Saturday, December 21, 2013

Did A Ouija Board Cause A Seizure Like Experience?

I was playing with a Ouija board for the first time. This was about 10 years ago or so and I was with two other girlfriends. We were barely starting college.

It was during the day, it was summertime and the sun was out, there wasn’t a scary atmosphere. We were in a one of my friend’s kitchen, at the table. I don’t remember what all we asked, it was very random. We all thought the others were moving the reading piece around the board. I wasn’t moving it at all, I was just touching it and following the direction it took my hands.

About 15 minutes later or so, one of my friends said she wasn’t feeling well. She stood up, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she collapsed onto the floor. We didn’t know what to make of this, and she came to quickly. She got up about a minute later and we found that she had soiled herself. It was similar to someone who has a seizure and they lose control over bodily functions. But this girl is perfectly healthy, young, never any medical issues and not a drug user.

We took her to her bedroom to rest. We never played again, and we didn’t talk about it. I don’t know if the other girls believe it was the Ouija board that did that or not, but I do. Also, I don’t believe in the supernatural. I’m an atheist. So, I should be the last one to think it was a board game. But I do. It was just too weird. I don’t know what happened to the board, I just know I didn’t take it and I’ve never played again.



  1. Yes. It was no doubt the Ouija board. Hope she is well. But you MUST consult a priest please. For both your safety.

  2. Screw priests shell be fine just as long as you didn't encounter zozo or zaza

  3. Get a priest to perform exorcism.

    1. lol... This exact reply is in pretty much every story's comment section.

  4. I really don't understand people just whipping out a oujia board and using it. Even if you don't believe in spiritual beings or paranormal use protection. A spell a candle. Guardian charm. You don't drive a car without a seat belt because it's dangerous otherwise. Ignorance

  5. I drive without a seat belt

  6. I've only just found this website and what a load of pooh every single story is, followed by preaching of the bible or get an exorcism's a kids toy! The only reason it's become an occult item is because of a horror film in the 70s..there are no such things as demons or angels or but yourself can save you and if you really do believe in that stuff then maybe take yourself to your doctor..thanks for the laughs though!!

  7. You've probably never had the guts to use a talking board.^ Try it, then come and preach about how there are no angels, demons or God. Don't talk about what you don't know. These people know their experiences and don't need you to make them doubt themselves.

  8. Just try the ouija board. It's a fun game. The athiest should give it a go. You'll like it. There's many different ouija boards to try. The person who had already used it before should try it again to see if it worked or not.



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