Friday, March 6, 2015

Ouija Board And Flying Objects

This story isn't what I have experienced. When my dad was maybe 13 he and his friends went to abandoned flats. They were messing around and I think one of his friends said lets make a Ouija board so they drew one on the wall and used a flat rock . so the rock started to move around in circles and then it started to go to letters which it spelt FLYING BRICK they were puzzled on what it meant . Then out of no where a brick smashed through the window and nearly hit my dads head SPOOKY.

My next one is when my mum was little she and her family decided to try the Ouija board do when they did they used a cup. All of a sudden the cup (by its self ) flew of the board and smashed against the wall my mum and her family ran out the house and when they looked at the house of outside the house looked like it was on FIRE so when is seemed to go out they all went back in and NOTHING WAS BURNED the walls were fine they're belongings were fine everything looked like it hadn't even been touched.


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