Sunday, February 28, 2016


I was open to the idea of Spirits and life after death, but very skeptical of Ouija boards. I had a lot of school mates that played with Ouija boards and their stores seemed a bit far fetched. However after making my own and not getting anywhere, I went out and bought one.

I remember this one particular night playing the Ouija board with my best friend like it was yesterday. We were maybe 13 at the time and playing the "game" on my bed. I asked the entity's name and it spelt out T, A, Z. Taz. After a few questions and receiving intelligent answers, we asked if it could "move something". The pointer went straight to yes. After a couple of seconds, fairy lights that I hung over my bed started to move. My friend noticed it more than I did, as I was too busy looking around the room. So I asked "could you do it again?" We stared up this time and the fairy lights shook violently like someone is physically shaking it. It wasn't swinging like if there was a breeze. It was an actually shaking up and down, side to side, as if someone grabbed hold of it. The door and window was closed, so there was no way it could be a breeze. And we would have felt one if there was because it moved so violently.

That freaked me out more than anything I have ever experienced in my whole life and I'm almost 30 now. I have no doubt there's spirits or things that we can not see with the naked eye, that can physically move objects. I have learned that you're inviting unknown entities to your home, and you have no idea if it's good or bad. So please, don't mess around with Ouija boards.


Did Ouija Board Have Something To Do With The Fight?

One night, my two cousins were over at my house. We had a Ouija board in the house, so I proposed the idea of using it just to see what would happen (my house is right behind a cemetery, so I was very scared).

So, my cousin and I started to ask if anyone was there, and the planchette moved to “Yes.” We soon found out that we had contacted a spirit named “Jack” who was 35. However, my cousin admitted to moving the planchette himself but swore that at the very end he didn’t move it.

So, we put the board away, not saying goodbye because we had all thought that the game was just a fluke. However, about an hour later, we were all playing “Twister” and my two cousins got into a huge fight with punching and everything.

They are boys in high school, so that made the experience 10 times as scary. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Ouija board had something to do with the fight…


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Should I Play A Ouija Board?

Reading some much about these things over the past few years has me so intrigued that they are not a toy, but also reading about them has me doubting that a lot of stories are fake but a common phenomenon I have clearly come across is this "ZOZO" character.

I really want to just try as I'm a I'm 2 minds about the whole paranormal thing, I want to believe it but at the same time I can't believe till I've had an experience, I'm a strong minded person but I don't want there to be consequences so is there anyway I could play without worrying or is that the whole point?

Do bad things always happen or is it just unlucky people?

Tom Wells

Saturday, February 6, 2016

When Will It Stop?

So last year I played with an Ouija board. It did not last but for a while and so one day I told my friends about it and they wanted to do one so we did. But we did many more since.

I then did did something stupid I got an evp and tried it in my room and the first thing it said was gemstone. That freaked me out because I play mine craft and gemstone is on it.I turned the evp off. So I told my friends about that and they still wanted to do Ouija boards and we did. Our first time was the worst. My friend was talking and she say 'ow' and we look at her arm and it has 3 scratches.

So when I got home the next day I was in the bathroom and I walked out and I herd a thunk and looked back and my hair brush had been thrown on the wall. So I thought nothing much of it and figured a spirit from the Ouija board came home with me and so I have not one one in 3 days but I have a cap to my tooth brush and I put it on a few days ago and I could not find it and so when I went to get my paint cup it was in there.

Do you think it is because of an Ouija board or something else?