Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ouija Board Flying To The Ceiling?

When I was a child growing up in the 80s I heard stories about an Ouija board flying to the ceiling when my grandma used one as a child. I was intrigued forever after that, until I discovered the true evil within.

In 1991 I had just graduated high school and finally got my hands on an Ouija board. I was skeptical like anyone who never used one. I tried contacting an old friend who had lost his life in a boat accident. I remember asking a question and the answer went to "Y". I didn't know if that meant "why" or "yes" but it seemed real enough to me. It wasn't all that much fun so I stopped, but it didn't.

The next night I stayed with a friend in an upper scale Orange County, CA neighborhood. I'm sleeping on the couch when I hear a strange noise to wake me up. With no clue what it was I waited and listened, there it was again, at the window. I freaked out and ran up to my friends room. He knew I had a history of overreacting so he said don't worry about it and tried going back to sleep, until he then heard it too.

We would eventually turn all the lights on and make a bunch of noise to alert everyone in the house to wake up. When we looked out the window we saw someone running for their car and driving away. It turns out someone was trying to open the locked sliding glass window I was sleeping 5 feet from. With multiple cars in the driveway someone (or thing) tried to break in the loudest way possible. I immediately thought of the Ouija board and how it may have haunted me.

Sure enough I would go on again later to give it another try, this time with a friend. I had a friend still in high school and was over at his house about 10pm, late. We were using the Ouija board and it was giving us random answers neither of us believed much about. I remember having a thought come to my head, "if you're real, prove it." Within 1.5 seconds on a school night his phone started ringing (this was before cell phones by the way). I knew it was weird for him to get a call so late so I waited to see how it would go. He answers, "hello?" Then I hear him say, "helloooo?." Once he said it a 3rd time I realized someone had just called in immediate response to my thought question with nobody on the other line. I immediately picked up the Ouija board and tore it up. I didn't say goodbye, I quit playing and that was that.

I never had any further haunting experiences so maybe ripping it up does the trick. I learned enough about the Ouija board to realize there is really something to its mysticism. Yet, what hides in wait is not necessarily good.

The one other thing I learned is you're not suppose to use the Ouija board by yourself, but 22 years later I'm still here, unhaunted. Yet, I've read enough and know enough of my own stories to understand it's real, what you're reading here is mostly real - at least my stories are.

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