Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Should I Play A Ouija Board?

Reading some much about these things over the past few years has me so intrigued that they are not a toy, but also reading about them has me doubting that a lot of stories are fake but a common phenomenon I have clearly come across is this "ZOZO" character.

I really want to just try as I'm a I'm 2 minds about the whole paranormal thing, I want to believe it but at the same time I can't believe till I've had an experience, I'm a strong minded person but I don't want there to be consequences so is there anyway I could play without worrying or is that the whole point?

Do bad things always happen or is it just unlucky people?

Tom Wells


  1. If I were you I wouldn't... but it is obviously your choice. Oujia boards are not a game and you should not mess with the spirits you contact. IF you do do it make sure to say goodbye after you're done. Just be careful but I wouldn't do it because the ouija boards are an open portal to spirits (bad spirits) there's none that really are good.. I'm just saying from someone who know's the truth. Good luck...:)

  2. Don't trouble yourself with these distractions. Focus on contributing meaningfully to the lives of others.

  3. Just think your riding on a llama or a unicorn in the sun on a summer day also being on a rainbow. It made my day after doing that! :)

  4. I wouldn't if I were you. The "spirits" are just demons and the only thing demons want is your soul. I say this not as a Christian J-freak, but because of my experiences. You may think it's cool and everything but they feed off the fear and most people playing them have no clue how much "good" protection they have from the "good" side - (which I believe is God, His angels, and MAYBE the ghosts of our loved ones). You don't want to find out you're not protected at all. You could screw up your life, your family's life, and even your future kids' lives. Don't take that risk. It's not worth it. (AND NEVER FORGET IT LIES AND IT WANTS YOUR SOUL.)

    1. What if you already sold your soul, and i embrace the darkness. .?

    2. Not too late to repent and cry out to Jesus. HE loves you way way way more than you could imagine. There is NO demon or ANY power from hell which can stop that. HE (The Lord) is unlimited in power, HE made demons and satan for crying out loud, lol, they just rebelled against HIM and got kicked out, so obviously they have limited power. Always remember that. Call out to HIM. It isnt too late.

  5. Go for it. I Av seen an original ouija board,dated.1909.. And rules stated was. There are no rules . I tried many moons ago I was the week link I was too Negative. There was rules. You must reply if asked a question,start at hello,and all say hello and give your names,then fire away,if nothing happens go to goodbye and all say your name then goodbye. Always start n end that way,even if you want a break,its said never a gate open when not playing. 1 more thing have a person jotting letters down,as it can get hectic. Good luck let me know how you get on please

  6. If you're that interested just be careful. A ouija board once used is an invitation to spirits within your house or the around the property you're playing with it, and you could potentially attract a malevolent spirit that won't leave no matter how many times you pull that planchette to goodbye. Sometimes you won't even get a legitimate response unless there's true activity in your general vicinity, but just remember it is not a toy, it is a tool and a demonic tool at that.

  7. OFCOURSE DOOD LIKE 'MON it can only posses u and kill u its fine. I do Ouija every Wednesday with my Bestie. (cuz she is only in Town every Saturday) and we always contact a new spirit nothing wrong happened ( Yet)...ALL THE BESTE..HON..hope u contact a gr8 soul

  8. I want to tr it as well I don't believe there is spirits but I would like to try the game.

  9. It's completely your choice. Just as long as you're careful and you know what your doing. If you have no idea what your doing don't attempt the board. I play with one with my friends and we have encountered multiple bad spirits and spirits that have tried to do bad things such as escaping the board. Nothing bad has happened because we know how to deal with it. But only do it if you want to and are confident you know the rules. It does work but it's also just fun. Some tips: always ask if it's a good spirit. If the spirit starts circling the board or goes to each corner or tries to go off the board or starts counting numbers or letters forward or backwards or if it spells OUT then it's trying to escape. Stop the planchette and tell it to go to goodbye. If it says no keep telling it until it doesand don't be afraid to be tough. Always say goodbye. Don't play alone. Don't ask when or how your going to die and If your thinking of asking something they might be uncomfortable with just ask them if they mind. have fun.



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