Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Played With The Ouija Board By Myself A Lot

I played by myself a lot. Never had anything happen. Then one night, I was in an altered state, but nothing illegal. Anyway I for hours. Kept trying but never had anything definitive, as far as a name anyway. But around maybe 2-3 hours in I gave up. At some point I felt something maybe wasn't right.

I started googling random things on my phone, but my phone kept dropping out of my hand, I didn't think much of it, but I never even to this day, drop my phone.

Anyway I had gone to the bathroom, I was still looking up random things on my phone, when this time I felt like I was punched in the face and my phone was undeniably slapped out of my hands.

At this point I knew it wasn't just me anymore. I don't believe in god nor do I believe in anything supernatural but I ran to my old mini jesus statue and prayed like I was 7 years old.

I haven't had anything happen like that since, I do not play with the board anymore, nor do I even want to contemplate what it was that happened to me. All I know is whenever I think about it my eyes tear up. Not crying, but just start watering. I consider myself a realist and this does not fit into my mindset.

Its been over a year now, I've never shared this with anyone. I doubt anybody would believe me and frankly I doubt I'll ever tell anyone. But to anybody thinking of trying it...maybe think again...



  1. I do believe you.. but its not safe to play with a Ouija board alone.. but to think of what you said when everything happened the first thing you did was run to your mini god statue to pray.. why not believe in god after all you did run to god... my advise to you is to get in a church and pray often..

  2. My eyes randomly water when i think of intense or powerful things that happend to me

  3. Firstly ignore the previous comment, ITS NOT SAFE TO MESS ABOUT WITH THESE THINGS ATALL, FORGET ABOUT ALONE WITH PEOPLE! My advice look into Islam and see what it has to say about the Jinn. Also praying to a statue will have no benefit, that is idol worship. Jinn are a creation, very much like humans with free will, if you invite them to you they will play havoc with you. My advice read up and watch Islamic lectures on Jinn and you will see how much it correlates with what you experienced. Peace be upon you.

  4. What happened to you was REAL. However, Jesus is the only WAY out, who can rescue you, call on HIS name, and in the future you may be able to help others out. Blessings.

    1. very truthful saying

  5. Do not worship a statue- that is idolatry. The Bible states that God is your LORD, therefore you should not worship any statue, image, person (priest, pope, religious leader, etc.), or angel. Seek God with all your heart and you shall find Him. Mark my words.

  6. Please don't play that crazy 'game' (that really is no game at all) anymore! I went through a Ouija stage in 5th & 6th grade-I am 32 now. Things got really weird & scary. Got rid of the board but lived the next 15-16 years in absolute torment. Couldn't sleep in my own room til 10th grade sometimes after that/had consistent sleep paralysis & nightmares/horrible scary thoughts/extreme fear of the dark/intense fear of devil/later opiate addiction, a lot of new age/eastern religion dabbling (and further slavery because of) /debilitating fear and feelings that shouldn't be there/auditory hallucinations/premonitions I didn't want/overall FEAR and GRIEF and HUGE BLACK HOLES IN MY HEART until I found JESUS CHRIST. Well he found me, looking stupid, but we united nonetheless. It was all this evil He allowed to affect me & scare me right into His arms, my one true place of belonging. With all due respect, forget the jinn of Islam...what u were dealing with was evil demons against the One True God, Jesus Christ, God the son, & he is the only way to keep that stuff away. It's easy just ask him to come into ur life and show u he exists and he will. Be serious about it. He will show u I promise u that. Then u won't be confused anymore. It's how he found me-bc I begged out of last resort in the greatest fear I've ever been engulfed In. God Bless u, I will pray for u. Xoxo

  7. Hey man i had the same experience with bad stuff happening to me until I found Jesus



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