Sunday, February 28, 2016

Did Ouija Board Have Something To Do With The Fight?

One night, my two cousins were over at my house. We had a Ouija board in the house, so I proposed the idea of using it just to see what would happen (my house is right behind a cemetery, so I was very scared).

So, my cousin and I started to ask if anyone was there, and the planchette moved to “Yes.” We soon found out that we had contacted a spirit named “Jack” who was 35. However, my cousin admitted to moving the planchette himself but swore that at the very end he didn’t move it.

So, we put the board away, not saying goodbye because we had all thought that the game was just a fluke. However, about an hour later, we were all playing “Twister” and my two cousins got into a huge fight with punching and everything.

They are boys in high school, so that made the experience 10 times as scary. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Ouija board had something to do with the fight…


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