Sunday, January 3, 2016

Full Believer In The Afterlife

I am a full believer in the afterlife, especially after my Ouija Board experience.

As a child my fascinations were not Barbie Dolls, they were spirits. When I was 4 years old I had my first paranormal experience.

I came home one afternoon from a day out with my family, I was on my way to the restroom and upon the staircase sat a little boy. Understandably, I was scared. I ran to get my father and when we came back it was gone.

So, last Christmas I received a Ouija Board as a gift. I was super excited to play to see if it actually worked. Later that month, I invited my best friend over to spend the night. My friend's father past away when she was very young due to a heart attack. Her mother lived to be in her late 40's but, in January of 2013 she committed suicide by hanging herself. *Her daughters were the ones that found her.* So, when she came over we decided we were going to play.

We lit candles all around the board and begun. At first, nothing came through. Minutes later the planchete started moving. We asked basic questions like "What's your name?" and "How old are you?". We ended up speaking to a young woman named Gracie. She told us she was killed by a girl she used to harass. After the girl killed Gracie, the girl's mother killed her and then herself. She said that they were now tormenting her. We tried to help but, there was no way.

My friend later asked if she knew her mother or father. Believe it or not she actually did. My friend spent hours talking to her parents. She asked questions that I would never know the answer too. For example, she asked "If you are my father name my half brothers." I had not a single clue she even had half brothers. But, he answered every question she had for him correctly.

This was a life-changing experience for me, and till this day I continue to communicate with spirits who are lost in the afterlife.



  1. Avoid avoid avoid. Focus on life, not death.

  2. Your like me, but I can talk to the passed or dead without a ouija board, just be careful

  3. Be careful a lot of spirits disguise there selves as people in your life but are actually demons trying to attach go you if it is your parents great but just saying every encounter ive seen with known people turned out they weren't who they said they were

  4. Mh,that's cool . Ever since my dads aunties dear I can feel presence of her and some other people from my family that have died, so I asked my mum if she could buy me a Ouija board but she refused as she doesn't want me getting in trouble with creatures like that . My mum and dad wouldn't believe me so I never told them about that I feel presents of someone from the other side. I am really interested in ghosts too, however you need to be careful because good spirits don't come back and find peace.

  5. You have no idea what Satan does with your life. I keep telling this several times to people.

  6. It's very true. Their world is a world of metaphor. I had one keep coming back and warning me of some impending event. At the same time was telling me some things I should do to organise my life. Always the same three present and one who never talked...until one day he told me to only as questions in my head. Blew me away when this worked... He told me I was being lied to and this spirit that kept coming back was serving banshees. Told me how to protect myself with candles and how to banish him. His colour was red for my protection and I was told light a black candle to banish him next time he came to the board. He told me that good spirits will respect the candle and feel safe themselves. Told me the dominant spirit made people dance...but ate them alive. Every bit of negative energy she would feed on like a parasite. Everything I had been told by her that seemed benevolent this spirit explained why that wasn't the case and the true motive. He told me the first spirit had been killed by lapidation and was very bitter. I asked if she could be helped and he said an angel team were working on her..Sometimes she was good but most often nasty and dangerous. I thanked him for the heads up and ssid no....just wanted to banish her, like he had no interest in my welfare but wanted to settle a grudge. I've had some very good encounters since that. The problem is if you carry baggage, or guilt...or anything else that's leaving you negative then it's like a beacon for predators over there to feed on. If you have an abundance of love in your life and a positive outlook then I think you can attract the right kind of entity but it's do risky and there are maggots over there ready to make a meal out of every scrap. Even the 'normal' spirits I've communicated with have a very 'rich ' form of language when it comes to pointing out your shortcomings. Provided you have some redeeming aspects they don't judge. Had one tear me off a strip for how I had neglected my wife. Told me in no uncertain terms I disrespected everybody....but paradoxically...I was very good to people.

    I don't think I need it now. Knowing that every selfish, or foul act in this life is creating a very real feast for these beings has been enough to turn my life around. .... Not recommended though. Take it on a good life and you'll get abundance beyond your dreams.



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