Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Adult Board Games

This took place in NJ about 1978 or so when I was 8 or 9 years old. I liked doing things I wasn't supposed to do. The "adult" board games were on the top shelf of the wall unit. Monopoly, Passout, and the Parker Bros Ouija.

I had used the Ouija with my Mom a few times before and sometimes I kinda pushed the sliding thing around and I guessed she pushed it also. At that age I still sorta believed in magical shit. Like, my friends had been told me Santa Claus wasnt real and the Easter Bunny also. But still at the same time I vividly remember believing that I would be protected on Christmas Eve or Easter Eve because they would somehow keep me safe even though they weren't real.

But anyway I sorta believed in spiritual stuff and started playing with the ouija by myself. I'm not sure what I asked but I remember being fucking delighted when the sliding Ouija mouse thing pulled to the letters without me guiding it. it answered my questions which were mostly stupid 9 yer old questions I think. But this memory is as clear as yesterday.

I asked the spirit (I always addressed the Ouija board as spirits or ghosts) "how old will I be when I die?" I was doing the circular motion thing with the pointer ad it moved to the number 6, then to 8. Even at that age I knew that was kind of young so I swallowed a very dry throat and said "go on" The pointer moved to Goodbye. this remains the scariest part of a fucked up childhood.


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  1. Don't believe everything that the board says. Like us, spirits can be deceiving and playful.



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