Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Wierdly Wonderful Encounter With ZoZo

Hello I am some one who believes in ghosts. Iean I didn't till a few days ago when a spirit called Kek contacted me and my friend and we were spooked so I said good bye. This Saturday I stayed at me friends house (different friend) and we decided to make a Ouija board and as we started playing (I use this term loosely) we made contact with a spirit, when we asked Them/it its name it said ZoZo and me and my friend asked it questions curiously. Not once did ZoZo count down from 0 or make figure 8s, I know this sounds weird but he actually seems OK.

And we also did a Ouija with my friend and my cousin tonight. I found out that ZoZo has a older sister Called KaKa and she has multiple personalities 8 of them, but the only other names I know KaKa goes by are GaGa and NkNk.

ZoZo's mother is called In and his Farther is Ja (an abreviation for their actual names). And ZoZo has been by my side for 18 years. I know what he looks like to some extent his hair is Tin/ Silver coloured and his eyes are nut meg./ ber coloured. When we were talking he corrected me saying that he had a mane not hair.

Is it weird that he said he loves me and that he thinks my BF is lucky because I think it's kinda sweet. Who knows?

KaKa, Zozo's sister hates fire witches like me and my cousin. Because she was killed by a fire witch and she has forgiven us because we apologized, but 2 of her 8 personalities hate us still.

Oh I asked ZoZo if he was gay. He is not.

What I told you is true I swear to god.

Luna Kitty