Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Ghost Story

It all started out innocently enough. I am still taken by strange feelings once in a while, and it might take many years for it to stop, maybe not, I’m not sure. Only time will tell, but I must, I have to tell my story, and let it out of my chest because I still hear the noises that haunt me everywhere I go, and they always come in threes. If I tell my story, it might stop, and give me some peace. I never sit near windows in airplanes, trains, restaurants or offices, though. I avoid windows the most I can--especially at night. I wish the noises would end, but they never do. I wonder if they ever will. I guess that sometimes it’s impossible to stop the river of life.

I had just arrived at Col├ęgio Bennett Girl’s Camp on a Friday afternoon, in the year of 1969. My friends and I had come in a big, white and noisy bus all the way from Rio de Janeiro, and up towards the Alto da Tijuca woods. The bus had parked under an enormous Jake tree. I was immediately enveloped by its long, thick branches and inviting coolness the moment I got off. Strangely enough, I also felt a chill run through my body but I thought it was the excitement in the air, and the idea of being away from my mother’s overbearing presence.

Panela, Katia, Sichel, Baby, Luisa and I met in our cottage room. We had made a special request weeks ago: to be placed together in the same room, or we wouldn’t sign up for girl’s camp. We were best friends. Our school wanted to make ends meet that year, so that wasn’t a problem. We were inseparable, like magnets, stuck to one another, and we had no secrets ... until that weekend. We unpacked, folded our clothes in the large shelves and got ready for dinner.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Zach The Demon

The following story happened to me and a group of friends about a year ago. We haven't spoke of it since, especially not in the apartment where it took place, for fear that it may come back. We also only told a select few people about the experience. We all just wanted to forget it.

My brother Bryan, his roommate Matthew, and myself used an Ouija board at about 4 o'clock in the morning at my house. My parents were out of town and we had just thrown a huge party, so all 3 of us were pretty drunk. We came in contact with spirit named Josh who said he had died of cancer. Coincidentally, a friend of my brother's name josh had died of cancer a few months beforehand.

After this Bryan and Matthew had become very interested in using the board even more, and about a week later they had their own board in their apartment. They came in contact with a spirit named Zach, who acted like an immature teenager, but was friendly at the same time. Zach liked to joke around, and said things like "Matthew's girlfriend gave him a disease," and "Matthew was ugly". Zach seemed very attached to Matthew, and when asked about it, he said that he thought Matthew was funny and liked him.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Real Ouija Board Experience

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I used to play with the Ouija board and will never play it again. Me, my best friend, and her sister started watching these Ouija videos. We were a bit scared, but we still wanted to try it out to see if it really works. We made our own board and printed out instructions. We started asking if anyone was here. There was no answer. We stopped after trying about 27 times.

We then found out that there was a Buddha in the drawer. So we decided to try it outside at the back of the house. It worked, a little bit. First we talked to a demon called David. We asked him many questions, like how he died, and if he was a good spirit. When we tried asking him how old he was. We didn't even have time to finish the question and then he answered '666' we were so shocked that my best friend went to the 'Goodbye' sign without saying anything she ran away. She came back and then we played again. This time it was a girl. Her name was Dara. We asked how old she was. but it was unclear. All we know is that she wrote a 4 and then a 5,6, or 7. We asked her if she was 47, then my best-friend started laughing, and it was not even her laugh! She than rolled over the ground still laughing. Her sister ran away. I was so scared I ran with her. we then went back to see where my best-friend was. We saw her sitting there crying and saying: 'Why did you leave me alone?' We just took the board and the glass cup and walked back together.

Something's Creeping on You is it Already Too Late?

Alright, here goes nothing. This is actually my first time since I've brought these incidents up since they happened cause I really don't want to think about them, but it seems that there are few people in here that have had something similar happened to them, so I wanted to share my story.

Now before I start I would also like to mention that I don't believe in god or any higher power so to say, and I resigned from church as soon as I reached the legal age to do so myself. I've always wanted to think myself of being behind the wheel of my own life and I've not even prayed once since I got out of elementary school. But enough of that, lets get on with the my story.

It all started at July of 2009. I was spending my summer holiday from school with 2 of my friends, Tanja and his boyfriend Jani, and my sister, Nina, at our apartment (I was living with my sister for a while back then), and we were spending the evening by having few drinks and playing cards. After a few dozen rounds the clock was around 1-2 at night and we were starting to get bored in just playing cards. At this point we started to think what else we could do to pass the time and have some fun and Jani had just the thing we needed, an Ouija Board.

Hatman My Friend/Foe

To start, I have always been sensitive to the other side of the veil. I am use to it and it really doesn't bother me... usually. I've had run-ins with spirits and creepy feelings that turn out to have merit and all that. My son has the same thing going on with him.
We both met what we assumed was a spirit about 10 years ago. We both have seen him and tried to communicate with him. I even tried to get rid of him several times. For no reason except to be done.

We call him "Hatman" because when he appears, he is wearing a bolo hat, like the old fashioned cowboys who wanted to exude a sense of style. He always appeared to us as an older guy, a native looking man. He has never tried to hurt us. Never.
However.... yesterday my son and I decided we wanted to communicate with our "friend" so we went to the Ouija board. Hattie, as we affectionately called him appeared right away. He is always with us. He told us his name is Ken and he was 21 years old when he died. He fell to his death, but doesn't know from where. He was born in 1826 and he loves me. I didn't ask him if he loved me. He just offered that up. We talked a bit and he told us he had been with us for 10 years now. He said he is my guardian.

Then my son left and I was alone with my "friend". I went back to the board. We talked a bit. It was hesitant and he didn't seem to want to do it. So I asked the board if there was anyone else who wanted to talk to me. The answer was an immediate "yes". I asked this new entity what it's name was. The answer I got was ITIU3. I was confused and pressed the issue. I said, "That's your name?" and the answer came back "No." I asked again, "What's your name" and the pointer literally FLEW over to the moon face on the board. And to anyone who practices Divinationism, as I do, that was a very frightening place to go. Hidden enemies, terror, was very telling. Then it pushed the pointer off the board. I grabbed the pointer and put it back in the center of the board. I then asked if I was speaking to a demon. The pointer went directly to "yes". I then asked, "Do you think you can beat me?" Again, I received a "yes".
I jumped up and destroyed the board right away. Ripped it to shreds and threw it outside. All the while believing that "my hattie" was protecting me.

The next day I woke up scared to death about what I had invited into my life and thankful my spirit guardian for protecting me from a malevolent entity. I realized in a flash of insight what ITIU3 meant. It. I. U. 3. He was telling me that I was there, he was there and IT was there. There were 3 of us there. It was a chilling revelation. Drew me closer to him. I was grateful for his protection.

We cleansed the house with salt water and a banishing chant. I thought all was well.

Later in the day I was again grateful and tried to communicate with Ken and got these feelings of overwhelming love coursing through me. It was a bit much. I became suspicious. I can't explain why. So I called my uncle who advised me that this game has been played before and how dumb am I? He told me to get rid of it. The demon was the play acting hero.

At that moment I was very sad. This man who never hurt me, seemed kind and protective was the monster....I just couldn't believe it. It was all too much.

So I consulted my Gods. And it was confirmed. I asked a direct question. "Is the Hatman a demon?". I drew The Lovers, merkstave. The meaning is false love, deception, a deamon lover/relationship.

All this time I have wondered who he is. I have wanted to know him. And for someone who is supposed to be "psychic" I feel pretty stupid. Duped by a demon.
I can only assume it didn't hurt me because I am stronger than it is. Although, now that I look back, there has been a lot of instability and unfortunate happenings in my life. Was it the demon? Or is this evil creature capable of actually loving someone? I don't know. And I don't care now. It lied to me, again and again and again and again. Maybe it just has a lot of time on it's hands. But oddly, at this point, I'm more hurt than scared.

Gotta get rid of him now. Not sure how. The cleansing didn't work.

But I now that know that my "friend" isn't what he pretended to be, maybe I will be more successful. I will definitely be consulting with the Gods for guidance. Wish me luck. 10 years of attachment will not be easy to eradicate,

Sent in by Michelle