Monday, December 13, 2010

Haunted Mirror Portal to Spirits Maybe?

Alright, it's a long story, so get some popcorn if you fancy. I've been living in this apartment for a year now. Some time after I moved, I found a mirror inside my closet, it was a full body mirror so I decided to keep it and put it on my room's wall. It seemed ordinary until recently, a couple of months ago, I was staring at the mirror at night, the lights were off, and I thought I saw something strange, so I approached, and I started seeing weird things, for example I would see myself having black holes for eyes and mouth, type of holes that kind of absorb everything including light, and also smiling, I would also see some demon, and etc. I ignored it though.

One day, me and my friend decided to visit this big oratory in our city, and in the former house of a monk there was this locked room in which my friend felt there was a bad presence, she walked away, when I was alone I was able to open the door, I was too scared to go in, when I called my friend to come with me, I couldn't open the door anymore. I think that same day we used a Ouija board, we contacted a spirit named Amun Frast, he said he wanted to talk again some day. We tried to contact him again afterwards, he was talking about some stuff that he couldn't do while he was alive, something important about helping the world, but he was murdered. This seemed weird to me since I also want to do something to help out the world at some point in my life.

In other Ouija séances we seem to contact anonymous spirits that only spell nonsense. When we tried to contact Frast again he seemed to have changed personality and he seemed to know too much about me, I believe it wasn't him, but the spirit left and later another one came, claiming to be Frast, which he probably was since he acted more like it and simply wanted to talk, he said again he wanted to talk later about something important, he gave us a date, this was at my friend's house. A weird thing that happens with the Ouija board is that the jewel we use to point out the letters sometimes places itself on one of the eyes of the medium drawn on the board, other times it goes to the moon, other times, usually when there's a bad presence it goes out of the board to point at stuff.

Anyways, later on, we had another séance, that date, to talk to Frast, this time at my place. It didn't act like Frast, we told it to tell us who it was, it insisted on being Frast, we insisted it was a lie, it said it was Satan, then it didn't really respond, it tried to open portals (aka. making 8 or 0-shaped movements) we didn't let it, it also tried to go to bye but we held the jewel firmly, then it was moving towards my mirror, we didn't let it once again, I turned the mirror so that it would be facing the floor, then the spirit said it was in the room, and that it was inside my friend, I thought to myself "yeah sure" so I stomped the mirror with my foot and my friend said she felt a stinging in her stomach when I did, the pointer insisted on heading towards the mirror, so we put the board on top of the mirror, but didn't let the jewel touch it(the mirror). Then it started doing weird movements, it looked like he was opening another portal. Afterwards, we heard an unusually evil child laugh, it came from somewhere in the room, then the board spelled some things that I can't recall and said bye.

I tried to contact Frast by myself later that night, but I didn't get anything, although, when I turned the board to one side I saw a flash of light for a fraction of second, if I turned it to the other direction I'd see a flash of darkness for an even shorter time than the light one, I sometimes see those flashes at random moments ever since, not often though. Me and my friend haven't had any other séances, but she says she sees some weird stuff at her place from time to time. I was wondering what should I do next?

I still have the mirror, I'm not getting rid of it since I believe there's more to it, I really want to find out what this is all about, but I don't know how. Btw, if you think my friend's the one moving the jewel because the spirit knows a lot about me, she's not, the spirit has said a couple of things I haven't told her, her fingers barely touch the jewel, and sometimes it even rotates, the board has also rotated a little by itself once, we weren't touching it, we were inside the house and it was not a windy day. Any kind of help appreciated.

Sent in by Lenny, Copyright 2010

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strange Fingerprints

I'm 15 now but approx two years ago I had an experience with a Ouija board... I was sleeping over at my best friend Amy's and her step-mum Caroline brought up the idea of a Ouija board... she had been contacting spirits all of her life so we felt safe to be doing it with her, I was still uneasy about the idea of it.

We brought out the board and grabbed a clear glass and put our finger tips on it. Caroline started off by saying " We ask politely if a spirit can come forward and make contact with us, we mean no harm" and suddenly the glass started moving slowly in circles around the board. I was convinced Caroline and Amy were having me on as a joke. But Caroline then asked. "Hello, my name is Caroline what is your name" the board spelt out the initials T.L. She then asked "what is your full name" and it spelt out "Tornsly Lenis" I thought this was a pretty weird name! the glass then started moving more franticly and Caroline's face went pale... me and Amy were getting really scared at this point, suddenly Caroline said "girls ask one question each then we have to leave I don't think this spirit is a nice one" so I asked "are you going to harm us" and the spirit moved the glass over "Hello" I was quite confused. then Amy asked in a strong tone of voice " why aren't you making any sense!" and the glass moved fast and furiously... Caroline then said... "Sorry for disturbing you Tornsly we would like to leave now, may we leave" and the glass moved to no. I started getting really upset and asked the spirit "please may I leave I didn't mean any harm" and he said Yes.

Ever since then I've been adamant to use a Ouija board but strange things have been happening.

This year only a few months ago I was staying over my boyfriends house, my Nan had recently passed away and I got upset very often, I suddenly swung into a hysterical crying fit and didn't want him to see me like it so I ran into the other room. Suddenly I felt a short sharp pain on my leg. I looked at my leg and I saw a handprint. I was mortified. I ran back into the other room crying shouting to my boyfriend "SOMEONE HIT ME!" and he looked really confused... I showed him the finger marks on my leg and they were raised and red and sore. he asked me if I hit myself and I was annoyed at why he would think that... both of us were really freaked out.. then I had the sudden urge to compare my fingertips with the ones on my leg.. and my handprint.. fitted perfectly. I hadn't touched my leg but the handprint was matching to mine.

Then just last week I got into the car with my boyfriend to go out to London and the car windows were steamed... suddenly I looked to the glass.. and two handprints were printed on the windows.. yet again matching the size of mine!

Since then I haven't had any other strange things happen, but I still wonder whether its Tornsly who is watching over me.

Sent in by Hollie Banks, Copyright 2010

Ouija Ghost in Agony

I'm very sorry if you are confused about this story. My friends had asked that I don't share their names.

I remember the date exactly, July 10, 2010. My mom decided to throw a graduation party. I had told her that I was only graduating eighth grade, but she insisted we have one. It was a family party, but my mom said I could invite five friends. We had fun.

My mom set up a thirty three foot long slide for us to use. We had water balloons and great food. It was the best party we've ever thrown. Out of no where, my mom decided to have a big sleepover for me and my friends. She ordered even more food and got us some two liter pops. One of my friends had to leave though because she had things to do in the morning. After our stomachs were full, we turned on the TV. My friend was rummaging through the cabinets and found our Ouija board. She smiled and laughed at me. "Dude, these things are so fake!" she said. I rushed over to her and grabbed it from her. Unfortunately, all of my friends were intrigued. They were saying how they wanted to try it. Sighing, I grabbed the board and sat down.

"These things are dangerous guys. It's not a toy." I said, warning them. Of course, they didn't listen. I explained to them the evil things the boards can do and the rules. They were excited and one of my experienced friends put her hand on the planchette. I placed mine on it, too. My friend said the words I was dreading to hear. "Ouija are you there?" Slowly but surely, it went to yes. Before my friend could say anything, I asked the question "Are you from the sun or the moon?" Hesitantly, it moved to the Sun. I didn't think of the hesitating at the time. I guess I was just glad it wasn't from the Moon. "What is your name?" My friend asked. It didn't reply. "What is your name?" She said again and it went to 'A' and then to 'Z'. I looked at her. "That's not his or her name. It's too short." I said, my voice shaking. "Are you good or bad?" I said. It didn't move. I asked my other friend to take my friends place. "What is your name?" I asked and it moved. It spelled out "ROXIE". When I confirmed the name, my friend, who was sitting there silent the whole time, jumps back three feet. She starts crying.

My friend, who was doing the Ouija board before I replaced her, rushed over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder. As soon as she touched her, she couldn't breath. My friend quickly withdrew her hand and she could breath again. I rushed over to her and looked at her. Her eyes were weird. It definitely wasn't her. I knew that for a fact. Then she shook her head violently and looked at me. She looked around and said the words I didn't want to here; "What's going on?" She said. I looked at her. "You seriously don't know what just happened?" I said. She looked at me and shook her head. No one knew what just happened but me. My eyes grew wide and saw an image in my head. It was of a girl's neck getting sliced. "Did you feel anything?" I asked. She said all she felt was something like chopping at her neck. Two of my friends and I went upstairs on the computer.

We searched 'Ouija Board Rules'. We found out that if you let the board go through the numbers or though the letters, it is letting the ghost escape from the board. We looked at each other and ran downstairs. When we got down there, we saw my friend, the one who got attacked, staring at the Ouija board. My friend who had stayed down there with her was trying to get her attention. She was focused on the Ouija Board. "I wanna play. Please, can I play?" All she wanted to do was play the Ouija Board. My experienced friend and I agreed that she was attached to whatever she was attacked by.

To this day, that ghost is in my house. It will feel like she's grabbing your throat. We believe it's to show you how she felt when she died. That night was the scariest night of my life. My Ouija Board is locked up in the attic. Don't ever take the Ouija Board as a joke or a little toy because it most definitely isn't.

Sent in by Ashley Rorer, Copyright 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dream or Not? Playing with the Ouija Board

One night I was having this weirdly vivid dream (if it was a dream). This shadow came over me and I woke up freaked out and realized that I could not speak. I felt as if someone's hands were clamping my jaw shut so I could not speak. I am a strong believer in Jehovah as I am a Jehovah witness so I was trying to scream out his name to help me but it seemed the harder I tried the harder he clamped my jaw shut. I was so terrified I started to cry. I then shot up screaming the name Jehovah and had night sweats all over.

Another experience I had was when I was playing with my homemade Ouija board. It was my very first time playing with the Ouija board. I had my brother Joshua and my boyfriend Steven do this with me. I asked if there was anything in the room that wanted to talk to us and at first there was no response so I asked again and started to see it slowly moving as if it was decided whether to talk to us or not. I asked again and it moved on hello. I told it hello and asked who it was.

She said her name was miz jugz and didn't want to talk long so later on in the night I tried again and it moved on hello. I told it hello and asked who this was this time but it would not tell me its name. It said it was a girl and she was 9 years old. She said her mom killed her in my brothers room because she was sick and suffering. She was born in 1949 and said she was born on March 23rd which is my boyfriends birthday which is ironic since how she's completely obsessed with him. She even admitted it.

She told Steven that his dad was going to die on his birthday and swore to never hurt him and claimed to be in love with Steven. I asked her if she liked me and she said no. I guessed it was because of jealousy since I was going out with the person she claimed to love. She kept saying all these abbreviations and would not tell us what they meant unless I left the room. So I did.

I came back in and my boyfriend and brother looked terrified so I asked them what she said. They told me that she wanted Steven to kill me with an axe and if he didn't then she would. I was freaked out that whole night. I then asked her if she was the one who pushed the spring box mattress on my boyfriends head the previous night and she said no. I asked her who did it and she said miz jugz. I asked her who miz jugz was and she said Satan. After that experience I don't like sleeping in rooms alone and always have to have my boyfriend with me. But I cant seem to stop playing with the Ouija board.

Sent in by Rebekah Hiebert, Copyright 2010