Monday, June 29, 2015

Ouija Board Treasure

We had a nice summer memorial service for my mother, and my niece and her daughter and son were going to return to their home in another state the next day. It was about 9 pm or so, and everyone seemed a bit bored, so I said, "Let's do the Ouija Board!"

At first I tried it with my great nephew, and there was very little or no response. Neither of us was faking it, because nothing happened. We asked a few random questions, then I think it was after I quit and my niece's daughter tried the board with her brother.

They asked if anyone was there, and the name of the spirit, and it seemed to spell out U G E N E, which we thought was probably indicating "Eugene." We asked when he died, and the numbers 1748 were picked out.

We asked how tall: 6' 3". He said he had no family. We asked how they died, and he seemed to spell out S I P, which we thought might have been possibly poison, or "SHIP," if perhaps they had died at sea. Because he was a single guy, we began to think he might have been a pirate, and so we asked if there was buried treasure here at this location. He said YES. We asked if it was GOLD. It was. Then we asked where it was, but he did not seem to provide any answer.

We asked, "Why won't you tell us where the gold is?" He spelled out "EASY." When I did some online research I found out that there were quite a few pirates working in this area of the coast and were called privateers who were fighting against British and Tory forces and settlements. The war in that time period was called King George's War, and it ended in the year 1748, the year the spirit said he had died.

I haven't done any really careful search for the treasure yet, but I am beginning to think it would be a good idea! My niece's daughter and nephew are good people and I don't think they were pushing the planchette around deliberately. I don't think they even know how to lie. Anyway I am quite confident there was a real response with the board.

My niece also tried it with her son and they did get some good responses that way also, mostly yes/no answers. She said there really seemed to be some kind of slight force moving the thing, or moving thru the fingertips "on its own," rather than being her own deliberate actions; not herself and not her son.

All in all it was a fun evening. We were using an antique Ouija Board, at least 40 years old I believe; the planchette was a newer one, not the old original one that came with the board (the original planchette was lost apparently).

jay d

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ouija Board Spirit Hide And Seek

My group of friends and I found a Ouija Board under a gazebo at a park in our town. We decided to play with it that day, but nothing very interesting happened. The next day, we took it to an abandoned house that everyone says is haunted.

We started the game by asking if anyone was there, quickly, someone said yes. We asked how old he was and he said 8. We asked the year when he died, he replied 1935. We then asked if there was any evil in the house and the spirit replied yes. We asked if the evil was a man and the spirit replied no, so we asked if it was a woman and he said nothing. We asked if he wanted to play a game and it said nothing, so we asked if it wanted to play hide and seek and it quickly replied yes.

My boyfriend, Joseph, and friend, Rayden, went upstairs to hide while the spirit was supposed to be seeking them. Rayden came back downstairs and said there was nowhere to hide, but we sent him back upstairs. He came back down about a minute later and said that Joseph wasn’t up there. Anthony went upstairs to make sure that he wasn’t lying, and Joseph was nowhere to be found. I asked the board if it knew where Joseph was and it replied yes. I asked the board where he was and it said nothing. It never said anything else for the rest of that day. About a minute or two later, Rayden asked me if he was wearing a red shirt. I said yes so he brought it down and threw it at me. The shirt was ripped on the back, both sleeves and in the neck area. They went back to search for them. I could hear them talking over our heads, when suddenly a piece of metal with a sharp end came from upstairs like someone had thrown it, and stuck perfectly into the floor. When we pulled it out, it had made the shape of an upside down cross. For 10-15 minutes the boys continued to look for Joseph while Matthew and I stayed down stairs. Finally, we all said goodbye to the board so we could all search for him. As soon as we said goodbye, we all went upstairs to look, and there he was.

He was in a very small closet in the first room, with his eyes closed, and head looking down. Rayden said his name a couple times and when he didn’t answer, Rayden tapped him on the shoulder, and Joseph looked at him and said, “What?”

We explained to him what happened and he didn’t remember anything except walking into the room and out of it. We ended up brushing it off like nothing happened, but that night when Joseph was walking home, he walked about halfway down the town walking trail when the leaves began to move, but there was no air. He stopped in his tracks, and right when he stopped, he felt someone breathing on him. He started running and he thought he saw somebody standing under the bridge he was about to go under. But he looked closer and nobody was there. When he reached it, he stopped, but immediately after stopping, he was pushed onto the ground. He got back up and ran until he reached a couple streets from his house.

That night, he had a dream. In the dream we were in an abandoned house, and the demon was there. All the doors to the house were open, and he decided to go upstairs. He reached the room that he was hiding in earlier that day, and all of the doors in the house shut. A very deep voice started talking to him. The voice was so deep he could barely make out the words. But he made out that the voice said that everyone who was playing with the Ouija board will die within two weeks. That was yesterday. Nobody has died yet, and hopefully the dream was a figment of his imagination. All we can do is hope and pray.

Jordan Kitchel

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Gateway to Hell

The Gateway to Hell is apparently the Cemetery near my house.

So, a couple years ago, my friends Thomas and Nick went into the woods near my house. It was closer to Thomas' house, but whatever. It was this little section of woods in between two roads, the road Thomas lived on, and some other road that had a grave yard on it.

So we whipped out my Ouija Board, sat on the ground in a circle, set it up, and got ready to play. It was about 4:30-5:00 I think. We sat there and put our hands on the pointer. Nick was extremely hesitant about it, stating "Ouija boards are evil! I'm a heavy Christian, I'm gonna get possessed." Me and Thomas convinced him to just do it, and he did.

We all sat there, and finally started. Thomas asked if anybody was there. We got yes. He asked if it was a boy or a girl. It was a girl. He asked the name, I don't remember what it was, but I think it was Jane or Joan. It started with J. We asked if she had died. Yes. We asked where she was. She said she was in the grave yard right across the road.

Nick freaked out and said we should leave. We again convinced him to just keep playing. We said hello again, and apologized for stopping briefly. She said it was fine. We asked more questions like if she had any children, she said yes, one who had become a lawyer and is already retired. He lived in a neighboring town to ours she said. That was pretty cool we thought. Then shit got real.

She started to answer faster and in incomplete sentences. We asked if something was wrong. She respond with "DO NOT GO CEMET." We asked what that meant, knowing that she meant cemetery. She said "GRAVE." We we're scared at this point. We sat for a little bit. The pointer moved to the moon. Then we were even more scared. We didn't know what to do or say. I finally asked, "Why can't we go to the cemetery?"

"ITS HELL ITS HELL ITS HELL ITS HELL." She responded. I quickly said goodbye, flipped over my board, waited a few minutes, packed up the board, and booked it out of there faster than a car. I'm an atheist, but that still scared the ever living shit out of me, and my two friends.

We got back to Thomas's house, Nick left, and Thomas and I ended up staying at another friend's house that night.


Monday, June 22, 2015

My Friend Contacted Her Dead Father

My friends and I had wanted to try out a Ouija board for a couple months now. I had a legitimate Ouija board (not the ones that you find at Toys R Us), but because my dad moved, I couldn't find it. My friend, Tay, suddenly told me one day that she had brought her Ouija board to school; I had no idea she had one but I was all for it. We decided to do it at lunch with my other friends, Sandra and Wes.

We went into a quiet room during school and set it up. I was a bit discouraged because it was a cheap board with a plastic planchette. However, we tried it and it worked, spitting out only gibberish, though. Another guy, Austin, barged in and started making noise and just wasn't taking it seriously. We asked if the spirit was angered by Austin making so much commotion, and it moved to "yes". Jokingly, Wes asked if it wanted to kill Austin, and it did a tiny circle and landed on "yes" again. I wasn't exactly scared, I was watching Sandra's fingers and they appeared to be shaking. I couldn't tell if she was scared or if she was moving the planchette. I told her to take her fingers off the board. She did and it still moved, but way slower. She claimed to give off the most energy. We said goodbye and closed the board.

The next day, Tay admitted to forgetting the planchette at home, but she still had the board so we found a small CD and used it. Luckily, it worked. We had a few more spectators now, excluding Austin. We now had Senada, Heather, Kaidan, and Jenna. Sandra asked if the spirit was related to any of us. It moved to "yes". She asked if the spirit was close to any of us. "Yes". I was immediately eliminated, as I don't know any close relatives who died. Sandra asked if the spirit was a grandparent, it moved to "no". She asked if it was a father. "Yes." I immediately froze. Three people using the board had dead fathers. Sandra's father, Kaidan's father, and Senada's father. Tay asked if it was Senada's. "No." She asked if it was Kaidan's. "No." When Tay asked if it was Sandra's (where she explained to everyone that her dad died in a fire when she was 9), it moved to "yes". I started crying because I couldn't believe this was happening.

Sandra asked how old she was when he died, it moved to "9". We were a bit skeptical though, because she had just said that. So she asked how old she was when they had their first house fire, then took her fingers off the board. No one knew the answer, but then the planchette moved to "8". We looked at Sandra, and she said that was true. She asked a couple more questions that only her and her father would know, then after every question she would take her fingers off to prove she wasn't moving it. It answered every question right. I was Sandra's closest friend out of the group so if I didn't know it, nobody in the room did.

Sandra asked, "dad, was that you that I saw in my room last night?" It moved to "yes". She never told anyone about this experience until she said it then. We were about to close the board to go to class, so she asked if there was anything he wanted to say to her. It went to "I" and then stopped. Sandra asked, "you, what, dad?" It moved again, to "L". She asked if he is going to say "love", and it went to yes. She asked, "who do you love?" And it moved, quite fast, to the letter "U." Now we knew why the spirit moved the planchette faster when Sandra was touching it.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Spirit Of My Friends Great Grandfather

    Arthur, spirit of my friend's great grandfather

    My name is Lucy, I am 16 years old, I am very curious and intrigued by the concept of communicating with spirits. After a lot of reading stories of Ouija boards me, my boyfriend, and my two friends, who are also together decided to make a homemade board and see what or who we could communicate with. I know this isn't a game or something so I made sure I was polite and channeled somewhat positive energy so as to not anger spirits.

    At first we played with a coin on a piece of paper with all the letters, numbers and symbols on it. We spun the coin in three circles and asked if anyone was there and willing to communicate with us. When the coin started moving of it's own accord my friend Georgia panicked and lifted her finger off the coin. Hoping this wasn't dangerous we carried on, and started talking to a spirit called 'Dzeeko'? She said she was a girl, and was 5, and she was born in 1826. We asked where she was from and she gave a load of jumbled letters. By now I was hooked. We decided to leave it after being told by a rather grumpy spirit that they didn't want to talk and promptly 'goodbye'. Thug lyfed by a ghost.

    A few hours later we came back to it, and this time lit 4 candles around the makeshift board. I was doing the talking and this time the conversation went something like:

    Me: are there any spirits willing to communicate with us?
    Board: yes
    Are you from the sun or the moon?
    Board: sun
    Me: do you know any of us?
    Board: yes
    Me: who is it?

    Coin slides to Ben's side of the board

    Me: Ben did you know anyone who died recently?
    Ben: my great grandad
    Me: Can you tell us your name?
    Board: yes
    Me: what is your name?
    Board: A
    Ben: his name was Arthur
    Me: is this Arthur?
    Board: yes

    We all get excited because it seemed so far fetched but it was happening and it was so real.

    Me: how old are you?
    Arthur: 82
    Me: how did you die?
    Arthur: o-l-d
    Me: is it old age?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: were you happy?
    Arthur: yes

    This still seemed a little too far fetched, so Ben said we should ask who his daughter was, to try and prove it was him.

    Me: what is the name of your daughter?
    Arthur: S
    Ben: her name was Sandra
    Me: did you have a wife?
    Arthur: yes
    What was her name?
    Arthur: N D
    Ben: did she pass away before you did?
    Arthur: yes

    By now we were running out of questions but we were so interested we couldn't let it go. Ben decided to stick fingers up behind his back so the rest of us couldn't see

    Me: how many fingers has Ben got behind his back?
    Arthur: 2
    Ben: *takes hand from behind his back with 2 fingers held up*
    Me: are you in the room with us?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: are you behind Ben?
    Arthur: yes

    We had run out of questions again. Until:

    Eddie(boyfriend): are you in heaven or hell?
    Arthur: sun
    Me: is it nice?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: are you with your wife?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: should we go now?
    Arthur: yes
    Ben: if we call again will you come back?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: okay, thank you Arthur, goodbye
    Eddie, Ben, Georgia: goodbye

    Sorry for it's long winded-ness but I just thought it was a really interesting first ouija session and it really proved to me that there isn't as much distance between the living and the deceased as first imagined. Literally. He was behind Ben.

Lucy Tilling

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ouija Board In An Abandoned Warehouse

This might be long, but I need help and advice.

So me and two other friends went to an abandoned warehouse to try a Ouija board. It had loads of weird stuff in it such as smashed grandfather clocks and tables with straps on. It was about 9pm and we had gathered around the board surrounded by about 10 candles.

We started off by asking the usual questions. This is how it went.
Me- is there any spirits here tonight
The air went cold and the planchette immediately went to yes.
Olivia- are you good or bad
Board- very bad
Jack- who are you? What is your name?
Board- guess
Jack- satan is that you?
We all laughed
Board- don't laugh or else
Olivia- or else what
Board- you'll see
Me- how did you die
Board- I was never living
Me- so are you like a demon *laughing*
Board- the worst one
Jack- what is your name?
board- Abaddon
Me- what sort of a name is that
Board- I am the king
Jack- no you're not
Board- of demons
Me-well Abaddon, if you are so powerful show yourself
All of a sudden jack screamed and we all just ran for our lives, his scream scared the hell out of us. When we got my house he was like " I saw a tall shadowy man figure behind you"
We all were so scared.
We searched Abaddon and found this:

Abaddon is also known as Apollyon
Rank: Prince of War
Abaddon is an adviser. He is Lord of the Abyss and King of the Demons.
“He is quite large, I would say at least 8 ft tall. He is stocky, wears a type of battle garb. He is dark looking with a dark complexion, eyes, and hair, along with a mustache.”

That night I woke up at exactly 2:06 am after having a nightmare that I was being chased and that a stranger was grabbing me and controlling my mind. I sat up and looked out the window and saw the warehouse. I forgot the Ouija board there! But I looked at the warehouse and saw a dark shadow around the building and all of a sudden I felt a gust of cold wind when my window wasn't even open. I laid back down scared when all of a sudden I couldn't breathe and it felt like I was being pushed down on the bed, I tried screaming but nothing came out, last thing I remember was waking up the next morning in the kitchen.

Things like that are constantly happening and I keep hearing whispers, knocks and footsteps and the house is freezing and smells very bad, I tried getting a priest but I'm atheist so they wouldn't come.

I keep waking up in random rooms and my friend said when she went back to pick her board up with her parents that the planchette was on the number 8 however when we ran I threw it on the ground. Does anyone know what any of this means and can anyone help because I'm started to get worried. Please I need advice on what to do?


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kokkuri-san - The Safe Ouija

It was about a week ago. Strange and ghostly things (books flying off the shelves and onto our heads, strange shadows flying around the house, strange creatures seen in the mirrors, marks on the floor…) had been happening to me and my two best friends lately, so we decided to try using a Ouija board to find out why the spirits were doing these things to us. Me and another friend were to scared to really do it, but one of my two besties was all for it. I had Googled all those posession stories and I was afraid of the consequences. We were still saying we were going to do it, just not certain if we could go through with it. Then the friend who wasn’t scared, one of Japanese ancestry, told me of a Japanese game called Kokkuri-san during a Geography lesson at school. I was immediately interested and we tried it right away. And it worked. It really worked. So if you’re in a similar situation, you’ll be in doubt no more! I’ve written down the rules and instructions for playing the game below.

Unlike Ouija, Kokkuri-san isn’t dangerous. Who you summon is actually a Japanese god in the form of a fox, called Kokkuri. San means you respect whoever you’re addressing, so you add it to the name.


1. Prepare a pen, a coin and a piece of paper.

2. If you’re not English, make the game in your own language. At the top middle of the paper, draw a torii (Google it if you don’t know what it looks like). On the left hand side of the torii, write “yes” and on the right hand side write “no”. Write one or two rows of numbers from 0-9 and below them write the alphabet of your language. Kokkuri told me he knows all languages perfectly, so you may play the game in whatever language you want. Fromm y experience, it works best if all players share the same mother-tongue which should be the language the paper is written in.

3. Place your coin (best choice is a Yen coin, but cents (89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, and 1% tin) work wonderfully, too) on the torii. You and at least one other person must place one index finger on the coin.

4. Some people advise you to open a door or window so that Kokkuri can enter. The game works best outside.

5. Traditionally you should say: “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please come.” But from personal experience I know that asking “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, are you there?” works too. In both instances, the coin should slide to “yes”. Now you may begin.

6. Ask your questions like this: “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, *your question*?”

7. Kokkuri-san is easily angered, so you must obey all the rules and apologise for braking any. You should be very respectful at all times.

Kokkuri-san: the safe Ouija


1. Never play alone. Kokkuri told me that this game is connected with Ouija, so if you play alone you could end up being possessed.

2. It is advisable not to take your finger off the coin while playing. I understand that if Kokkuri moves the coin really fast, which can happen, your finger can slip away. If this does happen, apologise to Kokkuri. If you want to take your finger off intentionally, you should ask Kokkuri if you can do so.

3. Kokkuri is a jokester. He almost had me buying algae for an angry ghost once. If the answer he gives you is strange, you should ask if he’s joking. He jokes most of the time.

4. When you have asked all your questions, say: ‘’Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please leave.’’ If the coin moves to yes and then to the torii, you may remove your fingers from it and pack up the game.

5. Some websites tell you to destroy the paper and use the coin when you’re done. I have asked Kokkuri if this is necessary, and he said no, but just to be on the safe side, you should ask him yourself.

6. You may find lots of stories across the internet about Kokkuri hurting people. I asked him if any were true and he said no. He is very kind and gentle and cheerful. The only harm that can come from you in this game is if you play alone.

7. Kokkuri-san is not in any way dangerous if played properly. You will find all necessary instructions above. I am not responsible for any harm that comes to anyone who does not obey the rules I have written down.

Have fun!

Be sure to check out more -

Was It Beelzebub?

So I've always been into paranormal stuff but very cautious towards Ouija boards. I was curious though when I went over to my friends today and she said she had one. Bailey, Sydney, Annie, and I all headed down to the basement to test it out (none of us having any experience).
It went something like this

Me- is there anyone here with us?
Me: what's your name?
- b e e z l e b u b

We all laugh thinking it's just nonsense letters. Annie looks it up only to find out it's another name for the devil. We get a bit more serious after that.

Me-Are you an evil spirit?
Bailey-were you married?
Bailey- did you have any kids?
Bailey- how many?
Me-are any of them alive today?
Bailey- did you kill them?
-e x
Me- am I going to die before my twin?
Me- how?
-m e
-k i l l d e l a n e y (delaney is my name)

I flip out and take my fingers off the planchette while the others still play

Annie- are you nice?
- n o t t o d e l a n e y
Bailey- which one is delaney?
-g r e y

We all flip out cause I'm wearing a grey shirt and I go and sit over by Annie to get away from the board more so and we decide to lighten up the questions a bit

Bailey- what's your favorite color?
- w h e r e I s s h e

Annie tells me to go back to spot because by then the planchette was moving fast and he seemed pretty pissed off so I did

-t h a n k s
Annie- can we leave now? (Sydney, Bailey, and Annie playing)

Then I realize I have to say goodbye too but I don't play alone so I make Annie play with me so I can say goodbye

Me- can I leave now?
-no (very fast)

And then I leave again cause I'm scared and Annie says it spells something saying "wife" and "love" but didn't get the rest. I go back and try to say goodbye again

-m i n e
Me- how was your day?
Me- that's great me too. can I please leave now?
-a n n i e l e a v e
-d e l a n e y s t a y

Bailey joins in then

Bailey- why do you like delaney so much?
-n o t m i n e

I quickly move it to goodbye and we put it away in baileys house

Why do you think it was so obsessed with me?! It was very persistent about me staying and talking and why would it mention something about wife and love? He kept saying I was his but then said he was unhappy because I wasn't. This was about 5 hours ago and nothing has happened since.


Monday, June 8, 2015

A Positive First Ouija Experience

I have been interested in the phenomena surrounding talking boards for quite a while this year, and obviously enough to try it myself. However, my main influence to try was to contact my spirit guide, in hopes to obtain a lot of guidance in which I may use to positively inspire the world around me. I have no interest in "playing" with these, as I already know the severity in dabbling in such affairs. I know people who have had bad experiences, and still suffer from them.

So, I honestly use the term "talking board" instead of "Ouija"; Ouija more so refers to the trademark classic board we all recognize, and have come to associate with negativity. I will state here that you get exactly from a talking board what you put into it.
The big mistake everyone makes, is not reciting any sort of prayer, or using any sort of protection, both things I did before using.

The particular talking board I used was the "Psychic Circle", and it's a lot more detailed than your average Ouija. It contains all alphanumeric characters, as well as the 4 cardinal directions, the 12 zodiac signs, all planetary glyphs (North & South Nodes as well), picture symbols, a wheel of colors, the four elements represented in the corners, and also a ring of words like "Far, Close" and other simple words to speed and better communication.

For the actual session, it was pretty interesting.

I asked specifically for my spirit guide, or any spirit associated with the greatest and highest good. The planchette IMMEDIATELY moved to "HELLO" (also spelled out on the board).

Now, these tools DO work. To describe it, it feels as if the planchette is a magnet or magnetized, and you can feel it being "tugged" as if something is moving a magnet under the planchette.

The spirit used the North symbol a lot for "YES" (the board comes with a manual, and lists that as a possibility). I feel I should've thoroughly written my questions out, because my excitement made me less coherent, and somewhat shortened the session and the connection.

One point, I asked if the spirit had any advice for me.


It also moved to the Capricorn picture; I took it to mean the spirit didn't want me to be to harsh on how I was internalizing how I thought I was pushing down too hard on the planchette/other things relatable to trademarks in Capricorn, relative to my actions.

It also hinted that I should close the session by moving the planchette to the word "CLOSE" (we may have been getting out of sync, using the board alone worked just fine and I'm not possessed, but it isn't as strong an energy as more than one person I assume.)

I bid the spirit farewell, and moved to "GOODBYE" to close the session.
afterwards I said another closing prayer.

Ultimately, my session was honestly the most rewarded I've ever felt in my life. I felt NO ill during it, just amazement and wonder. It's amazing to officially have experienced the forces on the other side that are willing to lend us a hand, as we lend an ear.

Evander Miles

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nemo Ouija Board Entity

A few friends and I, around age 15—at the tail of our freshman year, decided one night during a sleepover that we’d attempt to use a Ouija and communicate with entities in or around the host’s house. We established a connection and were receiving solid answers—no gibberish or scrambling of the letters. We asked the entity for its name—Nemo, Latin for no one. The lights flickered at this, so, in haste, we said goodbye and it drug the makeshift shot glass Planchette to goodbye in response, and the session was closed without a concern.

The host family lived in a double-sided house, and they owned both sides after purchasing the other when it was put on sale. This newly purchased side had always felt… alive—as if something, an energy or a spirit, was… lurking in it. It made my skin crawl every time we went over there.

We thought that would be the better side for spirit contact, so we hoisted ourselves up off the bedroom floor on the non-paranormal side and grabbed our paper Ouija and our shot glass Planchette and marched over to the spookier side of the Duplex.

This was a mistake.

We laid everything out and summoned exactly as we should. We were careful. We knew the signs of negative activity, how to banish, how to call upon the peaceful dead. We thought we knew what we were doing.

We thought.

We held our second session and even as we were laying the Ouija out I felt a harsh chill creep up my spine. I shrugged it off and the communication began.

I was doing the talking, and there were two other girls lightly touching the Planchette to transfer their energies while the fourth documented answers

We asked our entity, which we got an answer in record time, for a name.

Nemo. Nemo was back.

The lights never flickered, so we continued our conversation with Nemo.

The entity said it had a message for all four of us, so we, naturally, asked what. Nemo spelled out the name of one of the hosts’ parents.

At first we were extremely confused. We asked Nemo more questions, which I can’t exactly remember, but Nemo refused to respond even though we had not closed the session. We said goodbye, but instead of moving the Planchette, Nemo sent a vibration up my leg—it felt as if my phone were receiving a call. But it was not. My leg was bare. Nemo left communication with the Ouija to physically interact with me. We force quit the Ouija, and not a second later the parent whose name Nemo spelled out walked into the room, so we shoved the makeshift board under a chair to conceal it.

This was our biggest mistake.

We went for a casual walk around town for a few hours, and the board under the chair completely slipped our minds.

When we eventually found it, the thing was bent—permanently damaged.

The lights flickered for a mere second. The host family’s dog began barking at nothingness. The room, which was originally sweltering hot, was overcome by frigidness. The vibration returned to my whole person, and one of my friends began convulsing, saying she felt a tingly sensation up her back just before.

We blessed the house many times over—sage, salt, Holy Water, and this Guardian Angel Spray. Anything we could get our paws on.

We thought we were safe.

But when we woke up, we noticed mysterious bruises and lacerations we had not fallen asleep with.

Nothing’s happened since, but we all adamantly refuse to go to the other side of the house ever again.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Ouija Spirit Needed Help From Hell

May 28, 2015

At first it was this kid named Ben, he was 17 years old and he need help because he was in hell. And he hurt is head. And then we said bye to get the other people in class to come see it.

When we started talking to it again it wasn't Ben but a girl named Abby, and she was 16 years old and we asked how she died and she said Ben killed her. And then he killed himself. And she said he was in hell and he needed help. We asked why he killed her and she spelled crazy and we asked why he was crazy and she said crazy in love. We asked if they were the ones banging on the wall and she said yes And my friends hand got really cold so we asked if Abby was talking through my friend and she said yes. And we asked why and she said because she looked like her. Like that's some freaky shit right there. And then we asked if we could talk to Ben again and she said no. And we asked if we were talking to Ben before and she said no. So we asked who we were talking to and she spelled demon and that's when we ended it.

May 29, 2015

We went back in the closet to use the board, we asked if someone was there, yes. We asked it they were from the sun or moon, sun. We asked if it was Abby, yes. We asked if she was with Ben, no. Where was Ben? In hell. We said goodbye. She was pushing the pointer very aggressive. Like it was a bad energy. We ran out of the room, I shut the closet door and it automatically locks whenever you shut it.

Then we walked through the locker room, we shut the door behind us then too. That door isn't suppose to lock. But when we went back to go in the room, the door was locked. When we unlocked the door, the room was freezing and you could feel the energy. We were all shaking but we went back in. And we didn't shut the door all the way but we asked if someone was there, yes. We asked if it was Abby, no. So we asked who it was, and he answered Denis. We asked if he knew Abby, yes. He loved her. And Ben was his brother, Ben is 17. And he was born in 1901. And we asked if bens last name is Kaplar and Denis said yes. And whenever we googled Ben Kaplar, he was born in 1901.

We asked where they were from and he said he couldn't remember. We asked what Steel center was before it was a school, and he answered farm. And we asked how he died and he spelled out tractor. And we asked if he was killed in a tractor accident and he said yes. Denis is 25 years old. The pointer started to move fast again.