Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing With the Ouija Board by Myself

I would like to share my Ouija board story.

It all started in late September 2010. I was getting a paranormal group together and met a guy who was interested. We went to a couple “haunted locations” and began to talk about Ouija boards. We purchased one at target and started playing that same night. We got lots of movement from the board but nothing substantial.

My paranormal friend ended up in jail for having sex with a 14 year old girl and moving from Florida to Michigan to be with her (he met her on my space). I was grossed out and could not believe I played the Ouija with a pedophile.

Anyways, I started to play by myself at my over night babysitting job. I would soon regret it. I would play sometimes all night and scare myself almost to death. One night I was cleaning at work and I heard an infant cry (the kid I watch is 5 and he does not sound like a baby) it was very weird and the cry was coming from the living room. It was amazing how vivid yet faint the cry sounded.

Still my idiot ass played with the board and I began to realize I was talking to bad spirits - the board was calling me nasty names and saying I was going to die. I told myself I was done with the board.

One night at work I was sleeping on the couch and I had a dream that seemed disturbingly real. In the dream, I rose up from the couch and went into Jesse’s room (the kid I watched) and right next to the bed there was a black shadow, I could not see its eyes but I knew it was staring straight in mine. I rushed out and as I was leaving a loud, gurgling moan followed me. I ran to the front door and all the locks were gone and there was no way out. Running around the room, I stopped at the dinner table and there was the Ouija board ripped in half with bite marks. So I ran back to the couch and all I could see was a green little light bouncing at my feet and on the carpe t- I woke up and cried hysterically.

A couple hours later at around 3-3:15 am I heard the loudest noise outside. A lady knocked at the door and informed me that my parked car has been hit, my car is totaled. The driver was drunk and speeding. This experience really got me believing in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

One more thing, A couple weeks after the ordeal I was taking a bath and my soap dish rattled and shook all by itself. I still to this day have the urge to play with the board and even had dreams about the board ending up back in my hands. Oh God help me. Stay away from the occult, it will haunt you and send you to Hell.

Sent in by Anonymous


  1. Listen, a mark is only a mark until you mark with it. Then it becomes a marker. In other words, play the Ouija Board, and just don't believe in it.

  2. I hate your guts, you know what, a marker is a marker, and a mark is a mark, until you SMOSH them and then it's FIRETRUCK!!


  4. Did anyone else notice how those comments were so close together??? idiot

  5. please deal with caution when'playing' with such a thing doors may be closed. but they can be easily opened again. never use the board again. ever.

  6. Why, oh why, would you play with just yourself and a young child in the house? I'm glad to know you're fine...protect yourself.



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