Monday, March 16, 2015

Lucifer Through The Ouija

So I have been wanting to play with the Ouija Board for some time and after I read a story here about someone who contacted Lucifer I got really excited. So on Friday 13th I had a sleepover with one of my friends, Liz, and we went to the attic with her Ouija at 3am.

She was kind of skeptical but agreed to ask.

Liz: We'd like to talk to Lucifer.
Nothing happened so we tried again, many many times. Until we begged to talk to him and he said Hello. We were thrilled and super scared but we kept on playing.
Me: Are you real?
Ouija: Yes
Liz: Are you in this room with us?
Ouija: Yes
Liz: Where are you?
And then some objects started flying and the candles we had lit went out. I was shaking.
Liz: Where are you?

The planchette pointed to my right side and then I heard something, like a laughter or a roar I don't know. I just yelled and we ran from the attic.

Since we didn't say goodbye, we went back there to finish the game, but the board wasn't there. I freaked out with the thought that my house would be possessed.

We went back to my room and when we got there, the Ouija was on my bed and the planchette on the "Goodbye".

I don't want to know how the Ouija got there or why the planchette was on the Goodbye. I'm just freaked out and since the day I keep having nightmares.



  1. Okay, so I know is must of been scary, but that's so freaking cool at the same time!!

  2. Y would you wanna talk to the devil. That's stupid as hell

  3. Well. At least he was nice about it at the end, there.

  4. Yeah, why Lucifer?

    Besides, it was just Loki messing around.

  5. Face it, Lucifer freed humanity from the garden of Eden. If it wasn't for him, humanity would still be in the garden. That's from a religious view.

  6. Lucifer would not play such games, he is too big a fish in the game.
    If for some reason he were to concern himself with the individual you would not need to question the experience, you would know .
    It is arrogance that leads us to believe that the devil has time or tolerance for games with those here on earth.
    It is bigger and more diabolicle  than the human mind can concieve or deal with. Dont play games with him. Ever.



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