Monday, September 19, 2011

Ouija Board Portal?

Hi my name is Alonzo and I'm going to tell you my first Ouija board experience. It was a typical dark evening in Seattle. I was listing to my favorite radio station where people can call and tell their paranormal experiences just like this site but verbally. Anyways after listening to a Ouija board story I had the curiosity to try it out. So I started to make my own Ouija board on a piece of paper then I grabbed a penny to used it as a pointer. When I was done I had no idea on how to start, then with a quick YouTube tutorial video I knew the basics.

I started to Move the penny in circles slowly then I waited for a sec and that's when the penny/pointer started to move. My heart pounded fast in amazement then I remembered saying to my self "what did you expect"? Then I asked the entity for it's name, but it didn't answer instead the penny just started going in circles. And every time it got faster and faster. The creepy part was when my hands kept moving the penny to the point where my arms where in mid air still being guided by the unknown entity. I felt strange like numb, then when my arms were slowly guided in front of me it suddenly stopped and my fingertips started making a circle again but this time more intense. I felt lots of pressure on me and the most impressive thing was that it looked like the entity was trying to open a portal at that moment. I got too scared to go on and forced myself to stop because my whole body started to rotate. I guess it was the strong circular motion that I was getting. But I thank god that nothing bad happened to me.

What do you guys think, was this spirit trying to open another dimension?

Sent in by Coldkiller91


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  2. EVERYONE SHUT UP. i pooped

  3. And yes it waz trying to open up another dimension. Lame brain.

  4. Never use a board by yourself you can be possessed and I think that's what was happening (Don't listen to those dorks with those awful comments their just horrible)

  5. If the spirit starts circling, that does mean it's opening a portal. If that happens again, shift to goodbye and say "Rest in peace, spirit(s)" and leave as quickly as you can. This could be a demon, but for your safety, DO NOT TRY THIS AGAIN!!! You can get hurt, and stalked, and much worse. Thankfully you were not hurt, but just be careful, and watch your back.

  6. Many people believe that you are the portal when using the board, Thought my studies, I have found this to be true to a point, and also not completely true. You see it's a matter of energy that the spirit needs to manifest, you are a being of energy, much like a beacon of light plugged into the board. It's the connection of your energy, and the energy coming thru the board that causes the portal to open creating a rift in time and space, leading to another dimension/plane. Be careful dear ones when messing around with this, at some point you will no longer be needed, the spirit will connect to the board and will then control the portal, and at that point things can get very dangerous.

  7. Ok those people at the top are very dumb for saying that. And yes don't try the ouija board by yourself are you crazy ahaha. You can get possesed! And it was trying to open a portal to come at you.

  8. once you open that portal door it cannot be closed do not mess with Ouija boards because there are things in the universe that you don't want to mess with



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