Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ZOZO Through Home Made Ouija Board

I remember my older brother told me, him and his friend and friends gf were playing the Ouija board. They made it out of paper is wasn't the best board but it would do and they used a shot glass to read what the board spells.
They both put their hands on the glass and ask "Is there somebody here" the glass slowly moves to yes. Then they ask it what's is your name it spells ZOZO. My brothers friends gets scared and just throw the paper and the glass away.
They both decided to call it a day and my brother thinking he is being haunted tells my mom and she's gives him holy water and says a prayer nothing ever happened to him sense he was just watching, but things are more different for his friend he goes home and decide to Google the demons name ZOZO to find out it was an actual demon.
Later that night he hears voices and strange things start happening like his stuff going missing and his brother telling him that he hears footsteps passing by his door every night this went on for a month or 2 then just disappeared outta nowhere.
Pretty crazy Google ZOZO and see for yourself.


  1. Thats not very detailed and quite short. Im not convinced.

    1. You're right. Naturally only long and detailed stories could be true. If it is short then it must be untrue. Yep, that makes a lot of sense don't it. By the way, my comment is much longer and much more detailed than your comment. So I'm not quite convinced as yours must be untrue.

  2. Get a Catholic priest to do exorcism.

  3. that was not ZOZO. ZOZO torments its victims it terrorizes them and hurts them. it is a very violent demon. not a ghost as you are describing, demons to not do childish pranks such as stuff going missing , and making footsteps. not sure this is true.



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