the address the "Thing" as I like to call it gave them. It was a cemetery. This alone just freaks me out to this day.

They take me with them into almost the center of the cemetery. We passed many statues and grave stones along the way. I was sitting by someone's head stone waiting patiently for them to finish was they were doing. The name given to them was next to them and they had placed candles all around and on top of it.

They began to ask it more questions. I'm not really sure what but, I do remember a few moments later, my sisters friend is struck with terror of something that was said to them.

Suddenly, the candles blew out and they turned to see one of the statues of an angel was looking right at us. It was originally facing the other side of the cemetery. They ran screaming leaving me behind. I got up and just remember the terror that went through my body when I saw this thing. The face was so white, and the eyes were hollowed out and black but, I could still feel that is was staring at me. Its mouth was open, almost like it was trying to say something. It terrified me. I ran out of there so fast and never wanted to ever go back. Years later I still have been trying to see if I can find any pictures of it online, but I haven't seen any yet.

My aunt told me a similar story that happened to her. To keep it short she was messing with the Ouija board as a teenager with a friend and they saw the white face in a window. She claims to have seen it for many years before finally getting baptized before her wedding and she never saw it again. I just wonder is this face good? Bad? I wish I could hear more from others with a similar tale. If anyone has seen it let me know. Thanks again.

Sent in by Justin May