Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Nights Ouija Board Session

ok so from the title you will see I used a Ouija board last night nothing unusual for me I'm always safe before anyone pipes up how terrible they are I prayed for protection before I opened the Ouija board I had white candles burning, and I made sure the last spirit said goodbye to close the board down after.

Now last night was slightly different as I used the Ouija board with my mum and step sister not my usual group of spiritualist friends although my mum and sis are spiritualist too.

As soon as we opened the Ouija board my step uncle who had committed suicide last year came to chat he had a laugh with my sis chatted up my mum as he always does and was even kind enough to call me a pie for eating pizza with my free hand this wasn't nasty he was always a joker in life.

Next to come through was my great aunt who wanted us to let my Nan (her sister who isn't well at the moment) know she is with her and she hears her talking to her all the time we said we would pass on the message she also wanted her husband to know she loves him. She said goodbye then and another spirit came through, a male wanting to speak to my mum. He said they are related through my granddads side of the family, never got to the bottom of that as he was suddenly interrupted by a much stronger spirit taking over the board. My mum asked who it was the answer was now going to get very weird it said Amy`s sister.

Amy is my daughter she has two brothers but no sister. Thing is that on Christmas eve 05 when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Amy I started bleeding heavily. I thought I'd lost the baby it wasn't until I had no period that I called my midwife who sent me for a scan to reveal one healthy baby I was now 13 weeks pregnant. At my 16 week midwife check I was finally told there was a chance I'd lost a twin it was never 100% though.

My mum asked the spirit for her mums name my name was given then we asked for her dads name my ex boyfriends name was given. My mum asked how old she was when she died she said 0 but she's 4 now just like my Amy. I asked then if she is Amy's twin she said yes. I asked her if she has a name she spelt out Lilly a nickname for my daughter when she was little, she spelt out I love you mummy. I told her I loved her too and I began to cry as its quite sad knowing that I did definitely lose a baby but at the same time I was happy she was ok, the Ouija board then said be happy and then goodbye.

We decided to stop then as the board had been closed down anyway and it was getting late.

Today when my little girl woke up its weird thinking there should be two of her. I know its silly to be upset over a baby you didn't know you lost but I do feel upset when I look at my daughter although glad I have her.

Thanks Missy

Sent in by Missy Louise, Copyright 201

Home Made Ouija Board William Hikaru and George

My brother, who is 13, and I (I'm 17) made our own Ouija board a few nights ago. We decided since the last time we had a Ouija board and it wasn't used properly (we had to throw BOTH of them away because they BOTH kept the same demons coming back and we had a bad experience with them) we decided we'd put all these positive things on it. We put three crosses on it and for our two bottom corners, we put a heart and a star with each element on a point on the corners instead of what is normally seen. We figured if you made it more positive, nothing totally bad would happen.

We recorded our sessions with headphones for a computer so we knew who said what. We were down in my brother's room with it first with some sodas. We left the cans down there and didn't touch them after we finished them. When we contacted George, he called me the most insulting names you could think of. I asked why he was doing that and he said "I HATE YOU BOTH". We said goodbye immediately.

We went back to the recording and in the recording, when I asked who it was, you heard in a man's crackly voice something along the lines of "Help". Then you heard it again when we asked if it was Anna, a spirit we were previously talking to and he said "No it's not Anna." Then you don't hear it for the rest of the recording. Also, since it was a recording, there was no picture for it but while we were doing a playback, a black and white picture came up of a lady having her hand on her cheek. "Hikaru" was the next one. When I said hello, it spelled "HELLO BEAUTIFUL". When I asked who it was, at first it said "HOST CLUB MEMBERS" and I got suspicious because that's what one of my friend's and my favorite shows. I asked who I was talking to and it flew to spell out "HIKARU". It kept asking me to date it and it scared me a little bit. I knew that wasn't this thing's real name. I told the spirit I didn't believe it and it said "I'LL GIVE YOU A KISS ON THE CHEEK I'LL MAKE SURE ITS WET TO PROVE I'M HIKARU." I didn't really say anything and before I know it, my cheek felt cold and soaked! I had my brother touch it, he said he didn't feel it get wet, but he felt it get very cold. That didn't prove anything other than that this spirit gives very sloppy kisses.

The coldness wore off right after we got the spirit to leave us alone after trying 2 times. The dogs started barking hysterically at that point. We didn't think anything of it at first, but this detail is important for later on. When we listened to our recording, we heard banging we didn't hear during the session. It only did it once or twice. The last one was William. Through out the whole conversation, it seemed fine. When we went back to the recording however, it was different. When I asked who it was, a man with a British accent said "William." I asked if he was good and you heard him again saying "Yes." I asked him if he was going to say mean names to us and in the recording you hear him again saying "What." I asked something else but I couldn't understand my own voice but you could hear his clear as day saying "We're on the say day and the same month." I didn't ask anything about dates.

Later on, I asked something about my sister and you hear him say "You're it." I don't know who he was referring to, but it's still creepy. Then, he or someone else, since it didn't sound like him, said something that didn't sound like English. It sounded like croaking. You can tell whatever it was was saying something, you just couldn't understand it. William also said something like "Three different ___" We don't know the last word yet and are still looking into it. Through out the rest of it, you hear croaks. Once we were done, my brother went down to his room. He rushed back up to me in a panic and said "My soda can was crushed! It's on its side and crushed!" He was frightened so we camped out in the living room. Ever since we used it in my room, the cat scratches at the same spot on the same corner of my wall and stares at it. This isn't the most thrilling story ever, but it's very true and it proves no matter what you do, you need to take so many precautions when messing with a Ouija board. I hope you liked it!

Sent in by Keri, Copyright 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

First and Last Ouija Board Encounter

Halloween Night a friend brought over a Ouija board at a party.

Michael, Sara, Morgan, and myself said "what could possibly go wrong?" You gotta hate when you really mess yourself up with such a line. We open the board up sat in a circle around it. We asked "Are there any spirits that would like to talk?" Nothing happened for a minute. Sara said "this is st--" and immediately the arrow moved to W-A-I-T! We asked for its name. It responded A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R. I let Morgan ask the next question." Do you know how we will all die?" Michael hissed back at her "NEVER ask questions like that its just asking for bad things to happen!" The pointer jerked to YES!

Michael nearly whimpered in fear. I asked the spirit if it could help us. It slowly pulled towards no, then spelled out H-U-R-T.

The others let go as I held on to the pointer. It felt as if I was pulling a hundred pounds. I grunted out the words "Put your damn hands back on the pointer and help me move it to goodbye!" Thankfully they did. We sighed with relief. Sara turned to me and asked if I was alright. I replied "Ha...I think so." As we turned the lights on Morgan said " Looks like you got a little mark on your back." I shrugged and pulled up my shirt and asked "Is it a bug bite or something?" Sara then let out a low gasp, I asked "What's wrong?" She rasped out that's no bug bite, it looks like you just got mauled by a cougar. Puzzled a went to the bathroom and looked at my back in the mirror. As it happened there were multiple  6 - 7 inch long scars running from my shoulder blades to my mid back.

I asked them to go pick up the box that Ouija board is in, as were gonna burn that sucker. Michael said "ill go get it" He came back up with hands trembling. We threw the damn box in the fireplace and then said a prayer. I'm guessing we should have done that in the first place.

Ouija boards are like getting a mystery meal. You don't know what's in the secret sauce... or the meal.

Sent in by Adam, Copyright 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ouija Board is Pure Evil

I agree with  this post I just read here on the Ouija board.  I myself have tried to post online warning everyone not to even buy one, don't have it in your home, or be near one.   And why would anyone purchase one from someone else or off eBay? You are inviting and taking on that karma and that evil that entered from the person who is selling it.   WAKE UP people.   This is not a game.


I know everyone is curious and just dieing to buy one; and that is what you will get by touching it or even being a part of it and around it.    You will get nothing but evil.


Please, this is not a game and I hope I am scaring you because it is serious. If you have one, get rid of it!  cut it up into 7 pieces and bury it deep in the ground!

And they want to sell this to kids?   O MY GOD!

Is there anything we can do people here?  is there some way we can get together on this and see what can be done to remove this board from the market?  I am very serious.    It is not a game! I  am terrified, literally for all the people out there who are so naive about this and who refuse to listen.     This is not a game.    It is very real and very serious!    

Sent in by DD

A Ouija Board and a True Haunting

When my granddad died, me and my mam went to live with my grandma, I was 12 and got roped into doing Ouija board with my mam and a cousin. It was a home made board, cut out letters and a shot glass on a dining room table. I had no idea it would even work, I still try to think of it as unreal now. Its like I'm looking back at a horror story that has been on TV a work of fiction.

The glass did move, the bloody glass moved even when everyone took their finger off, not far but enough for us to know it wasn't us pushing it. It 'pretended' to be my granddad, knew intimate details from his life that, only my grandma knew about - of which she got very upset and almost insulted when my mam asked her about stuff.

When everyone was out the house I could hear steps up the stairs, like a dog running, I could hear panting in my ear when the light was off, like something was only centimeters away. My room was frozen, I could always see my breath.

I slept in with my mam one night after she had found some boxes shredded to bits on top of her wardrobe. We were just about to go to sleep and the blanket was ripped off the bed by the bottom corner on my side. I was terrified. I kept the blanket in my teeth till I fell asleep.

Loads of things happened, we carried on doing Ouija board thinking it was my granddad, till one night it said to go to his grave, and when my mam did the flowers were shredded over the top.

The last night we done it, we believed we were talking to him and he was asking my mam about tablets she was going to take, little did I know she was contemplating suicide, and all of a sudden it spelled out, don't do this anymore its not John (my granddads name) and the curtains flew inwards and there was a strong smell of feces, that never left for 3 days.

I understand the Ouija board is a fools game, so dangerous, and really I'd like to make sense of what happened. I'm 28 now and never had any strange occurrences since. I often do think back to what happened, and it chills me to the bone.

Sent in by gemmagee, Copyright 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Ouija Board I Can Never Let Go

The following is all true, no lies I promise you. I'm still stuck, and you'll see what I mean.

About two weeks ago my mom bought a Ouija board offline. This was before she knew anything "bad" about it. Well we tried it the next night and I was amazed at how cool it worked. I didn't know that'd be the turning point for me.

The next day I tried it out with one of my friends, then the following day with another friend. Eventually that Friday,  I used it with the same friend (I will call her "Shawna"). Last Friday when I went with some friends to a basketball game, walking up to my house we were followed by this weird dude with a white t shirt and blue jeans and black hair. He walked very strangely... Before I knew it, after my friends left weird things started happening in my RV so I thought it was a ghost. So the next Friday when I was using it with Shawna, we asked the age of the spirit. It spelled out "18" and I was beginning to freak out. We asked if it was a girl or boy... It said boy.

I asked him if it was the guy that followed us last week and was living in my RV since then, and it went to yes. So we then asked if he had any unfinished business and if it had to do with me and Shawna. It said yes, then spelled out bwsw. I asked if those were our initials and it again went to yes. We asked for our ages and it spelled the correct numbers.

Later the spirit said his "unfinished business" was good. We asked who it had to do with. Here is our conversation:
"who does your unfinished business have to do with?"
"c u r t i v"
"do you mean Curtis? (that was a kid in our class who was sorta annoying)"
"what does he have to do with your business?"
"h e i s s i v k"
"sick? He is sick?"
"if you mean sick as in physically ill go to yes. If you mean sick as in hurting people or being mean go to no."
"did he hurt you?"
"do you want us to hurt him"
"yes." and from there we were scared and confused. We had sat there for an hour and ten minutes and our legs were cramping up. The board tilted off our knees and the planchette started turning different ways, tangling our fingers. It counted down the last 8 or so letters of the alphabet. When we asked to leave it went from the same two letters: k and m back and forth back and forth. We said goodbye and we would try to contact it another day.

My mom began worrying about my mood and how I became more stressed. I told her it wasn't the board but other things. She kept the board from me till Monday. Me and Shawna planned to use it that day. We waited until it got darker so our special 18 year old spirit would be around.

When we were about to, my mom was awake from her daily work nap. She said we were supposed to use it RIGHT after school and for an hour only. But I didn't remember that. So I burst out crying and she was yelling "THE DEVIL HAS GOT YOUR CRINGE!" and I didn't know what she meant. She threatened to send the board back and even burn it. I told her it was the worst thing she could do. I felt like I was dying, like my heart was being taken away from me.

The days following I became very depressed. When I heard my mom sent the Ouija board to someone else, I cried when I was alone. I wished desperately for the spirit to show me a sign it was here. I wrote him a letter too but no reply.

I began thinking I could never let go of the board. It grew so attached to me and it wouldn't let me go. There was some part of me that kept me from helping myself. My friends told me to let go. I would lay in bed, telling myself to let go. And immediately after something else told me, "how could you think that?! You can't forget about the board! How dare you say that!"

I thought I was possessed but deep down I wanted to be. I began wearing a rubber band that I felt like would keep my sad side stuck with me. The demon side I'll call it. Last night, I told myself I never wanted to let the board go and I didn't want to forget it or let anyone make me forget it...

So I cut the word "Ouija" on my arm. I didn't draw blood, I just scratched it on so it was visible and red. I wanted a scar. When I was done I felt satisfied. Those same days I began painting my nails black, tearing all my posters off my walls and putting up words I wrote that said what I felt about the Ouija board.

Then when I told my mom about the cut, she smothered me in sage, shaking my head and saying "all evil spirits go away" and other stuff. She chased me down with a sharpie to write a cross on my arm and back. And I fought back because if there was a spirit, I didn't want it to leave. For some reason I wanted it to stay with me.

But she got away. Now I'm hoping I stay with the spirits. I hope I get another Ouija board. I don't know how long I can move on... I feel like I need the board. I'm obsessed with it!!! I will fight the sage and cross if I have to. I love the Ouija board no matter how evil it is.

Sent in by Becky Weed, Copyright 2011