Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Not to Mess Around with Ouija Boards

This story, is not my own, but my mothers, however I feel that it is necessary to tell this story to stop the misuse of Ouija boards.

This story starts in 1986 when my mother was a teenager, a little older than myself...

Mum and a few of her friends ( four to be exact) managed to get their hands on an Ouija board, none of them were very interested in ghosts, some of them didn't even believe in ghosts!

It was at the nursing university my mother then lived in that the young training nurse all about 19 started playing the board. Mum recalls that nothing actually ghostly happened until right at the end of the night, when she and the other ladies felt a presence in the room, hastily they asked the spirits name, it did not reply, however the the beer bottles on the table started shaking almost as if as my mother recalls the thing was angry. In the confusion the women didn't get the first half of the message when the cup started moving, only the end 'like me'.

To this day my mother still doesn't know what the spirit meant, however from that day, the four women all had car crashes within six months of each other, fortunately, most of the damage from my mums crash was on the car, however, another friend shelane, suffered serious injury, and had to go to physio therapy for months.

This was not the end to the ghost story, to this day my mum says she still feels a angry watchful presence, still bearing a grudge for all those years ago.

My brother and I both wake up now and again to the sound of tapping on the window, although it could be a coincidence something tells me it isn't.

All the girls, who took part that night have admitted to similar, ghostly experiences which are, although not bad very unnerving.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as whenever she feels like she's being watched, or she's being threatened, my mum says sometimes she catches a whiff of her late grandma's perfume, and the presence leaves.

This story may not be as drastic, or even as convincing as others on this his sight however this is a testament to any novices of the spiritual world, Don't mess around with what you don't know, or it could come back to haunt you, LITERALLY!

Sent in by Tiffany toya, Copyright 2011


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    1. You sound amazing 😉

  2. I worte this story:p, ans your sexy tank of oxygen sounsa awsome XD

  3. There are things that are not meant to be playing with, as stupid as this game is, you need to respect things that you just dont understand.

  4. i think ouija boards are kinda fun but U shouldn't mess around with them

  5. do watever u can to save ur mom dude,she is precious to u



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