Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Ouija Board Warning

More than 20 years ago, back when i was in High School, a friend, I will call Rebecca, and I decided to play with the Ouija Board. At this age you get into the "thrill" of being spooked, and the Ouija board provided such entertainment to a couple of 16 year olds.

We began asking questions like, "what is the name of the boy I am going to marry?" and other teenage "girl" questions. We would receive partial messages back, only spelling the initial of the person and such like that. Then the words S-T-O-P were spelled out.

We asked who was speaking to us and it spelled out, G-R-A-N-D-M-A. It was the deceased grandmother of my friend Rebecca. My friend became so spooked that we ended the session quickly and took the board to the beach and burned it. My friend, who was "sensitive" had a very bad feeling come over her when her grandmother came through the Ouija board, that she knew it was her and that she was giving us a warning. Ouija boards, although portrayed as a game are really NO GAME!

I know there are others out there who haven't had a bad experience, the only thing I can say is that you are lucky. It is, indeed, a portal for dark spirits to pass through from their world into ours. Of course, you will encounter passive and benign spirits as well, but would you want to risk it? There are many other more safe ways to contact a deceased loved one, preferably an experienced Medium, or such as  that. Only thing I can say, is that there are many stories on here, with many warning about Ouija boards. BE CAREFUL! Know that you have been warned, and even though your first, second or even third experience may be benign, chances are, the more you play, the greater the risk will be that, at some point, you will encounter a dark entity. Please, think twice, three times, or better yet, DON'T THINK ABOUT PLAYING AT ALL! Just don't say you were not warned.

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  1. Who would name their kid Rebecca??

    1. my names Rebecca and I get called a lot of nicknames. including your first name, I am laughing from your comment

  2. I was not warned

  3. Wow, this story was stupid, but at least i didnt have the nerve 2 say it becca. hey ur real names prolly rebecca ask u mommy huh

  4. dont listen to these idiots above me. You are very lucky that the grandmother stopped you quickkly. Be carfull, because you neverknowwho you are talking to.

  5. it wasnt your grandmother.

  6. Hi,

    my name is Monique Andersson, from Sweden.
    Bad english but I will try my best.
    For a year ago I tried Ouija Board and the hell came in to my life.
    Demons attacked me and I almost died. But I got help from the spirit world.
    They helped me and will always be there for me rest of my life. But I got other problems,
    that nobody believes my “story” here in my country and I never got help from priests because they didn’t believed me either.
    Now I wonder if maybe you can help me somehow. To contact a priest in your country who maybe can help me.
    I know that I am possessed and I’ve tried to talk with a priest here in my country but no one will help me.

    Hope to hear from you.


    My email address:

  7. i cant remember that well i played the game wit my sis ones nd i didnt finish it nd she told me i have to finish nd i stormed off nd didnt think of it again thinkin its a hoax i was 8 nd stuburn so i never went back but ever since then from the age of 8 to 18 ive had chills running down my spine a really heavey energy feeling like something is watching me ive had spirits talk to me tell me to kill myself or to harm whos that i love i couldnt sleep in the down stairs i always slep in a seprate bed in my moms room ive seen demons no one should ever see i feel like where ever i go a portal is open nd i cant get rid of it its almost come normal for me nd i hate it so much im still 18 nd deeling wit it ok but would like advise plz



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