Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Ouija Board Spirit Said It's Name Was Hekla

Here's a Ouija board story for you. It was 2 am on a summer night. A friend and I were just up talking, hanging out; the usual stuff. We were 16/17 years old.

We decided to screw around on his sisters Ouija board. Another friend was there as well, but she was on the computer across the basement.

So we start asking questions. We make contact two times. Both times were very normal. We asked generic questions and got answers. It was kind of cool.

We did it a third time. First off, we asked the name. It spelled out "H-E-K-L-A". I thought... "What's Hekla?"

Sounded foreign to me. I told my friend on the computer to look it up for us.

My friend typed it in, and looked back at us. She explained: "Hekla, is literally a volcano in Iceland, but it is thought to be the gateway to Hell." (Also if I recall, Hekla was the name of a demon as well?)

Right then we were super freaked out. We said goodbye to the presence. Unfortunately the presence had other plans. As soon as we finished the sentence, the planchette shot up NO. We repeated and repeated, and it kept hitting NO extremely fast.

Then we stand up, and the planchette starts doing figure eights by itself. We are freaking out at this point, trying to find something to destroy the board with..

All of a sudden it goes down to the Goodbye sign. And with a sigh of relief, we put the Ouija board away for the night.

Sent in by Anonymous

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  1. Did anything happen to anyone afterwards?

  2. If it was doing figure eights it was escaping. I presume it was a bad spirit. If wierd things are happening you need to get a priest to do a blessing on the house. Be safe.

  3. If it was doing figure 8's, it was an evil spirit escaping! Get a priest to bless it and perform a sage smudging ceremony.

  4. I am trying to speak to my father, he died in 1994 of cancer, and I need to know if I am able to locate him.



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