Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So since I was raised a Christian and Catholic, I've never been much into the paranormal stuff. But after a priest told me something about my soul some years ago, I wanted to know more about this subject.

When I was younger my mother took me to a priest and he told me that I was special because my soul was different from those of other people. He didn't explain and that stick to my mind. So I decided to try the Ouija Board, since people said it was a way of getting answers. This is how my session went:
Me: Are there any spirits here that wish to make contact?

Nohing happened for a second and then the planchette moved to "No"

Me: So you don't want to talk to me?

It went to "No" one more time, I asked why and it spelled out "Danger". I wasn't scared or nervous, just curious, so I continued.

"Am I in danger?"

It said "No".

"Are you in danger?"



It started to say gibberish and do figure eight's and I knew this was bad, so I ordered it to stop and it did almost immediately. "Why are you in danger?"


"Are you a demon?"

"Yes". At this point I was a bit scared because I didn't know how to deal with a demon.

"Then why are you in danger?" I tried one more time, already prepared to say goodbye.

"Tibi" I searched and found out it's Latin for "You".

I asked it if it was because of me. It said "Yes". That's when the weird part came.

"Do you know why I'm different?"


"Can you spell it?"

It stopped moving for about 5 seconds, then it spelled "Angelus" and went to "Goodbye".

I searched again and found out that "angelus" means literally "angel" in Latin. I don't know if this is what the demon meant but if there is any chance it was correct, does it mean I'm an angel? I don't want to play the Ouija Board again but I am left with more questions then ever.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Gigi The Demon

I'm not really sure how to start this but basically I got a Ouija board and tried playing it with my sister, nothing happened though so I was I was kind of bummed out, anyways eventually I played alone (I know, I know) I asked "is there anyone here?" and as I was about to end the session (due to no response from the planchette it slowly slid to "YES" and this is the conversation

Me:what's your name?

Gigi: M-E G-I-G-I















I then forced it to goodbye Google the name Gigi and saw someone had asked a question about him on Yahoo answers probably about 5 years ago? then the next day me and a few co-workers played and we got Gigi again, Gigi said how one friend was going to kill another over a girl, and it hates anyone who talks to me, I asked if he wanted something from me and he said yes and I asked what and it spelt out "home" I asked if I was home for him and it said yes one friend asked if I was going to heaven and it said yes, I then asked if I had anyone waiting for me on the other side and it said "yes" I asked who and it spelt "dad" confused as my dad is still alive I asked "your dad" and it said yes, I then asked if I should be scared and it said no, eventually everyone asked what they wanted to ask and Gigi spelt "bed" and we asked if he wanted to go to bed and it slid to goodbye, nothing has happened after playing it since I read up on how to properly close the session but if anyone knows anything about Gigi please let me know!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

WT Is Chasing My Friend

Since some while ago, I've been dying to use a Ouija Board. I searched how to play it and all the rules and last Tuesday me and my friend decided to make our own. After it, we tried to play.

She let me be the medium and I started it with various ways, none of them worked. Then I remembered that Ouija movie and tried to say the way the did, and it finally worked. We got a bad spirit named W.T, since we were afraid, we stopped.

Today we played again and got him again, then we found out that he is following my friend all the time. We asked why and he said C-R-E-I-S-T she asked if it was because she didn't believe in God and it said YES. I asked if he wanted to say something else and he spelled U-H-X-V-T-G-S-R I said I would search but couldn't find anything.

Before that we had got two bad spirits, one of them was really polite and the other we said goodbye immediately, and a demon, - which I commanded to leave and said goodbye.

Does anyone know what WT spelled means? Could be of great help.


Friday, December 19, 2014

My Mothers Bad Experience With The Ouija

Yesterday I joked with my mom saying I played the Ouija board and she was scared and she said it was a bad thing to do because since you are calling a spirit you are waking them up while they are resting in peace or something like that.

She also told me that when she was little, her cousins made her play and I guess they were communicating with a dark spirit and she says she can still feel the spirit after 20 years and she has had so much bad luck and the cousin that made her play cannot seem to get married so I guess it was a bad luck spirit maybe.

But I'm very curious to know but since I don't wanna wake the wrong peeps I'll just stay out of it I guess but I really do want to try It because I live in an apartment and I can feel something there and it makes me just want to see if there is actually someone there.

Cynthia Lozano

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Friend Wants Me To Play With The Ouija Board

My friends want me to play with the Ouija board but I don't like the idea of trying to talk to demons or a spirit.

I told my mom about what they wanted to do on Halloween and she said No, my grandma (her mom) played with it when she was little and had a bad experience. I wanted to know what happened so I called my grandma the next night and she said her grandmother had a Ouija board and her and her little brothers and sisters decided to play with it.

They contacted a spirit or demon and my grandma wanted to scare them so she said "If the Ouija board is real I want the devil to possess me." At first she was just joking and playing around to scare them. She started shaking and then she couldn't stop.

Something was making her shake and she started to cry and so did her sibling. She kept telling her self she was sorry she wanted to make it stop and she would never saying anything that stupid again and finally it stopped.

She went and talk to her grandmother about what happened and her grandmother wasn't very happy. She told her she knew something like that was going to happen so she took away and hid the Ouija board and told her to never play with one again.

My grandma says prayers every night before she goes to bed she is still mad at herself till that day she has never played with a Ouija board again.

I don't know if you found that very scary but it freaked me out never will I play with one.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ouija G Was Actually Zozo

So my friend had been talking to someone on the board called "g". I didn't believe it was real so I tried it on a paper board and it kept spelling "rape you kill you".

We thought it was funny so we continued to do the board and once I was doing it by myself and it spelled "fire" and I went in the kitchen and a pan was on fire.

I stopped talking to it after that but my friend continued to talk to it on her board and it adventually said that "g" was fake and it was zozo.

We now both feel things touch us and the other day my chair moved across the room, and random wet spots keep appearing on both of our beds. This has been going on for about a month and I dont know what to do to get rid of it.

Pnut Selena

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Did A Good Spirit Lie Or Were We Communicating With A Bad Spirit?

We just don't know what to think, to sum it up.

So, this was all the way back in August. Me and my sister invited a friend over to our house, and one day we got overly curious about the paranormal, so overly curious that we went to 2 stores trying to find one, but didn't, which resulted in us actually making our own!

Haha, but anyways. We started playing with the thing, and none of us took it seriously at first. But then, it started getting real, and truly interesting. We were asking it questions about our future, and we were getting answers we liked, along with ones we disliked.

We kept talking to the same spirit, and we always said a good prayer before and after the session. I believe that the spirit is a good one, because it's been months since then and nothing paranormal or harmful has happened to any of us. However, some things it told us have come true, and some things were true, like facts we didn't know.

Now with the stuff we were told, we're all tearing ourselves down about it, like doubting it.
I just wanna know what you think, if a good spirit was lying, or we were actually communicating with a bad spirit, and it got our hopes up.

Thank you so much for all your answers. It'll be really helpful because we all still don't know what to believe, and it'll be nice not to hear "Its not even real!" for once.