Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Don't Ask When You're Going To Die

This Ouija Board story is about one of my mom's experience.

A long time ago when I was a baby my mother Dawn (Not Real Name) and her best friend at the time name Sarah (Not Real Name) decided to play the Ouija Board one sleep over night at my mom's place. They made the board from scratch after they Finnish making it. They started to ask questions.

At first my mother wanted to talk with her deceased grandma. Which she did. Dawn had her eyes closed asking questions while Sarah read out loud what the board was spelling. All the questions my mother asked the board wrote back truly. There was no way Sarah would of known these questions. After awhile they switch Sarah talked to her grandmother while my mom spoke what the board wrote. Exactly same thing happen to her what happen with my mom. Board answer truthfully. After that the board started going crazy.. after it calmed down they started asking questions again after a few questions Sarah asked when she was going to die and board said that she won't see the age of 18. My mother asked the same thing and the board said 87. They both got spooked out and quit playing.

Around couple weeks later 2 days before Sarah 18 birthday she died in a bad car accident (bless her soul) today I'm good friends with Sarah sister, but she does not know this story and I'm not gonna tell her.) This is one ouija board story from my mother experience and I also have couple experience.



  1. That is a crazy story.. i have a philosophy on this, when using the boards, it is quite easy to have something mess up or do something wrong, now first things first, that was not their grandmothers, I'm sorry to say but demons are evil, they are great liars. No souls that were humans on this earth can contact through a ouija board, they have different ways as in like dreams. The only real thing that can communicate through their power with the ouija board is demons, that's it. Now my philosophy on this story is that maybe something went wrong, and the demon she talked to had somehow attached itself to her, and eventually driving her to her end. (God bless her soul and I'm so sorry to hear about her). So in order to never have a demon attached to you take precautions if using a ouija board. Pray before and after. Make holy water. Once finished, burn the pieces after tearing the board into 7 pieces. Put out the fire with holy water and pray again and again for cleansing of evil. Demons are evil and powerful, but god and prayer is more powerful and can overcome anything. God bless you, and stay safe!

  2. Just curious, why tear the board to 7 pieces?

  3. Amen. Should have never played it in the first place.

  4. Devon, may I ask how do you know this? Have you been to the other side in particular? How can you be so certain all spirits communicating through oujia are demons? Maybe you are just a bible thumper trying to scare people.

  5. OH so he/she is going to die at age 68?

  6. One time i was playing with my 8 year old cousin and she asked when she will die and it said in 4 days and she did from suffacating 😭😭😔

  7. Me and a couple friends played and we met a girl named Geneiva, she told us we were in danger and needed to leave or we'd end up like her. We asked what happened and she said her and her friends played and "they" got them, she said her friends were "away". We stayed on for a few more minutes asking questions about what she meant and why they were after us and if she could protect us. She told us she would try and they were after us because we played, we assumed because one of our friends was joking and not taking it seriously. She told us we could come back in 100 minutes and she might be there and we would be safe, if she didn't die trying to save us. We went back too early and met a girl named Chloe, she told us again that we were in danger and needed to leave. One of my friends who has had experience with dreams and seeing dead people kept asking us if we could "feel it." She told us after that she could feel her touching her. After we all went home and fell asleep, terrified, we all woke up at 5:55 and said things felt weird, like we were being watched. We never asked anything we weren't supposed to but we were told that the first girl we met, Fran, was still with us after we closed the session, we were told it "didn't work" does this mean she is following us? Are we in danger and is it safe to play again if we're careful? The board was found in the break room of a church..

  8. Don't buy merely the numbers of your birthday.



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