Sunday, January 31, 2016

Because Of The Ouija Or Coincidence?

I have played with Ouija boards several times. It's always been pretty fun.

First experience was crazy because it just spelled out cuss words and when asked who it was it said the name of the Devils son (don't remember the name). It scared my friends enough that they quit playing and refused to do it again.

Another time the board told a friend he was his dead grandfather which upset him enough that he quit playing. After he quit we asked if it was really his grandfather and it said no. They can be harsh and they lie a lot.

Another experience the board said it was a young girl that died on the land. She didn't remember her name or how she died...we searched for a while and gave up. She told me she liked my cat. She used to have one herself. I was very afraid my cat would mysteriously die afterwards. She never did though.

I decided to get rid of my board once and put it in the outside trash of my aunts house. She died a year or so later. Her husband died about a year after that. This could obviously be a coincidence but it will always be in the back of my mind.

Several times playing I would ask it to tell me what I was thinking and it always would. I would do this just to make sure my friend wasn't messing with me. One of the last times I played the spirit I talked to said it was my ouija board guardian-I had spoken with him before. He told me I shouldn't be playing with it. I figured if I had a Ouija guardian and he was telling me it was bad to play-then I should probably listen. So I quit.

I don't remember what I did with my board... think I gave it away. I figured giving it away was better than throwing it away.


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