Friday, April 4, 2014

Help Me Decipher This Ouija Board Session

Took out Ouija board for the first time in over a decade. Help me decipher this session!

Okay so my bf and I set up the board, put white candles around it and turned everything off.

The whole experience was very slow and confusing, but I wasn't expecting otherwise, especially it being my first time back to it in many years.

We didn't get much communication throughout.

It started with us asking if anyone was listening/there. About 3-4 times in a row, when asked that, the planchette went directly to the word "goodbye". After that we tried yet again and seemed to get something/someone but they were just writing gibberish/code.

This is what they spelled: "SRS" and they did this many times "SRS" over and over again. We asked them again if they were listening and would talk to us. They then spelled "FEHK" I asked again if they wanted to talk and they said "x" then went up to the "yes" and then when I asked it they were male or female it went back to "goodbye"

We tried again for the last time. We had a little more success but not much. We asked if anyone was there/listening and they went to "yes" some random questions i asked, they just didn't answer, the planchette didn't move. I asked if they were a man and they went to the letter "w" I then asked if they were a woman and they answered "yes". Many random, easy questions I asked she refused to answer. I asked her twice if she was okay and both times she answered "no" but wouldn't elaborate.  They only other thing to make note about was when we asked if they candles made her feel safe.

She wrote up "whi" and then "lie"

And that's all we really got.

We did make sure to say goodbye at the end.

Anything of relevance you can notice?



  1. Don't mess with ouija boards... because now my spirits torn.

  2. Could be a child u contacted that doesnt know how to spell yet. They said they werent ok probably cuz they're scared being stuck in the spirit world. Thats the best theory I got. They didnt seem very threatening.

  3. Fehk has something to do with Hong Kong.

  4. And SRS deals with company. Fehk and SRS I think go together with a company in Hong Kong.

  5. Does online Ouija boards work? B/c I found one and when i first saw the board itself I clicked out without saying goodbye! Then the lights kind of flickered.. Am I in danger?
    Barbie Quinn

    1. I would say no I think it was just so happend that you lights flickered

  6. When you play using white candles around the board it keeps weaker spirits from lying. That's why she said "whi" and "lie". It also makes it harder for them to do bad things or to get close to the people that are playing.

  7. Being that FEHK is a Hong Kong based company (friends of the earth Hong Kong) I don't think English was her first language. Try contacting her again but with a dictionary open next to you or a mandarin to English dictionary



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