Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strange Fingerprints

I'm 15 now but approx two years ago I had an experience with a Ouija board... I was sleeping over at my best friend Amy's and her step-mum Caroline brought up the idea of a Ouija board... she had been contacting spirits all of her life so we felt safe to be doing it with her, I was still uneasy about the idea of it.

We brought out the board and grabbed a clear glass and put our finger tips on it. Caroline started off by saying " We ask politely if a spirit can come forward and make contact with us, we mean no harm" and suddenly the glass started moving slowly in circles around the board. I was convinced Caroline and Amy were having me on as a joke. But Caroline then asked. "Hello, my name is Caroline what is your name" the board spelt out the initials T.L. She then asked "what is your full name" and it spelt out "Tornsly Lenis" I thought this was a pretty weird name! the glass then started moving more franticly and Caroline's face went pale... me and Amy were getting really scared at this point, suddenly Caroline said "girls ask one question each then we have to leave I don't think this spirit is a nice one" so I asked "are you going to harm us" and the spirit moved the glass over "Hello" I was quite confused. then Amy asked in a strong tone of voice " why aren't you making any sense!" and the glass moved fast and furiously... Caroline then said... "Sorry for disturbing you Tornsly we would like to leave now, may we leave" and the glass moved to no. I started getting really upset and asked the spirit "please may I leave I didn't mean any harm" and he said Yes.

Ever since then I've been adamant to use a Ouija board but strange things have been happening.

This year only a few months ago I was staying over my boyfriends house, my Nan had recently passed away and I got upset very often, I suddenly swung into a hysterical crying fit and didn't want him to see me like it so I ran into the other room. Suddenly I felt a short sharp pain on my leg. I looked at my leg and I saw a handprint. I was mortified. I ran back into the other room crying shouting to my boyfriend "SOMEONE HIT ME!" and he looked really confused... I showed him the finger marks on my leg and they were raised and red and sore. he asked me if I hit myself and I was annoyed at why he would think that... both of us were really freaked out.. then I had the sudden urge to compare my fingertips with the ones on my leg.. and my handprint.. fitted perfectly. I hadn't touched my leg but the handprint was matching to mine.

Then just last week I got into the car with my boyfriend to go out to London and the car windows were steamed... suddenly I looked to the glass.. and two handprints were printed on the windows.. yet again matching the size of mine!

Since then I haven't had any other strange things happen, but I still wonder whether its Tornsly who is watching over me.

Sent in by Hollie Banks, Copyright 2010


  1. Interesting. I love it. More??? You could be an author. I like it. Juicy. Maybe consider a career in the Arts? Love it. Spectacular. What a show. I'm crying. Now I'm hysterically crying. Now I'm laying on the floor. Love it. Impressive. Magnificent. Please, more!!

  2. I actually liked your story :)

  3. This was a nice story

  4. I'v bnever heard such a story like yours it was pretty good although could you tell me how does it feel to talk to the dead i'v tried at least 57 times...

  5. Unique story and i really liked it! What did your boyfriend think after you matches your handprints?



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