Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Silver Statue and the Dark Hood

I am a 13 year old boy that is fascinated with the paranormal. I use Ouija boards to pass the time, and I started talking to this one ghost, he was an African slave, his name is Diowam. He told me cool stuff and what not, but I felt some spiritual connection with him. I would see apparitions at times, but they were mostly shadows.

One day, when I was using my Ouija board, I asked if it was Diowam, and it said "NO". I felt uncomfortable. I asked who it was. His name was Heckley, born in England, died in the 1700's. I felt an evil presence from him, so I asked few questions then closed down the board. Suddenly, my lights start flickering, which they never do, NEVER.

I ran into the other room to tell my dad what happened. He said, "Don't worry it will be alrig-" before he could finish his sentence, his eyes widened and he said, "They're not finished with you yet," he said it in a controlled way. I freaked out and saw a shadow of a man in a hood behind him. I never talked to that demon again, because I knew he was horrible.

My other friends Diowam is cool though, I trust him with my board and only him. I know what he looks like now. He is a silver statue. He protects my friends from demons when they visit me, and he burns away any hatred in our house. He tells me of the future, and of the past.

This is a warning to anyone who will use a Ouija board, be careful, people have died from possession, and it could happen to you if you do not know what you are doing and let your will fade. Only talk to spirits you trust, find a spirit you like, and stick with it, if someone else appears, close down the board and ask them to never talk to you again. But remember, it is not a toy and must be handled with extreme caution.

Sent in by Dylan Michael Garrett, Copyright 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ouija Ghost In Agony

I'm very sorry if you are confused about this story. My friends had asked that I don't share their names.

I remember the date exactly, July 10, 2010. My mom decided to throw a graduation party. I had told her that I was only graduating eighth grade, but she insisted we have one. It was a family party, but my mom said I could invite five friends. We had fun. My mom set up a thirty three foot long slide for us to use. We had water balloons and great food. It was the best party we've ever thrown.

Out of no where, my mom decided to have a big sleepover for me and my friends. She ordered even more food and got us some two liter pops. One of my friends had to leave though because she had things to do in the morning. After our stomachs were full, we turned on the TV. My friend was rummaging through the cabinets and found our Ouija board. She smiled and laughed at me. "Dude, these things are so fake!" she said. I rushed over to her and grabbed it from her. Unfortunately, all of my friends were intrigued. They were saying how they wanted to try it. Sighing, I grabbed the board and sat down.

"These things are dangerous guys. It's not a toy." I said, warning them. Of course, they didn't listen. I explained to them the evil things the boards can do and the rules. They were excited and one of my experienced friends put her hand on the planchette. I placed mine on it, too. My friend said the words I was dreading to hear. "Ouija are you there?" Slowly but surely, it went to yes. Before my friend could say anything, I asked the question "Are you from the sun or the moon?" Hesitantly, it moved to the Sun. I didn't think of the hesitating at the time. I guess I was just glad it wasn't from the Moon. "What is your name?" My friend asked. It didn't reply. "What is your name?" She said again and it went to 'A' and then to 'Z'. I looked at her. "That's not his or her name. It's too short." I said, my voice shaking. "Are you good or bad?" I said. It didn't move. I asked my other friend to take my friends place. "What is your name?" I asked and it moved. It spelled out "ROXIE".

When I confirmed the name, my friend, who was sitting there silent the whole time, jumps back three feet. She starts crying. My friend, who was doing the Ouija board before I replaced her, rushed over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder. As soon as she touched her, she couldn't breath. My friend quickly withdrew her hand she could breath again. I rushed over to her and looked at her. Her eyes were weird. It definitely wasn't her. I knew that for a fact. Then she shook her head violently and looked at me. She looked around and said the words I didn't want to here; "What's going on?" She said. I looked at her. "You seriously don't know what just happened?" I said. She looked at me and shook her head. No one knew what just happened but me. My eyes grew wide and saw an image in my head. It was of a girl's neck getting sliced. "Did you feel anything?" I asked. She said all she felt was something like chopping at her neck.

Two of my friends and I went upstairs on the computer. We searched 'Ouija Board Rules'. We found out that if you let the board go through the numbers or though the letters, it is letting the ghost escape from the board. We looked at each other and ran downstairs. When we got down there, we saw my friend, the one who got attacked, staring at the Ouija board. My friend who had stayed down there with her was trying to get her attention. She was focused on the Ouija Board. "I wanna play. Please, can I play?" All she wanted to do was play the Ouija Board. My experienced friend and I agreed that she was attached to whatever she was attacked by.

To this day, that ghost is in my house. It will feel like she's grabbing your throat. We believe it's to show you how she felt when she died. That night was the scariest night of my life. My Ouija Board is locked up in the attic. Don't ever take the Ouija Board as a joke or a little toy because it most definitely isn't.

Sent in by Ashley Rorer, Copyright 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Ouija Board Experience

I've been reading stories on here (speaking of for a while and decided it's time to submit my own. My story doesn't involve any bad things. Let me explain.

I lost my sister and nephew in June of 2002 to a freak medical mishap. She was 7 months pregnant with said Nephew and suffered from an aneurysm. She and the baby died. She was only 22 and needless to say this rocked the family. The death happened at her baby shower also. So it was a freak thing all around.

Well forward to a few years later my mom came to me and told me she had been playing around with a Ouija board with some friends and that she was talking to 'Danielle', my sister. At first I thought she was crazy and told her she was stupid. Well she finally convinced me to 'sit in' on it with her friends. When they first started they asked things like 'Is anyone here' and the normal things. Then it got personal. My sister said she was there and was telling us things that only my mom and I would know about her. It seemed very, very real. I was never scared but almost at peace because I felt like I could tie up any loose ends with her and such.

A few random things happened like my mom got 'poked' in the shoulder and immediately the board said 'gotcha'. Then in another instance the phone rang and after the board said 'why didn't you answer'. I was always told not to mess with Ouija boards and that they invite evil into your life among other things, but after playing around with one I've never had any bad experiences. This in itself kind of scares me because I'm wondering if potentially a demon was manifesting itself as my sister? Also could I have a demon in my life that is just 'idle' and waiting for the right time to come out. I regret messing with that board and am afraid something terrible will happen sometime in my life.

Has anyone had any experiences like this? I've never heard of someone messing with a Ouija board and getting nothing but good experiences out of it and that's what scares me.

Sent in by *B*, Copyright 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Burning Dumpster and the Glow in the Dark Ouija Board

This all started when I bought that Ouija Board. I always wanted to get one, because I am a believer, even though I never saw a ghost. The burning dumpster changed that.

The Ouija Board was one of the new ones, that's made out of plastic and glows in the dark. I thought it was a little unnecessary, but I couldn't find anyone who sells an actual Ouija board that doesn't glow.

Then came the day that Justin killed himself. Justin is some random college guy in the college apartments I live in. The dumpster was only 20 feet away from my house, with a potential ghost. I was hooked.

At first I didn't believe that Justin killed himself. His girlfriend moved out an hour after his death, and Justin left his portion of the rent and his house key in their kitchen before dying. That doesn't seem like a suicide, but more like a murder. Plus the fact that Justin died by hopping into a burning dumpster. What suicide victim kills themselves like that?

SO I took the Ouija board out with 5 of my friends; Jessica, her sister Kayla, their little brother Brandon, and Carl. Jessica and Kayla were believers cause their house is haunted, and Carl is really gullible, so it was the perfect team.

We set up right next to the dumpster and placed our fingers on the board and moved it in a circle to warm it up. I decided to be the one to ask the questions, so I asked as specifically as I could. Someone told me a long time ago to not ask vaguely, or a demon could show up and haunt you forever. I asked, "Is the spirit of Justin here?"

After a few seconds, the planchette moved slowly to Yes. This is the beginning of Carl's nervous breakdown. I smiled and asked, hoping Justin wouldn't get offended, "How did you die?"

Nothing happened for a while, so I asked a different question, "Did your girlfriend kill you?"

Quickly, the planchette moved to No. I gulped, knowing Justin was probably angry. I asked, hoping it couldn't get any worse, "Why did you commit suicide?"

The planchette sat there for a few seconds, before slowly moving to spell out "BECAUSE". I sighed, knowing Justin wouldn't answer any other questions. I packed up the board, and went home.

Sent in by Meredith, Copyright 2010

The Joys of the Ouija Board

My first exposure to the Ouija Board was when I was 8 years old. My sister lived in the country in a very old house and my mother and father took me to visit on the occasional weekend. My sister considered herself a "conductor" or medium and said she could guarantee an enjoyable time with the Ouija Board. 

Now my Dad liked to get drunk and fall asleep on the couch in the evenings, so mum, my sister and me would use this time to play on the Ouija Board.  My first experience concerned a contact my sister made with a person called Nanna Sharples. I was terrified.  My mum wasn't involved but was watching and she almost had a heart attack. This person was a violent figure in my mother's past. She had never mentioned this name to my sister or others in the family because of how much it hurt her to remember. Let's just say it got mum's attention. Mum decided to get involved and we all put our finger on the glass. The glass was spinning aimlessly around the board. Sometimes fast, sometimes very fast. Now you can imagine the noise the glass makes on the table.  My dad was asleep and we were all sitting at the table asking "is anybody there?" continuously. Suddenly my dad sat up and said "if somebody is there could they please keep the noise down so I can bloody sleep!" Bad move! The glass was flung from the table and into the wall. Shattered.

We all decided to call it a night. I went to bed and almost immediately started to have a series of terrible nightmares. I was dreaming of being pinched and scratched. When I woke up throughout the night I could feel burning on my legs and torso. The next morning I was having a shower and I looked at myself in the mirror and I was covered in scratches and bruises. I showed my mum and she began to get hysterical. It turned out that this was something that she attributed to her Nanna Sharples doing to her when she was a child. It seemed that her Nanna would punish her sadistically by pinching her and scratching her. All the while laughing.

We left the country house and returned to the city. I didn't have those dreams again. Worse was to come.  One night I went to bed around 8pm. I could hear scratching in my wardrobe. I sat up and saw the door open slightly then slam shut. The scratching continued. I could feel a rush of pins and needles coming over me as I lay in that bed (I am feeling them again now as I write.) I was hiding under the covers and I could hear what sounded like laughing coming from under my bed.  I was being poked through the mattress and I am talking poked! I was being prodded and the mattress started to move violently beneath me. I yelled for my mum and dad. They came into the room and naturally could not find a damn thing. So frustrating.

I was attending a Catholic School and decided to mention my story at the next Show and tell. I had nothing to show, but I had plenty to tell.  The teacher called me out after class and we both went to see the Parish Priest. I gave a recount of my story to him and he sat there just studying me. He told me that he believed everything I said. He told me that it would happen again to me but not to be scared. He told me to say out loud "I cover myself in the blood of Jesus Christ who died for our sins" Anyway I didn't quite know what to make of all this but it was easy to remember.

A couple of nights later I was lying in bed and I could feel my chest tighten and the pins and needles returning. I quickly remembered those magic words and I have to be honest and tell you that the pins and needles went away and the tightness I was feeling subsided. I wasn't bothered again. 

Now the story doesn't end yet.  I was having a sleepover at my cousin's house and it was in the middle of summer. His bedroom was quite warm and we had a fan going to keep it cool. We decided to tell scary stories and of course I decided to bring out the old Nanna Sharples Story for him. Bad and stupid move. The room went so cold that we were both shivering under the covers of our beds and we saw a dark shadow creep across the ceiling in his bedroom. I thought it was my eyes but my cousin made the comment just as I was thinking it was only me that saw it. I quickly brought out the trusty old sentence the priest had told me and my cousin caught on pretty quick. Once again the room was warm and it seems to actually get brighter in the room. I think the dark presence had been in the room observing us for a while because it was like my eyes had re-adjusted from dilation.

I guess now I have told this story I will probably have to say those words before I sleep tonight. Sleep well...

Sent in by Pro_Hit, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ouija Mistake

My story starts off like many other stories you have read, I'm sure. My husband is in the military and is currently deployed. On Friday nights, a few of my girlfriends come over to my house for girl's night. We usually cook dinner, watch a movie, have a drink or two, and often times we play a board game.

Friday night, about three weeks ago, the girls filtered in around the usual time (6 pm) or so. Everyone was there except for one of the ladies. We all got started cooking while we were waiting for the last woman to arrive. (We were making lasagna.) When all of the prep work was done, and the pasta was in the oven baking, the door bell rang. It was the last lady. She came inside and apologized for being late, but she said that she wanted to stop and pick something up on her way to my house. She held up a box still wrapped in plastic. It was an Ouija board. Apparently, she stopped at Toys-R-Us to get a new game and decided that this would be a lot of fun. The other girls squealed with delight. (I used to be a very active member of my church back home, but haven't really even attended regularly in a long time due to moving around so much. Anyway, I have a healthy wariness of contacting spirits.) I didn't want to be the wet blanket of the bunch, so I went along with it and pretended to be excited too.

After dinner and some chatting, we went into the living room and opened up the Ouija board, lit some candles and turned out the light. We each placed two fingers on the planchette. The plastic felt so cheap under my finger tips. I was telling myself that it wasn't going to work, after all, it was from Toys-R-Us! I was still nervous though. We decided to go around the circle and take turns each asking a question. I started. I asked if there was anyone with us. We waited a moment for a response, but nothing happened. My friend next to me asked the same question, again nothing happened. The next person asked if anyone wanted to communicate with us. The planchette slowly moved to YES. We all gasped and accused one another of moving it. The next person asked the name of the person who moved the planchette. It responded, SILAS. We began asking Silas dumb questions like; what my dog's name is, how old one girl was, answers everyone there already knew. We never really asked anything about "Silas" other than what its name was. After asking it a bunch of dumb questions, we decided end the session. I wasn't scared while everyone was there with me, but when they all left, I started to feel uneasy. I slept with the lights on that night.

A few days later, I still felt wary being in my house alone. I always felt like someone was there. I kept telling myself that I was being silly. I didn't really have any reason to feel that way until the beginning of last week. I started finding things in odd places. For example, instead of my keys being on the key rack by the front door, they were in the bathtub. I found a glass broken on the kitchen floor, my DVDs were all over the living room, and early this morning, my bedroom door slammed shut. It scared me so badly. It's a 4 day weekend and my friends are with their hubbies. I'm scared to be alone, and none of this stuff seems to be happening to any of them. I have been praying for protection and telling whatever seems to be here to go away, but it's not working. I'm not sure what to do.

Sent in by Zoey, Copyright 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Ghost From a Ouija Board Cut Me

The ghost that came out of a Ouija board and cut me.

I am now 26 but was just 15 at the time. My name is Skye and I am going to tell you what happened on a horrific night I will never forget.

I was in England, where I live, and it was raining hard. Typical weather for February in England. The sky was gray and cloudy, and it was very cold. Around 2 pm, I got a call from my friend Flo, inviting me to stay the night. So I packed my things and my mum gave me a lift to her Flo's house. She told me that our other friends Amy, Seth, John and Jasmine were also coming. 

Flo lives in a small house, owning acres of land. She has fields of horses and also owns part of a forest that starts in her garden, the forest stretches on for miles. We were in her room,  and we talked until about 3 pm. We got hungry and decided to go down for some food. When we got down, Flo's parents were looking in the basement. We went down to see them, and to see what they were looking for. Turns out they had mice down there, and Flo's dad was setting traps and her mum down there giving him a cup of tea. I saw something that looked interesting so I said "hey Flo, what's that?" Flo looked over and picked it up. It was a Ouija Board! "I didn't know we had a Ouija Board mum!" said Flo. Her mum told us that it was hers when she was our age, and that she tried it but nothing happened. As she no longer believed it worked, she let us use it. We got some food  then brought the board back into Flo's room. We decided we would do it late at night, we thought it would add to the effect a bit more. Flo's parents left for the night, because her mum was a singer and was doing a gig in a far away pub that night, and decided to spend the night in a hotel.

At about 1 am, we remembered the Ouija Board. We found some candles from downstairs, and got a lighter and light them and turned out all the lights. We sat in a circle in the middle of Flo's room. They decided to let me conduct it, as I really wanted to and (according to them)knew what I was doing more then any of us. I began. "If there is a spirit among us, please come forth." I said, quite loudly. Nothing happened. "Please give us a sign" I said again. Then, the pointer began to slowly shake, and then it moved. It spelled out:  W-H-Y--A-R-E--Y-O-U--H-E-R-E. We were all shocked as we thought it wouldn't work. We looked at each other. Amy burst out laughing, and said "alright guys, who moved it?" We all looked at each other. No one had moved it, no one was laughing, and everyone looked serious, so they couldn't have. Amy suddenly looked as shocked as we were. "Ask it something", John said.  "What is your name?" said Seth. It spelled out N-O-T-H-I-N-G. We carried on asking questions for about 2 hours. Then, I said "why are you here?" and it spelled out T-O--K-I-L-L--Y-O-U. We got to freaked out to carry on. We were too scared to go to sleep too, so we decided to talk and forget all about the Ouija Board, by hiding it at the bottom of Flo's wardrobe.

At about 4, we started dozing off to sleep. But then it started. There was a mug on Flo's shelve, still there from her last cup of tea, and it randomly fell off and smashed. It made us all jump and wake up. We all just sat there staring at it. "What the hell just happened?" I asked. Jasmine looked at me. I looked back at her, then to Flo. "I have no idea what the hell that was" said Flo, "did someone do that somehow?" We all knew that that was a stupid question, because the shelf was the other side of the room, and we would of heard someone get up or do anything. And they wouldn't have managed to get back into there sleeping bag that quickly. "It was probably the wind or some-" Jasmine got stopped mid-sentence but a loud bang coming from the wardrobe, then the curtain rail fell down. We were all crying, and ran out of the house. But we knew we couldn't spend the rest of the night outside, because we would freeze! We went in and went on Flo's computer and searched how to get rid of evil spirits unleashed. It told us that you have to dig a deep hole in the garden of the place you did the Ouija Board and bury it. But every one must help dig the hole, anyone who doesn't will still be haunted. We were trying to pluck up the courage to actually go and get the board, when I suddenly got this horrid sharp stinging pain in my left ankle. Then it came in my right ankle. I collapsed and started screaming. Everyone crowded round me but I remember I felt like I was in a trance. Then Flo screamed and pointed to my ankles. They were covered in blood. I screamed again. They got towels and bandages to put on my ankles. (Flo's father was a paramedic, so they had lots of bandages around the place). Then they carried me to the sofa and lay me down. I suddenly shut my eyes, tight. But I saw something. I saw billions of fly's and maggots eating away at a dead body of someone I couldn't recognize because there face was practically eaten away. I couldn't even scream, it was so horrific. I tried to open my eyes, but when I did I just saw maggots and fly's coming into my eyes. Suddenly, I felt freezing water being thrown over me. I opened my eyes again,and this time I saw everyone looking down at me. I sat up and looked around. I wasn't on the sofa anymore, I was on the floor, the other side of the room. "What happened?" I mumbled. "Are you okay!?" I heard everyone say. "What happened?" I said again. "You went crazy, Skye" John said. "You started.. sort of fitting and you wouldn't stop. We had to get cold water and pour it over you, we tried to phone an ambulance but all the lines are dead." My ankles ached, but bandages were still on them, and I managed to run up  the stairs, get the Ouija Board and a shovel and go outside. Everyone followed me and we dug a deep hole.

We buried that thing. We never heard/saw anything else about it, but I still, to this day, have scar's going all around my ankles. Turns out that the board didn't work for Flo's mum because they were in a new house, and that house wasn't haunted and was very new. Flo and her family moved house in the end.

And I swear to you that this story is true, I would gain nothing if I made this up. Believe what you like, but I know the truth, and that's all that matters, and it did happen.

Sent in by Skye, Copyright 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Made Ouija Board and the After Effects

I own my own Ouija board and I took it over to my best friend's, Nikki, Kirstee, Rebekka, Trish, Jason, Harry and Lachlan, house because after our first attempt, Rebekka was difficult to convince it worked, even though when we did it for the first time the Earth candle blew out. My good friend, Mandy, who owns and occult shop explained that that was because Rebekka was off with the Fairies that night, instead of focusing.

Well, we set the table up, with the elemental candles in the correct spots and began speaking with a woman. But when we asked her where she was from she started counting down. Moving from '9' all the way down to '0'. When it hit '0' Kirstee's baby, Lachlan began crying. Kirstee was a little freaked out and requested that her twin, Nikki, go with her into the bedroom because she didn't want something to kill her, or whatnot. She settled down Lachlan and came back out, the Ouija board was unattended too as we grew bored and the board only worked with her. (Which I know, do not leave an Ouija board without closing, but this ghost had been different from some of the others, no one had counted down before.)

Well Kirstee was the first one to touch the shot glass and as her forefinger touched it, the glass spun around the Ouija board, making Kirstee swear loudly. As soon as we touched the glass it stopped, and Kirstee, clearly freaked out, didn't touch it again, so we said goodbye and closed the 'door'. But that night continued to get creepy. The house is usually shut up and they never have windows open or anything, but the rooms we occupied suddenly got cold and we felt as if something was breathing down our necks.

When I stay over I usually share the bed with Nikki because we're as close as sisters and I could still feel as if someone was in the room, watching us. Nikki could feel it too, and Nik, is a wuss, so basically she was hiding under the covers. I saw something contort in the corner of my eye and I sat up to see what it was. This dark mass was forming in the corner of the room closest to the bed. Truly freaked out at this time I called out for Jason, Kirstee's boyfriend, and the black mass thing seemed to twist towards me and began to kind of slither over towards me but it dissipated when the door opened. Jason cautiously came into the room, saw my face and asked what had happened. I guess my face looked unnaturally white (I'm very pale to begin with) and scared out of my wits. I tried to explain what I saw but it came out as distorted as the dark thing, that I'm going to call a shadow.

Since then, I have seen it once, when I was going to the bathroom. It just continued to twist and knot itself and didn't seem aware that I was there. When I walked back out of the bathroom I haven't seen it since. I still use my Ouija board, but I make sure to burn White Sage incense because it helps to purify the space and make sure to say good bye properly.

Sent in by Courtney-Rose, Copyright 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

My True Ouija Board Story

Me, my boyfriend James and my friend Mark were chilling at James's house when James and I decide to go outside for a cigarette. Mark doesn't smoke so he stayed inside watching the TV. As soon as we got outside Mark comes outside.

Mark - 'James your doors are opening and closing by themselves'
James - 'Yeah that's just my dad'

That's when I came up with the idea to do a Ouija board as I knew James always missed his dad and would love to talk to him again. They're all up for the idea so I make one out of paper, mark letters and vital words and numbers on the board and we all sit around and start asking questions and we started receiving answers to them, everything was going fine and James got in touch with his dad. The glass then moved to 'goodbye' and it was at that time Mark thought he would be funny and draw a pentagram onto the board. We then left the board as we thought it would be too scary to carry on with a pentagram on the board. We leave the room to go into the kitchen to make tea. We sat in the kitchen for a while talking about what we had just experienced, Both Mark and James were still in denial that we had really contacted spirits so we decided to try again and try to get proof that we were talking to spirits.

When we got back into the room we were shocked to find the glass was on the pentagram. We all looked at each other in horror, the glass had been in the middle of the board when we had left. We sat down and asked if there were any spirits present. The glass moved to 'yes'. We asked who we were speaking with and the glass spelled out Satan. We looked at each other, wary of what we were getting ourselves into, despite our growing fear we continued to ask are you here to hurt us? and the glass moved over to yes, in a growing panic we asked which one of us it wanted to hurt. The glass started edging towards me. We asked why, the glass spelled out 'Wiccan. I was shocked as neither Mark nor James knew I was Wiccan. James started pleading with the spirit not to hurt me, eventually the spirit gave in. We then started talking to the spirit who claimed to be Satan, we asked it to make the dogs bark, and sure enough, the dogs started whining and barking, at this point we started getting kind of freaked out. We asked it to interfere with the TV, and sure enough the TV went blurry. At that point we heard something buzz in the corner of the room. I got up to check and to my horror I found a dragonfly dead and hanging upside down. We decided that that was enough for one day and put the board away.

The next day, my doorbell rings and Mark is there. He starts recalling his night of terror to me.
'Laura, last night I was in bed, the covers started pulling off me, I pulled them back up and they pulled all the way off. My light started flickering, the glass that was on my nightstand shattered and I heard a woman scream right outside my window!'

I spent a while trying to calm him down, then we decided to try again and see what Satan's problem was. James had stayed the night that night so he was in the room waiting with anticipation. We took out the board and asked if Satan was there, the glass moved to yes. We asked if he was to blame for the strange things happening to Mark the night before and undoubtedly the glass moved to yes. I started to get uncomfortable in the position I was sitting in so I moved to lay down on my side and continued asking questions. The glass started moving towards me and rubbing against my nipple. I got freaked out and sat back up. The glass then spelled out 'I want her'. James looked at me and said no. Then the glass spelled out 'she is mine now' I got really creeped out. Then I felt a really cold breeze between my legs so I got up and left the room. After calming down a little I came back and continued the session. The glass moved to spell 'welcome back' for a few minutes we sat there in silence trying to take everything in. The glass started moving. It spelled 'I'm a sex addict too Pam' we were all very confused. Then Mark says 'Oh my god! On the TV, a girl called Pam just stood up and said 'My name is Pam and I'm a sex addict'

This did it for all of us. We got so creeped out we put the board away. Just as we did that, a poster of mine fell from my bedroom wall and out of nowhere Mark's phone turns on and the song 'Number of the Beast' by Iron Maiden comes on. We decide to take out the board again and see what he wanted. As soon as we did the glass started moving to spell 'Pregnant' so we asked who was pregnant and the glass edged over to me. We looked at each other, the glass moved to spell 'mine'. I couldn't take it so I once again left the room. James came out and gave me a big hug and said we would be okay. We returned to the room to find Mark shaking in the corner of the room. We asked what happened and all he could do was point at my underwear drawer. A load of my more intimate pieces were on the floor. We took out the board again and told him to stop. The glass moved to no. We decided to provoke it. We asked if he was so evil then why is he not here to hurt us. The glass spelled out 'You too cool to possess' We looked at each other and didn't know which way to take it. It was at that point we decided to put the board away for good.

The next day Mark called over again and said his phone turned on again playing Number of The Beast. He was very shaken. One thing the board said really stuck with me. So I went out and bought a pregnancy test. Low and behold it was positive. I was immediately on the phone to James. We sorted things out and now everything's fine.

We all still get paranormal activity centering on us. And the incident was over two weeks ago. We haven't touched the board since and don't intend to either. Ouija boards are not things to be taken lightly.

Sent in by Lauraaa, Copyright 2010

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ouija Board Protection

I have used the Ouija board many times, and I would like to share some tips:

1. Do the supreme invoking ritual of the pentagram.
     This is a simple ritual to make your area a powerful magnet to spirits.

2. Say the following prayer, "I invite those spirits who are only for my highest good. Any spirits who come through who are NOT for my highest good are to be absorbed into the white light of protection, harming none."

3. Dress appropriately

4. If you encounter a malevolent entity, say "in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you, foul spirit to leave".

4. At the end, recite psalm 91. It is famous for being an anti demon psalm.

5. Do the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. This is a must. If you are having trouble understanding it, type it onto YouTube.

6. Holy water is a good thing to have along with a crucifix or amulet.

7. Stay humble

Sent in by Solomon, Copyright 2010